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What is Hustle?

Hustle, headquartered in San Francisco, offers their mobile marketing platform emphasizing peer to peer texting and event or cause promotion. The platform is for higher ed, labor and non-profit, political causes, and also enterprises carrying out marketing efforts.

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Hustle has proven to be a valuable tool for users who need to engage in peer-to-peer texting on a larger scale. Organizations have found …
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What is Hustle?

Hustle, headquartered in San Francisco, offers their mobile marketing platform emphasizing peer to peer texting and event or cause promotion. The platform is for higher ed, labor and non-profit, political causes, and also enterprises carrying out marketing efforts.

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What is Hustle?

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Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Hustle has proven to be a valuable tool for users who need to engage in peer-to-peer texting on a larger scale. Organizations have found success in using Hustle to consistently connect with their members, inviting them to events and trainings. Volunteers have also found Hustle to be an effective platform for advocacy campaigns, allowing them to make a significant impact. Participants appreciate the app's ability to implement volunteers for outreach, making it easier to contact large amounts of people and facilitate 1-on-1 connections. The efficiency of the app has also solved communication issues for employees, freeing up their time. Additionally, organizations have successfully utilized Hustle to interact with their database of people and provide quick and effective responses to their questions. Compared to other texting apps, Hustle is known for saving a lot of time. It is primarily used by Enrollment Services departments and Student Success Coaches in educational institutions to communicate important information, deadlines, and events to prospective and current students. The two-way communication feature of Hustle allows for a more personal touch and enables quick response to questions. Beyond education, Hustle is also utilized by companies for optimizing communication with clients, ensuring streamlined communication and faster message delivery. Sales teams use Hustle to get in touch with prospects at scale while maintaining personal conversations. Non-profit organizations have leveraged Hustle as a fundraising tool.

Overall, users appreciate the ease of use and the value that Hustle brings to their daily operations. Whether it's connecting with members, engaging volunteers in advocacy efforts, or optimizing communication between companies and clients, Hustle has become a go-to platform for efficient and effective outreach.

Integration with EveryAction: Several users have found the integration with EveryAction incredibly helpful for peer-to-peer texting on the Hustle platform. It has streamlined their communication process and allowed them to effectively engage with constituents.

Flexibility of Platform Access: Users appreciate the flexibility of being able to use the Hustle platform either through the phone app or on a computer. This versatility allows them to conveniently access and utilize the platform in various situations, enhancing their overall experience.

Easy Volunteer Recruitment: Many users have mentioned that Hustle is an easy tool for volunteer recruitment, simplifying the process of finding and mobilizing volunteers. The user-friendly interface and efficient mass texting capabilities make it an effective resource for engaging potential volunteers.

Difficulties with Adding Multiple Links: Some users have found it difficult to add multiple or different links in the Hustle script, as there is only space for one link. They have expressed frustration with this limitation, as it restricts their ability to include relevant and diverse content in their messages.

Issues with Creating Lists: Several reviewers have mentioned that creating a list can be challenging and time-consuming when integrating lists from EveryAction. This process can cause inconvenience and slow down the overall campaign setup.

Frustration with Sending Process: Users have expressed frustration with having to hit send every time. This repetitive action adds unnecessary steps and slows down the workflow, causing annoyance for those using the platform regularly.

Users have provided several recommendations for Hustle based on their experiences. The most common recommendations are as follows:

  • Accurately set goals: Users suggest accurately setting goals in Hustle, as they have found it difficult to fix them once they are set. By clearly defining and aligning goals with the organization's objectives, users believe they can make the most of the app's features.

  • Compare with other texting products: To ensure Hustle is the best fit for their needs, users recommend comparing it with other texting products available in the market. By conducting a thorough comparison, organizations can evaluate the features, pricing, and ease of use to make an informed decision.

  • Consider cost and need for quick and easy texting: Before purchasing Hustle, users advise organizations to carefully consider the cost associated with the app and assess if there is a genuine need for quick and easy texting capabilities. Understanding the budget constraints and specific communication requirements will help determine whether implementing Hustle is justified.

Overall, users find Hustle helpful for recruiting attendees and volunteers for events. By following these recommendations, organizations can optimize their use of Hustle and enhance their event management processes.

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Hustle was being used by my sales team, as well as a non-profit that I work for. We use it to get in touch with prospects at scale but while having personal conversations with them in a medium they don't get reached out by too often. I also used it for fundraising for a non-profit.
  • Personalized texting at scale.
  • Scrubbing numbers for cell phones with 99% accuracy.
  • Sends alerts so you never miss a notification.
  • Salesforce integration could be more fluid, but at least they have one.
  • An Outreach or Salesloft integration would be amazing with a Hustle step added to a cadence.
Great for sales, political, fundraising, and nonprofit outreach. You can engage with season ticket holders for renewal, reaching out to voters to ensure they know where to vote and when, fundraising for non-profits, universities, etc., as well as engaging with a community (any organization that has a following and would like to get in touch with them easily, it's great for!)
  • If it is being used for sales or fundraising, amazing ROI.
  • Used for engagement, great to keep a consistent following.
  • Not a very expensive tool at all.
I've heard of (formerly Relay). Basically, it is just a copy of Hustle (maybe younger as well, not as experienced in the market). I didn't dive deep into their platform to get an idea of their capabilities or integrations. They do seem to have been (maybe) steadier on their feet in the market, but I'm not sure. Test both for yourself!
Amazing support staff. Whether you have a dedicated contact or just help from their support channel, they help clear issues very quickly.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Hustle is the one-to-one texting platform that we use at our organization to optimize communication between company and client. We can text all of our clients at once as needed, which helps streamline communication and get the message out faster across a medium that we know they are using and checking often.
  • Send a lot of texts quickly
  • Can be used as a team for responses
  • This is one of the more expensive options available
  • Wish there was more data to report on
Hustle is designed for those on the campaign trail trying to get the attention of people in the one way we know everyone would be available. While we are not running for office, the result is the same - get to a lot of people quickly via text message. What we've learned, though, is that, while it is more robust, it isn't always as easy to use as other text messaging services.
  • It has helped us get in front of new prospects easier.
  • It has improved communication with current customers.
Hustle is a bit of a different animal when compared to various enterprise texting platforms like EZ Texting, Textel, Textio, etc. It's the best bet when you're trying to grow a membership base and provide responsive customer care, but may not be the best option if you're trying to market the latest offers.
As a cloud-based web app, you can expect the typical software as a service communication channel for support. They offer generous support via phone, email, and chat. As with anything, some issues can be solved by googling the problem and finding a resolution that was explained in detail by another user.
John Dezember | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Hustle is primarily used by Enrollment Services department and Student Success Coaches to communicate with prospective and current students about important information, deadlines, and events. While other services can only broadcast messages, Hustle enable two-way communication. The dialog between the sender and recipient allows for a more personal touch and lets us quickly answer questions.
  • Very easy to start using
  • Excellent customer service
  • Immediate results
  • Very nice mobile apps
  • Depending on the size of your contact list, the cost can get high
  • While you can use the service for almost any type of text messaging, some of the interface is definitely geared for political/event use.
Hustle is best suited for messages that require a response, like Yes/No for RSVP or asking if they need more info about a topic. We use Hustle to communicate with students in higher education to inform them about important information like upcoming payment deadlines or to encourage attendance at events like orientation.
  • We have seen higher response rates with messages sent from Hustle compared to email or social media.
We have also used RAVE and Google Voice to send text massages. RAVE does not allow for one-to-one communication with recipients an Google Voice does not let you easily communicate with list of contacts and lacks the interface for canned responses. Neither provides the quality reporting that is available in Hustle.
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