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August 08, 2021

Best Backup System

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We are using Google Backup and Sync [in] all departments. It gives us peace of mind knowing that all our files/folders/documents are secure and that we can restore them in case of data loss. The software integrates well with other Google products and the process of backup and recovery is easy. With this tool, collaboration is easy as any changes made by any team member is updated in real time. In addition, the software is easy to scale and affordable as well. We no longer worry about data loss with this software in place.
  • Google Backup and Sync is easy to use as it comes with an improved UI.
  • Integration with other Google products makes the user experience even better.
  • The software is very secure and fast.
  • The tool works perfectly in the background meaning it is unobtrusive.
  • Makes collaboration easy.
  • For the time I have been using Google Backup and Sync, I cannot really think of any flaws.
[If] you are an individual or business that gets shivers with the thought of losing important data in your PC, then Google Backup and Sync is what you need. It easily syncs and backs up your data to ensure that if you lost your data, you will have an easy time restoring it. Also, with the sync feature, you can access your data from different devices. Who wouldn't want such convenience?
Score 9 out of 10
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Google Backup and Sync is being used by our shipping department to share the daily shipping schedule online with several other users, and it gives all those users the ability to all edit the same documents and spreadsheets at the same time, which is huge for us. We also have a big screen tv that is permanently open to the google spreadsheet of the shipping schedule for all our employees on the dock to be able to see what trucks are coming next and at which dock doors.
  • Provides anywhere access to your documents and spreadsheets
  • Allow multiple users to go in and edit files at the same time
  • Keep all your files secure and backed up
  • Google Backup and Sync could be better at resolving conflicts if some users try to upload different copies of the same file to the same location, it saves both copies and renames one of them slightly, then you have to combine them later.
  • Google Drive could have a better app to integrate it with the windows file explorer, right now the best way to interact with it is the web interface instead.
  • Switching accounts or having multiple accounts for google backup and sync could be better.
Google [Backup and Sync] is great if you want a nice free solution to sharing files where multiple people need to be in them at the same time. Everyone needs a free google account and they can have access and share file easily. If you need something that integrates well with the windows file explorer or a mac computer though, this solution isn't the best one out there because it works best through the web interface.
Score 10 out of 10
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We have used Google Backup and Sync for more than 5 years in all departments and all sites around the world, because we have many branches in many countries.
We used Google Backup and Sync to share office files and collaboration work together cross branches, because previously we have a lot of problem of attachment that make user confuse version and lost track.
  • file version is very good to recover if we did wrong thing in that file
  • can restore file back if we empty from trash
  • smart sync for offline file use in case no internet
  • work cross platform mobile, Android, web, tablet, PC easy to share and manage permission
  • permission on share drive/team drive not yet good, should have more complex permission such as MyDrive
  • shared drive and MyDrive make user confuse alot of moving file from MyDrive to shared drive, especially the maximum size of transfer based on free space of MyDrive.
  • currently all drive C in PC it will allocate the Google Drive the same drive C in local PC, I have alot of support ticket with users about this.
If we have alot of branches office cross the world in many country and you work mostly with office file, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, I recommend using Google Drive is best, because most of ISP has local Google cache that improve the speed upload or download file and sharing quicker to everyone.
Score 9 out of 10
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We use to backup all our documents. Backup and Sync is being used across our whole company. It addresses our need for a reliable backup solution.
  • Provides one location for backed up files.
  • Seamlessly works in the background.
  • Allow for document sharing.
  • It is a bit slow.
  • It could have multiple backups based on date.
I think Google Backup is great for 90% or users and their need to maintain a backup in the event data is lost. For mission critical information you might want a second backup provider.
I think it is great and easy to use.
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Google Backup and Sync for all our students and staff as they have a better understanding of simple files. To be honest, Google Backup and Sync is so simple to use for beginners and people with very basic knowledge. That's exactly what we want to make life easy and be safe. Security is so high and there is great service.
  • Sharing
  • Backup
  • Back up is alway helpful for us if they lost their computer or broken for any reason.
  • A lot of people getting confused by how the app opens. If the app is open, it will give a little icon on Mac on the toolbar so they think it's not working.
  • It can be a bit better UI.
  • Search option can be stronger.
I work at school with lots of kids who bring in laptops with water damage or that are broken or lost. So we have been pushing students to use Google Backup and Sync regularly (once every second week). We are able to save lots of headaches of recovering data and/or being worried about other kinds of backup.
Score 10 out of 10
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Used across the whole organization, but not mandatory. Up to individuals to utilize backup and sync options beyond our server/shared drives. Particularly useful for users who travel, work remotely, have multiple devices, etc. Personally, I have been using the product since before I worked for this company (before working full-time, I used it as a student as well) and I have always been happy with it.
  • Cloud storage
  • Fast updating
  • Works across devices
  • Easy to collaborate
  • Nothing in particular.
Works very well but due to Google based sign-in, not ideal for all users to use as the only backup option. The ideal situation is an additional back-up/cloud storage solution for users to sync between work servers and personal devices, especially if traveling, working remotely, or in other situations where accessing files across multiple devices may be useful.
Google support is usually pretty good, never had an issue that required direct communication or support from Google.

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What is Google Backup and Sync?

Google backup and sync allows users to copy files from their computer to Google Drive's cloud services. Google Backup and sync includes file versioning and collaboration tools.

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