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Gallup Access

Gallup Access


What is Gallup Access?

Gallup Access provides tailored advice and actionable next steps for managers and leaders.Leadership and HR teams can explore the data using reporting tools such as organization-wide visualizations and heat map comparisons. Slice and dice data in real time and generate…

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What is Gallup Access?

Gallup Access provides tailored advice and actionable next steps for managers and leaders. Leadership and HR teams can explore the data using reporting tools such as organization-wide visualizations and heat map comparisons. Slice and dice data in real time and…

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Product Demos

Called to Coach: Access Basics -- Code Management (Asia and Australia)


Called to Coach: Access Basics -- Team Management (Americas)


Called to Coach - Gallup Access Basics: Resource and Learning by Code Type


Called to Coach - CliftonStrengths - Access Demo LIVE (Europe / Africa / Middle East) - LIVE


Gallup Access Platform Overview


Called to Coach - Demo of the Digital Kits on Gallup Access - LIVE

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Product Details

What is Gallup Access?

Gallup Access provides tailored advice and actionable next steps for managers and leaders.

Leadership and HR teams can explore the data using reporting tools such as organization-wide visualizations and heat map comparisons. Slice and dice data in real time and generate ad hoc reports after employees complete a survey. Find patterns in the data using text analytics to group employees’ written feedback into sentiment and topic categories.

Go beyond the annual survey with unlimited pulse capabilities that include expertly researched questions to get answers about workplace change. The vendor states Gallup Access draws on results from thousands of companies representing every key industry worldwide in their database to help users understand challenges and opportunities and move forward using action planning resources.

In addition to survey tools and reporting, Gallup Access provides exclusive manager learning based on Gallup’s 80 years of research. They state this enables managers to learn how to respond to fluctuating workplace needs.

Help managers inspire dedication and accelerate performance by using the CliftonStrengths assessment to identify what their teams do best and how they work best together. Team strengths grids and reporting, as well as individual discovery and analysis tools, are just one click away.

Gallup Access is presented by the vendor as everything needed to create an exceptional workplace — in one place. To learn more, request a demo.

Gallup Access Features

  • Supported: Gallup's proven employee surveys with detailed action steps to take
  • Supported: The CliftonStrengths assessment and related team learning tools
  • Supported: Management advice and education based on decades of research and proven outcomes
  • Supported: Actionable data reporting with embedded advice and data visualizations
  • Supported: Guided action planning form to help you create plans that tie to your business goals
  • Supported: Intuitive administration tools that simplify platform management

Gallup Access Screenshots

Screenshot of User dashboardScreenshot of Action planning toolScreenshot of Organizational Analytics toolScreenshot of Resources libraryScreenshot of Team Monitoring tool

Gallup Access Video

Gallup Access Tutorial

Gallup Access Competitors

Gallup Access Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Marathi, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish
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Reviews and Ratings



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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As manager of a team, it helps me to keep track and records, one of the interesting tools that GA provides in my personal opinion is being able to perform surveys in a very easy way. This helps me to have direct feedback from my team and honestly didn't have this kind of experience with other platforms.
  • Analitycs
  • Surveys
  • Feedback
  • Easy of use
  • Security
  • Stability
GA has been great in very specific aspects, but it is hard to get used to the platform. I believe that the UI is very crude, it's not intuitive at all, after some time you get used to it, but being so great at what it does is really overshadowed by being hard to learn how to use it.
  • Survey capabilities
  • Accuracy of tracking
  • Excellent organization options
  • Training time is long, which affect our transitions.
  • Surveys allow us to have a better idea of the task force capabilities.
  • Great customer support.
GA is a very professional tool, in my past experience, other platforms had felt very lacking, they cover what is needed but GA has really lived up to the expectations, I was surprised by what it does and then some more, there are still some aspects that need more polishing but you get over them with time.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I used Gallup Access for me and my team to take the CliftonStrengths assessment. We wanted to get an idea of how our strengths could work together when executing and organizing projects. Being able to have one space where we could all find our results and discuss them made it extremely simple and it was easy to collaborate on the assessment.
  • Accessibility - The website itself was easy to use and easy to find what we needed to find
  • Organization - I was able to find what I needed in logical areas within the website
  • Checkout process - this was easy to follow and laid out in a way that was smooth
  • I want a drop down button available in all parts of the website on the upper left hand corner
  • I'd love to see major companies that use Gallup Access - might have more of a desire to use the website if name brands are on there
I used Gallup Access for the CliftonStrengths assessment and I do believe it was a great platform for that to be on. However, it took me a second to figure out if I was on the correct website. I'm not sure how, but being able to easily see that taking the assessment on this website would be super helpful. I think I struggled with it because CliftonStrengths book was red and white and the website is black and green. Colors are important when people are looking for certain products.
  • Solutions - I love being able to dive into solutions to make work a better place to be
  • One Location - I want all my information to be centrally located, I don't want to have to go looking for it which is something I think is done well here
  • I can't give numbers yet but we have been able to split our most recent project up based on our strengths outlined by cliftonstrengths
  • Another positive impact is that we were able to bond as a team, we just got jumbled up and put on a new team so the ability to connect with our manager was really awesome
As a company, we use Lattice. I think Lattice can get clunky sometimes and hard to learn. Gallup Access was the only place I could find the CliftonStrengths Assessment, however, I would've chosen to use Gallup Access over Lattice for this type of assessment because the website was so much easier to navigate and organize thoughts.
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