TrustRadius ServicesIt is used by everyone in the organization and it addresses problems such as task management, helps design and customize templates, and helps build relationship with our customers. Its easy for customers to book meetings with us. It has also helped us with sales and marketing. We now get to track leads and learn and improve everyday.,Task Management Sales Leads Booking Meetings Building a Relationship with Customers Easy Communication within an Organization,I still think we need to find a way to send Newsletters Cant send Bulk emails Most people in africa dont understand or know Hubspot,10,Improved ROI Easy to track objectives Still learning more,Capsule CRM,MailChimp, Zapier,10,2,Time management Relationship building Sales,Lead flows in website Time management Booking of meetings,Time Management Sales Content Marketing,10Hubspot Is the Goto Marketing Management ToolHubspot is being used by the organization for marketing communications and managing/hosting the company blog. It ties directly and seamlessly into the SFDC database and updates automatically. When used for email campaigns, we can pull lists quickly and accurately. Making landing pages to go along with various campaigns that contain forms and CTAs is extremely easy and doesn't require special programming or coding and track the metrics.,Tracking metrics for emails Tracking affectiveness of CTAs Ease of building email and landing page templates,Creating global modules for email templates is tricky but there is a workaround Creating workflows can be tricky,1,It increased efficiency in creating marketing communication pieces Allowed us to track metrics in one place for campaigns,Oracle Eloqua,, Yesware,3,2,Tradeshow and event communications Blog management Produce release accouncements,We created a better blogging experience We created a better way to manage tradeshow and event correspondence,Website management Sales contact management,,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Analyst Reports,We wouldn't.,Implemented in-house,No, is setup weird for our organization and caused a few hiccups Knowledge gaps between using Eloqua and Hubspot Making a seamless transition in email communications from Eloqua pushing stuff out to Hubspot pushing stuff out.,10,No,10,Yes,We had a problem with the database sync between Hubspot, Salesforce and our advertising agency trying to get a piece of javascript code to work on a landing page. We all worked throughout the weekend and a snow storm to try resolve this issue. I have no javascript knowledge so I wasn't much help but we all worked together to figure it out.,Creating and managing contact lists (smart and static) Creating landing pages with modules Creating email communications with modules and templates.,Creating workflows was challenging. I had html and css code that didn't agree within some modules and make the final piece look odd,Yes, but I don't use it,10HubSpot Partner who loves HubSpot CRM!HubSpot CRM is used primarily for business development, so I and our director of business development probably are the most active users. Other users include everyone on our client services team, since they use it to manage client relationships. The problems it addresses are primarily process-focused. It helps keep people current on prospect communications, aids in transparency around all current deals, allows people to see how prospect relationships are developing, and makes it easier for everyone to connect the dots regarding the various players involved at any one prospect. It also allows easy access to email templates and other resources we regularly use in business development, making sales efforts more frictionless.,It populates profiles with data pulled from syndicates sources, so we can see company size and industry without having to jump out of the tool. The sidekick tool notifies me when a lead visits, or when they open an email I sent. It allows us to set our own prospect stages, which are changing as we learn more about inbound buyer journeys, and it couldn't be easier to make the changes when we decide it's time. It integrates seamlessly with HubSpot marketing platform, so my users can move back and forth without interrupting their workflow.,The only thing that I would add is a reporting function that addresses all the reporting a responsible sales manager would want and need.,9,HubSpot CRM came on the same time as our director of business development, and our results have been incredible, but I couldn't tell you how much is the technology vs the person. She's able to move fast, convert more leads than we did previously, and we have far fewer dropped balls than we had previously. Communication and coordination between team members has improved exponentially, and continues to improve as CRM capabilities become default habits due to the ease of use and the quick ROE (return on effort),,Basecamp,8,2,Tracking activity from and with active prospects is the most important and most frequent use of the CRM Increasing staff productivity by using templates Improving intelligence regarding prospect companies through Sidekick Managing opportunities, tracking stage progress, feeding opportunities into monthly revenue forecasting,Beginning to use it for recruiting, doing inbound campaigns for candidates and tracking them in CRM,Probably use it to manage events, and to track partner relationships, which are growing in importance.,10,Yes,Price Product Usability Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation Existing Relationship with the Vendor,Wouldn't change a thing. We dove in, the water was fine, and we've formulated protocols post-decision. That approach wouldn't work for everyone, but it worked fine for us.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a minor issue with the implementation,No real problems. Just steady encouragement of the benefits of the entire team being on the same page. Didn't take us long to get there with leadership walking the talk.,9,10,Yes,We had a meeting with a prospect last week; got in the car and called HubSpot for advice on a challenge, and they had answers to us immediately. FYI, the prospect is now a client!,Logging emails from our gmail account couldn't be easier; click a box and all correspondence is automatically there. And Sidekick helps us monitor what's happening with every email, without needing to open CRM or go to it. Couldn't be easier.,Nothing. Everything seems to be intended for ease of use.,Yes,9A game-changer for our Sales, Marketing, and Underwriting collaborationHubSpot CRM is being used by our marketing, underwriting and sales teams. We migrated from SugarCRM. Our sales team usage had declined on our old CRM. It was not helping them sell and it felt like a tax by corporate and management to record all their data. The biggest impact it's had on our company is related to data gathering and inter-department