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What is Filecamp?

Filecamp is a cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution with unlimited users. According to the vendor, with Filecamp users can showcase and share files with clients or with other parts of the organization. Customers can have their own custom branding…

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Filecamp has become a go-to solution for users looking to store, manage, and share files efficiently. With its user-friendly interface and …
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Filecamp Rocks!

10 out of 10
September 20, 2019
Filecamp provides our online file repository for digital marketing collateral and other similar assets, both for internal and external …
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Product Details

What is Filecamp?

Filecamp is a cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution with unlimited users. According to the vendor, with Filecamp users can showcase and share files with clients or with other parts of the organization. Customers can have their own custom branding and password protection if required. Using different download presets, anyone can be allowed to quickly download the right resolution of images.

Filecamp is designed to make it easy to organize and search thousands of rich media files.

Filecamp Features

  • Supported: Granular access control – users will only see the files and folders they are given access to.
  • Supported: Multiple themes & custom branding.
  • Supported: Keywords/Tags – Can read, write and edit metadata for most types of digital media files
  • Supported: Auto tags – Filecamp automatically analyses and tag images to improve search and discovery.
  • Supported: Labels – Labels can be added to files for rating, easier indexing or proofing purposes.
  • Supported: Advanced download – Download in the original format or download in a lower resolution on the fly.
  • Supported: Online proofing – invite clients and partners to review and comment on media files.

Filecamp Screenshots

Screenshot of Filecamp features and interactivityScreenshot of Search and TagsScreenshot of Custom brandingScreenshot of Online proofing

Filecamp Video

This 90 seconds video shares some of Filecamp's most used and popular features.

Filecamp Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Filecamp Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)25%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)50%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)25%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Filecamp has become a go-to solution for users looking to store, manage, and share files efficiently. With its user-friendly interface and multiple user access, Filecamp has allowed businesses to streamline their file organization process. Users have praised the software for its ability to make searching for files easy and effective, saving them valuable time. Additionally, customers have found Filecamp to be a comprehensive file management solution that meets all their needs. The software's flexibility in uploading and sharing assets from multiple locations among multiple users and partners has made grouping images into collections and tagging them for easy searching a breeze. Users have found that Filecamp not only satisfies their storage needs but also serves as a simple solution for sharing files with customers. By reducing the number of asset requests via email, Filecamp has improved collaboration by allowing users to request access to the DAM and assign permissions themselves. The platform's seamless integration with other platforms has made file-sharing on external platforms a hassle-free experience. Moreover, Filecamp has proven effective in managing customer-facing and dealer-facing content by providing a centralized and managed place for digital assets. It has empowered volunteers from non-profit organizations to promote their cause by offering an affordable yet valuable resource for storing and sharing images. Additionally, users have found Filecamp to be particularly useful for sharing images with quotations, spotting duplicates in the image database, and facilitating easy sharing even when the database is incomplete. The responsive support team at Filecamp ensures that any issues encountered are promptly resolved. Furthermore, businesses have benefited from using Filecamp as a professional alternative to sharing videos on public platforms like YouTube when it comes to important file sharing with their sales teams. The software enables businesses to maintain control over their photo database by providing a centralized repository accessible to members while ensuring quality control of the photos being used. Multiple departments within an organization can have their own area of control within Filecamp, enabling efficient distribution of marketing assets across different teams. With Filecamp, issuing large files to multiple parties simultaneously is a breeze, enhancing efficiency and organization. By empowering staff and customers to access the assets they need in their preferred formats, Filecamp liberates creative teams to focus on generating new assets. The software ensures easy accessibility to the most current documents while tracking revisions and providing a repository for draft and final deliverable images. As a result, users have found that their businesses' profiles have been raised by using Filecamp's image delivery portal. Filecamp also proves invaluable for account managers, creative teams, and clients who can access assets 24/7. Furthermore, Filecamp has been highly beneficial for field teams and remote workers, providing them with a valuable internal resource while granting clients access to core files. Users have lauded Filecamp as a time-saving solution for searching through extensive image libraries and sharing files outside of the company. Customers have reported seamless access to the image library provided by Filecamp without encountering any problems. The continuous improvement of Filecamp has been well-received by users, who appreciate the regular addition of new functionalities and the growing ease of use with each version. Countless hours have been saved by users who previously had to sift through files across various platforms and drives. The overall satisfaction with Filecamp is evident in the five-star ratings it receives from its user base, who wish the platform continued success.

