iApplicants is a cloud-based ATS that offers batch or mass communication with potential candidates via multiple channels, resume parsing, and data management. This particular platform is sought and used by small to midsize companies and is offered on a flexible payment schedule. you LOVE shuffling paper and data entry, you need iApplicants!We use iApplicants office-wide for our own recruiting. HR posts and pre-screens applicants, adding a status code for candidates hiring managers need to review. Hiring managers log in, add their own notes and status codes to communicate next steps to HR. This process continues with multiple phases we have built into our recruiting process. It eliminated hundreds of emails, paper copies of resumes, and allows us to communicate quickly back to applicants via the built-in email tools. We also implemented a community hospitality job board about 4 years ago since our mission is to promote economic development. iApplicants will set up employer accounts for us under our 'umbrella' job board, but they also were also very accommodating to allow me to set them up myself if the need arises. iApplicants has been very responsive and accommodating to every request I've ever made of them in the 8 years I've been a customer -- one of THE BEST vendors I've ever worked with.,Innovation - iApplicants partners with other related businesses and develops tools to streamline processes. Their integration makes sense - e.g. integrated background checks or HR software integration. Responsiveness - I don't think I've ever had a response that was beyond 24 hours of my request. Training and Updates - The dashboard offers tutorials at your fingertips. Updates/announcements are displayed upon logging in. I appreciate having it there as a constant reminder, but without getting a lot of email notices that clutter my inbox. Customization - I love that we can brand the application for a professional recruiting "portal" and add additional details about our company. Additional customizations are accessible to me as an end user via the GUI, so I don't have to make a request for everything. The application is long enough to deter job hunters who are "click-happy" and apply to every job they come across - applications that allow job hunters to store their resume in the system and click to apply generated hundreds of unqualified people who were desperate for anything and didn't even read the job description. On the reverse side of the spectrum (particularly government systems), I've seen (experienced) online submissions that were so long and tedious and could take hours to complete online. While some fields are mandatory in the application, iApplicants doesn't require a candidiate to essentially re-key every piece of their resume into sections of an online form.,They provided the various reports I needed, so I'm satisfied - they gave me what I needed quickly and didn't charge anything for customizing a couple of reports for me. If I were a larger organization or had more reporting needs, I think I'd want more flexibility to build them myself. (They may have report-builder tools that I'm not aware of since I haven't had the need for them, though.) I'm not sure if it's within their control, but screening questions are supposed to be required for an applicant to submit their application. Some applicants manage to submit without completing them. Allow candidates to attach multiple electronic files (3-4) in addition to their resume. Cover letters, writing samples, portfolios, etc. are helpful tools to obtain from a candidate during the application process rather than requesting in email later.,10,Dramatically increased employee efficiency. Before we moved to iApplicants, I had to track candidates through EACH phase of the recruiting process (even all of the people who had no business applying in the first place!) I had to send screening questions to candidates with potential, log their email responses, send notifications manually. Our HR staff is able to serve our internal stakeholders significantly. We're able to collaborate with hiring managers and upper management, provide status updates with just a few clicks, and provide better screening by re-aligning on criteria after the first batch of applicants arrives. Sometimes we have to be more lenient, other times more flexible, depending on what the response rate is to the job post. iApplicants significantly enhanced our ability to move candidates through the recruiting process quickly and effectively.,,8,,Job posting / social media integration - advertising the position Applicant management - it's not just a tool to generate a lot of resumes that then have to be read and further clarified for qualifications for the position. Background/screening - Managed through the system instead of a separate process. Community collaboration Documentation - easy retrieval of resume and applicant information for setting up a personnel file once an offer is made.,Community job board allows us to offer the ability to community partners in the hospitality industry to post jobs. It also links jobs we post to our COMPANY job board into the community board. ( Recruitment for volunteers I wasn't expecting the email notification system to work so well. I love that it saves the communication sent right in the applicant's online record. Prior to using iApplicants, I had to manually track applicants--how many had passed through a series of steps in our recruiting process, including all of the initial applications we received that weren't qualified at all. iApplicants set up a custom report that automatically tracks total applicants, and the count of candidates who have completed each stage. We