Fuze is a cloud-based unified communications platform that includes IP PBX voice service, video conferencing, and collaboration tools such as content sharing and instant messaging capabilities. It also integrates with a wide range of popular CTI, CRM, and click-to-call solutions. Unified Communications as a Service-I implemented Fuze in an environment with approximately 90 users, for a manufacturer of marine equipment in Fort Lauderdale. It is currently used across the whole organization, which consists of facilities in Fort Lauderdale and Holland, in addition to a mobile service group working around the world. Fuze addresses the distributed nature of the workforce and allows voice, video, and text collaboration between our offices and mobile users.,The Fuze implementation process was the smoothest and best-organized roll-out of any major infrastructure project I have been involved with. The engineering and sales team provided a clear roadmap, stuck to it, and performed flawlessly. The system stability, voice quality, user provisioning and de-provisioning, and overall ease of use is something Fuze has done particularly well. Whatever I need is there in the portal, and the 'take-it-for-granted' feeling the users have is a huge strength. Continuous improvement- in the two years this company has used Fuze we have seen numerous updates to the softphone, new features in the desktop phones, and constant communication from our customer advocates and support team. Tech support- rarely used but responsive and experienced, a definite strength.,A more aggressive end-user training and help scenario. Users who are unfamiliar with UCaaS and are wedded to the traditional role of the desktop phone can be slow picking up the idea of a UCaaS account and all the benefits and possibilities. More visible links and reminders on the phones, softphones, and apps, and easy access to short videos put right in front of users' eyes might help user adoption.,10,10,10,All 90 users are on Fuze voice, most of them with a desktop phone. Some users use the softphone, some use the app, and there is a lot of crossover in that most desktop phone users also use the app on their mobile device. We were able to start fresh with Fuze as we built and moved into a new facility, so all new infrastructure. That put everyone on the same platform at the same time.,Nextiva and RingCentral,Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Code42 (formerly CrashPlan), Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics GP,70,1,Stable, high-quality VOIP cloud-based PBX mobility conferencing,Mobile service teams keeping in touch using softphones and mobility,Continued expansion of conferencing and mobile app; Fuze constantly updating and adding features,9,Yes,Price Product Features Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,The UC space has evolved significantly in the last couple of years. I am pleased with Fuze and we will be with them through December of 2020. In the third quarter of 2020 I will begin evaluating, but I expect continued evolution and competition like Microsoft Teams to continue to pressure companies like Fuze. Predicting how I might change my evaluation and selection process is premature at this time. If I was renewing right now I would definitely stick with Fuze.,Positive- better communication from our mobile users Positive- no problems Positive- stable, quality UC,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,Firewall rules Making sure AT&T gave up the phone numbers on time,No,During our provisioning they were exceptional in helping troubleshoot firewall issues and helping us get our rules correct. Not really support, more configuration, but excellent expertise. Fuze support has done everything we have ever asked in an efficient and timely manner.,Desk phones are desk phones, dial tones and buttons so the basic functionality is familiar. Adding personalized aspects like speed dial and backgrounds is easy and intuitive Starting meetings is easy.,Yes,10Great Product once all the kinks are worked outFuze is being used in all departments in our organization. Our sales department uses Fuze for their day to day calling, customer meetings and interactions. We also use Fuze in all of our meeting rooms. It addresses our voice\telecommunication needs.,Once setup and properly configured, audio quality with Fuze is great. Fuze eliminates the need to purchase hardware handsets as calls can be made via the Fuze application and wireless headset. Provisioning new users and removing users once they leave the organization is very quick.,Increase compatibility with various wireless headsets. Adding the ability to forward to a number via App settings vs Use the same password to login to Fuze app and Fuze portal Option to record calls via Fuze Application,7,6,7,It took us a while but once all the kinks were resolved, Fuze works well for our organization. All departments in our organization use Fuze to communicate daily and rely on Fuze as one of our main communication tools. Technical Support was a challenge when we first started but after some communication with our Customer Success Manager and interactions with escalations, support improved.,Mitel Applications Suite,Skype for Business, Microsoft Azure, TeamViewer,500,9,Sales Customer Support Helpdesk Executive comminication,Fax,Fuze Meetings Chat,7,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Positive Sales Experience with the VendorFuze makes cloud telephony as easy as taking it out of the box!Fuze is the cornerstone of our business operations. We utilize the Contact Center