Easy to Use and Manage: Users find the product easy to learn and use, with minimal time required to figure out its functionalities. The software was found to be easy to learn and use, requiring minimal time to figure out its functionalities.

Effective AI Tagging Feature: Users appreciated the effectiveness of the AI tagging feature in organizing and searching for files using keywords. The effectiveness of the AI tagging feature in organizing and searching for files using keywords was highly valued by users.

Customizable Branding Capabilities: Users valued the software's branding capabilities, as it allowed them to customize the software with their company logo and images, creating a positive first impression. The software's branding capabilities were highly valued by users, as they allowed customization with company logos and images, creating a positive first impression.

Difficult file saving process: Some users have found it difficult to save files directly from an email or other program into Filecamp, having to go through multiple steps of saving the files into Explorer and then into the site.

Limited AI tagging feature: The AI tagging option could be improved by allowing users to apply it over all photos in one folder instead of having to manually apply tags for each photo individually.

Inconvenient user interface: Users have mentioned that the user interface is not the best and can be challenging to navigate. While manageable once they get used to it, some users feel that the UX appears outdated and should be refreshed with a more modern design.

Users reviewing Filecamp commonly recommend the following:

  1. Get familiar with the interface during the trial period: Users suggest taking advantage of Filecamp's trial period to become acquainted with the platform's interface. This allows users to navigate and understand its features before committing to a subscription.

  2. Customize folder thumbnails for easier navigation: Reviewers recommend customizing folder thumbnails in Filecamp to improve navigation within the platform. By personalizing the appearance of folders, users can quickly identify and locate specific files, enhancing overall efficiency.

  3. Establish a standardized tagging system during implementation: Users advise implementing a standardized tagging system when setting up Filecamp. This enables efficient organization and retrieval of files by allowing users to assign relevant tags, facilitating easy searching and sorting of assets as needed.

These recommendations highlight the ease of use and setup of Filecamp, making it suitable for those who do not require an extensive digital asset management environment.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Filecamp has been extremely effective in cataloging our vast library of images and other marketing assets into a single place and has saved us a ton of money and time. Extremely easy to get up and running, and use, especially for a non-technical person. Very flexible, and a rich set of functionality. Pricing model is very reasonable. Great experience for the end user, with intuitive functionality, easy to follow navigation, and user friendly interface. We'd highly recommend this product.
  • Customization and branding.
  • Easy to use.
  • The features you need – not more.
  • Our team loves it.
  • Unlimited users.
  • A good price.
  • We are missing an InDesign plugin.
  • Would be nice if you could give access to a folder but not to a subfolder or even a specific file within it. No other platform does this properly so this would really set Filecamp apart in my opinion.
  • Custom thumbnails too complicated to create.
Filecamp lets you share assets with your team or external stakeholders. I was the admin (in my previous position) for a Filecamp install for +300 users. The assets can be available to all or you can share them with granular permissions. You can store images, videos, documents and other types of files.

There's nothing I actually dislike... perhaps I'd like better reporting tools. But it's no biggie.
  • Filecamp have saved us tons of time.
  • No more time spent with media requests. We now have a Filecamp self-service platform where our customers can login and download the files they need.
  • The system has been stable, easy to use and highly customizable.
Unlimited users and ease of use! I like that Filecamp is our one-stop-shop for all our digital assets. It's so easy that we never have to explain our users or clients how it works. We're OS X users and everything seems really familiar which helps.

Everyone who has interacted with it (team members, clients, and external press contacts) have been very happy with their experience.
The support and customer service staff are absolutely wonderful! The continuous improvements to the platform almost every month show their continued commitment to evolving the platform.
It was addressed and acknowledged immediately and fixed within a few weeks.
September 20, 2019

Filecamp Rocks!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Filecamp provides our online file repository for digital marketing collateral and other similar assets, both for internal and external (suppliers, resellers) use, as well as for linking to from our websites.
  • Very fast and helpful tech support.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Advanced features.
  • No major shortcomings, especially now with the new version.
Filecamp is a cost-effective one-stop-shop solution for online file management.
  • Filecamp helped us manage our assets easily and cost-effectively.
Extremely fast and helpful support. Our problems get solved in a matter of minutes!
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