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What is FortiAP?

FortiAP is an access point from Fortinet.

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Product Demos

Redington & Fortinet Webinar Remote Connection with VPN & FortiAP - Live Demo - 7 Jun 2020


Redington & Fortinet Webinar - Remote Connection with VPN & FortiAP - Live Demo - 7 Jun 2020

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Product Details

What is FortiAP?

FortiAP Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
FortiAP has been a success every time we have implemented it for multiple customers. There is a model for any environment you wish to deploy WiFi in.
  • Built sturdy for harsh environments.
  • They perform and/or surpass performance levels shown on their data sheets.
  • No cons to report. There APs are as good, or better than others on the market
The FortiAP is suited for any environment. There is a model that will satisfy your need; harsh indoor/outdoor environments are no issue. Low/high-density areas are handled great with these APs.
  • The cost of management decreases almost immediately once the solution is installed.
  • The cost of the APs is far less than other manufacturers with the same feature sets.
FortiAP does not fall short compared to other vendors. They have all the features other vendors offer at a much more competitive price-point, which makes purchasing FortiAP a lot more attractive.
Fortinet support is outstanding! They are second to none. They pay attention to details and the needs of the customer.
Nathan Venno | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our main headquarters is spread over three buildings. I have implemented FortiAPs at two of the three. I also have installed them at our two remote offices. These provide wireless for all users in the office. I also provide a Guest SSID for visitors which is segregated from our main network - Internet only. This devices provide excellent coverage for all my offices. I have not heard one complaint about them since installing them. I also have the ability to monitor traffic on these devices and see who is doing what. I haven't implemented the various built in features (AV, Malware, App monitoring) as my Fortinet firewalls take care of that aspect for me.
  • Excellent coverage - we use the smaller models - FP321 and 221, but I have never had an issue with coverage for my users.
  • Easy to install - configuration and deploy is super simply - our network isn't super complex, but I had no issues rolling these out.
  • FortiCloud allows me to monitor my AP network easily and quickly - gives me alerts, updates and status on a single pane of glass.
  • Deploying your first AP is a little confusing - you need to register it with Fortinet, and then deploy it. I am a master now, but this took me call to support to understand how to roll these out.
  • Adding them in to the correct folders on Forticloud took a little bit of figuring out, but again, once I had it it was simple.
Any rollout is well suited for a FortiAP - from small office networks, to large warehouse deployments. Adding additional APs to your network is simple and easy. Monitoring is simple with Forticloud monitoring. Configuring the devices can be as complex or as simple as you need. Adding additional Fortinet devices (I have switches and firewalls) makes the network even more secure and easy to manage - all devices working in tandem make monitoring much easier.
  • Increased overall coverage of wireless for my users - no more calls about dropped wireless (our cell service is very spotty).
  • Easy to roll out - no issues here.
  • Expensive - you are paying for a business, not a home use devices - sticker shock might happen initially.
I think all Fortinet clients are definitely business level products. Easy to use. Hardens your network against attack. Gives you more visibility into your network at all times. Helps you get a handle on your users and environment. Definitely worth the cost.
These are my wireless access points. I have a few Meraki devices, but when the license ends in a year on these products, I will complete my FortiAP roll out.
These can be as easy or complex as you like - I am mildly network savvy and have no trouble locking these down, creating SSIDs, monitoring use, and general rolling out business level wireless to my org.
  • Covers my warehouse completely - all corners have wireless access using these devices.
  • Monitoring is now possible - I can see use and abuse quickly and easily.
  • Overall cost - you buy once, and then dont have to worry about licenses UNLESS you want the additional built-ins like AV, App monitoring, etc. I use my firewall for these so I just use them for wireless.
  • Wireless inventory checking - we not have IR scanners that allow my warehouse works to make quick work of their inventory process.
  • Remote access - allows my users to quickly access our applications without being chained to their desk.
  • Usage - I can figure out if a sight is over and under utilized in the bandwidth arena, making upgrades and downgrades simple.
  • Inventory tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Employee tracking
  • Security access
This is an excellent product for an SMB - cost isn't outrageous and deploy is simple. I can monitor my network without breaking the bank.
Their mainline support is enough for my needs - I may not get a 5 minute turnaround, but the few hours I may have to wait for an answer are not deal breakers.
I've never had an issue they could not resolve. They are diligent and thorough and also explain what is wrong and how to fix it. I don't like not understanding a product I deploy, and least on some level. Their support helps me to understand issues and how it can be resolved.
New deployed AP - laptop could connect but mobile devices could not. They would connect but almost immediately lose their connection. Logs showed a true connecting but then an almost immediate disconnect. Worked with support for about a day to figure out issue. Support stuck with me and escalated the issue as needed. After firmware upgrades and some swearing, we were able to determine the issue was the switch that the AP was plugged into - it was not allowing mobile data traffic to connect to our DHCP server. Once we removed the offending switch, and replacement (by chance I had a spare Fortiswitch) traffic flowed just fine.
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