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Greater Giving

Greater Giving


What is Greater Giving?

Greater Giving, a Global Payments company, works exclusively with schools and nonprofits across the United States and Canada—offering integrated technologies to help simplify event management; quickly train volunteers; streamline check-in and check-out; and raise more funds. Greater Giving solutions are…

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Greater Giving is an event management platform that has proven to be a valuable tool for various organizations and departments. Users have …
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What is Greater Giving?

Greater Giving, a Global Payments company, works exclusively with schools and nonprofits across the United States and Canada—offering integrated technologies to help simplify event management; quickly train volunteers; streamline check-in and check-out; and raise more funds. Greater Giving…

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What is Greater Giving?

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Greater Giving Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

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Greater Giving is an event management platform that has proven to be a valuable tool for various organizations and departments. Users have praised its ability to expand their bidder pool by including individuals who are unable to attend live events, resulting in increased profits for their fundraising efforts. The software simplifies the process of tracking auction donations, assigning numbers to bidders, and exporting data for reporting purposes. It has been particularly effective in running large silent auctions with 50 or more items and organizing annual fundraisers. Users appreciate the ease of tracking ticket sales, inputting silent auction items, selling items, and storing vendor/partner information.

While some users have experienced occasional glitches and found the software frustrating to use, many have found the outstanding customer support provided by Greater Giving to be a redeeming factor. The company has been responsive to user suggestions and has incorporated them into upgrades, leading to continuous improvements in the product. The mobile bidding feature has greatly enhanced events by allowing guests to browse and bid on items before the event begins. Additionally, the software's reports have been highly valuable for users, helping them identify the best-selling auction items and make informed decisions for future events.

Despite some initial learning curves, users who invest time in understanding the software have seen significant growth in fundraising at their events and have been impressed with its various features and reporting capabilities. Greater Giving is widely used for auction management, providing a user-friendly platform for running successful auctions. It has also proven useful for volunteer organizations, allowing them to manage event registrations, track historical information, and easily transfer ownership between users. With its commitment to customer feedback and continuous improvement, Greater Giving is recommended as a great event management tool for non-profit organizations looking to streamline their back-of-house operations and maximize fundraising efforts.

Ease of Use: Users have consistently praised Greater Giving for its ease of use, with many reviewers finding the software intuitive for both staff and volunteers. Several users have mentioned that they appreciate how straightforward the main page is, as well as the convenience of being able to view multiple records by clicking next. Overall, the software is considered user-friendly and requires minimal training.

All-in-One Functionality: The all-in-one functionality of Greater Giving has been highly regarded by users who appreciate that it eliminates the need for multiple programs. This feature allows users to manage both online and in-person auctions, handle ticket sales, silent auction bids, community partners, sponsorship purchases, and securely store credit card information all within one platform. Many reviewers have mentioned that this comprehensive approach saves them time and simplifies their fundraising efforts.

Responsive Customer Support: Users have consistently praised the customer support provided by Greater Giving, finding it helpful and responsive. Numerous reviewers have mentioned how satisfied they are with the level of assistance received from the support team during events. The promptness and effectiveness of customer support contribute to a positive experience for users when using Greater Giving's software.

Difficult Image Downloading Setup: Several users have expressed frustration with the complicated and inconvenient image downloading setup. They believe that configuring images to fit should not require so much effort.

Limited Item Number Entry: Some users find it frustrating that they cannot enter item numbers when adding items to packages, as the software only allows them to use words. This limitation makes it difficult for users who don't use the exact same wording as others, forcing them to navigate between different sections of the software.

