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Extensis Portfolio

Extensis Portfolio


What is Extensis Portfolio?

Extensis headquartered in Portland, Oregon offers Portfolio, their digital asset management (DAM) platform.

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Product Details

What is Extensis Portfolio?

Digital Asset Management Software designed to blend seamlessly into the user's workflow. Portfolio aims to make it easy to share digital assets with remote team members, partners, and customers no matter where they are.

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Extensis Portfolio Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Extensis headquartered in Portland, Oregon offers Portfolio, their digital asset management (DAM) platform.

Extensis Portfolio starts at $9.

Canto, Bynder, and Acquia DAM (Widen) are common alternatives for Extensis Portfolio.

The most common users of Extensis Portfolio are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Heather Miller | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Extensis Portfolio is currently being used by only a small number of departments at our university. We heard about it from another department and decided to try it out for ourselves, and have since found it to be a vital tool for organizing our photos and being able to share them with collaborators across campus.
  • Organization. It allows us to keep our photos organized and in their appropriate folders so we can find them again.
  • Search. Extensis Portfolio imports all the metadata from the photo and allows you to search for keywords or descriptions from its interface.
  • Sharing. Its NetPublish function allows for easy sharing across campus for other communicators to use photos we've selected for them.
  • Learning curve. It can be very intimidating and difficult to learn for people who are not experienced with similar software.
  • Ease of adding new users. It's currently a long process to bring anyone new onto the platform. We have to go through our DAM manager and only they have the ability to add or remove people.
  • Thumbnail previews sometimes blank. Sometimes the thumbnails for photos don't load or need to be refreshed manually, which can be frustrating when needing to search through multiple folders and photos.
Extensis Portfolio is perfect for organizing photos as long as everything is keyworded correctly. If it is not part of a group's workflow to add a description or keywords to your photos, then you'd be dumping your photos into a pool with no way to search for them. Extensis Portfolio is best utilized when you give it the ability to help you search (by keywords yourself).
  • Positive - saves time. The search feature is biggest time saver. Now that we don't have to spend hours staring at photo folders trying to find one that works, we can get on with design.
  • Positive - keeps us current. Extensis Portfolio has the ability to arrange photos by year, which means if we have folders that are older than 5 years we can move all those old photos to an archive and keep only the most current photos to search through.
  • Positive - customer service. With the ease of sharing photos with NetPublish, we no longer have to wade through emails of people requesting images. Now they can search for them themselves and we can see what photos are requested the most.
Extensis Portfolio was cheapest for our office to use and easiest with the ability to search for photos by keywords. Box and Dropbox do not have the ability to search through metadata, which was extremely important for our group. I haven't had a lot of experience with MS SharePoint, but it seemed like there was less searchability when compared to Extensis Portfolio.
We have someone in Extensis Portfolio's customer service who is the main contact whenever our group has questions or concerns. When we were looking into a campus-wide option for a digital asset management service, they were very forthcoming and easy to work with, and able to answer any questions that we had for them.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Extensis Portfolio is used by my organization to organize our catalog of over 220,000 digital assets. It allows employees in multiple locations to have access to the same material where most of the physical assets are stored. This program has helped us move forward with the digitization of over 47,000 assets, and the number of digitized materials keeps growing.
  • Database is easily searchable, and quick.
  • Custom views allow you to change how assets appear on your screen, which is very useful.
  • Permissions is a big deal. It is all or none access.
  • Very easy to make an irreversible database mistake with just a few clicks.
If you have over 1000 assets, Extensis Portfolio will help you keep track of them all and allow you to search relatively easily. My experience has been with over 200,000 assets, and Extensis Portfolio can handle that amount with relative ease. Any company with users in multiple locations can benefit from having a portfolio on a centralized server so various users can access the same information.
  • Allows quick and easy image and asset searches.
  • Has been an invaluable tool for our organization by freeing up database employees to tackle other tasks.
I was not the decision-maker, but rather an end-user. Our team did have a say on the type of functionality that we required, and for our budget and for the number of features that it offered, Extensis Portfolio was the clear choice for our organization. For us, it came down to volume licensing issues and the fact that we were using a previous version that made us stay with it.
Because our organization tends to run software on older equipment, finding someone to support our particular configuration was a challenge. Additionally, trying to explain to someone In tech support about our issues was difficult because a lot of the issues were quirks within the software that had to be seen to be understood.
Christopher James | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently utilize Extensis Portfolio for storing our organization's media assets, namely the still images produced by our photography team organization-wide. We have 2.2M assets under management. Extensis allows us to catalogue, tag, store, and redistribute the assets both internally and externally via an easily navigable web interface. Being able to safely archive the decades of content is paramount to the organization's institutional memory. Extensis does an excellent job of allowing us to deftly manage our media assets.

  • Watch folders: Extensis allows for multiple watch folders to be commissioned on a variety of network connected data shares--NAS, direct connect external HDs, etc.. We have our workflow such that each photographer can upload their job into their own folder, and Portfolio automatically injests the image assets.
  • Metadata injecting: a key component of our archiving needs are met with Portfolio's fully- customizatable and automatic metadata injection. This allows us to set standard fields across all the assets, while also allowing for custom variations in categories, keywords, and tags. Absolutely key to our workflow.
  • Integration with Adobe CC is seamless through the built-in connector.
  • Finally, the support team is OUTSTANDING! We absolutely LOVE our support engineer. We are a small org compared to the rest of his portfolio, but he always puts in the extra effort and takes the time to allow us to feel like we are totally supported.
  • Portfolio supports a ton of asset types. Photos, videos, audio, documents, and large graphic files are all stored on the system. The image management is a mature feature with Portfolio. We are looking for them to continue to improve the video management tools beyond just thumbnail, preview, and playback for various formats.
  • The customization of the out-of-the-box features in Portfolio provides organizations with flexibility to design to spec. However, expect to plan well in advance for customization--this is not particularly a negative, but be prepared to engage specialized persons to assist with the desired feature enhancement.
Best for image asset management; hands down the most robust and cost-conscious solution we have worked with. Best for customer support--from design and integration to life-cycle maintenance. Best of expansion of catalogues and assets--- easily add asset packs onto your SaaS agreement as you need--no worries here. Portfolio is continuing to improve its video asset management. However, if you are seeking solely a video management solution, Portfolio is maturing, but not "there" just yet.
  • Saves time-- automation features save time, freeing up personnel time, saving money.
  • Assures us that the assets are catalogued, stored, and retrieved with minimal effort by any level of user.
  • Easy to manage from an IT standpoint. Extremely stable on-prem platform. Updates are well thought out and applied on a schedule which works with our business model.
  • Support is key for us-- we are a three-person IT operation with 100s of clients. Portfolio support is top-notch, dedicated pros.
We have been with Extensis for many years-- so the comparisons are outdated at this point. Companies like WebDAM, Adobe's Lightroom, mediavalet, and others, just don't have the robust catalogue management Portfolio does. There is a solidness and assurance of functionality we experience when using Portfolio-- nothing clunky or web-cloud shaky.
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