package for our BDC and Collection efforts. The tools make it easy for our staff to view current volume and ensure low wait times. Also we have created an interactive IVR that helps us record all closings for consistency and a clear compliant close.,Easy to Deploy services and configurable by non-IT individuals Reporting has always been very easy and provides valuable insight Telephony that just works and is completely stable.,Support always could use improvement. But this is the case at any organization. Investment in additional Contact Center tools Provide more self-help abilities,10,8,10,The adoption rate was immediate. The collaboration tools have helped provide a consistent experience across all departments.,Avaya and Mitel Applications Suite,SolarWinds Remote Monitoring & Management, Kofax Capture, Salesforce Lightning,500,3,Queuing of Calls Routing of Calls Visibility of Inbound call volume and wait times,Intelligent Routing of calls based upon web services and customer data Creation of a recorded virtual closing room,Mobile device management Data and process integration into the Sales process,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability,I would have asked for a Proof of Concept. Speed was the factor in our deployment, so understanding the full picture may have made user adoption of the add on services easier.,Positive ROI within 6 monthsFuze is a Fantastic Cloud Phone SolutionWe implemented Fuze to replace our aging (and expensive) in-house phone system. The voice and ACD components have been absolutely fantastic. We have since implemented for customers of ours as well with nothing but good reviews.,Voice Calls - soft phone has been able to replace my desk phone while still maintaining all the functionality that I had before and then some. Portability - I run this frequently from my iPhone when I need to contact folks and need their number or if I just need to join a meeting while I’m the road and then easily transition to my softphone once I’m at my computer. Portability 2 - I can run this from home when I’m working remote with no issues. Sound quality is very good!,We tried the Fuze conferencing but it was just too difficult for external users to easily get connected correctly. We ultimately moved to Zoom which is very simple for people to understand and use even if they have never used it before. I have no other complaints.,10,9,10,Our users, with the exception of the small group every organization has that dislikes change of any sort loves it.,RingCentral,Zoom, Skype for Business (formerly Lync),365,3,Call Center Soft Phones Smart Phone Apps,White labeling Call Center services,Conferencing if that part improves over what we tried when we implemented it Lync integration if they offer it for On-Prem implementations of Skype for Business,8,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability,I would make sure I understood exactly what types of Lync integration was offered..,It has saved us a lot of money Resources that used to support our old in-house phone system are now free to do other things,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Old Phones that would not work with Fuze Phones that needed to be flashed before we could get them to work with Fuze Conference Room Phones that had to be replaced with newer models,No,They have always provided exceptional support.,Making Calls Queue Management,Haven't found any,Yes,9Fuze reviewFuze is used across our whole organization for users to make calls and chat through the application. Some users also have the ability for web conferences.,Nice user interface The chat feature is useful. The app is helpful to take calls when you're away from the office.,Rings on multiple devices Some changes have to be made by Fuze and not the admin console in the hub,9,10,10,It's helpful that all users are on the same platform and Fuze has become a standardization of our organization for communication.,,90,3,Ability to communicate to other employees. View a full contact directory. Ability to communicate from a mobile phone using the office number that's assigned.,Fuze mobile is a great feature. We can view where each of the phones are located. Restart phones remotely as long as they are connected to the network.,Adding outside users as contacts.,9,Not Sure,Product Features Product Usability,Have a test phone or demo that is detailed enough to go through the main features and capabilities.,Convenience Usability Conference call capabilitiesMultiple Remote Locations - Fuze Voice ReviewFuze Voice is being used across our organization for its meeting, soft-phone, and messaging capabilities.,Fuze is open to feedback that directly impacts and implements feature requests made by customers. Recent updates have increased functionality. Ample notice of upcoming updates reduces downtime and allows for user notifications.,Support and documentation can be difficult to access. Status page is helpful however finding configuration and how-to documentation for non-admins is difficult. Consistent soft phone and mobile device UI. Difficulties answering calls from soft phone - could cause calls to be missed.,7,4,3,Fuze Voice has been adopted throughout the company however done so as replacement to issuing of hardware. Many remote locations are using soft phones on company-issued hardware. Desktop and iOS versions of application have issues handing off between bluetooth connected devices.,Skype for Business,AirWatch, Microsoft Office 365,75,5,Remote Phone Call Routing Business Hours Messaging,Hosted Conferences Screen Sharing,Expand to additional users. Leverage