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GlobiFlow for Podio

GlobiFlow for Podio


What is GlobiFlow for Podio?

GlobiFlow for Podio is a workflow automation and data visualization tool designed specifically for Citrix Podio™. According to the vendor, this solution offers features that can streamline processes and enhance productivity for businesses of any size that utilize Citrix Podio™. Professionals from various...

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Users have found a wide range of applications for GlobiFlow in various sectors, demonstrating the product's versatility and effectiveness. …
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What is GlobiFlow for Podio?

GlobiFlow for Podio is a workflow automation and data visualization solution for Citrix Podio.

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Product Details

What is GlobiFlow for Podio?

GlobiFlow for Podio is a workflow automation and data visualization tool designed specifically for Citrix Podio™. According to the vendor, this solution offers features that can streamline processes and enhance productivity for businesses of any size that utilize Citrix Podio™. Professionals from various industries, including project management, accounting & finance, sales & marketing (CRM), human resources, and operations, may find value in the automation capabilities and data visualization offered by GlobiFlow for Podio.

Key Features

Workflow Builder: According to the vendor, users can design and customize workflows based on specific business processes, triggering actions such as creating new items, updating items, assigning tasks, and sending emails.

Date Triggers: Users can create workflows based on item date fields, such as due dates or follow-up dates, to automatically perform actions on items that match predefined conditions, as stated by the vendor.

Generate PDF's: The vendor claims that users can generate professional PDF documents using Podio data, attaching them to the current Podio item or sending them via email to customers. This feature can be useful for generating invoices, purchase orders, contracts, and more.

Send Emails: According to the vendor, users can easily send rich text emails to external contacts as an action from any flow, utilizing the email editor to customize emails with data from Podio items. Replies to emails can trigger additional flows for further actions.

Send SMS Texts: Users can send SMS texts to mobile phones as an action from any flow, including Podio data in the text messages, as stated by the vendor. Replies to texts can also trigger additional flows for further actions.

3rd-Party Integrations: The vendor claims that GlobiFlow for Podio seamlessly integrates with other applications, such as saving generated PDFs to a ShareFile account or sending PDFs to contacts via RightSignature for e-signatures.

Embed in Website: According to the vendor, users can embed Podio items or app table views directly on websites, allowing visitors to click through to item detail views. This feature enables the use of Podio as a website content management system (CMS).

Image Charts: Users can convert report widgets into visually appealing charts or graphs, easily inserting them into workspaces, app image widgets, or app item image fields, as claimed by the vendor. This feature enables the creation of informative dashboard apps within Podio.

Intelligent Email Buttons: According to the vendor, users can insert buttons and links into emails that execute flows and display messages when clicked. This feature enables the daisy-chaining of message pages for multiple selections and actions.

Data Feeds: The vendor states that users can transform any app into a data feed in JSON or XML format, facilitating third-party integrations with specific filtering conditions.

GlobiFlow for Podio Features

  • Supported: Automate Business Processes in Podio
  • Supported: Enforce Data Compliance
  • Supported: Visualize your Podio Data

GlobiFlow for Podio Screenshots

Screenshot of Podio Workspace with ChartsScreenshot of Flow UI with App Reference MapScreenshot of Flow Builder

GlobiFlow for Podio Video

GlobiFlow for Podio Integrations

GlobiFlow for Podio Competitors

GlobiFlow for Podio Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings



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Kim Westermann | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
GlobiFlow helps us automate many tasks. It is being used across our agency to assist with requests for time off, acceptance of documents and applications, and to prompt future tasks. GlobiFlow makes it possible for us to digitize and automate things we were doing by hand before. It especially helps us use Podio and ShareFile to their greatest potential.
  • GlobiFlow allows one event to prompt a task or notification automatically, which greatly improves workflows and internal communications.
  • GlobiFlow makes it possible to automate some interactions we have with people outside the agency, for example, responding immediately to an application when it is received, creating a ShareFile folder to collect submitted documents all in one secure location, etc.
  • GlobiFlow suggests new ways of setting up workflows that makes us think through and improve our processes.
  • GlobiFlow helps us keep track of events in new and improved ways. For example, when a leave request is approved GlobiFlow automates the process for putting that date on an agency-wide calendar.
  • GlobiFlow helps us use Podio and ShareFile better so we communicate with employees in other offices and out in the field more effectively.
  • There is a steep learning curve for your typical PC user. I've used GlobiFlow for over a year but there are many things I still don't understand about it. The help pages are somewhat helpful, but there is a whole vocabulary associated with GlobiFlow that is a bit mysterious at the front end.
  • Any limitations in Podio are repeated in GlobiFlow.
  • Setting up processes in GlobiFlow is somewhat complicated, which makes it a little tedious when employees change and responsibilities shift, as they often do in a growing organization. Naming your processes well is important so you can go back and find places where changes need to be made.
GlobiFlow should be considered advanced software for a limited number of employees. If users of GlobiFlow don't work together, they could easily create processes that cancel out other work. GlobiFlow works very well when one person understands the program well and uses it to help coworkers think through processes. The most helpful way we've used it is in automating our hiring process somewhat. Instead of receiving hundreds of emails with job applications, we set up an app in Podio and used Globiflow to notify supervisors when applications were received through our website. As a candidate moves through the hiring process, GlobiFlow processes provide triggers to help us remember what needs to happen at each step along the way by automatically generating tasks, emails, and items in other apps.
Process Engine (8)
Process designer
Process simulation
Business rules engine
SOA support
Process player
Support for modeling languages
Form builder
Model execution
Collaboration (1)
Social collaboration tools
Reporting & Analytics (3)
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Custom reports
Content Management Capabilties (1)
Content management
  • GlobiFlow saves time once you get it up and running.
  • GlobiFlow improves internal communication and cross-agency collaboration.
  • GlobiFlow helps us communicate with external clients and applicants in a more efficient and professional manner.
We acquired GlobiFlow at the same time that we GlobiFlow Podio and ShareFile. GlobiFlow helped us use both Podio and ShareFile more efficiently. Podio has an internal automation function that performs some of the same tasks as GlobiFlow but is far more limited, which is why we decided to go ahead and learn how to implement GlobiFlow.
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