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FluidSurveys (Discontinued)

FluidSurveys (Discontinued)


What is FluidSurveys (Discontinued)?

FluidSurveys was a survey and form building option. SurveyMonkey discontinued the product, it reached end of life (EOL) December 2017.

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What is FluidSurveys (Discontinued)?

FluidSurveys was a survey and form building option. SurveyMonkey discontinued the product, it reached end of life (EOL) December 2017.

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What is FluidSurveys (Discontinued)?

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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it to conduct surveys with beneficiairies of international development project and programs we evaluate (we are an evaluation firm). We target many different types of respondents (i.e.: direct beneficiairies from the general population or institutional representatives from stakeholders involved). It is mainly used for surveys in the environemental and socio-economic departements of the firm (evaluation departments and not corporate developement ones). The idea is to collect impressions, opinions and views of the beneficiairies on the given projects or programs.
  • User-friendly. For the majority of the general and basic tools you can use with FluidSurveys to build surveys are simple to use and intuitive. When certain issues come up, the service is quick (chat room) and effective.
  • Anonymity: the software has the reputation of being safer in terms of safeguarding private information the respondents share by answering surveys (this is mainly due to the fact that the servers are in Canada). Thus, indirectly, they increase response rates.
  • Extensive possibilities: FluidSurveys offers a plethora of possibilities and options that really renders the experience interesting in terms of micro-managing each details of the surveys you are sending out there. When the invitation leaves by email, it is exactly how you want it.
  • Statistical information on invitations and reminders sent does not meet the quality standards of the other aspects of the software. It does not seperate the actual invitations from the reminders which creates a bias in terms of statistics. Thus, you have to calculate these yourself.
  • Although FluidSurveys is a Canadian company, all communications with clients and the website itself are in English. Having the website translated in French would be a great idea and eventually, follow-up after-sale communications could also be bilingual. However, the options of building the surveys in many languages is very appreciated.
  • When invitations are sent through the FluidSurveys software to institutional potential respondents, there is a high possibility that it will end up in these potential respondents spams (this is not the case with regular email addresses). Would it be possible for FluidSurveys representatives to "lobby" the recurrent institutional partners to have their IT sector accept invitations from FluidSurveys?
I think FluidSurveys is appropriate for almost all scenarios. For now, the only time I used another product was when the survey I was managing was being done using tablets (such as Ipads or Samsung tablets) and I used ODK Collect. I think FluidSurveys now has the option of uploading the survey to a tablet and collect the data through it. However, I have not tried it. ODK Collect is an open source and free software compared to FluidSurveys. Thus, if the user wishes to use tablets, I might recommend using ODK Collect even if there is some learning to do in terms of coding your question in an Excel sheet for it to be "uploadable" to the ODK Collect "hub" (the server).
  • The possibility of reaching many respondents in one shot.
  • The possibility of managing many surveys at once.
  • I would say the ROI is even (the value of the advantages are equal to the cost and not more) because it is quite expensive. Making sure you will use it a lot is important before buying the license or else other options can be of interest to you.
  • ODK Collect,SurveyMonkey
Although I do not have much experience with Survey Monkey, the only two reasons why I choose FluidSurveys is that clients demand it (privacy and anonymity) and because managing multiple surveys at a time is easier.
As for ODK Collect, I think it is a valuable alternative to FluidSurveys if you have time to learn the coding (not very complicated). ODK is a little less user friendly and you cannot address small details as you can with FluidSurveys (e.g.: formatting).
It is hard to add reasons why I would renew the contract with FluidSurveys other than what has been said in the previous sections. It all adds up to the fact that my clients demand FluidSurveys (mostly the Canadian clients as the company is Canadian, some sort of protectionism) and because the "user-friendliness" of the software renders survey development and management more efficient.
  • Implemented in-house
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use FluidSurveys to conduct online surveys with our clients.
  • Very user-friendly
  • Great variety of question options
  • Quickly accessible customer support service
  • There should be more flexibility and customizability with regard to survey design (e.g. background, fonts...)
It is a very user-friendly survey tool, so even for someone who has no previous experience can figure out how to navigate through the tool very easily. Creating reports based on descriptive statistics is very easy, and recently it paired up with Statwing, which enables doing correlation and regression analysis, as well.
  • Confidentiality of data is a big concern for our company, and we feel more secure working with a Canadian company. Our clients feel more secure, too.
FluidSurveys is a Canadian company. It has more advanced branching and piping options.
We are very happy with FluidSurveys. It is a simple and intuitive tool, has a good variety of sample survey templates, allows real-time response analysis and easy report-generation feature. We have been able to access support very quickly from their team when we had a question / concern. We will most likely upgrade to the Ultra version, though, as the branching options in Pro package are somewhat limited.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My organization uses FluidSurveys for a variety of in-house research: this includes internal and external surveys as well as e-consultations. My team, in addition to our advisory role for the organization's public opinion research, also serves as an administrator of the system: we manage accounts, assist in programming surveys and gathering data, and reporting on the data. In this sense, we serve as the gatekeepers for the system, which is used across the organization (including in our regional offices, although most of the work is undertaken at HQ). Over the past few years we have implemented dozens of surveys using FluidSurveys, including high-profile public e-consultations which have received thousands of responses.
