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Hootsuite Impact


What is Hootsuite Impact?

Social Media analytics suite LiftMetrix was acquired by Hootsuite in February 2017 and is now Hootsuite Impact, with an emphasis on the needs of larger entities and enterprise.
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What is Hootsuite Impact?

Social Media analytics suite LiftMetrix was acquired by Hootsuite in February 2017 and is now Hootsuite Impact, with an emphasis on the needs of larger entities and enterprise.

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Product Details

What is Hootsuite Impact?

Hootsuite Impact helps enterprise organizations to clearly prove business ROI from organic and paid social media. Impact enables enterprise organizations to understand the revenue and marketing results generated by social media. With it, users can learn the exact actions needed to increase results from organic and paid social media content.

  • ROI Analysis

    • Analyze the return on social spending and show how social media channels and campaigns are driving results in a customized dashboard that helps see business results at a glance. Use a points or dollar system to add value to metrics that matter and benchmark the value of a content strategy against other posts.

  • Content Comparison

    • Measure and assess how each post affects every stage of a conversion funnel with respect to business objectives.

  • Custom Metrics

    • Communicate a compelling story with social data. Define and measure social effectiveness through tailored metrics best attuned to your organization’s unique objectives and goals.

  • Campaign/Channel Optimization

    • Discover actionable insights, and recommendations to increase the reach of your social content. Understand which channels are the most effective with time, efforts, and spend to refine a strategy by investing more in networks that align best with the business's needs.

  • Data Export

    • Export data from Hootsuite Impact with BI tools to add social context to other areas of business and share learnings across the organization.

  • Web Attribution

    • Build multi-touch attribution for business goals with an integrated view of web touchpoints and social channels in one tool. View how each post, campaign, and channel affects web traffic with Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics to understand how an audience is interacting with a brand across channels.

Hootsuite Impact Features

  • Supported: Actionable game plan for social media platforms, content, ads, and campaigns
  • Supported: Social media ROI measurement, boosting, and campaign reporting
  • Supported: Insights that explain the story on social media
  • Supported: Track brand performance at a top level and content level
  • Supported: Paid and owned recommendations based on brands' defined business goals
  • Supported: View all set goals and KPIs across both website and social to analyze how content is performing against the goals
  • Supported: Social Content Tagger automatically assigns tags, providing the most encompassing content themes
  • Supported: Manipulate data and create reports directly within LiftMetrix or use as internal data warehousing
  • Supported: Social Selling feature shows which advocates and employees tweeting about your brand are performing the best

Hootsuite Impact Screenshots

Screenshot of ROI Analysis: Show how social media channels and campaigns are driving results in a customized dashboard that helps you see your business results at a glance.Screenshot of Content Comparison: Measure and assess how each post affects every stage of your conversion funnel with respect to your business objectives.Screenshot of Custom Metrics: Define and measure social effectiveness through metrics best attuned to your organization’s unique objectives and goals.Screenshot of Impact Reporting: Measure campaign and post performance by social networks; report metrics that matter the most to your business

