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What is Fyle?

Fyle is an expense management solution built for finance teams. Fyle extracts data from receipts, attaches the invoice, and ensures constant compliance - all in real-time. Fyle's benefits:Easy expense tracking: Submit expenses from everyday apps like Slack, WhatsApp, G suite,…

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Users have found the Fyle application to be highly effective in creating expense reports and managing digital receipts. With Fyle, users …
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What is Fyle?

Fyle is an expense management solution built for finance teams. Fyle extracts data from receipts, attaches the invoice, and ensures constant compliance - all in real-time. Fyle's benefits: Easy expense tracking: Submit expenses from everyday apps like Slack, WhatsApp, G…

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Expensify automates the entire spend management process. Scan receipts, track mileage, submit and approve expenses, manage corporate cards, reimburse employees, pay bills, send invoices, and book travel. Built for individuals and companies of all sizes, anywhere in the world.

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Reconcile corporate credit card statements with employee expenses| Fyle

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Product Details

What is Fyle?

Fyle is an expense management solution built for finance teams. Fyle extracts data from receipts, attaches the invoice, and ensures constant compliance - all in real-time.

Fyle's benefits:

  • Easy expense tracking: Submit expenses from everyday apps like Slack, WhatsApp, G suite, Outlook, and SMS.
  • Automatic corporate card reconciliation: reconcile any card transaction, expense, or receipt in an audit-ready fashion without any manual intervention.
  • Predictive analytics: Expenses are given an automatically calculated risk score using predictive analytics to catch fraud even before it is committed.
  • Spend analytics: Stay on top of where the money is being spent at all times with Fyle's robust analytics features.
  • Custom Approvals: Fyle can automate any complex workflow - dependent on employee, expense, or policy.
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Fyle Features

Additional Features

  • Supported: Multi-country/Multi-organization setup
  • Supported: Multiple approvals workflow
  • Supported: Duplicate detection/ Fraud detection
  • Supported: Custom Analytics and Insights on Cost Savings

Fyle Screenshots

Screenshot of Use Fyle's Gmail extension.Screenshot of Create custom policies.Screenshot of Detect policy violations automatically.Screenshot of Get analytics to make informed decisions.Screenshot of Powerful, all-in-one dashboard.

Fyle Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesGlobal
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found the Fyle application to be highly effective in creating expense reports and managing digital receipts. With Fyle, users can conveniently track and manage their expenses by integrating their bank and credit card accounts. The smart categorization feature of Fyle has been highly praised for its effectiveness in organizing expenses. Fyle plays a significant role in travel management, offering advanced integrations, ease of booking, and itinerary management. Users appreciate the transparency of the approval system in Fyle, allowing for easy claiming and tracking of expenses. Fyle's auto-instant feature saves users time by detecting and saving important details such as dates, amounts, and types of expenses. Overall, users recommend Fyle as a valuable tool for day-to-day expense and mileage tracking.

Helpful and User-Friendly: Users find Fyle to be a very helpful and user-friendly expense management app. Many reviewers appreciate the convenience and ease of tracking and managing expenses while on the go. They praise the mobile version of the application for its real-time expense documentation feature, allowing them to easily track their expenses wherever they are. Convenient Customization Options: The customization options available in Fyle are highly appreciated by users. They mention being able to tailor the expense management system to meet their organization's specific requirements as a positive aspect. This flexibility allows users to have a more personalized experience with the app, making it more efficient for their needs. Useful Features: Several users highlight various useful features in Fyle. The ability to upload and manage digital receipts is mentioned as a standout feature that simplifies expense filing. The mileage tracking feature is also praised for its ease of use in accurately tracking vehicle mileage. Additionally, users express gratitude for the integration with email, specifically Gmail, which simplifies the expense filing process even further. Overall, users find Fyle to be a valuable tool for expense management due to its helpfulness and user-friendliness, convenient customization options, and useful features like receipt management and mileage tracking.

Slow Auto Fyle Feature: Some users have reported that the auto fyle feature needs to be faster, causing delays in submitting their reports. They would like to see improvements in the speed of this feature to enhance efficiency.

Difficult Duplicate Submission: Users found it difficult to submit a report when the app suggested the original as a duplicate, leading to frustration and inconvenience. They suggest streamlining the process for submitting reports and making it easier to override duplicate suggestions when necessary.

Challenges with Backward Processing: Users suggested that the backward processing can be improved for easier navigation, as they faced difficulties while using this feature. They recommend enhancing the user interface and functionality of backward processing to provide a smoother experience.

Users highly recommend Fyle for its ease of accessibility, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer service team. They suggest using Fyle to streamline expense management and ensure reliability within an organization. Additionally, users recommend Fyle for efficiently tracking reimbursements and maintaining organized expenses.

Users consider Fyle as the most user-friendly and time-saving application for claiming expenses. They particularly recommend it for both work-related and personal expense management, especially for frequent travelers dealing with multiple currencies.

Furthermore, users find Fyle to be a simple and easy-to-use app for managing expenses. They suggest utilizing it for documenting finances and saving time when submitting expenses. Users also recommend Fyle for effortless filing of expenses and emphasize its effectiveness in team expense management by reducing errors and saving time.

