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FireEye Email Security is the primary email gateway for the company. It is used for malware analysis as well as the enterprise-wide email quarantine system.
  • Very user-friendly and simple interface.
  • Policy rules are easy to create and they work.
  • Very little downtime or operational impact.
  • Email delivery issues are easy to investigate and troubleshoot.
  • Reporting
I would highly recommend FireEye Email Security to a colleague. The platform is good at eliminating malicious emails prior to delivery to the end-user. Detections exist across the URL, attachment, and embedded HTML levels. It is a strong platform.
Yes. Detections are high fidelity, and CSOC analysts to spend a lot of time chasing down false positives. However, if a legitimate is quarantined or blocked by FireEye Email Security, it doesn't take much time or effort to release and ensure such a block doesn't happen again. The interface is simple and allows the analysts to operate efficiently.
Score 8 out of 10
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FireEye Email Security—Server Edition is being used across the whole organization. We managed our email via Office 365. It supports email security features besides email service. However, it was difficult to block URL-based threats and the security settings were complex, making it difficult for us to use other than basic security features. So, we introduced FireEye Email Security to address this problem. Since then, we have been freed from phishing threats. In particular, FAUDE (FireEye Advanced URL Detection Engine) has been of great help in blocking threats.
  • Blocking URL-based threats using FAUDE features.
  • Post threat detection via the Retroactive feature.
  • Excellent sandboxing analysis performance and detailed dynamic analysis reports.
  • User notification is too old (text format only supported, html format not supported).
  • Too few and simple allowed list conditions (No email header condition and no multiple conditions).
Even if you are using email security features via enterprise mail, it is the best option for securing enterprise mail. In particular, FAUDE (FireEye Advanced URL Detection Engine) has been of great help in blocking URL-based threats. If you use O365, MS365, and Gmail, you can respond to the post email delivery weaponized URL threat through the Remediation feature.
Excellent detection and response capabilities. Regularly and actively updates for FEOS, guest-Images, and security content. Continuous new feature updates. Real-time support via live chat and active community (Knowledge Base, Ideas Program, Market, Pro Series, etc.) But, Absurd false positives sometimes occur and the response is too slow. I think the fast track is required for this.
FireEye Email Security is the most effective email security solution for protecting enterprises from APT. It is not complicated to set up and you can ride a wave of continuous security effects for a long time without major changes after the initial setup. It's automated, so users don't have to care too much about it. In addition, it provides detailed analysis data, so you can utilize it for 3rd party solutions if you want.
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We use it as an email gateway for the company. All email addressed to our employee's email addresses are routed through the appliance. It attempts to filter out some malicious emails based on the links and attachments that are found. It is not our only email defense that we have in our stack.
  • It does a decent job of detecting malicious attachments in emails.
  • It is easy to release emails that are incorrectly quarantined.
  • The interface is not exactly intuitive.
  • There are a high number of false positives.
  • To my knowledge, there is not a way to whitelist links or attachments.
It works well as one component of an email security stack, as long as you do not mind dealing with false positives. It would not be suitable as the only component in an email security system. When upstream components of our stack have gone down, a high number of malicious mail got through our FireEye appliance.
The reason that I gave the support a 5 is that I have had both positive and negative experiences. One of the positive experiences was when a senior support engineer spend quite a few hours with me solving an issue that we were having. One of the negative ones was when we were experiencing an issue and one person from support gave one solution, and when the issue reoccurred we were told by another person that what was recommended to us the first time was incorrect. The issue was never fully solved.
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FireEye Email Security is used by the two organizations we manage as an email security and spam filter. We have an Exchange on-premise server for each organization. FireEye ES is set as the MX record to the front for each of these servers. The mail is scanned, filtered and then released through to Exchange for delivery. ES was purchased to replace our Barracuda Spam filter. We liked the way the Barracuda filtered spam but wanted to up our security game. We reviewed ES, liked what we heard and saw and made the switch. We have been very happy with the security aspect of ES as it seems to aggressively defend against email attacks.
  • Ease of implementation was a key factor in our decision making for an email security/spam product. FireEye ES was very easy to implement as well as to maintain.
  • Blocking effectiveness in an email security/spam product has to be the most important factor. FireEye ES does a very good job of completely blocking the vast majority of risky emails. With its sand-boxing features, it does a good job of evaluating threats. The spam blocking is effective without being overly so.
  • Being a cloud product makes ease of management a great feature. The console is easy to get to, use and understand. Whitelisting, finding emails that are impacted, and other common email flow questions are easily achieved.
  • The console is very easy to use for the most part, but some parts of it switch to other servers and it can seem a little disconnected. I would like to see this integration improved.
  • Otherwise, FireEye ES is one product I don't have hardly any complaints about. Support is great, the cost is good, usefulness/effectiveness is excellent.
FireEye as a company seems very good overall. We are evaluating other security products from them as I write this and I have to say when it comes to security itself and customer support they appear to be very good. We had another spam filtering product that seemed to work well, but a few years back when security content became a bigger issue than spam content we decided to evaluate new products and chose ES. The product seems to work very well at blocking the bad stuff and allowing good stuff and is easy to monitor and manage. The company is very responsive and helpful. The ES cloud application itself is consistently upgraded and improved. The way you implement the product is very easy. We have begun testing the O365 hybrid scenario and ES works very well in this scenario.
In the years we have had this service, we haven't needed much help (which is a testament to the ease of use/reliability of the product) but when we have they have been probably the best vendor I've ever dealt with when it comes to quickly addressing support call issues. We also have a very readily available engineer that has been quick to help with more complex requests.

FireEye Email Security Scorecard Summary

Feature Scorecard Summary

Secure Email Gateway (5)
Anti-malware (4)
Cusomizability (4)
Threat Detection (4)
Sandboxing (4)
Management Tools (4)

What is FireEye Email Security?

FireEye Email Security is a Secure Email Gateway focused on detection and intelligence both in the gateway and within the network, driven by visibility across multiple vectors, incident response and intelligence feeds.

FireEye Email Security Features

Secure Email Gateway Features

  • Supported: Anti-malware
  • Supported: Cusomizability
  • Supported: Threat Detection
  • Supported: Sandboxing
  • Supported: Management Tools

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On-premise Editions Pricing
Pricing DetailsTerms
Server Edition$0per mailbox
SaaS Editions Pricing
Pricing DetailsTerms
AVAS$0per mailbox
Cloud Edition$0per mailbox

FireEye Email Security Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)0%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)25%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)75%

FireEye Email Security Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, SaaS
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesWorldwide
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Japanese

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FireEye Email Security?

FireEye Email Security is a secure email gateway for businesses.

What is FireEye Email Security's best feature?

Reviewers rate Anti-malware highest, with a score of 9.5.

Who uses FireEye Email Security?

The most common users of FireEye Email Security are from Enterprises and the Aviation & Aerospace industry.