conference calls capabilities across entire organization.,7,Not Sure,Price Product Features,Better consideration on what all was needed by the business as implementation has changed somewhat since it was deployed.,Eased remote management of calls. Allows for remote locations to have communication via soft phone. Messaging capabilities allow entire team to more easily communicate.,Yes,Recent UI/UX updates along with receiving notifications for updates has been a great improvement!,Recent UX improvements have made application easier to use and more consistent between desktop and mobile device versions. Website is easy to setup, change, and maintain for end users however a bit complicated for admins.,Specific user to send/receive faxes, wish it was integrated with user accounts. Admin roles can make it a bit cumbersome to setup user accounts.,Yes,4,Yes,Updated conference call windows and capabilities. Updated and improved UI/UX!,Additional features - specifically easier to control call handling between soft phone and mobile device. Integrate fax capabilities with user accounts.Look no further, Fuze has the features and the price you are looking for!We were tasked with creating a UC infrastructure that would scale with our company's acquisitions. We had very old hardware (Avaya and Shoretel, Cisco, Nortel, and a few other small PBX devices), we needed something that would deploy fast and unite all our users on a common platform. After evaluating a number of vendors we chose Fuze for it's scalability, price, and common UC Features that we needed across our growing enterprise (we started with 5,000 licenses and are scaling up to 15,000). Fuze is our single point Unified Communications platform.,Handing off a call from wifi to the cellular voice/data seamlessly Persistent chat across all your devices Calling features across multiple desktops and mobile devices Desktop Sharing and collaboration,Web UI needs to have the ability to make phone calls We did a lot of number forwarding in our old platform, with Fuze sometimes this is cumbersome Better support of SIP/ATA endpoints,10,10,10,We've had mixed adoption because we have been rolling out Fuze in some locations as a site, and in others as a department (and most of our departments span multiple sites). So we haven't been able to cut-over our entire enterprise yet because we have to approach it systematically depending on who are customers are and how they reach us.,Avaya, ShoreTel and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager),Microsoft Exchange,15000,10,Can support calls be routed Can sales calls be received and made and routed properly Can our receptionists perform their job duties with little/no downtime,We've been able to stop using other web-collab tools, such as Web-ex, Go To Meeting We've been able to get rid of most the telephony hardware on end-users' desks Users can control where calls go: their desktop, mobile phone, another phone, voicemail, etc, without having to engage IT.,When the Web client has calling, our Linux users will have "native" access to Fuze Our company may even be able to run more internal meetings using Fuze We won't be affected by outages caused by hurricanes and natural disasters because the number will route in the cloud rather than be tied to a piece of equipment (which may be underwater) at our various locations.,10,Yes,Price Product Features Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,Well, there's really not much that could be changed, we evaluated many vendors, we chose the one that had the most to offer for the price. Fuze certainly is feature rich: a ubiquitous experience across multiple devices and platforms; Desktop Collab; Persistent chat across all devices; End-user control of their OWN call routing, the list goes on, it's endless, Fuze has the features at the price that makes it highly sought-after.,Unlimited Global Long-distance included (in certain licenses) No phone hardware (in some cases users just use their mobile phone using wifi or cell-data) No more need to separately license desktop sharing software or telephone conferencing plans,Implemented in-house Third-party professional services TIBCO professional services,Yes,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,End-user adoption Going from a desktop phone to a "soft phone" (via a USB headset) Call routing changes because of the features of Fuze (some better, some worse, but just the "different" bits),Online training In-person training Self-taught,10,10,Out-of the box, Fuze is 100% usable, the interface is intuitive, you know what to click on to make a call, you know where to search for others and how to start a chat, or a meeting, or collaboration. Fuze keeps the same ease-of-use across the Desktop, Moble, and Web clients.,10,Since Fuze comes pretty much configured "out of the box" there really isn't much to do, for end users setting up and avatar, setting up their audio options, setting up a voicemail, and the one that often gets overlooked, setting Fuze to launch at the start of Windows. Other than that you can configure away til your heart's content.,No - there is no facility to customize the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,We haven't really needed to do anything outside of what the Fuze product already does, so we haven't had to customize any configurations for any of the products, features, or options, in Fuze. Users have requested additional customization features: like having the app startup silently, or changing incoming ringtones or chat tones, etc. They can be changed, but it is a little more advanced.,Yes,They