High Pricing and Lack of Value: A number of users have mentioned that they switched to a different program due to the dramatic increase in pricing since they last used this software. They felt that the new program offered similar features at a much lower cost, making it a better value for their money.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization is using this nationally for event coordination purposes. We use it track all event related sales, purchases and auction donations pre-event. We also use the system the night of the event to track night of purchases, to do guest check-in and check-out, as well as run the electronic auction.
  • Payment Facilitation
  • Ticket Puchasing
  • Auction Coordination
  • [I feel the] auction system is not as sophisticated as other systems
  • Staff support structure
  • Doesn't come out with updates very quickly [in my experience]
Greater Giving is well suited for an organization that is looking to save money on their event software and need a full service solution. It is not as sophisticated as others on the market, but it will allow you to get everything you need done for a reasonable price. This is meant to be used by nonprofit event professionals.
  • It allows all staff nationwide to have access to an event management system
  • Online auction facilitation
  • Ticket sales
  • Increased auction revenue generation
  • Decreased time tracking auction details offline
  • Increased staff time on auction coordination (compared to other systems)
I personally prefer GiveSmart over Greater Giving. We're now starting to role out GiveSmart nationally and the usage of Greater Giving is becoming less and less. There are a few things that Greater Giving is better than GiveSmart donation forms and ticket sales. Overall neither are perfect, but I do feel GiveSmart is slightly less slick and user friendly than other systems out there.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I began using Greater Giving (GG) as a volunteer at a gala, then became the treasurer of the gala the next year. I really liked the system, so decided to purchase it for my nonprofit. We have primarily used GG to manage our gala ticket purchases, table assignments, and our day to day donations online.
  • Website design is really easy and looks very professional.
  • Data uploads and downloads are generally pretty easy.
  • Process flows are nicely organized and easy for a non-technical person to figure out
  • Reports have frequent glitches; especially when downloading large amounts of data (more than 500 records).
  • Lacks data integration capabilities with other systems (Salesforce, Constant Contact, Zoho, etc.); I have found workarounds by uploading and downloading reports, but it really is a pain
  • Customer Support is terrible! The online support is uncaring and completely incompetent. On the other hand, the phone support is really friendly and generally quite knowledgeable about the product and solutions.
At first, I loved the system, but after using it for several months, became frustrated with the system's errors. I asked to speak to a manager, so they could be aware of my suggestions (as a fan of the product). They never returned my multiple requests for a conversation, which made me feel unvalued. It really turned me against the product because nobody ever offered me guidance or even an apology for my product complaints/concerns. I currently still use the product, but would only half-heartedly recommend it to friends and colleagues. I will definitely NOT implement it for my future clients.
  • Having one system that can manage online donations, ticket purchases, online auction, donor tax letters, etc. has created efficiency for my org.
  • Reports are flawed and lack of data integration with other systems causes me to do a lot of unnecessary manual work.
Greater Giving is on-par with the look and feel of other systems. It is pretty easy to get up to speed without much technical experience. My main complaint is that the underlying system isn't as robust.
Online support was one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever had (I would give them a 1). Phone support and implementation support were very nice and knowledgeable.
Great for beginners. Easy to get up and running quickly. I did worry a bit about my end-users accidentally changing or deleting data.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it for auction management. We have many users, and it transfers from one "owner" to another every few years. It's amazing for keeping tabs on everything you need to keep an auction running smoothly!
  • Lists of things you need to get done, and in what order you need to do them.
  • Details of packages sold, with many different splits.
  • Overall picture of all the auction income, again, with different splits.
  • Love to see more places to log expenses, so you can run a total report of net income.
  • It's often a bit wide for my screen, which I can work around.
It's wells suited for non-profits planning any auction-type fundraiser with many volunteers.
  • Helps us see where our highest profit margin is, so we work to increase that
We've used this for years, and see no reason to explore others!
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Greater Giving is used in our Development and Communications Department. We use the platform for our event planning and execution - i.e., the annual gala and other smaller events.
  • Greater Giving is very user-friendly for both staff and volunteers
  • Greater Giving sales and receipt generating features are well received by the guest at our event
  • Greater Giving provides excellent customer support - in particular, their "night of" event support
  • Greater Giving would improve the client experience if sites were allowed to create a more fully functioning "test" models to use when training volunteers. Example, testing the online auction features in test mode
  • Navigating their video/webinar catalog seemed clunkier than in previous years
Greater Giving is well suited for galas and other smaller events. We use it for about four events annually ranging in size from 80 - 400 guests. We tried to use it for an open house but did not have as much success in capturing the information as the groups responding varied in size - our frustrations may have due to limited experience with the product.

We are finding the more familiar we are with the product, the better our ROI on our investment.
  • The reporting improved our abilities to provide accurate information more timely to the finance department - a plus when completing the annual 990 or other information for our auditors.
  • We saw an increase in collecting on pledges when we switched from a "text-to-give" platform (from another provider) to incorporating all event elements into Greater Giving. We were able to capture over 95% of gifts within 48 hours of the event compared to less than half that amount in previous years.
  • The reports generated by Greater Giving are better received by our board of directors - easier to digest and provide meaningful analytics
Lindsay Cleland | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Greater Giving to manage (most of) our event-related needs. We use it not only to manage a day of event registration but also to keep track of historical information - sale dates, etc... so that we can track how we are doing year after year.

I am the primary user who manages the data input and preps our volunteers. We have volunteers who use the software to help us with on-site registration and credit card processing at events.

The software is excellent at doing the following:
1. Allowing us a user-friendly platform to manage our event day registrations
2. Giving us the option to swipe a credit card (or save a credit card) so that our attendees can both make contributions and purchases during an event using only their bid number
  • Credit card swiping at registration is important to us. It allows our attendees to have the option to make a contribution during our special appeal, purchase silent auction items, etc... without having to make a payment each time.
  • The day-of-event registration is so easy. As long as our host has provided us the name of the attendee registration is a breeze.
  • The ability to send out post-event tax receipts
  • My main issue with Greater Giving is that they do not allow us to pass on the fees to the purchasers, which is why we do not use them for pre-event admission and sponsorship sales.
  • I wish that the event registration webpage could be modified more so that it can be brand compliant and look like it belongs on our website.
  • It is slightly more expensive than some of the other options - but for the reasons I stated in the pros section, we find that it is worth the extra cost for our event-related needs.
For our organization, Greater Giving is the best option because of the credit card swiping, the ease of the registration, and the tax receipts alone. I do wish that it would allow us to pass on the credit card fees to the purchaser, but for that reason, we don't use it for registration.

For an organization NOT needing to swipe credit cards at the event for on-site purchases or using their tax receipt software, I do think that there are more affordable options.
  • We have had our attendees say that our check in/check out process is really well done, which I think leads to additional purchases not having to worry about paying each time you make a purchase/contribution. Since we don't have any pre-event Greater Giving numbers to compare it to it is hard to compare.
  • I do struggle with the cost as we are a small nonprofit and the annual fee + the processing fees are higher than other event-related software companies I have spoken to, but Greater Giving is the only one that can meet our needs at this price point. The other software companies that can meet our needs are more expensive.
We currently use Eventbrite for our pre-event ticket and sponsorship sales as they have a much more streamlined webpage that is customizable, they allow us to pass on the fees to our purchasers, AND they do not charge an annual fee on top of the processing fees.

However, they do not have the ability to let you swipe a credit card in advance - you need a membership to Bidding for Good to do so. We tried using Eventbrite and Bidding for Good for only 1 event before we switched back to Greater Giving. Neither platform allowed you to send out tax receipts and the on-site event management was subpar compared to the ease of Greater Giving.
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