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January 17, 2018
Chris Gardner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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FinancialForce is our resource management and time tracking software. We use it to resource all of our projects, track the time billed, and invoice our clients.
  • Makes managing resources in a large organization much easier.
  • Reporting and tracking of backlog, tasks and schedules.
  • Timecard entry and billing.
  • The page to choose resources for a project isn't intuitive.
  • Adoption can be difficult, mostly down to internal training.
FinancialForce PSA is ideal for medium to large organizations that offer professional services. It allows for resource tracking, assignment, and billing.
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February 28, 2017
Andrew Mishler | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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FinancialForce is used by Appirio for logging all expense reports within the company. Compared to some of the other programs I've seen used for this business process across other companies, I think FinancialForce is one of the simplest and straightforward products for expense management. Through all of the expense reports I've filed, I always compiled them together fast and in a pain-free manner. I would highly recommend it for any other companies who want to make their employees happier, their data cleaner and their processes better. This product was used across the entire company.
  • Simplicity. I never felt like the system was too complicated to figure out, even as I was just starting out using it.
  • Efficient. I like how easy is it to get through the entire process and see all of the data in an easy to read manner. It's good for the company to be able to organize its expense data using the product.
  • Fast. I was able to complete my expense reports fast and pain-free.
  • The system can sometimes switch your currency without you intentionally inputting the command to do it. That should be fixed.
  • I don't believe there is a built-in functionality for combining receipts. That would be nice to have it, if it doesn't already exist.
This is well suited for managing your company's process of gathering expense reports. You should then be able to see reports using Salesforce that give you more information about your expense reports as your employees generate more. It may not be well-suited for smaller companies, who may be able to get by with a simpler platform.
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February 21, 2017
Machell Enke | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use FF PSA to Manage our Professional Services projects, track time and create billing events for our invoicing. We have PSA seamlessly integrated with our Salesforce solution to ensure our quote to cash process is simple and efficient. PSA is native to the SF platform which allows us to utilize the reporting and list functionality to ensure each end user has quick access to reporting and list views that relate to their roles.
  • 360 view of project management
  • Resource Management and Utilization
  • Managing Budgets vs Actuals
  • Easy time entry and tracking
  • Ability to add multiple project templates in one step
  • More "help" descriptions on fields
FF PSA can be purchased as a "stand alone" application or to be utilized with Salesforce (the platform). This gives companies the full quote to cash with project management life cycle. The application is extremely robust and this gives companies room to grow as they scale their business. PSA is perfect for companies who want to budget and forecast project and manage resources.
FF Support for PSA is great. The team is knowledgeable and responsive.
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February 17, 2017
Mike Jortberg | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use FF PSA to help us better understand customer needs, how we fit them and the operational aspects of staffing the projects. We have 1000 users who also use Sales Cloud and Pardot and Job Science to provide us an end to end "lead to project" and "Candidate to Consultant" lifecycle in one mobile solution.
  • Mobile dashboards for staffing operations
  • Resource searching to pair demand from sales teams to consulting capacity from our capabilities
  • Collaboration between on the ground consultants and business developers looking for great stories
  • The lightning user experience is not ready for novice users as of Feb 2017
  • The modules are very integrated which is great, but we are still using Changepoint for project financials which makes breaking Fin Force into modules more challenging
It's a great fit for B2B professional services firms who also use Salesforce. The pre-built integration between Sales objects and the PSA objects makes deployment very fast. We did 1000 users in less than 5 months.
It's not a great fit for clients without Salesforce or who are relying on other CRM systems because you need to create extra integration points between your customer, consultant and project systems.
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February 17, 2017
Angel Rigsby | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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FinancialForce is used to invoice all of our customers. I am actually the only person doing all the invoicing. We also use FinancialForce to process our accounts payable, which I also do. It's a great system because we are able to have our accounts payable and receivable in the same system. Our sales team uses PSA, which I am also trained to use.
