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October 22, 2019
Vicky Pasenko | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We are currently using Firstgiving as a peer to peer solution for a fundraising campaign. This is the 5th annual event and we have always used this platform. We are a small organization and this is one of our largest fundraisers so we cannot afford to have issues, but this year the product has not functioned in the way it is supposed to and we are losing donation dollars as a result.
  • In the past they have supported this event well. The product functioned as advertised until this year.
  • Two weeks ago we started receiving questions from donors because they were having trouble making donations. The pages wouldn't load or they would get part way through the donation process and the page would buffer and they couldn't complete the process. Some had tried to donate 3 or 4 times unsuccessfully. We have been told this is fixed now, but we still hear intermittent comments from people with issues.
  • Two weeks ago we started seeing issues with the display pages that show progress of the fundraising campaign. The totals were inaccurate - some were too low and some were too high. The concept is to encourage competition between teams and individuals and the inability to see accurate data eliminates this aspect of the campaign. Also, in some cases the totals were showing that people had exceeded their goal when they had not. Donors are more likely to contribute to help someone meet their goal than to give money to someone who is already above goal.
  • Customer Service has been awful. It is difficult to reach anyone and when you do the updates are not not very helpful. It has been nearly two weeks with no progress. All week long this wee we were told they were testing the solution and as soon as it was tested and they were sure it worked they would apply the fix. Last night they did something because all of the numbers changed but now they are worse than they were before. Most of our participants have disappeared and our totals are even lower than they were. We have had no updates today to explain where they are or what will happen next.
  • Our event is two weeks away and I don't know how we will reach our goal. I don't even know how much money we have raised to date. If I could figure out a way to switch to another platform at this time I would but unfortunately I think we are stuck with this solution for this year. It is very disappointing that they can't fix these issues and even worse that they don't communicate with their customers. We will not use them again!
Given the experience I have had this year, I couldn't recommend any part of their service. The product doesn't function as advertised and they don't communicate with customers to let them know what they are doing to fix it. It is a level of service that is completely unacceptable on every level.
They do not seem to care about the problems of their customers. They do not return phone calls. They do not provide the updates on their support page that they promised. They have had two weeks to repair the basic functionality of their system and they have been unable to do so. This is a complete failure as far as I am concerned.
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February 28, 2019
Nikicha Nieto | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Our organization used FrontStream Panorama for 1 year before deciding to no longer continue that partnership. It was used by the three members of our development team but was implemented and used on a daily basis by myself. FrontStream Panorama is an online fundraising platform that allows you to make different pages for different fundraising campaigns and events. They use a payment processor that is linked to process those gifts.
  • FrontStream Panorama allows you to customize a larger portion of your pages that you design if you have experience with HTML and coding.
  • FrontStream Panorama allows you to integrate their other platforms, such as bidding for good, which is for auction items, and connect those to their ticket registration software.
  • FrontStream Panorama allows you to pull reports and customize and save reports you might use often.
  • To begin, the customer service at FrontStream Panorama is virtually nonexistent. After our implementation and connection to Salesforce we were having a lot of major issues. Unfortunately, it felt like our account manager and the general customer service at FrontStream Panorama did not care. It came to the point where our Chief of Development had to reach out to a higher executive in the company because 6 months into switching to their platform nothing was functional and no one was making any attempt to solve the problem.
  • That leads me to my next point in that the Salesforce connection does not work. They spent close to a year "trying" to figure out why none of our data was being pushed from FrontStream Panorama to Salesforce and they continuously blamed Salesforce despite them assuring us that there were no issues on their end and despite it working seamlessly with our new platform. I don't believe they have the capacity to support these issues.
  • For our Gala, we decided to use their Bidding for Good platform as an add-on to selling tickets for the event. Come the day of, the platform did not work. We were not able to sign in our guest electronically or collect their credit card information. Luckily I had paper copies of our guest list and table arrangements because if not it would have been a total disaster. It was so bad that we ended up getting a 100% refund.
  • Lastly, when we switched over to FrontStream Panorama one of the key selling points was how you could customize almost everything in your page. However, it is almost impossible to do so unless you have a great understanding of code. This was not mentioned at all and led to a lot of frustration on behalf of our small team.
I am sure that FrontStream Panorama is well suited to process online donations. It did do that for us. But, that is about all it did. None of this information was ever successfully implemented to be pushed to Salesforce, which led to me manually entering a year's worth of data for our online gifts. I would not recommend this platform if your organization uses Salesforce to manage donor data.
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FrontStream Panorama is a fundraising platform designed to provide fundraisers with a set of tools to build stronger relationships with donors and raise more money.
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