just use specific key words in the notes line and the report summarizes it by date and/or position.,I'm planning more cross-posting of our job board to other community websites (City, Chamber, etc.) I'm toying with how to use it to facilitate an internship process between employers and students from local universities. iApplicants has the ability to allow job-seekers to submit a resume without applying for a specific job and keep it in the system for 6 months, so employers can search for potential candidates. This will require facilitating training and demonstrating ROI so both candidates and employers see the advantage to participating in the exchange this way. They can enable the system to allow a candidate to append their initial application, but I think they said it requires candidates to create a profile or login. I like the idea of being able to edit an existing application, but not sure I want to make it more complicated than it is right now.,10,Vendor implemented,No,Change management was minimal,Aligning on status codes -- making sure all staff using the system knew which codes to filter by based on what their role in the hiring process was. We just toggle candidates back and forth to communicate where we're at with each phase.,10,Online training Self-taught,9,The product is very intuitive, so someone could pick it up without going through the full training series. However, I recommend watching at least the overview demo. Things like setting up templates and sending emails from the system should be well-understood before you send an email blast to external recipients.,No,10,No,When I approached iApplicants with an idea for sharing our job board, they immediately leaped into action. They provided examples of other applications that demonstrated what they could do. Most companies don't want to allow users access to the "back end" where things may be a little more complicated, but when I mentioned that I'd like to set up employers myself in our community job board, they provided detailed step-by-step instructions in a document, complete with pictures and highlights to areas that I needed to pay careful attention to in order to avoid configuration issues. Since our job board is limited to only employers in our community and only the hospitality industry, they also forward requests for employee accounts that come in through the site itself, so that we can approve who gets an account before they're set up.,Job posting/integration with other job boards Email/correspondence Archiving - keep track of people who applied without cluttering the active process.,When I copy and paste job requirements into the system, I sometimes have issues with fonts, spacing (e.g. bulleting). They offer an RTF editor, but I think the HTML behind it isn't always cooperating with what I'm trying to do. If we have a LOT of applicants that we've sent regret notices to, we have to click the link to archive each individual applicant. It would be nice to have a button to archive everyone who had a certain status code or who was tagged to receive an email.,10,10,10,9iApplicants is iAwesome!Maintained by our HR department, it is a tool used by all the supervisors and managers in the organization. It allows easy share of candidates being considered, allows hiring manager to be involved in search at appropriate levels and provides a more organized flow in the process. It provides the applicants a positive experience as well with autmated responses and ability to up-date applications/resumes if desired without repeating the entire process.,Sourcing Reports: We can see where we are getting the stronger pool candidates Email templates: Allows easy modification to email responses to large groups or individual applicants as to status of their application. Screening questions: Able to place screening questions on application that saves time in reviewing candidate application and moves them quickly to a 'yes' or 'no' category,Searching for candidates who applied earlier for different positions: You have an applicant who is not really a fit for a role he/she submitted an application toward. However, you have a new position come open that they may be perfect - but it was months ago and you cannot remember their name! Search via 'jobs applied for' maybe helpful,10,Faster lead conversion Positive experience for hiring managers huge save on paper and filing for HR! Able to pull archived job postings and applications without digging through manual files,ADP Workforce Now,15,1,10,8iApplicants - Use it and Hire right!iApplicants is used as our Applicant Tracking System. Through iApplicants, I am able to post jobs to multiple sites. Although it does not have all the bells and whistles of a more sophisticated ATS, for my company It is the most cost effective solution. We use the system to house all resumes that come in through our job postings. Some managers are able to use the system more effectively than others to communicate their hiring needs.,Easy to use Cost effective Great technical suport,Search capability Reporting features,8,Time to fill Ease of use,,8,3,1,Pricing Ease of use Customer Support,The screener questions help weed out resume submissions for some roles,If search capabilities and reporting capabilities become more robust, I can see some additional usage.,No,Price Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,I wouldn't change the process. It was fair and streamlined. iApplicants was the most budget friendly product for my company at the time.