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What is GroupHigh?

GroupHigh is an influencer marketing platform from the company of the same name in Boulder, Colorado, for identifying influential bloggers and reaching out to them.

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GroupHigh has proven to be a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their influencer marketing campaigns. Users have reported …
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What is GroupHigh?

GroupHigh is an influencer marketing platform from the company of the same name in Boulder, Colorado, for identifying influential bloggers and reaching out to them.

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What is GroupHigh?

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

GroupHigh has proven to be a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their influencer marketing campaigns. Users have reported significant time savings in research, thanks to the software's ability to quickly identify and connect with influencers across various industries and locations. By eliminating the need to manually scroll through social media platforms, GroupHigh has made it effortless for users to find influencer partners for both local and national campaigns.

In addition to its impressive search capabilities, GroupHigh offers the flexibility of importing and exporting influencers' data from websites. This feature not only simplifies the process of managing influencers but also ensures the accuracy of the data, enabling informed decision-making when selecting influencers for collaborations. Moreover, unlike other influencer programs with their own databases, GroupHigh allows users to add their own list of influencers, providing them with greater control and customization options.

The software's specific targeting feature has been praised by digital marketers, as it enables them to source valuable digital resources and reach a large audience effectively. This targeted approach not only aids in finding influencers for social campaigns but also assists in building third-party validation for consumer products through influencer marketing. Additionally, GroupHigh has facilitated the management and vetting of bloggers, offering insights into their following, engagement, and website traffic. Users have found that partnering with bloggers intensifies engagement, builds brand trust and loyalty, and drives conversions for their brands.

Overall, GroupHigh has received positive feedback for its ease of use and efficiency in finding and managing bloggers for marketing and PR plans. Businesses have utilized this software to expand their brand authority, reach new audiences, and generate valuable backlinks to their websites. As a result, GroupHigh has become an essential tool for businesses seeking to maximize the impact of their influencer marketing strategies while saving time and resources on research and management efforts.

Sourcing Influencers and Blogs: Users have found GroupHigh to be a valuable tool for sourcing influencers and blogs in various industries. The multiple search features, such as keyword, hashtag, category, country, and language searches, allow users to easily find relevant content. Some reviewers appreciated that GroupHigh's large database of blogger contacts provides a depth of options to choose from based on the target market.

Valuable Data and Reports: Reviewers have praised GroupHigh for providing valuable data and reports on influencers. This feature allows users to compare influencers against each other and make informed decisions. Some users mentioned that this is especially beneficial compared to manual search methods.

Powerful Search Functionality: The search functionality in GroupHigh has been seen as a powerful tool by many users. It allows them to narrow down their search results based on multiple criteria like geography and socio-economic profile. Additionally, the ability to import websites not currently in the database and auto-populate relevant information has been highly appreciated by some reviewers.

Lack of Support and Service: Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of support and service they received after the company was purchased, indicating a recurring issue that has affected multiple customers.

Inaccurate Search Results: Several reviewers have mentioned that they found the search results to be inaccurate or too broad, making it difficult for them to find the exact information they were looking for. This inconsistency in search functionality has been a source of frustration for these users.

Complicated User Interface: Multiple users have described the user interface as not simple and mentioned difficulties when navigating between panes and lists. They have suggested that the interface could be more intuitive and visually updated to enhance user experience.

Users have commonly recommended the following about GroupHigh:

  1. A common recommendation is to use GroupHigh for blogger outreach to effectively increase site visitorship and create brand advocates. This feature helps businesses connect with influential bloggers and promote their products or services.

  2. Many users have found that GroupHigh is worth the investment, as it offers relatively inexpensive pricing compared to other blogger outreach software options. This makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to expand their reach through blogger collaborations.

  3. Users have consistently praised GroupHigh for its superior data, user-friendly platform, and intuitive interface, stating that it outperforms similar companies in the market. The comprehensive data provided by GroupHigh helps businesses identify relevant influencers and make informed decisions for successful outreach campaigns. Additionally, the user-friendly platform and intuitive interface make it easy for businesses of all levels of expertise to navigate and utilize the tool effectively.


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Lynzee Jablonka | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I work at Everywhere Agency, a social media marketing agency, and we specialize in influencer marketing. We work with brands of all shapes and sizes to help get their product and name in front of as many people as possible with the help of influencers. We use GroupHigh to search and locate influencers to use in different campaigns.
  • Segments influencers based on their blog topics.
  • Allows me to create lists of different influencers. I love using this to help me pitch.
  • Helps me find very specific influencers.
  • My biggest problem with GroupHigh is that most times, their numbers are way off for the influencers. Sometimes, it tells me that an influencer has only 200 unique monthly visitors when they really have tens of thousands.
  • I'd love if they had email addresses for all influencers.
  • The UI can be a bit tricky to navigate at times.
I'd say GroupHigh is well-suited for anyone who is looking for a mass amount of influencers with ranging topics. It's very helpful in finding an abundant amount of influencers with very specific topics. If you're looking for something with very accurate numbers, this probably isn't the best bet as I have found many discrepancies.
  • It's helped us source influencers so I'd say it helps us with KPI (key points of interest)
While Tracx can be useful in finding influencers based off of certain keywords, I find that GroupHigh is more reliable in providing an abundant amount of options for me to choose from. The UI for Tracx is also a bit trickier than GroupHigh so if I had to choose, I'd go with GroupHigh over it.
Harvest, Pipedrive
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