  • Because I'm trained in AR, AP, (Financial Force) and PSA for Sales, it's awesome to be able to see the sale of the product, track the opportunity as it is closed, bill the costs of the project, process the invoice, and then post the payment when it comes to me--all on one system.
  • The only part of FinancialForce that is very frustrating, is that we are unable to edit an invoice after it has been posted. The invoice is permanent and any small error can't be fixed, which means I have to create another invoice. Because of this, we have multiple "discarded" invoices in the system--forever!
I think the best part of FF and PSA is that I'm able to track a sale from point of sale, to cost of production, create an invoice, and post the payment when we receive it--all in the same system. The only thing that is irritating is that we are unable to edit a posted invoice to fix an error.
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January 30, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
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Our organization uses PSA for project financial tracking and logging employees' work by the billable hour. We use it to track project performance against planned revenue and GM for individual projects. We have many project types, from fixed fee to time and materials. PSA has the ability to set up standard projects based on common contract types.
  • PSA is data rich. It captures all the data you would need in one form or fashion. If you know what you are looking for, you can find it somewhere. There is a strong reporting function that allows you to create any number of custom reports or dashboards for tracking performance.
  • The tool can scale fairly easily and can take on fair amounts of projects and data.
  • The user interface is generally poor. The tool is hard to navigate and it can be difficult to find something that should be sitting on the surface. It also takes way to many clicks to complete basic tasks. Using the tool can be quite an administrative task in and of itself.
  • Always double-check the math in PSA. One missed or incorrect checkbox somewhere and your calculations can be off. It can be frustrating because the math isn't surfaced, so you have to look closely to notice when PSA has done something unexpected. Sometimes the fix won't make sense and will require time spent with tech support to figure it out.
  • Assess the damage after each system update. System updates are great, but can often derail otherwise stable data and calculations. For instance, our last update shifted how our employee utilization rates are calculated to include data that hasn't been entered yet, resulting in lower numbers being reported. This means we have had to take the data outside the system and calculate on our own until the problem is solved.
PSA is great at capturing all the data you would need to accurately track and report on consulting projects. It captures project financials, calculates projected GM%, and (among others) allows for hourly tracking of employees, which breaks it up between billable and non-billable for utilization tracking to accurately understand costs. However, the user interface is tough to learn, and the stability of the data reporting functions is questionable. This tool would be great for smaller consulting shops that fit the standard contracting mold. If your business is fairly straightforward without a lot of shades of gray, you shouldn't have much trouble with the tool. However, if your business practices have a lot of exceptions based on clients, then you'll have a tall administrative task on your hands.
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October 30, 2014
Luke Fitzwater | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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  • The biggest strength of FinancialForce PSA is that it's built upon the platform, which means it is very easily customizable to our business needs.
  • Projects are easily created, as well as milestones and assignments.
  • "Actuals" (dollars and hours) are calculated automatically, and are easily reported on.
  • Resources are easily managed by using the Resource Planner
  • FinancialForce PSA support is outstanding!
  • Scheduling can be tricky. Assigning a resource to the Project is easy, but when viewing the Resource Planner, the resource shows as being scheduled from the Start to End of the Project. If a resource is working on many projects, then the resource planner becomes convoluted.
  • Our Project Managers (PMs) use MS Project to maintain the Project Timelines. There is an import tool w/in PSA, but it is not a two-way feed. PSA only imports the project plan from MS Project. It does not update the Project Plan in MS Project, nor is the Project Plan exportable in PSA, once it has been imported. This causes our PMs to update the Project details and timeline in two systems.
  • The Project Planner tool only shows Project Tasks, it does not show Milestones (which are what we use to track project completeness). We do not use Project Tasks because you cannot assign resources to the Tasks.
  • There are some limitations to Reporting from FinancialForce PSA
It would seem to be well suited for an organization that has standard products/customer requirements. Our organization, however, creates customized solutions for our clients, which can be difficult to track using FinancialForce PSA. We have had to perform many customizations to FinancialForce PSA in order to be able to capture the correct data and report on that data.