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,No issues,9,No,9,Yes,I had to add a user to our account in just the last week. I had not done it in a quite some time, so I clicked on the support icon, and I had a new user account up and running within minutes thanks to the online support.,Creating Job Postings Using Screener Questions Sending job posts to job sites,Reporting is limited Search is limited,No,9Sometimes you get MORE than you pay for!At my former employer I was responsible for the implementation of iApplicants. They had no ATS system previously. I assisted our implementation manager in setting the system up based on our company needs, trained the recruiters in using it and developed the reference materials for our team. I also as the lead recruiter utilized it daily to manage our applicant flow.,I think posting jobs is particularly easy, our prior system was time consuming and complicated. With iApplicants we reduced our time to post new positions from roughly 3-4 hours down to approximately 15 minutes depending on the number of sites you wanted to push the postings to. The applicant screening questions were the best feature for a team with a large number of requisitions and a limited number of recruiters. This simple feature allowed us to sort through hundreds of candidates in a matter of minutes and identify the top 5-10 to forward to the hiring manager for review. I like having the ability to set up access in the system for hiring managers to review candidates at their convenience. It reduces the need for active communication between the recruiter and the hiring manager regarding the status of incoming resumes.,The version we used didn't have the look and feel of more sophisticated ATS systems, which often feel more user friendly. It would be nice if it had less of a database format. The posting feature utilized a third party which was great but didn't post to real time and required some follow up administratively. The feature of posting from the system is fantastic and the number of options is great but for sites that require manual entry and approval just knowing you are waiting on a third party company to manually enter those postings, have them approved and then verify they have actually been posted live requires a bit more follow up than I prefer. We had a posting delete and no technical explanation as to why or how. It took someone several days to realize it was gone which lost traction and was alarming when we realized that the technical support team had no idea how it happened or what could prevent it from happening again. Needless to say that led to having to verify all postings were active daily for several weeks after which was time consuming when you have 30 open requisitions at a time.,8,Our recruiting team were all contractors costing between $30-$40/hour and the idea of new positions taking 3-4 hours to post to all of our required sites was extremely costly in addition to the cost per ad. The reduction in time to post one position a month paid for the system each month. The previous system we used was manual and time consuming iApplicants allowed us to increase the speed of our lead conversion, reduce the time our requisitions were open and provide better customer service to our hiring managers through better applicant flow. The ROI was tremendous, the reduction in time to fill open positions, reduce cost of contractor hours spent on administrative tasks and the ability to source candidates from previous applicants in our database made iApplicants the best investment for our team in 2013.,,10,5,0,Applicant screening Job posting Resume routing,Providing access for hiring managers to view activity at their convenience.,The implementation of the requisition system.,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Third-party Reviews,I would do a cost benefit analysis of the products to ensure that we are truly evaluating the benefit of the system before basing a decision solely on price.,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,None,10,Yes,8,Yes,My VP was very demanding and often unrealistic so the support team often had requests that were made with unrealistic turnaround times, delivery expectations outside of the realm of the systems capability and yet they always handled the requests quickly and with professionalism.,Entering new positions Posting jobs to websites Routing resumes to hiring managers,none,10Unspecified
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iApplicants is rare -- they offer both a great company (service, innovation, and ongoing development) with a product that really focuses on the needs of its users. It provides the basis for HR/legal reporting. It's easy to use, just logging in for the first time, so even my not-so-tech-savvy managers love it.
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iApplicants is a cloud-based ATS developed by Job Match, LLC.This product offers the full suite of features typical of applicant tracking systems: a user-friendly interface and mobile app, batch or mass communication with potential candidates via multiple channels such as email or by leveraging its integration with social networking sites (e.g. LinkedIn) and commonly used applications (e.g. Outlook), automated phone screens, instantaneous posting to multiple job boards, resume parsing, and data and document uploading. This particular platform is sought and used by small to midsize companies and is offered on a flexible payment schedule, including a no contract month-to-month payment plan or on a fee schedule better structured to accommodate light users and small business. Transitioning and implementation is supported via live business hours customer support. A free demo and free live consultation are both available to familiarize potential buyers with the platform.
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