TrustRadius Hospitality FocusedHotSchedules is the premier labor management and communication platform for the hospitality industry. There's no need to look further, competing platforms do not hold a candle to the restaurant-centric approach HotSchedules takes when designing the functionality and UI for their applications. They're one of the top paid apps in the App Store for a reason.,Mobile Application Restaurant Centric Technology Great UI Intuitive Features Customer Support,Lack of scheduled/automated reporting POS integration version management Limited ability to access own data,10,7shifts, When I Work, CrunchTime! and eRestaurant,8,Activity-based forecasting.,HotSchedules provides a single unified platform for employee/manager communication that is capable of reaching an employee via multiple methods. SMS, email, text, push notifications.,Through utilization of HotSchedules—we've been able to better manage our labor, communicate with our team members, communicate changes or new initiatives to team members. We've realized time savings for operators, a clearer communication method for schedules, or changes to our employees and a user-friendly way to keep the whole team on the same page.HotSchedules Solutions Work!Being used across the whole organization. Helps us address scheduling, labor controls, and communication.,ABF reporting Ease of use for all people for scheduling/swapping shifts Tie-in to Schoox training platform,Would like to see quicker response times to issues that arise Have had trouble with pre-formatted reports not coming through properly,9,ADP Enterprise eTIME, CrunchTime! and Aloha POS,10,Super easy to navigate these benefits.,Scheduling/shift swaps. Above store communications. newsletters.,Time it takes to create a schedule. managing swaps and changes.Perfect Scheduling Choice for RestaurantsHotSchedules is used by our restaurant operators for scheduling forecasting, communication and training.,Communication Integration Support,The are many add ons it is hard to know what you're missing out on. Support response time is at times long. Activity based scheduling should be part of standard features.,10,Ctuit Radar,10,No comment here.,We use many forms of communication with HotSchedules. Task lists, log books, bulletins, surveys. It is great.,Increased communication and consistent scheduling.Nathan Miller's Review of HotSchedulesIt is being utilized in my organization for scheduling and forecasting. It addresses any holes in scheduling and cost analysis.,Makes everything paperless. Very user-friendly for back office and staff. Can really dive deep into data and sales and what you are spending.,The schedule view was much better before it changed.,9,8,see what is scheduled vs actual and based on hourly sales,Messaging, scheduling, and tasks are very easy and are used often,time back to managers and loss of slips for request etc.Great commumication toolEach of our full-service locations utilizes HotSchedules as a tool to minimize labor expense and a communication tool with our team.,Communication with team members Enforce time and attendance with POS to control labor expense Communication among managers Tracking staff performance issues Keeping up permits,Does not tie labor/schedule postings to budget; too easy for managers to override Messages are not easily accessible Above store reporting tools are outdated; should be able to schedule reports,8,Snag,7,POS integration is the biggest benefit. When used correctly, forecasting is great within HotSchedules. A bit harder when business is more seasonal or tied to local events that are not regular. Needs improvement in enforcing "rules" versus flat dollars and hours.,HotSchedules is great as a communication tool for employees.,Organization is the biggest benefit. Employee availabilities are easily updated without forms and papers lost in the manager office. Great tools for above store users to communicate incentives and contests.An app that's Hot Hot Hot, and beats many others that are Not Not NotWe currently use HotSchedules for 3 very different businesses, an entertainment center with 100+ employees, a restaurant with 50+ employees and a liquor store with 15 employees. It works for all 3 businesses and we find it VITAL to use the store logs to provide comparisons and insight from staff to better future events. From an HR standpoint, we keep a log of interactions with your staff, good and bad, providing proof for coachings, merit reviews and even labor audits. From a business operations viewpoint, we post in the logs regarding maintenance issues, new product introductions and customer requests. Todays' employees want their schedule information quick, HotSchedules provides a platform to share that information in the text messages, emails. The entertainment center uses the budget feature and we are working to introduce that feature to our other two businesses. Is HotSchedules pricey? Yes and no. A product is only as good as the person that chooses to use all of the features, we value the store logs MORE than just using the scheduler. Add in that we occasionally use the budgetary segment, we believe we get more value out of HotSchedules. Overall, I would highly recommend HotSchedules for any company - small, medium, and large!,Store Logs - the ability to record daily events. It provides the review for the monthly results, or even a staff members training progress. Scheduler - divide your staff into various departments so your managers can focus on meeting guest needs in smaller groups. Also a great communication tool as it sends out the schedules in a way convenient to the staff member. Reports - we only use 5 of 30+ reports, but those provide us material for managers to keep the business on track throughout the day.,Configuration is key - there can be bumps after bringing a new business into HotSchedules so the terminology has to be different for each one. Scheduler - on the old one, there use to be a key that explained the hot keys, now its missing. Probably under Support, but it used to be on the scheduler screen.,10,When I Work,We have used HotSchedules to provide the best method of communication with our staff - text messages primarily, emails secondly. We have also used the platform to reduce labor costs (ex: we use the store logs to point out areas of opportunity around events or certain times of the year, then the following year, we may cuts or adjustments to staffing to make sure we are better covered). I have also used the task assignments to keep managers focused on the next big thing on their plate, and as they work on it, HotSchedules provides me feedback on their progress. Bulletin board feature has been used to help intro new products, communicate future events to the staff all at one time, or to thank/encourage the staff.,Scheduler Requests for Time Off Messaging Staff Journal,Budget setup Adapting or configuring the terminology to a different industry.,Yes,9HotSchedules, you're the best around!HotSchedules is being used in our individual venues with an Above Store Counsel set up for our corporate execs. We have 5 restaurants and 2 hotels in the division I work in. HotSchedules is mostly used for its scheduling, log book, staff journal, and sales/labor forecasting. Since implementing HotSchedules, it has allowed us to maintain labor budgets, and ultimately, function much more efficiently by way of staffing and increasing managerial communication.,Manager Log and Staff Journal -- increases more effective communication as well as keeps corporate folks in the loop and able to identify problem areas much more easily (and proactively). Sales and Labor Forecasting - allows us to maintain appropriate labor levels according to budget.,I really wish we could upload PDFs in the staff journal. We would likely replace much of our HR practices if we were able to upload reviews and progressive discipline documentation.,10,,Improved scheduling, MUCH more effective communication and staff accountability, and staying in line with labor budget!,10,I just recently implemented HotSchedules into our 4th location. The implementation process was fast and easy! They also offered training afterwards on an individual basis if necessary.,Yes,Log Book and Staff Journal Scheduler and Template Making Labor Card Reporting Sales Forecasting,Labor Sync seems to be finicky if doing mid shift,Yes,10MIddle of the road and honest.It is currently only being used by the front of house staff and management. The kitchen is reluctant to use it. It does provide the FOH staff with easy access to their schedule from their mobile device. Management does not like the way a schedule prints out and finds it a bit hard to read, but overall, it is worthwhile.,Mobile access to schedules is key for the FOH employees. As an owner who does not do the scheduling, I do appreciate being able to bring up my phone and look at the roster to know who is working and when. Tracking availability schedules and food handler certs are certainly very helpful.,HotSchedules should move away from being connected to companies that promote stealing other employees. Jobsabi was not appreciated by this employer whatsoever. Reporting - especially the posted schedule - is hard to read and doesn't have many options for different layouts Give us the ability to hide past employees in the employee listing. It's ridiculous to have to see terminated or inactive employees.,6,none,I don't think anything. We've had some turnover, and mostly it's challenging for new staff to get up to speed and not make a lot of mistakes making schedules. Everyone thinks they know how to do it better than the prior person, but again, they make mistakes. Hot Schedules has training available, but folks don't use it.,I don't have an answer here, but I do appreciate all of the training database videos they have.,Schedules are tough, I am good at using all kinds of software, but I still found it challenging to be sure all shifts were covered,Yes No Yes, but I don't use it Not Sure,5
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221 Ratings
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Score 7.8 out of 101
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August 09, 2018