are doing that right now! We use a certain Active directory token to login to Fuze, and a number of users had that token changed last week, Fuze received a list of about 400 users where Fuze is going through and updating the user IDs to match the changed AD token. They are super for doing this it is such laborious work, and something they do with a smile, Fuze Support is the BEST!!,Chat Phone calling Desktop Sharing,Getting incoming voicemail (since it can be done multiple places, and even emailed and then deleted) some users do it different, so it can be hard to support unless they know what option they picked Desktop Sharing (sometimes a user doesn't understand how simple it is to share the desktop, or that they have to start a meeting first--Hopefully Fuze will come out with the feature that you can go from a phone call to desktop sharing in one click) Fuze across multiple devices: Sometimes one device will ring and another won't, this is difficult to track down.,Yes,10,10,10,10,Exchange 365 (Outlook 365) Google Contacts Salesforce contacts,Microsoft AD (Micro Focus Access manager emulating MFAD),File import/export Single Signon API (e.g. SOAP or REST),10,Probably the best advice with integrations is to consider that "nothing is impossible", that's really quite simple, if you can dream it and program it to access their APIs then you can build it, and your users will be happy. And if you can't build it, there are plenty of people at Fuze that can assist.,10,10,Although I don't believe that I can discuss particulars in the contract, we were able to get pricing for our user base starting at 5,000 users with a sliding scale to 10,000 users, and we knew that we were going to grow beyond that so we had pricing up to 20,000 users. We wanted all our voice services to include unlimited Global Long-Distance, which Fuze has a tier for (although there are a handful of countries where they charge a per-minute-unit, each user gets 500 units a month that we had collectively pooled so we will never be charged extra for long-distance, it's all-inclusive). This is a huge selling point for a multi-national company that used to have very expensive long-distance phone bills.,Fuze is incredibly easy to work with, so the best advice is either know what you want, or what you need, bring it to the table, let Fuze work out the details and let them tell you how to best implement their service, they have been doing this long enough now that they have the process down and know how to do it very efficiently.,Yes,More headset support Inviting users outside the organization to collaborate Enhanced GUI,Audio notification customizations End-user call handling changes Web-audio for inbound-outbound calls,No,NoFuze - Evolution of a UCassS ProductFuze is being used across the organization at 5 locations in 3 states. It provides all telephony services and call center technologies.,Features in the Fuze Desktop and smartphone app are conceptualized well. The Fuze implementation project manager has been attentive to our needs. Fuze leadership is open to feedback and constructive criticism.,The Fuze Desktop software (softphone) is evolving. At times the product is unstable and Fuze has no work-around or answer why this is happening. The Fuze support process is not mature in comparison with other UCaaS product vendors. Typically important issues are not sufficiently prioritized and require escalation with Fuze support. The platforms for Fuze configuration, monitoring and reporting are separate and very dissimilar. This is improving with their investments in a single platform, however the current tools cause inefficient management of call queues and user accounts. Since May 2017 we have experienced several outages that impacted all business locations. It seems that Fuze needs more monitoring systems for early warning of events that impact services.,4,4,7,The Fuze Contact Center technologies have allowed us to develop a cross organization virtual call center.,8x8 Virtual Contact Center and RingCentral,520,2,Basic phone services Inbound call centers across all U.S. time zones Meeting room video conference capabilities,The use of Fuze in call centers is rather easy to configure and manage.,Integration with Salesforce will be important for communication management with healthcare providers.,8We love Fuze!Fuze is used amongst our entire organization. It allows our employees to record their calls easily so that they can always go back and reference them for information that may have been forgotten. It enables us to set up virtual meetings by one click of a button and it also syncs up very nicely with Salesforce so that we can click to dial as opposed to typing in someone's phone number. All in all, it allows for a easier, faster and more effective way to contact people.,Click-To- Call. This is a direct integration with Salesforce that allows you to click the Fuze icon and it will automatically dial for you. This is especially useful for our Sales reps who need to have a high amount of calls to make throughout the day. Allows us to move much faster than normal Call recordings- all calls that happen within Fuze are recorded and can be easily found on their portal. By one lick, you can download the call and then relisten to it or save it. This is a great feature for call coaching opportunities and also for people to re-listen to their calls to make sure they got all the relevant information Ease of use. Fuze is a very intuitive tool that does not require a lot of training to use. Once you download the application it is extremely easy to set up and get