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What is FaceUp?

FaceUp is a whistleblowing software that, according to the vendor, works like an online trust box. With it, company employees and schoolchildren can anonymously send reports through the app and deal with any issues which might be hard to talk…

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The whistleblowing software has proven to be a secure and confidential channel for raising concerns and issues, enhancing traditional …
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Bjd Faceup daily for Luts 13S

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Product Details

What is FaceUp?

FaceUp is a whistleblowing software that, according to the vendor, works like an online trust box. With it, company employees and schoolchildren can anonymously send reports through the app and deal with any issues which might be hard to talk about in person. FaceUp's suggested use cases are as a tool to help build an ethical company culture, and as a tool to report bullying.

Reporting Forms
  • Customizable form - Editable texts, logos and reporting categories. FaceUp is available in 113 languages.
  • Anyone can send a report in just 2 clicks - Reports can be messages, anonymised voice messages and attachments.
  • Anonymous option - FaceUp guarantees anonymity for whistleblowers, but they can also reveal their identity whenever they want.
  • Link to other channels - FaceUp can be integrated through API with a company intranet, website, or app.

Report management
  • Two-way communication with whistleblower - One can ask the whistleblower for any further information needed.
  • E-mail notifications - As soon as a new report arrives an email notification is sent, with adjustable frequency.
  • Manage the report - One can add another member to an individual report or share with other members, leave internal comments, label it and set a priority.
  • Manually add reports - One can also add reports which have been received in person or via email.

Setup and interface
  • Organisational structure - Creates an account structure based on branches or departments, to which one can add members.
  • Access code settings - One can set up a unique access code with which the whistleblower signs into your organisation's reporting form.
  • Third party access - One might leave more challenging issues (corruption, psychological issues) to external specialists. They will only receive access to the relevant category.
  • Working hours - FaceUp recommend's one set up an automatic reply which lets whistleblowers know when a respondent is not at work.

Data and analysis
  • Clear visualisations and analysis - In just a couple of clicks one can display all data in graph form and filter it according to period, label, priority or organisational units.
  • Simple data exporting and printing - One can download data in PDF or spreadsheet format and print it out.
  • Activity log - In the administration platform one can see all activities, conversations, member assignments, and report status changes.

FaceUp Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

The whistleblowing software has proven to be a secure and confidential channel for raising concerns and issues, enhancing traditional lines of defense. Users have found the interface of the software intuitive, allowing administrators to easily communicate with whistleblowers. As a result, organizations are able to comply with whistleblowing legislation and effectively address HR topics. Employees, partners, and clients can report issues and provide feedback in a safe and anonymous manner, fostering an environment where problems are heard and resolved. The user-friendly platform facilitates communication, saves time, and aids in investigations within the company. Additionally, the software meets EU legislative requirements in whistleblowing and helps organizations build an ethical corporate culture that goes beyond having a code of ethics. It quickly resolves display issues while providing necessary features such as anonymity, archiving, and GDPR compliance.

Moreover, the software efficiently detects HR issues early on, even overcoming initial management reluctance. This has significantly increased the feeling of safety in the workplace. Not only is it used for reporting problematic situations, but also for gathering feedback and increasing management's communication transparency. The software offers multiple reporting options for employees' work-related and personal problems, ensuring faster and more efficient problem-solving while prioritizing employee comfort and discretion. By utilizing this software, organizations can prevent reputation damage and employee dissatisfaction, leading to improved overall satisfaction and trust within the company. It has been successfully employed in various domains like law advice centers to protect whistleblowers through anonymous disclosures. Additionally, educational institutions have utilized the software as a space for students to report bullying and abuse anonymously. Overall, the software offers smart features, predefined report categories, customizable options for managing incoming reports while maintaining data security. It helps maintain a healthy workplace culture, reduce turnover rate, and ensure the well-being of employees by addressing various issues through dashboards and statistics.

User-Friendly Environment: Users appreciate the user-friendly environment and simplicity of FaceUp. Many reviewers have stated that they find it easy to navigate and use the platform, making their experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

Multiple Language Support: Another positive aspect mentioned by users is the fact that FaceUp supports multiple languages. This feature allows for seamless communication and reporting across different regions, catering to a diverse user base.

Affordable Price: The affordable price of FaceUp is also highlighted as a positive aspect by users. Many reviewers feel that the cost of using this platform is reasonable and provides good value for money, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Difficult code saving and access: Some employees have found it challenging to save the code for answers and retrieve them when needed, affecting their productivity.

No offline version: Several users have mentioned that the lack of an offline version of the app or website is a potential improvement. This limitation restricts accessibility in situations where internet connectivity is limited or unavailable.

Limited language support: The fact that support is only available in English has been a concern raised by some users who feel that it should be provided in their local language as well. This language barrier may hinder effective communication and understanding for non-English speakers.

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Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
We use FaceUp as a whistleblowing and communication tool. So far, we have solved various small-scale issues, but we let our employees reach out with anything from problems with corporate culture to non-compliance with company regulations. A great benefit is predefined report categories that users can choose from that are manageable and customizable. This feature makes it easy for us to manage incoming reports and keep a long-time overview of the situation in our company through dashboards and statistics, which are included right in FaceUp administration. The security of our employees’ data is also crucial for us. It is a huge advantage that all the information is stored within our database and is only accessible by designated personnel and no third party.
  • Easy to use
  • The customer support is flawless
  • Customizable reporting page
  • Security
  • Not too much PR coverage, so we were hesitant to purchase it at first, but we have been nothing but happy with it.
FaceUp is suitable for all companies looking to hear any feedback or issue from their employees. It is a safe space for anyone, especially if someone encounters an unpleasant or traumatic experience. This platform can help tackle these issues and prevent them from happening again by timely responding.
  • It is not easily measurable, but we expect less of an employee turnover.
  • We expect to prevent any frauds or unethical activity with money.
FaceUp is much more user-friendly, and it is the best value for money.
HR manager
basic computer skill
  • employee satisfaction
  • employee turnover
  • saving hiring costs
  • not really
  • Comply with the new whistleblowing law coming this year
Because it is an effective tool that actually really helps.
  • Price
  • Product Usability
Real usability
I would not.
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