communication.Our proposals take quite a bit of data gathering as we collect what we need from a business in order to provide a quote for our PEO services. Our sales reps used to gather all this information on offline forms that they would then pass to underwriting and emails were passed back and forth to work the proposal out. It was a tedious process and we were not capturing a lot of data that would be valuable for our marketing, underwriting, sales, and executive teams. HubSpot has provided an excellent platform where we have managers from all three departments (marketing, underwriting, and sales) as well as team members in each department now gathering all data in one central spot (deal timelines), with a central spot for communication (notes,mentions, tasks, and attachments) on the deal timeline.,Integrated database. Beyond providing this central spot for data gathering and communication between sales and underwriting, the integrated database that our marketing and sales team now shares has made a huge impact. The ability for your sales and marketing teams to access and share data about a single contact is huge for closed loop analytics that are imperative for efficient marketing these days. Digital Tools for prospecting. The sidekick integration for email sending and tracking is awesome. Visiting a site and then bringing company info into the CRM with one click using the Sidekick extension has been awesome as well. We love the email templates too. Providing context for sales reps. Each contact has a timeline of all events and interactions related to that contact. After our marketing team generates a lead that is read to pass to sales all the data we have for that contact goes with the contact and the rep has incredible historic and contextual information that they can use to customize their followups. This helps us provide more value and close faster as well as waste less time. Workflows. We use workflows on the marketing side based on certain CRM field triggers. For example - When a rep has collected the data they need on the deal timeline the check a box that then sends automated emails to our underwriting team alerting them they need to generate a proposal for that contact etc... Saves tons of time. Links back to a central spot where all data related to the deal is located. Lots of other uses and benefits we use workflows for. The visual deal stage view is amazing. So useful to customize your stages and then allow reps to quickly visually see their pipeline and change deals to a new deal stage with click and drag. UPDATE: there was a new @ mention feature added to the CRM. Now a rep can @ mention any team member in a note on a contact's timeline. The person they mention gets an email and it takes them straight to the contact's timeline where they can then respond. It's been huge for us because we work out a lot of proposals and details on the contact timelines and it has completely eliminated the need to draft emails and insert a contact record link for this back and forth comm. A very nice feature!,UPDATE: The view issue has been fixed! HubSpot listened to their users and they have now changed the marketing view of a contact to look just like the sales view so that I can make all the same edits and adjustments I could in the sales view right from the marketing view! This has been a major improvement.. There's not a lot of improvement areas I can think of. There was at the beginning and they have fixed quite a few of them like timezone issues, default field issues, and view issues when going back and forth from sales to marketing contact views. I'd say the views issue is still something to work on. When a marketer is viewing a contact and a sales rep is viewing a contact I'd like to be able to (as an admin) control what each team members sees. Instead sales rep have ability to change fields they view and it makes it challenging to have a consistent experience for all users. More templates instead of just 5 for emails would be useful as well. The first reporting dashboard you see after logging in should be much more useful than it is. It really doesn't do much for reps or managers. Reporting is still a big weak spot. I like all the things managers and admins can do when we use custom views, but a few template reports to quickly customize would be nice to see as well. From a manager/admin perspective there's much that could be done to give us more options on what we control as far as which users see which fields and be able to control and limit customization of end users.,10,Increased prospecting power is a definite plus. The tools it puts in your reps hands will help them propspect more efficiently and powerfully, e.g. Sidekick and HubSpot company database. Better deal tracking and reporting. More effective followups using the rich background information available on the timeline. Better communication internally to make our sales, marketing, and underwriting teams more effective and work better together.,SugarCRM and Zoho CRM,Trello,15,2,Lead management. Marketing uses to deliver leads to sales rep. We have automated workflows when assignments happen to help reps manage their leads. Seeing lifecycles, and getting them closed. This CRM is a pivotal part of our sales process and following up with corporate assigned leads. Proposal process. Because of the simplicity AND the power of the CRM and how it can be customized we've been able to create a custom process that allows our underwriting team to work alongside our sales and marketing team together on a contact's timeline. Proposals are more centralized and communication is more organized. Activity tracking. Using the CRM, our national sales manager can pull weekly reports that are based on our custom sales funnel for each rep and their weekly activity. Data collection. Without a CRM your organization is not leveraging the data your sales team collects. The CRM has allowed us to combine marketing data with real sales data that our sales reps collect while gathering what they need to do proposal.,Using custom fields, workflows, internal emails, contact timeline notes and mentions and the ability to attach documents on a timeline, this tool has opened up possibilities that we would have never dreamed out. It has transformed how we generated and communicate about proposals. It continues to spark new ideas and process improvements daily. This list could go on and on.,We plan to do more deep integrations with Zapier and Trello to manager proposal processes with underwriting and also automate more of the processes using data collected in the CRM, dumping into g sheet on and then automating proposal generation. Improved sales forecasting and improving our target personas based on closed won deals and data we have been collecting.,10
HubSpot CRM
486 Ratings
Score 8.3 out of 101
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HubSpot CRM Reviews