FluidSurveys has allowed for both opinion-gathering and non-opinion information-gathering, as it's amenable to more than just typical surveys. (We have used it to gather input on annual reports, for an example of the latter.) It allows for a collection of info in a centralized area, using a very intuitive and flexible system. The system obviously is a major improvement over paper surveys in terms of ease of implementation and collection; it also presents a cost-effective solution when contracted research isn't possible.
  • Easy programming: The system is designed so that those with average computer skills can program a survey from start to finish. The WYSIWYG formatter means creating content is as easy as dragging and dropping question types, and typing in your content. Logic such as branching and skipping is presented in a clear way, making it easy for people to understand branching and skipping.
  • Templates: FluidSurveys support can create templates that will allow your surveys to blend seamlessly into your website (or not, if that's your preference). You can start with a blank template, use a pre-built template, or even create a totally customized appearance by going into the HTML/CSS editor - and these choices are unique to each survey. Our e-consultations, for example, are designed to reflect the look of web pages, while our video feedback surveys are actually built right into the web page using custom coding.
  • Reporting: We (and our clients!) love the auto-generated reports and other data functions. You can get sleek-looking reports at the click of a button, apply filters to them, modify how data is displayed, and download the reports (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc). You can download individual responses or aggregate data, and you can also export your questionnaires (which helps with document management).
  • Support: I have had mixed experiences with the support offered. There is a preference by FluidSurveys support for e-mail correspondence, and they are usually quick to answer for easy issues; however, for significant concerns, it can be hard to get on the phone or meet in person with those higher in the organization. However, this may be due to recent growing pains in the company; recently, I have noticed significant improvement in this area.
For surveys, and for centralized info-gathering, FluidSurveys provides an excellent solution. There are other programs out there which provide a wider range of solutions (i.e., they can be used for surveying AND comprehensive online engagement, rather than just a data-gathering type of consultation); however, for programming and implementing surveys, FluidSurveys has an effective variety of strengths and options that make it optimal for users who are focused specifically on surveys.
  • The cost savings in using FluidSurveys to conduct research, rather than outsource it, has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars over the few years that we have been using it. Contracting out research is costly, so if you have the right people/skills and technology to do the work in-house, you're able to conduct a lot more research than you would otherwise be able to.
From a Government perspective, FluidSurveys offers some qualities that make it stand out:
  • It is located in Canada;
  • It's servers are located in Canada;
  • They are willing to host user-group meetings, so that Government departments can explain how they have implemented a wide variety of tasks with it (and people can get very creative with FluidSurveys! If they can use an in-house option they've already purchased to conduct non-survey-related tasks, it introduced major cost savings to taxpayers. So it's also very important to share this type of creativity with other departments).
Note: I am responding to this question as a user of the system and not a representative of my organization.
On a personal level/as a user only, I would definitely continue to use FluidSurveys.On a personal level/as a user only, I would definitely continue to use FluidSurveys.
  • The actual survey-building part is quite easy: you select the question type from the bank provided, drag and drop it into your survey page, and fill in the fields with your content. Text can be modified using a WYSIWYG editor. Basic branching can be done at the click of a button, and more advanced branching is done through a very straight-forward wizard.
  • Creating, launching, and closing surveys is also very easy. Closing a survey can also be automated (so if you wanted to end a survey at midnight, for example, you won't have to sit at the computer watching the clock count down).
  • Reporting is huge for us, and this generates data at the click of a button. We can quickly generate reports for clients, even when it involves running filters. Reports can be downloaded in a variety of formats. You can also allow a client to see reports on their own, by providing them with a log-in (which provides access only to the report for whatever survey you've selected).
  • Some advanced options can be hard for people to figure out, as resources to help with those options are scant. For example, some people have don't realize you can plug in answers from a previous question later in the survey, but this option isn't explicitly identified or explained anywhere. So it can take some time, a lot of curiosity, and problem-solving skills to figure out some of these aspects of FluidSurveys. (However, you can always contact support staff for help.)
We haven't used the mobile interface much, because the regular version is actually fairly good when reduced to mobile dimensions.
I think the average person can very quickly pick up on the basics of the system: they would have no problems programming and launching a basic survey. Organizations may benefit from having people of different backgrounds getting their hands dirty in the system: at a minimum, both web programmers and opinion research advisors should be solicited for input or help.
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