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What is FileAudit?

FileAudit from French company IS Decisions is security information and event management software.

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FileAudit has proven to be an essential tool for users in solving various business problems related to file access and security. Users …
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What is FileAudit?

FileAudit from French company IS Decisions is security information and event management software.

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Product Details

What is FileAudit?

FileAudit allows users to proactively track, audit, report, alert on and respond to all access to files and folders on Windows servers and in the Cloud.

Here are some of the capabilities offered by FileAudit:
- Real-time monitoring : Monitor, in real time, access (or access attempts) to sensitive files and folders stored on both Windows systems and with cloud storage providers; OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.
- Alerts & Automated Response : Set up email alerts and a triggered response for access events (access denied - file deletion - a specific user, machine or IP address - time of access) and mass access such as the copy, deletion or movement of bulk files.
- File Server Intelligence : Schedule recurrent email delivery of reports customized according to multiple criteria (path, file type, access type, IP source address, machine name, etc.) for auditing and regulatory compliance.
- Delegation to Non-IT : Create specific accounts for people with no administrative rights (external auditors, non-IT executives, etc.), allowing them to perform audits securely and autonomously.

FileAudit Features

  • Supported: Real-Time Monitoring
  • Supported: Alerts & Automated Response
  • Supported: File Server Intelligence
  • Supported: Delegation to Non-IT

FileAudit Screenshots

Screenshot of FileAudit main consoleScreenshot of FileAudit Access Reporting (on premise and in the cloud)Screenshot of FileAudit user activity (on premise and in the cloud)Screenshot of FileAudit Script settings (allows you to create an automatic response once an alert is triggered)

FileAudit Video

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FileAudit Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French

FileAudit Downloadables

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

FileAudit has proven to be an essential tool for users in solving various business problems related to file access and security. Users have reported a reduction in irregular access details and an increased ability to identify and address suspicious activity, thanks to the alerts provided by the software. The challenges that were previously faced in obtaining access details on file servers have been overcome with ease, making auditing a straightforward process. By monitoring, alerting, and reporting on file access activity across platforms, FileAudit has been instrumental in enhancing identity and access management tasks for teams.

Cloud data monitoring has added significant value to users, allowing them to track and control access while preventing unauthorized actions. Time-saving benefits are evident as manual checking of audit logs and configuring permissions are eliminated. FileAudit’s ability to query file access and recover files if needed has been praised by users, instilling trust and preventing potential issues. With the software, it becomes effortless to track file usage and activity for each user.

In emergency situations, FileAudit has proven invaluable in identifying who accessed or deleted files during critical moments. It enables real-time monitoring of specific folders and rapid reporting of breaches. The software's easy setup process coupled with responsive support from the FileAudit team has made implementation seamless for users. Additionally, the reporting and alerting capabilities meet all requirements without unnecessary features, providing a streamlined experience for businesses.

FileAudit's reasonable price point and user-friendly interface have made it a preferred choice compared to other options available in the market. Its ability to monitor NAS servers and track file access has played a significant role in enabling GDPR compliance for organizations dealing with sensitive data. Users have found it helpful in identifying who accessed and deleted files within specific time periods.

Overall, FileAudit solves crucial business problems related to file access control, security breaches, data protection compliance, and accountability among staff members. It offers a reliable solution that saves time, enhances security measures, prevents unauthorized actions, and provides valuable insights into file activity.

Accurate Audit Information: Several users have praised FileAudit for providing accurate audit information. They have found the tool's ability to deliver precise and reliable data crucial in their operations.

Intuitive User Interface: Many reviewers have highlighted the intuitive and friendly user interface of FileAudit as a significant advantage. This feature has made it easy for new users to navigate the software and explore its functionalities without much effort.

Easy Installation and Setup: Numerous users have mentioned that they were able to install and set up FileAudit within minutes, emphasizing the simplicity and quickness of the process. This ease of installation has been appreciated by customers who value efficiency in getting started with the software.

User-Friendliness: Some users have found the user-friendliness of FileAudit to be lacking, especially for new users. They have mentioned that it takes time to become accustomed to the platform and its features.

Integration with ITSM Solutions: Several users have suggested that FileAudit should enhance its ability to integrate with different ITSM solutions or reporting systems. They specifically mentioned tools like PowerBI for real-time dashboards on common reporting systems as an area for improvement.

Scanning Speed: The scanning speed of FileAudit has been reported as slow by some users. They feel that the software could be more efficient if the speed of scanning files could be improved.

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