Every time I submit a new help request, whether it's an actual help request or just a question about FinancialForce PSA, I always feel that I'm receiving world class support. The support we receive from FinancialForce PSA is always very detailed and professional. There are some requests that take longer than other for the initial response, which is why I did not give a full 10.
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February 27, 2017
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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FinancialForce is used for half of our organization for time and expense entry, and is used heavily by our professional service and project management groups for managing and billing projects.
  • The time entry mobile app is very helpful for our engineers and field employees.
  • The system integrates well with Microsoft Great Plains for our invoicing.
  • Mobile expense app allows users to capture receipt at the time of the transaction, preventing them from losing the receipt.
  • The structure of the objects makes consolidated reporting difficult.
  • The expense app and expense structure are very clunky and difficult to customize.
  • The training available is minimal.
If you need a project management tool that can create billing for you and has potential to take over your time and expense entry functions, FinancialForce PSA is for you.
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February 20, 2017
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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The professional services team uses FinancialForce PSA to track time, forecast time, manage projects, escalations, and maximize utilization. Sales and the Customer Success team has access to the projects to see how they are coming along.
  • PSA does a great job of making it easy to administer if you have a Salesforce background.
  • It provides great visibility in to how consultants are spending their time.
  • Provides visibility to the entire org, not just services management.
  • It could do a better job of integrating the project tasks with the scheduled time in the future.
If you have a mid-sized services team, a tool like this is a must to see positive margins. A larger team might find more administrative pains but they have very large customers who have been implemented successfully. If you have an SFDC background, this is the easiest solution by far.
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February 25, 2016
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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FinancialForce PSA plays is used by our Services Team to manage all aspects of projects scheduling and services delivery. This includes resource assignment, planning and scheduling. Once the project is active, PSA assists the services team in milestone billing, time and expense tracking. This final piece of the puzzle is reporting, our executive team has a large data collection to slice and dice.
  • Resource Planning
  • Time Tracking
  • Overall Project Managment
  • Expense module could be more robust.
FinancialForce PSA is well suited for any company that needs to actively manage service engagements and projects. One of the key benefits is that it can be used for a very small service engagement. e.g., a half day consulting request with a single resource or a very large project that spans several months many resources.
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December 07, 2012
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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  • It integrates really well with for front-end opportunity management. The transition from a booked deal to a project is a very smooth process
  • The resource management function is visual and pretty efficient, better than other tools reviewed.
  • Time tracking can be done on a smart phone which provides more options to enter time
  • The product is still maturing as a full featured PSA tool. The feature roadmap is compelling but is still being built out.
  • Tool is ideal for managing a services business. It is not yet a project manager tool.
  • Limited reporting
  • Maturing change order process
  • Limited integration to back-end financial systems beyond Financial Force Financials. We use Netsuite.
  • The underlying SalesForce UI is constrained and can be keystroke intensive at times
  • Limited archiving of historical data
Prioritize your integration points as different vendors are going to offer stronger integrations in certain areas (Financials vs. CRM)
The software is robust and flexible and supports multiple ways to get things done. Standardize on best practices for common processes, i.e., resource management.
Pick your user champions to help guide the process and drive adoption
  • In-person training
Pure customer support is fine and we have not needed much of it that I am aware of.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Task Management (7)
Resource Management (8)
Gantt Charts (8)
Scheduling (8)
Workflow Automation (8)
Team Collaboration (9)
Support for Agile Methodology (7)
Support for Waterfall Methodology (7)
Document Management (8)
Email integration (8)
Mobile Access (8)
Timesheet Tracking (8)
Change request and Case Management (7)
Budget and Expense Management (8)
Quotes/estimates (4)
Invoicing (6)
Project & financial reporting (8)
Integration with accounting software (5)

What is FinancialForce PSA?

FinancialForce Professional Services Automation software is also a cloud-based services solution that is built on the platform. It allows companies to manage professional resources, customers, projects and financials in one integrated services management application. Because PSA works natively with, it utilizes the same data for sales, services and finance on one system.

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