HubSpot CRM
486 Ratings
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Score 8.3 out of 101

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Patricia Mataga profile photo
February 08, 2018

HubSpot Services

Score 10 out of 10
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It has helped us a great deal and there is no other CRM tool that has all the features Hubspot has. It is easy to learn and doesn't take a lot of time to understand. You can use it with your team and it doesn't matter how many people are in the organization.
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Greg Linnemanstons profile photo
March 18, 2016

HubSpot Partner who loves HubSpot CRM!

Score 9 out of 10
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Because it's integrated with HubSpot marketing platform, which is indispensable, and works simply and seamlessly with the marketing platform. The CRM is intuitive, never a time burden, and makes doing business development work a whole lot easier and enjoyable. I think at this point it's safe and fair to say we would be somewhat lost without the CRM.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Customer data management / contact management (81)
Workflow management (76)
Territory management (50)
Opportunity management (77)
Integration with email client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail) (79)
Contract management (55)
Quote & order management (42)
Interaction tracking (76)
Channel / partner relationship management (53)
Case management (40)
Call center management (40)
Help desk management (37)
Lead management (78)
Email marketing (75)
Task management (68)
Billing and invoicing management (21)
Reporting (73)
Forecasting (59)
Pipeline visualization (69)
Customizable reports (62)
Custom fields (72)
Custom objects (52)
Scripting environment (31)
API for custom integration (44)
Single sign-on capability (47)
Role-based user permissions (68)
Social data (62)
Social engagement (61)
Marketing automation (66)
Compensation management (24)
Mobile access (58)

About HubSpot CRM

The HubSpot CRM system connects to tools already in use. It integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook for Windows, Apple Mail, and Google Drive. Deeply integrated with HubSpot Marketing & Sidekick - HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Marketing run off the same inbound database, meaning every piece of data is always up to date in real time.

CRM Features

Salesforce Automation Features

  • Customer data/Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Email Templates
  • Task/Activity Management & Logging
  • Integration with Email Cient
  • Calendar Management
  • Interaction Tracking

Reporting & Analytics Features

  • Forecasting
  • Pipeline Visualization
  • Dashboards
  • Alerts / Notifications

Customization Features

  • Custom Fields
  • API for Custom Integration

Security Features

  • Role-based authorization

Social CRM Features

  • Social Data

Integrations with 3rd Party Software

  • Marketing Automation
  • Data Import and Export Features
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Management System
  • Web Conferencing / Demos
  • Email Marketing
  • Calendar
  • Sales Intelligence

Platform Features

  • Cloud-based
  • Mobile Access

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HubSpot CRM Integrations

Userlike, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook for Windows, Apple Mail

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Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS
Supported Languages: English