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F5 BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator

F5 BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator


What is F5 BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator?

F5 Networks provides the SSL Orchestrator, a high-performance decryption, analysis, and re-encryption tool for SSL/TLS traffic across the network to locate threats or data exfiltration efforts concealed in encrypted traffic.

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What is F5 BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator?

F5 Networks provides the SSL Orchestrator, a high-performance decryption, analysis, and re-encryption tool for SSL/TLS traffic across the network to locate threats or data exfiltration efforts concealed in encrypted traffic.

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Product Details

What is F5 BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator?

F5 SSL Orchestrator provides decryption of inbound and outbound SSL/TLS traffic, enabling security inspection to expose threats and stop attacks. Dynamic service chaining and policy-based traffic steering allow organizations to manage encrypted traffic flows across the entire security chain with optimal availability.

SSL Orchestrator ensures encrypted traffic can be decrypted, inspected by security controls, then re-encrypted, delivering enhanced visibility to mitigate threats traversing the network. This helps organizations to maximize their security services investment for malware, data loss prevention (DLP), ransomware, and next-generation firewalls (NGFW), thereby preventing inbound and outbound threats, including exploitation, callback, and data exfiltration.

F5 BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator Features

  • Supported: SSL Visibility - decryption/re-encryption, strong cipher support, supports inbound & outbound traffic
  • Supported: Dynamic Service Chaining - service insertion, resiliency, monitoring, load balancing
  • Supported: Context Engine - Geolocation, IP reputation, URL categorization
  • Supported: Granular Traffic Control - Header modification, port translation, proxy-level control for ciphers and protocols
  • Supported: Flexible Deployment Topologies - Inline Layer 3, Inline Layer 2, ICAP services, Receive-only, Tap
  • Supported: Large Integration Support

F5 BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator Competitors

F5 BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator Technical Details

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Reviews and Ratings



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Emma Jones Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
F5 SSL Orchestrator is used throughout the infrastructure of our business network[.] This is in order to keep incoming and outgoing traffic free from attacks, as one of its main characteristics is that the encrypted traffic can be fully decrypted and once reviewed it can be re encrypt which guarantees threat mitigation and allows our users and customers to have secure remote access while avoiding the exfiltration of confidential data.
  • Provides a flexible, fast and simple implementation.
  • Provides strong encryption and decryption of traffic, ensuring high SSL visibility.
  • Ensures exposure of threats from inbound and outbound traffic and helps mitigate attacks.
  • Allows you to direct traffic through policies which provides better management of it.
  • It is a software with a somewhat complex documentation so when you are in doubt it is difficult to solve it through its documentation.
  • A good knowledge is required in the management of the software, because although its implementation is flexible, carrying it out in the appropriate way guarantees good operation.
  • Its price can be somewhat high if it is a small company, however considering its high versatility the investment is worth it.
  • Learning curve somewhat steep, but you can count on the support of your support team.
F5 SSL Orchestrator is an ideal software to address the blind spots of the encryption of incoming and outgoing traffic, this is because it provides a high visibility of the traffic. By having a management based on policies allows to carry out a simpler management and obtain a more integration easy with existing infrastructures. It is ideal for reducing costs as it allows the creation of dynamic devices, thereby evaluating whether the traffic should be decrypted or not.
  • The one that provides high visibility of SSL / TLS traffic, thus efficiently exposing and mitigating attacks.
  • Its devices with high traffic visibility help optimize the SLL infrastructure.
  • The one that is associated with other recognized security software guarantees an increase in security and a reduction in operating costs.
  • By providing a high vision of inbound and outbound traffic, we manage to avoid the entry of threats and the exposure or loss of data from our business infrastructure.
  • Its policy based management is very helpful, since it is much simpler to manage SSL traffic and to be aware of any attack coming from it and to apply security controls to all business traffic.
OpenSSL is a simple software to use, with a complete documentation and an easy installation and ideal for encrypting and decrypting and making certificates, however F5 SSL Orchestrator can be implemented in different ways, it provides a high visibility of the traffic which does not miss any threat It wants to hide in encrypted traffic, but its biggest advantage is that it helps to better manage and does not provide static but dynamic devices so it is possible to decrypt once or encrypt once, it is for all these powerful features that F5 SSL Orchestrator was chosen.
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