going. It has a very modern look and feel and is well organized.,Fuze does not let you mark mass calls as complete. So every time I open the app I usually get a bunch of notifications of missed calls or voicemails and I have to click on each one in order for them to go away. It would be nice if I could mass select all the ones From a functionality standpoint sometimes the call quality has been poor. I have heard only multiple occasions from prospects that the connection sounds statically or there is significant amount of feedback occurring. This is usually resolved after hanging up and calling back but that is not the best experience for both parties involved.,8,9,10,Adoption has been handled extremely well. We use Fuze for everything from a communication standpoint. By having one consistent platform it eliminates all possibility of confusion and ensures that all employees are all following the same procedures for setting up calls and virtual meetings. It enables managers to find all relevant information for their team members in one location and not have to try and pull from a variety of different systems. It makes for a seamless and consistent experience.,GoToMeeting,Slack, ClearSlide, LinkedIn Sales Navigator,100,2,Sales calls- Fuze it used hundreds of times a day to make calls, log them and track. Scheduling and creating new meetings- the tool really easily enables you to schedule meetings with prospects or current clients C Call recordings- we are able to pull all call recordings and use them as coaching and feedback sessions for our employees. Allows our audience to learn quicker and apply best practices,Call shadowing- Fuze enables multiple people to listen into a call to provide live feedback to our sales reps Volume tracking- we can see how many calls are being made by our reps and their outcomes. Whether or not they are setting meetings and appropriate next steps. Salesforce integration- we have enabled one click calling to allow our reps to make a lot of calls quickly and easily!,Sales competition- based on call volume and meetings set we can provide our reps the opportunity to win a contest and incentivize them to work harder Pitch competition- take call recordings and vote on the best ones and also use them as an opportunity to teach our reps and fine tune our messaging,10A Fuze ExperienceFuze is mainly used in our call center. It is being utilized to connect to the patients for scheduling visits, following up with and checking on the status of a patient.,Provides us with clear phone calls to hear the members with no interruptions. Fuze Support team is very helpful and quick to resolve issues.,More options for notifications. Being able to change the size of the pop-up window or changing the location of the notification window.,9,10,10,I wasn't here for the launch of fuze, but from what I heard, not a lot of folks dealt with change well. At first, the colleagues were upset to move on from the previous application they were using because they thought it would be difficult to learn and use. After getting use to the functionality on fuze colleagues realized it was a helpful platform. They have enjoyed the clear audio when connecting to the patients they talk to on a daily basis.,Skype,Skype, Skype for Business,200,3,Making phone calls to patients Instant messaging to colleagues Personalization by adding avatars to fuze and putting a face to a name,Having a smaller call box pop up to allow the colleagues to use more of their screen Settings that allow the colleague more customization Changes to codec allowing for better quality of phone calls on a lower bandwidth,Conference calls Meetings over fuze Video Calls,9Honest FeedbackThis is our telephonic platform we use to OB/IB all care center calls and is partnered with InContact. We use this also use this for our messaging communication with care center teammates along with field providers. This helps fix the gap with Field and HQ/Care center communication. The phone app was used heavily.,The phone application was great and still is great! Best communication tool I seen. Great about updating status of the individual.,Constant updates. Quality is impacted directly if connection is poor. Tends to freeze/timeout everyday during certain times of the day.,5,7,2,We have struggled from not using soft phones the entire life of the company. Transition was tough but upselling the capabilities speak for themselves.,,inContact Cloud Contact Center Software, Skype for Business,200,3,Messaging - functionality of using chat function with colleagues in call center and remotely. Creating groups so all can see and communicate efficiently. Phone - using fuze as your soft headset, able to call transfer and make live call with a many parties as you want Picture for your fuze account - using fuze you can setup your profile with a jpeg and status. this helps build rapport putting face to a name and knowing what status the colleague or teammate is in before you perform an action.,N/A,Use fuze injunction with InContact - using as a softphone with IC layers on top can create some very new and useful tools to create the perfect customer experience.,3Fuze a complete Unified Communication system.It is being used across all of the company location and the Fuze system is our Rockport UC system for all features for all locations across the globe.,VOIP for PC, Mobile, Desk phone Web conferences Video Confernces IM via the Fuze Desktop or Mobile app Contact Center queue and reporting,Call quality has issues sometimes. May be our network or theirs. Self management tools for removing accounts