Moreover, users encourage others to try Fyle for a hassle-free experience in filing expenses. They praise Fyle as the top tool in the market for expense management due to its intuitive interface. Additionally, they highlight Fyle's accounting capabilities and comprehensive tracking of work and expenses.

Lastly, users suggest using Fyle to save time by easily uploading individual or bulk expenses. They recommend it as a cost-effective and efficient solution for effective expense management.


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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Fyle is being used by my entire organization for travel and expense management. It has helped us massively in reducing the time spent by the team on completion of their bills and expenses submission as well completion of the audit for the same so that reimbursements can be processed in timely manner.
  • Automatic details filling feature of Fyle saves a lot of time in browsing each and every receipt and then entering the details
  • Categorization provided by Fyle assists in reducing navigating and search time for itemizing the bills
  • Linking the audit feature from Fyle has helped in reducing the turnaround time for audit queries and thus improved productivity for audit team
  • Keeping a complete track of all claims submitted in the dashboard provides a clear view of what expenses are penign to be approved by audit team
  • Though intellisense is built in the software, but it doesn't remember beyond 3 items - this needs much improvement as receipts are mostly picked haphazard while filing the claim in bulk
  • Once the vendor name is filled by one employee in the organization, the same should get stored centrally so that every other person does not have to re-enter the name again and again - which even leads to multiple entries for same vendor every time a new report is created
  • When review question is posed by the auditor, there is no way to check if the employee response is read by the auditor - feature highlighting whether both the question or response is read by the concerned party should be there which helps in acknowledgement too
Fyle is a much better software than traditional excel reports as it provides both a mobile app and desktop application. Though there is much room for improvement, it still can be rated higher for more users as it makes the process of claims processing and auditing much faster and easier as compared to handling physical bills and receipts. It has helped my organization to save on 2 man-months cost as well by reducing the redundant activities of automating bill submission through apis for common apps like UBER, OLA, etc.
  • Fyle has had a positive ROI for my organization
  • It has helped in reducing costs for my organization by 2 man-months
  • It has reduced the turnaround time for claims processing from 4 weeks to 2.5 weeks
  • The overall satisfaction level about the audit department has improved by 2 points since we started making use of Fyle
Features wise both Zoho and Concur are equivalent to Fyle - may be they even offer more features. We picked Fyle particularly because:
a) We are a small organization of less than 200 employees and were looking for a cloud based offering
b) We had to keep our costs minimal without making major changes to our organization structure
Fyle was most optimal that catered to all our requirements.
Praburam Srinivasan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Fyle to manage, track and reimburse expenses at our company.

Almost everyone in the company started using Fyle during the COVID wave. Our organization was generous enough to offer allowances like WFH Setup, Fitness and Reading Allowance, and more. Every employee had various expenses pertaining to the allowances and we used Fyle to submit bills, get approvals, and claim reimbursements.

While there were a lot of questions around the scope of allowances and which bills can be submitted etc, we never had any issue with submitting bills or claiming reimbursements because Fyle made it easy for us.

When you don't even notice a new app in the whole pandemic situation, it only means that the app is so great to use and no one found it odd or difficult to use. That was Fyle for us.
  • Expense management
  • Submitting bills for Reimbursement
  • Approval process
  • Expense tracking
  • The ability to converse within the app. If the approver rejects, the requester can see the reason and type back their response/rectify and resubmit. All within the app.
  • Ability to upload multiple bills at once. The file upload option as of now allows only one file to be uploaded at a time
A business/individual can definitely opt Fyle for their expense tracking and management.
In a remote-first, employee first world, it's vital for companies to stay close to employees and make it easier for employees/users to claim reimbursements etc.
A cloud software like Fyle is all you need to get started.

What more do you need than a robust app that has seen over 50 million dollars being reimbursed to date?

While this is the positive use case of Fyle, I think another major use case would be to monitor and track expenses made by employees. It'll help finance teams to see policy violations, make sure the claims are authentic, and reimburse only valid claims. It's intelligent in that way.
  • Saves so much time!
  • Makes it easier for everyone involved in the processes
  • Ease in releasing payments/reimbursements.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used by the whole organization to solve business expenses i.e Travel, office expenses on the go. It's much more convenient and easy to use than many traditional expenses management systems by big corporate applications. It has shortened the time to submit and get bills approved in very little time.
  • Mobile Application - Makes expense submission on the go
  • User Interface - Makes it appealing and very easy for anybody
  • Auto detect of bill details
  • Calculate miles on the go
  • Bugs at time of submission
  • Not enough categories for expenses. More dropdowns would be helpful.
It has a very easy user interface for reporting expenses starting from uploading bills by capturing on the phone and reporting them with a couple of clicks. Yet another cool feature is the audit log which helps to track the staus.
  • Lesser manual work
  • High Employee morale
  • More accountability
Fyle makes life easier with complete transparency of information with a click of a button. I have never experienced such a convenient and system with ease. The expenses are viewed with complete information making it convenient for the approver and the processor. It doesn't require any technical knowledge or prior training and is very self-explanatory making anybody use it in one go.
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