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What is Funnel IQ?

The Funnel IQ product provides a platform that delivers GTM data.
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  • Tag library (6)
  • Role-based user permissions (6)
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What is Funnel IQ?

The Funnel IQ product provides a platform that delivers GTM data.

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What is ObservePoint?

ObservePoint is a web analytics tagging audit tool.

What is Falcon?

Falcon is a web analytics tag auditing tool which gives insights on missing and incorrectly configured analytic tags, marketing pixels, and tag management tools on a website. It supports monitoring a critical path for future discrepancy and alerts in case of any errors caused due to changes. Falcon…

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This component helps a company minimize the security risks by controlling access to the software and its data, and encouraging best practices among users.

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Tag Management

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Product Details

What is Funnel IQ?

The Funnel IQ product provides a platform that delivers information on GTM data, along with end-to-end full funnel insights and analytics. In addition, Funnel IQ will shift from reactive to proactive through a built in insights layer based on revenue operations best practices.

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Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

The Funnel IQ product provides a platform that delivers GTM data.

Cheetah Experiences are common alternatives for Funnel IQ.

Reviewers rate Tag performance monitoring and Mobile event tracking highest, with a score of 8.8.

The most common users of Funnel IQ are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Mario Benetto | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Thanks to Funnel IQ we obtain the information about what our public and potential buyers like and dislike about our platform, as well as sales, revenue and CRM analytics. In addition to this, we got access to knowing at what point in the purchase funnel they have decided to go ahead with the purchase or simply cancel it or leave it for later. Funnel IQ has helped us understand the investments in advertising marketing that we make in our business and where each investment we make in this aspect goes, in addition to obtaining information and results on the relationship and connection of our products with customers and our public.
  • Analysis of the entire purchase funnel, showing specific data of each process and what that means.
  • Indicent and problem tracking.
  • Integration with other tools
  • Ease of access to data and analytics
  • Improvable loading times.
  • Limited data export options.
  • No integration with some languages.
  • Occasional connection failures.
In our case, we use Funnel IQ to collect data and information about different processes and even reactions from our customers to our marketing funnel. This helps us define what our next step should be and carry out modifications in our strategies, getting closer to our target audience and potential clients.
In our case, the support was quite good, it was not excellent but we do not have any type of complaint about this, the process was quite smooth and we felt supported throughout the process of implementing the tool in our work, having our doubts resolved in a matter of minutes, something that is really appreciated in processes like these.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Funnel IQ provides the solution to get all the data related to the revenue, sales, and CRM hygiene all in one place so that it's easy to analyze and collect useful information about the various integrations and check how these integrations are performing in terms of sales and revenue, also helps to analyze the future course of action.
  • It assists in tracking all the data related to sales.
  • It shows how our customer relationship model is working.
  • It helps to decipher what refinements are needed ahead for the improvement of CRM solutions.
  • It will be great if user can schedule future task.
  • Some features should be automated like send revenue feedback after every 7 days.
  • live demos and tutorials can be a big plus for new users as it is hard to find everything on our own.
Well suited: Easy to use. Well suited for a detailed revenue report, pipeline funnels can be maintained easily. The new integration is smooth. Compare the cost of integration services and their value addition to the product.
Less appropriate: Bulky databased with millions of data is hard to connect and it also slows down the response.
There have been no complaints in the area of support whether it's a query related to integration to dashboard setup, to the API integrations with a partner, support get you covered there are times when we struggle with the huge plethora of integrations and how to sort them out in a manner that can not affect our previous integration in this support staff helps a lot.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Funnel IQ is a revenue command center. It helps us monitor the health of the revenue engine across marketing, sales, and customer success and help us identify problems related to it in our data. It also sends us notifications when something wrong happens, or things do not go as expected. It also helps to identify problems in our Go To Market data. Earlier, we were not able to identify the problems at an early level, or we used to miss them because our organization could not make timely decisions, but Funnel IQ is a life changer for us which is working out of the box, and they are a good help for a product manager like me.
  • Configurable Revenue Dashboard
  • Configurable Alert and Notifications
  • Incident tracking and actions
  • Manual adjustments to the data
  • Would like to receive some important notifications through WhatsApp based on the playbook
  • Limited configuration on incidents handling
A very good tool for focusing on revenue stream and optimizing it. Earlier, we used to focus on impressions, visits, etc. In short, we were focusing on acquisition instead of revenue generation. But this tool helped us to dig down into revenue-related problems, we improved the internal process, and we could assign tasks based on it to the team and prioritize them.
I did not require much support on the application, but overall, the team was very supportive and helpful.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We leverage Funnel IQ to gain data analytics and various other insightful information about our marketing funnel. This helps inform us of our go-to-market strategy along with providing great contextualized data for performing retrospectives. The main problems we use this tool to solve are data presentation, aggregation, and interpretation.
  • Monitoring a Go To Market plan.
  • Integrations with tools like Slack.
  • Ease of access to marketable data.
  • More integration options.
  • More custom export options for data visualization.
  • Could have better load speeds.
I think that this saas application is going to be the best leveraged by marketing teams that like to make data-driven decisions when developing and executing their various go-to-market plans. The size of your operations is definitely going to be an important factor in making a purchase decision for this product. Smaller start-ups may not feel the need for a service like this but more established and those quickly growing are likely to benefit the most from this tool and how I can help you scale.
The support was great. From every aspect whether it was training, getting set up, best practices, implementation, or problem-solving, the team was there to help. We really valued this as we have had different experiences in the past with similar solutions. Feeling supported throughout the process was a great attribute.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As an agency, we work with countless data sources that are scattered around with different logins, interfaces, and exporting features. By pushing our data into a central place, we’re able to use a single platform with a single login and a single set of features to access all of our data. We can create common rules across data sources (product, country, campaign type, etc.) and then view a combined view of multiple data sources in a single, unified table.
  • You can schedule exports to Google Sheets, Data Studio, or any Data warehouse.
  • They offer a dedicated account manager.
  • They already support many of the data sources that we use as well as supporting custom data sources.
  • We have sometimes run into problems with our data exports, given the volume of data. we are handling. However, there have been improvements in this area.
  • Live support for quick questions would be helpful.
Funnel IQ has helped us understand our marketing investments. Instead of x number of dashboards, we now have one that combines all the data – which is only possible due to Funnel's technology. It's can be applied to most use cases.
Assistance is quite fast and reliable. They resolve issues very efficiently.
Tamara Rashford | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At the present time, Funnel IQ is an important tool for the sales and marketing department, for the purpose of monitoring and connecting all revenue generating marketing activity, and stream together. From an end-user perspective, I basically describe Funnel IQ as our command and control centre, through which we monitor the successes and failures of our marketing approach, assign task escalation responsibilities to team-members, and interact with automated insights around our marketing activity in real-time.
  • Integration with our technology software stack.
  • Revenue generation prediction.
  • Marketing operations alignment.
  • For me, Funnel IQ is key facilitator tool which aligns key areas, software and professionals in my organisations together, in the revenue generation project. No reservations on the quality derived from this platform.
Funnel IQ basically serves us as a virtual centre via which we interact with all of our marketing activity, set triggers and measure overall prospecting performance, with the end-goal of generating revenue. It is ideal for identifying gaps in our default customer journey process, vet operational workflows, access team members contributions to revenue and even ascertaining the validity of our chosen revenue generation process.
Funnel IQ support is good enough for me. While I am not in charge of interacting with the vendor, I am aware that Funnel IQ provides my department with operational assessment and hands-on technical support. The aforementioned has only made us more efficient.
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