like the tools we have for adding services. Still being improved. Not all of the Fuze system are keeping the contacts in sync all of the time. Still being improved. Billing issues not combining services to the same user but listed the same person twice in different sections of an invoice. Still being improved. Support team is growing to handle volume as company grows but experience takes time. Still being improved.,9,9,9,It has been adopted by all as it is the only phone system, however the staff ability to attend training and learn the best way to use the same is still an issue at Rockport.,Skype for Business,Microsoft Office 365,780,2,VOIP Web Confernce IM Video Confernce,As expected for all tools in product.,Unknown at this time maybe lowering the need to travel to locations less with the video conf features Working from home or remote with the ability to answer calls to office phone.,9,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Analyst Reports,No change in method of evaluation. I would like to have done a Pilot before rollout.,The ROI is positive with the lowering of phone line costs in Retail stores a great deal. Totally hosted solution not requiring an IT resources on site to manage a local PBX,Yes,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Dates had to move as offices were not always ready on time. Getting equipment in certain countries and working with customs.,Yes,During the implementation of the HQ which was a very tight time line to be complete within the office move to a new location.,Making and taking phone calls on desk phone or Desktop app as well as Mobile app IM,Web Confernce or Video Conference is less intuitive then WEB EX, but works the same after some time using it.,Yes,9Fuze VoIP (Not for those who are expecting good support and 24/7 update)Fuze is being used organization wide across 20 or so companies. Being a cloud based company, Fuze allows our workforce to have greater mobility. They no longer need a direct connection to our network as they can access their extension and voice mails via mobile app and desktop app. Fuze has also made it easier for the IT department to deploy and set up new sites as we no longer need MPLS connections back to our data center or any routing. (Only Internet is needed). Fuze has also simplified the management of our phone system from our old Cisco VoIP system. We no longer need a Cisco network engineer as the fuze portal allows our helpdesk and level 2 support staff to update things such as call queues.,Simplifies management of VoIP. A Cisco network engineer is not needed to run/maintain the system. This system is much cheaper to run than on prem PBX/VoIP.,Customer Support is non-existent. Support staff isn't knowledgeable or capable of doing their jobs. I'll mention it again, SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT. Support staff rarely contacts customer or will leave issues unresolved for weeks or months at a time. There is a major lack of communication not only within Fuze but with their customers. Billing can also be an issue. It is very hard to keep track of active accounts with a service tied to them (especially with our turnover rate). The fuze portal isn't always user-friendly, this is most noticeable on the call flows sections. Our company has multiple call flows, ring groups, and menus that make this page very hard to navigate. On this same note, finding available extensions for new hires is also a hassle on the portal. Fuze Fax is completely unreliable and fails frequently without any explanation. Call reporting is lacking. GUI is hard to use and it is hard to find the reports needed.,1,1,7,Simple parts of the platform have been widely adopted such as using the phones on mobile app and desktop apps. We have struggled with the adoption. We use call queues and lots of our users have issues with logging in, out, pausing, and un pausing. Managers also have a hard time managing this and keeping track of the queues.,Cisco VoIP PBX, Skype for Business, ring central and meraki voice,Skype for Business, Google Voice,,5,Call Queues Auto Attendant Automated after hours.,Fuze allows our workforce to be mobile and work from any location,Our company has 1000+ company drivers and we would like to integrate Fuze into the mobile devices in all the trucks to give our drivers better access to our company staff.,3,Yes,Price Product Usability Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,Knowing what I know now, I would look for better support guarantees with Fuze and would have put more time and effort into evaluating other cloud manged VoIP products.,We receive constant negative feedback from mangers about the system not functioning correctly. (This is mainly due to lack of support from Fuze) This has had a positive impact in that the system is cheaper and we are missing less calls due to the functionality of the system.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a major issue with the implementation,Not all of our Numbers were ported Some numbers were ported incorrectly causing us to loose the #. All fax lines were incorrectly ported and never assigned a service, causing them to not function at first.,No,Yes,Never,Setting up call flows and menus Creating user accounts and assigned extensions Setting up voicemail,Call queues Call forwarding Updating caller ID names and finding un-used extensions.,Yes,5
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122 Ratings
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Score 10 out of 10
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Future Planned Uses