HotSchedules Review: "Great commumication tool"

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Updates are frequent, and they are not always better. The scheduling portion was one of the easiest at one point. New upgrades make scheduling a bit more cumbersome. Scheduling is not always tied to the benefits of programming. With the expense, it should be used as a labor savings tool. System allows managers to overlook important features to ensure you writing the best schedule for profitability and guest service.
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Frank Jameson profile photo
May 22, 2017

HotSchedules Review: "An app that's Hot Hot Hot, and beats many others that are Not Not Not"

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6 Years of Experience provides me the insight on the upgrades and changes that HotSchedules has done to improve the experience of its users. There are so many features that we still have not started or used to the fullest, but we believe that we are currently getting a strong value out of the money that is paid for this product.
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About HotSchedules

HotSchedules is a cloud-based scheduling, labor and communication management software solution serving the restaurant and hospitality industry.

According to the vendor, key benefits include:

Build & Communicate Schedules

The scheduling and labor management software reduces the time it takes managers to create and communicate schedules. All scheduling and employee information is stored in one central location, so managers have access to time-off requests, availability, skill level, and certification compliance.

Work Schedule App

The HotSchedules mobile app lets employees check their schedule, request time off, swap shifts, manage availability, and send messages. All shift requests require a manager's approval.

Forecasting and Reporting

When integrated with the POS, the tool pulls time and attendance, sales and guest data into the system. The forecasting engine shows past sales trends, which makes it possible to build schedules with the right amount of labor. There are also over 40 reports.

Multi-Unit Store View

The Above Store Console provides reporting and visibility across stores, anywhere and at any time. It can be configured by region, state, country.

Bilingual App & Support

The mobile app is available in English & Spanish. Employees can call into the AVS or Customer Support Center to get their schedule in English or Spanish - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

HotSchedules Features

Has featureOnline Scheduler
Has featureTime-Off and Availbility
Has featureWork Schedule Mobile App
Has featureScheduling Templates
Has featureEmployee/Staff Communication
Has featureSales and Labor
Has featureForecasting Engine
Has featureReporting
Has featurePoint-of-Sale Integration
Has featureCentralized Communication
Has featureSMS Messaging

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When I Work, Crunchtime

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Bilingual: English & Spanish

HotSchedules Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mobile Web
Supported Languages: English, Spanish