Google Analytics is perhaps the best-known web analytics product and, as a free product, it has massive adoption. Although it lacks some enterprise-level features compared to its competitors in the space, the launch of the paid Google Analytics Premium edition seems likely to close the gap. Analytics Improved our Constant Contact CampaignsOur constant contact relies mostly on Google Analytics in regards to measuring engagement with our brokers and agents, especially when it comes to bonus opportunities to bring in new business accounts to underwrite. We noticed that since analyzing our outreach through Google, it's helped us pinpoint where we could improve in order to get more of a response and become more personalized to our biggest agents.,It's a great platform for mobile app analytics and not only on desktop/website It's a good free option but also the paid version is not outrageous,There is a learning curve and not much support or guidance The free version doesn't analyze as many data sources as our previous IBM analytics,7,We've gotten higher agent participation through constant contact analysis We spent a lot of time with third parties learning how to use it Its mobile functions save time that we can then use to focus on attracting more agents,IBM Analytics Engine,Google Charts, IBM Analytics Engine, Microsoft BI,50,,Constant Contact Agent Participation Business Relations,Finding painpoints in where we could improve on getting brokers to participate in contests,We could see how much we're reaching our audience and if a better method other than email or mail would work best,7,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,We would have a team test it out before getting rid of our old methods before adopting a new, free one.,Don't know,No,Moving from our old program to this one as many people were comfortable with the other and there was a curve in getting used to this,5,No,4,No,Unfortunately, I cannot, as we've only dealt with third party support so far. But it's still early so you never know!,Participation Measurement Rates of Successful Outreach,Getting access to reports is sometimes difficult,6The Power of Data is a No-BrainerWe currently utilize Google Analytics with Marketing to gather data on the traffic visiting our site, how our site is being found, how it is being used, and how potential guests are navigating through our sales funnels. Google Analytics also provides us information on mobile vs. desktop users and the type of devices our guests may be using to access our content.,Google Analytics does a great job allowing us to define conversion goals, and sales funnels and then track how users are ultimately using our site. The information collected through this data can then be used to optimize our site to reduce lost visitors that we were unable to convert into a sale. Google Analytics allows us to segment our sites visitors and look at where these visitors are coming from and educate us on what attracts visitors to our site. This is incredibly important to us in determining where our marketing might be falling short, allowing us to adjust our messaging and track results. Paired with Google Adwords, Google Analytics is a powerful platform for collecting data on our paid advertising vs. our organic traffic.,One of my biggest complaints is that Google Analytics removed the functionality of tracking search keywords and phrases referrals from within the service. While a slimmed-down version of this functionality is still available through Google Webmaster Tools, the need to utilize multiple tool sets is limiting and unintuitive. Without some research and understanding of how Google Analytics Event Tracking works, I feel that there is minimal support or explanation of how to track downloadable content on your sites. This is a major shortcoming, and something that Google should make more obvious. The feeling of going to pull download data on an item, only to find out no data has been collected for the last 2 years is horrible.,10,Google Analytics has only had a positive impact on how we track our users and understand how they use our site. This data gives us the information we need to make intelligent decisions in how we market to our guests and where we can improve our sales funnel. We have also used Google Analytics to conduct some A/B testing on site creative, which informs us as to what creative converts better, and how we can make changes to our site to provide better usability and navigation to our customers. By making small changes to the site, collecting data and then comparing it against previously collected data, we can make informed decisions on what works and what doesn't.,10,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,Loss of data due to rollbacks in test environment. As the production site was updated with old code, data stopped being collected. Poorly implemented conversion tracking on our end that resulted in false-positive data on conversion revenue.,9Google Analytics Provides the Data We Need for Continuous ImprovementWe use Google Analytics on our own web sites and for all web sites we develop and host for our clients (over 100 of them). It provides terrific insight into how visitors are using each web site and the effectiveness of online marketing efforts. We've also integrated Google Analytics into Sitefinity, the content management system that we recommend for many of our clients.,Easy implementation Fast "dashboard" approach to analytics Ability to dive much deeper into analytics as needed,Some terms are confusing. Custom reports are not user friendly to