Hootsuite Impact Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Catalan, Indonesian, Turkish, Russian, Polish
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Suzanne Stafford | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I needed something that would make social media posting more streamlined. It takes too much time to post individually on various platforms. I also needed something to easily schedule posts ahead. It is also helpful to see the streams from multiple platforms in one place. I have used the paid and free versions.
  • Easy to use dashboard showing social feeds.
  • Easy to set up posts across platforms.
  • Easy to edit scheduled posts or drafts.
  • Free version used to offer a lot more performance.
  • Insights now only available for paid versions.
  • Would be nice to see shares.
  • Hashtag suggestions or insight would be helpful.
The free trial is a good option for start-up businesses or nonprofits. You are limited to 3 accounts and 5 scheduled posts, but you can save drafts ahead, then schedule after some are posted. The paid version is nice but higher price point for start-ups. I can't remember if the insights are useful.
  • Saving time by scheduling posts.
  • Being able to easily edit posts if needed.
  • Being able to see social streams in one place.
  • The time savings for posting has positive ROI by adding leverage.
  • They send emails offering a free upgrade trial but didn't say it was only for first-time users. When I tried that, they charged me for the whole year. Luckily they did refund the cost ($588) and moved back to the free version. That was a shock to see on my card.
  • This was a helpful step for my business.
This was the first program that I used so do not have anything to compare it to. It does work better than scheduling within Facebook now Meta. I am not looking into other options because I would like to be able to post to more social accounts at a lower cost.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I utilize the metrics at least once a week on Impact to see how our posts are landing for our various office locations. I am based in one location, with 5 other offices in our state. Impact helps me target the key decision makers and makes suggestions for the best return on investment with our linked social media accounts at a glance.
  • Custom filter comparisons
  • organic vs paid insights
  • easy to digest suggestions moving forward
  • ability to filter less important info for my group
  • sharable files a little more accesible
I like that I can really dig in to the advanced filers to generate the custom reports that apply to my industry and the accounts I have linked to Hootsuite. I have more experience with some networks and not as much experience with others, so the suggestions I am able to review and implement have been enormously helpful. I have a marketing staff of 4, so having Impact do the legwork helps us focus on the creative aspect of our marketing plan.
  • Suggestions based on current performance
  • recommendations on organic vs paid ads
  • easy to understand details on top performing posts and ads
  • Able to weed out the fluff platforms and expenses
  • targeted posts for key decision makers
I have been using Hootsuite Impact for about a year for basic social media posting and suggested top post dates and times. The ability to merge the past posts with current data with little effort, plus the easy to use navigation with Hootsuite Impact was the tipping point. I have been very pleased with our decision.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Hootsuite Impact is a being used as a way to track what our customers, the media, and our competitors are saying about our products and services, beyond simply just looking at cases where we are mentioned directly by them. It allows us to track what is happening in real time across a number of different platforms.
  • It is easy to quickly set up and get results from specific search terms.
  • It tracks these terms across many different platforms, all in one place.
  • It allows us to quickly analyze the data from these mentions.
  • It would be great to be able to associate your search terms with a secondary search term to pull in specific mentions. (Comany Name + SEARCH TERM) OR (Company Name + Another Search Term).
  • Hootsuite Impact could be better integrated with their other products so that tags from Hootsuite would automatically carry over to mentions in Hootsuite Impact and vice-versa.
  • As with most social monitoring tools, the sentiment analysis is not very accurate in that it only associates specific keywords to a sentiment.
Hootsuite Impact is well suited to be able to monitor and analyze specific search terms across a number of different platforms including social media, blogs, media and forums.
  • Hootsuite Impact has reduced the amount of time it takes to pull reports on market terms that we have set up to monitor.
  • The ability to include public facebook pages as a source of data has given us a look into areas that we were previously unable to monitor.
  • Hootsuite Impact has not improved our ability to perform sentiment analysis.
Hootsuite Impact is far easy to use, both in setup and in pulling reports, than Adobe Social was for us. The visualizations make data far easier to read, and being able to quickly filter through mentions has helped us to be more nimble when pulling reports.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization uses Hootsuite Impact to measure ROI of our social media efforts, including organic and paid efforts. We are able to get data across several different platforms and pages or accounts on each of those platforms. The tool enables us to have a centralized place where all content contributors and page managers can collaborate and review integrated analytics.
  • Hootsuite Impact integrates with Google Analytics, so you can more easily track conversions.
  • Hootsuite Impact allows (nearly) unlimited users to collaborate in the system simultaneously.
  • Hootsuite Impact allows users to view data across social platforms (i.e. Twitter and Facebook in one view).
  • The tagging feature could be improved. It currently does not map well to Hootsuite Enterprise's publishing dashboard and requires manually mapping on the back end to connect the two systems.
  • We pay separately for Hootsuite Ads. Hootsuite Impact could better integrate with the Ads platform to get a holistic view of paid and free campaigns.
  • There are a lot of different sections in the platform--for recommendations, insights, dashboards, etc. You can also search things by saving filtered searches and applying those filters to other areas of the platform. How these things work together isn't always clear or intuitive.
If you are running a marketing campaign across several social media platforms, Hootsuite Impact can help you bring together all of that content in one place to get an integrated view of your campaign results and ROI. By connecting your Google Analytics to Hootsuite Impact, you can also see how people interacted with your website coming from various social channels.
  • Positive - being able to centralize our social media management has helped save time and resources
  • Positive - we can better measure our efforts and course correct more quickly if something is/isn't working.
  • Positive - we can better track conversions on social posts aimed to sell products with actual purchases on our website.
Because Hootsuite has a strong publishing/listening tool that connects to analytics, it was the best for us. Tracx has incredible analytics, but their publishing tools were not as strong. Sprout Social was good as well, but their single inbox/stream was not ideal for managing 10+ social accounts.
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