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We are utilizing HotDocs to help us with transactional drafting. While facilitating government-insured construction loans, there are often 30-40 documents that need to be drafted, much with the same information. We created templates of each of these documents as well as a master questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, all necessary documents will be drafted in a matter of minutes. While setting up the templates took a decent bit of time, training, and learning, they save us six to seven hours of document drafting every day, allowing us to greatly increase our workload.
  • Personalized training. We were able to get an expert on a video call who walked us through solutions to each of our unique problems (i.e. all fifty states have different notary blocks, how can we auto-populate it when the state of the deal is selected?).
  • Team access. Multiple people can work with the templates at once, thus allowing the members of our team who deal with financials to work on their documents while others focus on the organizational and legal documents.
  • Once you have successfully drafted your templates, it runs incredibly smooth (barring any minor hiccups that happen with software updates) and efficiently.
  • This is a software written by coders. Unless you have a background in coding, some of the thought processes going into how to set-up a template are not intuitive. This is definitely software that you need guidance through. (The on-boarding template practice is a must.)
  • Some of the template building icons could be more defined and explained in a way that a non-coder could understand them.
  • There is no mass-document download. So we have to individually download 30-40 documents one-by-one instead of clicking "download all."
If you are doing transactional documents, HotDocs is a game-changer. If there are only a few select variables that change while the remainder of the work mostly consists of form language, this is a program that will dramatically increase efficiency. Even the most technical and dense documents can be turned into a template, as long as you are willing to take the time to invest in future time saving.

However, if the majority of the work that you are doing is not constantly repeating, this may not be the software for you.
April 24, 2020

How Hot is HotDocs

Riva Schwartz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Hot Docs is the engine. We use it for real estate forms. It makes it easy to generate a group [form] based on the same transaction.
  • It allows you to fill a form OR to use the Q&A approach.
  • It takes a particular fact pattern and applies it over several forms.
  • It does not allow an edit to a form to be saved. If you edit a form and close out, you have to start all over again.
  • It should fill in certain items that are usually the same , with an allowance for revising if necessary.
  • Lender credit cannot be shown as a "minus" on the closing disclosure , even though it is supposed to be.
  • There needs to be a signature line on the Seller Closing Disclosure.
  • It is not compatible with the newest version of WordPerfect (X9).
I use it for bank closings, used to use the HUD-1, now the closing disclosure and the seller closing disclosure.
The support is fine, but make no mistake it is PAID support because you have to purchase it each year in order to keep the updates.
  • no training
Must upgrade every year.
Kandice McElroy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Our Firm letterhead and proprietary standard forms are in HotDocs and used across the Firm at all locations. This allows us to produce letters by location quickly as well as produce standard documents by practice area consistently. We also purchase standard forms from the State of Iowa which are also held in HotDocs. These forms provide consistency as well as a quick start to drafting documents and letters.
  • Letterhead template - Creates quick letters with standard branding. Able to set locations, writer, etc.
  • Answer sets can be saved and reused. This eliminates the need to reenter client information.
  • HotDocs is difficult to develop new documents as it's as complicated as programming at times. I often have to call for assistance.
  • The tables can be frustrating. It makes it hard to insert between items as you have to make sure it doesn't offset other areas.
HodDocs definitely has a place where it helps with efficiency. For instance, when drafting documents, HotDocs can make it a quick process by simply answering questions. The challenge though is developing the questions and basic shell. I would probably use it more if it was easier to build new documents. But for existing documents, it's easier to modify (depending on the level of modifications).
I haven't had to contact HotDocs very often for support. I suppose I rated them mid-level simply because I would like to see more online training options or white papers to view to assist with learning. I want to understand how to do something versus having it done for me.
Jason Shindler | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
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HotDocs is used by most of the paralegals in the organization to draft estate planning documents for our clients. It allows users to complete an "interview" and then download draft estate planning documents based on the interview. They then edit the documents in Microsoft Word and then present them to the clients.
  • Allows users to complete an interview
  • Allows users to download draft documents
  • Allows programmers to create the interview and document templates.
  • Licensing: the company seems intent on milking this product for as much as they can. I receive monthly sales phone calls, yet support calls are not helpful.
  • We use the online "document services" product -- it occasionally has unexplained outages and support is not helpful.
  • The product has weird limitations that limit its utility -- the interview engine can only support certain types of data. Several programmers have expressed frustration to us about this.
It is well suited for a "medium" user -- it is too hard to set up for a typical paralegal and too limited for someone with advanced and complicated needs. If you are the "Goldilocks" user, it is just right. If you are on either end, there could be other programs that might be a better fit.
Derek Schroeder | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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HotDocs is used as a document generation application, either stand-alone or with another information source. It is question-based and extremely powerful for creating documents in the proper format and with all necessary information.
  • User-friendly and quick for producing documents.
  • Customization for templates can be easy or extremely complicated.
  • Engine always functions and produces documents quickly and easily.
  • Can accept data from another system and force necessary questions to users.
  • Most HotDocs requires high-level coding in order to create templates. This includes complicated codes to insert into Word.
  • From the user perspective, using HotDocs is very simple and easy. Creating and maintaining templates requires nearly a programming background to perform.
  • Cost for software varies but is generally a sizable cost, especially Developer licenses.
  • New versions must be purchased to keep up with newer versions of Microsoft Office.
HotDocs is useful for any company that generates a large number of documents, especially when a majority of the documents are template-based. The time used for creating documents from templates without document generation makes employees much more efficient.
March 20, 2018

HotDocs Review

Score 8 out of 10
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We are a managed services company that installs, configure and supports HotDocs for our clients. HotDocs is a document automation program that is used to generate similar documents/forms with minimal effort (once the system is set up on the backend). HotDocs, though a little complex on the backend, is extremely easy to use on the front end. It also integrates with many other software platforms, which is great.
  • Auto-generation of forms/documents (with little effort)
  • Reasonably priced, especially as the ROI is 10 fold (over time more like 100)
  • Very easy to use on the front end
  • Back end of the product is a little tricky at times
  • To fully benefit from the use of the product, training is highly recommended (developer)
HotDocs is a MUST for a law firm or any company that uses forms, contracts or similar documents. Generation of documents with HotDocs (after the program is configured) takes a couple mouse clicks, vs find/replace, saving the same document over and over (no no for law firms due to metadata, but many do it anyway).

What is HotDocs?

HotDocs is a document automation and assembly software product, acquired and now supported by AbacusNext since 2017.

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What is HotDocs?

HotDocs is a document automation and assembly software product, acquired and now supported by AbacusNext since 2017.

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The most common users of HotDocs are from Small Businesses and the Law Practice industry.