  • When the Web client has calling, our Linux users will have "native" access to Fuze
  • Our company may even be able to run more internal meetings using Fuze
  • We won't be affected by outages caused by hurricanes and natural disasters because the number will route in the cloud rather than be tied to a piece of equipment (which may be underwater) at our various locations.
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January 12, 2018

We love Fuze!

Score 8 out of 10
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Future Planned Uses

  • Sales competition- based on call volume and meetings set we can provide our reps the opportunity to win a contest and incentivize them to work harder
  • Pitch competition- take call recordings and vote on the best ones and also use them as an opportunity to teach our reps and fine tune our messaging
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January 08, 2018

Honest Feedback

Score 5 out of 10
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Future Planned Uses

  • Use fuze injunction with InContact - using as a softphone with IC layers on top can create some very new and useful tools to create the perfect customer experience.
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Hosted PBX (51)
Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) (47)
User templates (36)
Call reports (56)
Directory of employee names (64)
Answering rules (58)
Call recording (56)
Call park (44)
Message alerts (56)
Video conferencing (48)
Audio conferencing (53)
Mobile app for iOS (56)
Mobile app for Android (46)

About Fuze

Fuze is a global cloud communications and collaboration software platform for the enterprise. The platform is designed to enable seamless transition between calling, meeting, chatting, content sharing, and collaboration on any device. The vendor’s value proposition is that Fuze empowers the digital workforce anytime, anywhere, and across any device.

Headquartered in Boston, MA, Fuze has additional locations including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Ottawa, London, Amsterdam, Aveiro (Portugal), Paris, Munich, Zurich, Copenhagen, and Sydney.

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Has featureHosted PBX
Has featureMulti-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Has featureUser templates
Has featureCall reports
Has featureDirectory of employee names
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Has featureAnswering rules
Has featureCall recording
Has featureCall park
Does not have featureCall screening
Has featureMessage alerts
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Has featureVideo conferencing
Has featureAudio conferencing
Does not have featureVideo screen sharing
Does not have featureInstant messaging
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Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk, Microsoft Office 365, ServiceNow, NetSuite, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, Bullhorn CRM (unpublished), Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM)

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RingCentral, 8x8 Virtual Office, Mitel MiCollab, Dialpad, Slack, Avaya Intelligent Xperiences Contact Center, Microsoft Skype For Business, Cisco, MiCloud Connect (formerly ShoreTel)


Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?Required

Fuze Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

Fuze Support Options

 Paid Version
Video Tutorials / Webinar

Fuze Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported Countries:Global - NA, EMEA, APAC
Supported Languages: Spanish, French, German