build. Takes time to get the right data and have the report look good. Takes some time to get used to the interface. It's not particularly intuitive at first.,10,Increased insight into web traffic - where visitors come from, how they got to the site, what devices/browsers they use, etc. Helps calculate ROI on marketing campaigns. We can track how people visit the web site, dedicated landing pages, etc. This helps measure the effectiveness of online advertising, e-mail marketing, social media campaigns, etc. Improves search engine optimization and web content. We can see where people are entering the site, how they are finding it, etc. We also see where they leave the site so we can improve those pages to keep people where we want them.,,10,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Need to implement on every page of the site. Custom reports can be challenging to set up.,9Why Not Use Google Analytics?Gives us all the data we need surrounding our website (visits, pageviews, sources, conversions). Helps us to review our social media goals. We use GA to measure referral traffic from social media channels, along with the associated conversion rates. For example, originally much of social traffic was coming from LinkedIn, but recently we started to run Twitter ads and we have seen a huge spike in referral traffic to our website from that channel. We are thinking about running an ad campaign in LinkedIn and we will also track that carefully in GA. GA allows us to put a Dollar amount on conversions. For example, a request for a demo has a higher associated Dollar value than a white paper download. This is based on historical analysis of conversion data. This is a great feature. Google is very proactive. We have an AdWords account with them and they frequently check-in with us to see how things are going and make suggestions. We sometimes use these calls to discuss GA-related topics too.,We use the product to measure conversions and content engagement along with Marketo- The data does not always correspond. We tend to trust the Marketo metrics a little more, since they are measuring very concrete things like forms completed, etc. while GA is measuring the paths that people on our website.,Measure conversion rates and improve pages that are underperforming. Track and manage social campaigns allowing us to allocate advertising on the most impactful platforms.,10,10,Website Reporting Conversion goals Social Media Analytics Content Analytics,Implemented in-house,10,Online training,10,No,10Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is being used for: customer visits tracking, conversion rate calculation and event tracking over [our] website.,Describes overall page visits Describes how many placed orders Specific events can be added depending on the merchant need,Maybe it can be extended by providing more ways of capture and more ways of reporting,7,Gives us more insight where customers are dropping off and how to improve,,7,20,4,Analytics Conversion Sales report Visitors report,Maybe embedding into different tracking containers,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Analyst Reports,Price based and need based,Professional services company,No,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Nothing much But if the data paatern changes then we have to take care of all the pages All the events,7,7,in fact its open source might be for reatailer for reports,Tracking Event capture Customer type,customizations,7Use to track marketing campaign effectiveness.GA is easy to navigate and they make it easy to understand how to interpret reports,This is not a great app if you are looking to track personal data on your websites.,We now have the capability to attribute marketing efforts to conversions, helping our marketers understand what works best so we can better optimize our promotional efforts.,8,8,Keep up with traffic trends for our websites Identify source traffic to our sites as a whole as well as specific landing pages that are important for conversions Monitor page-level engagement to better understand how visitors are consuming our content Measure marketing campaign effectiveness from various tactics,,Implemented in-house,6,Self-taught,Training helps a lot, but folks with web analytics experience can navigate pretty easily on their own.,4
Google Analytics
2215 Ratings
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Google Analytics
2215 Ratings
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Score 8.6 out of 101

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August 18, 2014

The Power of Data is a No-Brainer

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I think my biggest take away from the Google Analytics implementation was that there needs to be a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it before you start. Originally the analytics were added to track visitors, but as we became more savvy with the product, we began adding more and more functionality, and defining guidelines as we went along. While not detrimental to our success, this lack of an overarching goal resulted in some minor setbacks in implementation and the collection of some messy data that is unusable.
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Google Analytics is perhaps the best-known web analytics product and, as a free product, it has massive adoption. Although it lacks some enterprise-level features compared to its competitors in the space, the launch of the paid Google Analytics Premium edition seems likely to close the gap.

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