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Fundraising Report Card

Fundraising Report Card


What is Fundraising Report Card?

MarketSmart in College Park offers the Fundraising Report Card, an analytics platform supporting nonprofits with feedback on the success of their fundraising efforts.

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Fundraising Report Card is a valuable tool for organizations seeking to improve their fundraising strategies and donor relationships. …
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What is Fundraising Report Card?

MarketSmart in College Park offers the Fundraising Report Card, an analytics platform supporting nonprofits with feedback on the success of their fundraising efforts.

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What is Fundraising Report Card?

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Fundraising Report Card is a valuable tool for organizations seeking to improve their fundraising strategies and donor relationships. Users appreciate the ease of use and effectiveness of the tool in managing donors and prospecting for fundraising activities. With accurate data on donor benefits and patterns at their fingertips, users are able to make informed decisions and develop targeted strategies to increase their donor base.

One of the key business problems that Fundraising Report Card solves is assisting users in identifying potential prospects for fundraising. By analyzing donor data, the tool helps users pinpoint individuals who may be interested in supporting their cause, thereby increasing their chances of finding new donors for their organization. Additionally, the product provides a convenient and organized way for users to access business flow and fund information, streamlining their fundraising efforts. This time-saving feature allows users to quickly analyze data, identify fundraising trends, and make strategic decisions based on donor lifetime value.

Another significant problem resolved by the product is helping users track the success of their fundraising activities and identify areas for improvement. By providing insights into what works and what needs modification, Fundraising Report Card empowers users to focus on achieving better results. The quick and easy access to organized information enables efficient fundraising and analysis, enhancing overall productivity.

Furthermore, non-profit organizations benefit from Fundraising Report Card by being able to track their most consistent donors and build stronger relationships with them. The tool enables users to maintain high-quality donor relationships by keeping the best possible information about donors at hand.

In summary, Fundraising Report Card solves various business problems faced by organizations in their fundraising endeavors. It assists users in prospecting for new donors, analyzing fundraising trends, making informed decisions, and maintaining strong relationships with existing donors.

Efficient Data Organization: Many users have found Fundraising Report Card to be a valuable tool for organizing and managing fundraising data for NGOs. The software makes it easy to create a donor list and present data to organizational leaders, saving significant time by eliminating the need for manual data manipulation in Excel for detailed reports.

Seamless Integration: Users appreciate Fundraising Report Card's integration with popular CRM systems like Kindful. This seamless integration allows for quick and efficient transfer of data, as well as the creation of charts and visualizations. Some reviewers find this feature particularly helpful in breaking down key metrics by gift size or donors.

Comprehensive Analysis: Reviewers are impressed with the ability of Fundraising Report Card to analyze fundraising data in various ways. The software provides beautiful charts that highlight strengths and weaknesses in an organization's fundraising efforts, allowing for improvements to be made. This comprehensive analysis helps users maximize their fundraising efforts and identify areas where they can excel.

Difficulties with Teaching Non-Tech-Savvy Customers: Some users have found it time-consuming to teach customers who lack basic Excel skills or are not familiar with technology.

Challenges in Understanding Metrics: Users have mentioned that it can be difficult to determine the actual numbers of metrics in the interactive graphs. The chart displaying the numbers does not change accordingly, making it challenging to get an accurate understanding of the metrics.

Issues with Printing and Sharing Reports: Users have experienced difficulties when trying to print or share reports. The graphs need to be hovered over to show the numbers, which do not print well.


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Amanda Mulder | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Fundraising Report Card to evaluate our fundraising, to base strategic decisions on data, and to identify areas for improvement in our fundraising efforts. I love this tool. I use it prepare reports for our Board of Directors - it provides every data point I can think of [and several that I had never considered] with the click of a button. And it provides that data along with beautiful charts and graphs that make our fundraising reports easy to understand for our stakeholders.
  • It makes preparing fundraising reports super easy. I used to spend 6-8 hours preparing a board report and now it takes me 30 minutes... PLUS I can pull up the reports in real time during board meetings to allow board members to see the data presented in different ways or to answer questions on-the-spot.
  • It has metrics that I've never even thought to prepare - including some that always felt too complicated to prepare. Lifetime Donor Value, Donor Retention Rates, Lapsed Donors, Acquired Donors, Reactivated Donors - all broken down by giving segments.
  • I can customize Giving Segments. I work at a small non-profit - a major gift for us is different than a major gift for a larger organization. I can break up my data in the segments that make sense for my organization [and select colors that match our branding... you've never seen a happier Marketing Chair on your Board of Directors than when you give them a report that is properly branded for the organization. It's a small thing, but it doesn't take any extra work on my part.]
  • The only difficulty I have with Fundraising Report Card is that the integration with our CRM [Kindful] doesn't keep track of the unique ID that is exported to Fundraising Report Card [to maintain confidentiality]. So it takes a bit more work to identify which donor[s] fall into a category. For example, Fundraising Report Card will tell me that 3 major donors lapsed in the previous quarter - and I can export the Donor ID's from Fundraising Report Card, but those ID's don't mean anything in my CRM, so I can't directly see who those donors are to follow up. This is an issue with the integration specifically with Kindful.
If you work in a Development/Fundraising Department and have EVER been asked what your donor retention rate is - this is for you.
  • While I don't think I can entirely quantify the ROI for Fundraising Report Card, it made it possible for us to make better decisions and set better goals. Before we had this tool, we either spent way to much time analyzing data in spreadsheets [trying desperately not to make mistakes] OR more often, made strategic decisions without the facts to back us up. Our fundraising efforts are much smarter than before, and we KNOW where are areas of concern lie.
  • We don't have to guess whether or not our strategies are working. We know.
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