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FL Studio

FL Studio


What is FL Studio?

Belgian studio Image-Line Software offers FL Studio, the company's digital audio workstation (DAW) and audio editing application.

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FL Studio has proven to be a convenient and powerful software for beats and instrumental production, making it a great choice for music …
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What is FL Studio?

FL Studio Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

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FL Studio has proven to be a convenient and powerful software for beats and instrumental production, making it a great choice for music producers. Users have praised the software for its convenience, finding it more user-friendly than other Digital Audio Workstations - DAWs they have tried. FL Studio is highly recommended for learning mixing and mastering, as it offers a wide variety of virtual instruments and plugins that allow users to create professional music tracks. Despite some users finding the automation management in FL Studio difficult to use, overall, they have found the software to be powerful and useful for their projects. The intuitive interface and demo version make FL Studio a popular choice for beginners, allowing them to explore its features before committing to a purchase. The software's versatility is highly valued by users, as it offers a plethora of sound design options with its vast library of virtual instruments and effects. FL Studio excels in creating and arranging beats, thanks to its step sequencer and pattern-based workflow. Users appreciate the easy export system in FL Studio, simplifying the process of mapping, editing, and production. With its low cost compared to other DAWs, FL Studio presents an affordable option for music production while providing native tools that were previously only available through third-party plugins. The wide range of features helps users work without limitations and unleash their creativity. Additionally, FL Studio's compatibility with various plugins enhances productivity.

Users commonly recommend the following when it comes to FL Studio:

Learning and Utilizing Tutorials: Many users advise taking advantage of online tutorials, particularly on YouTube, to learn FL Studio and its components. It is recommended to start with the basics and progress gradually in order to fully grasp the software's capabilities.

Suitable for Specific Genres and Tasks: FL Studio is frequently recommended for genres such as hip-hop and electronic music, as well as for mixing and beat processing. Users suggest using open plugins with FL Studio for mixing and mastering purposes.

Exploring Features and Plugins: Users emphasize the importance of exploring all the features and plugins that come with FL Studio. They suggest watching tutorials online to become familiar with the software. Additionally, users recommend utilizing free VSTs (Virtual Studio Technology) and samples available online to enhance music production.

Overall, FL Studio is considered a great option for beginners in music production due to its basic terminology and advanced features. Users widely recommend purchasing FL Studio, especially for heavy users and professional production. However, some users suggest trying the free demo version before making a purchase decision. It is also worth mentioning that users anticipate the release of FL Studio for Mac, which would extend its availability to a wider user base.


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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
On occasions that we are required to produce jingles or musical scores for clients we use FL Studio. This is primarily used within our events team in our recording studio. FL Studio is a well established piece of software that has an easy learning curve, with it we are able to meet our clients' demands for custom/handmade jingles or soundtracks.
  • Midi sequencing
  • Built in audio processing and VST instruments
  • Audio mixing
  • Music creation
  • The audio editing is made to be easy to use, and as such is missing some of the features included in more "serious" audio editing software.
FL Studio is great for quick audio editing, where you need to quickly make an edit to a song or add a new part to an existing song. Due to the included audio processing plugins, there is no need to purchase more to increase the software's capability. These features lend it to "out of the box" solutions, where quick implementation with no hidden costs is important. For serious audio editing and mix down, FL Studio is not well suited, as it is designed to be a good all round music creation software, rather than a dedicated audio editor.
  • Life-time free version updates upon purchase
  • The included audio plug ins
  • Easy learning curve for musicians
  • Shorter learning curve than other similar software means that less is spent on training.
  • The wide and general nature of FL Studio's feature set means that we don't require multiple other software solutions, which is a cost saving in both software price and training time.
In selecting this software, we investigated and considered others. We found that FL Studio had a good price point and the life time free version updates made it a one time purchase.
In terms of functionality, the most similar software solutions are Ableton Live, Logic Pro X and Propellerhead Reason.
Of these the most cost effective for us was Ableton Live and FL Studio with Propellerhead Reason being a slightly different product.
We found that FL studio had a wider feature set and was more suited to our use, where as Ableton Live would be better if live music performance was a requirement, in our case it was not.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use FL Studio to record voice-overs and other audio for our YouTube channel videos. I also use FL Studio to create beats and tunes for our videos.

Having FL Studio addresses many problems. I can create my own original music with FL Studio rather than using other people's work. I can also record my voice-overs on the same software and mix them to create crispy clean audio. It has great features and presets, obviously more than what free open-source software offers.
  • The price of FL Studio isn't too harsh for beginners, which is great.
  • FL Studio has an infinite amount of features, samples, plugins and pre-sets.
  • It's easy to move around the music blocks in FL Studio's timeline.
  • It isn't too hard for beginners to adjust and get used to the interface.
  • The recording process can somewhat be confusing and inefficient.
  • FL Studio has a confusing routing, for example to use return tracks for reverbs, you will have to click numerous buttons to get that done.
  • FL Studio has a somewhat steep learning curve, which can demotivate beginners.
  • FL Studio's auto-saving feature is a bit late, which can ruin your project if you rely on it.
I would recommend FL Studio for anyone who wants to get their hands on music making or even just recording audio for videos. I would suggest making the somewhat small investment and trying it out, you could end up with a career from it.

For beginners I would definitely suggest watching online courses/tutorials as they helped me a lot and it will for you as well. Also, I would recommend using third party plugins which will help in fine tuning your projects and overall produce much better music/recordings.

FL Studio is well suited for businesses and personal use to make music. I would confidently say that its one of the best DAW to start making music.
  • Great user-interface in the new version, which helped understand the features better.
  • Great built-in plugins, that help me fine tune my work.
  • Great community that helped answer my questions when I was first starting out.
  • FL Studio gives me the freedom to create what I want.
  • It has definitely reduced costs, because it is slightly cheaper than other software.
  • It has decreased the efficiency in workflow because of its poor routing.
  • Has helped me grow by letting me create high quality music.
  • Helps me record high quality audio.
Audacity is a free open-source software that is only for recording and editing some audio, while FL Studio on the other hand allows you to create your own music, record your audio, edit your audio and many other features all for a small price. FL Studio has way more effects pre-sets than Audacity.

Even though Audacity's recording features can come close to FL Studio, there are many other factors that led to me opting to invest in FL Studio. Many other music producers also recommended FL Studio; therefore, that's what I chose.

I have used both software for almost 2 years each, first being Audacity and then I decided to get FL Studio and have been using it for all my audio recording, editing and music making ever since.
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