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IBM Cloud Object Storage

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IBM Cloud Object Storage


What is IBM Cloud Object Storage?

IBM Cloud Object Storage is an IBM Cloud product in the endpoint backup and IaaS categories. It is commonly used for data archiving and backup, for web and mobile applications, and as scalable, persistent storage for analytics.
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How IBM Cloud Object Storage Differs From Its Competitors

IBM Cloud Object Storage Data Transfer

IBM Cloud Object Storage's integration with IBM Aspera allows for high-speed data transfer to and from the storage service over a wide area network (WAN) infrastructure. This can be an effective way to transfer large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. IBM Aspera uses a proprietary transfer …
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IBM Cloud Object Storage Flexible Storage Tiers

The flexibility of IBM Cloud Object Storage's storage class tiers can be beneficial for organizations in terms of managing costs based on their data access needs. The different storage classes (Active, Cool, Cold and dynamic) are designed to provide different levels of data access and durability …
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IBM Cloud Object Storage Data Transfer

IBM object cloud storage is best for third-party integrations. I faced no problems with data integration and transfer. As expected, IBM cloud storage makes things easier for users. IBM object cloud storage is excellent when you use it on WAN. You should use IBM cloud integration for data storage …
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IBM Cloud Object Storage Built-in SQL Query

Excellent service reliability and remarkable cloud efficiency. Having this feature has allowed for the versatile management of many large data inputs across different systems, as well as a safe space in which the user may store and retrieve whatever data they need, whenever they need it. Their …
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IBM Cloud Object Storage Data Transfer

In terms of commercial output, IBM Cloud Object Storage's speed, especially when delivering huge amounts of data, is both great and cost-effective. IBM Cloud's built-in features make it simple to work with any kind of data, in any format, and the security measures used to guard user data on the …
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IBM Cloud Object Storage Flexible Storage Tiers

IBM Cloud Object Storage's safe pathways for transferring data to other users and its speed in doing so are two of the software's many strengths, along with its superior time and cost management capabilities. IBM Cloud Object Storage provides real-time data analytics swiftly and generates reports …
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IBM Cloud Object Storage Data Transfer

It's very fast, and whenever the turnaround time for file transfer is shorter, it results in quicker uploads and downloads, results in a happy customer experience for us. Along with that data, atomicity is the biggest advantage in addition to its integrity.
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IBM Cloud Object Storage Built-in SQL Query

Very reliable services and the efficiency of its cloud capabilities is amazing. The capability has easily enabled flexible handling of multiple big data that are imported across different systems and secure the environment where the user can store and access any required data easily and very …
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IBM Cloud Object Storage Data Transfer

The performance speed especially when transporting a large amount of data through IBM Cloud Object Storage is excellent and cost-effective on the business production. The functionalities allow easy handling of any data type and format without any problem and protection against cloud data threats …
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IBM Cloud Object Storage Flexible Storage Tiers

IBM Cloud Object Storage allows quick access to any information through its secure channels and faster transfer of any data to various users and the ability to manage time and cost using the software is very excellent. The accuracy of the reports that are generated through IBM Cloud Object Storage …
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IBM Cloud Object Storage Built-in SQL Query

It is highly advantageous to perform various kinds of data analysis tasks. It allows [us] to access a variety of information and also enables us to combine data from various data sources. It provides an extremely secure and flexible storage solution [that] prevents the issues associated with local …
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IBM Cloud Object Storage Data Transfer

The ability to move data to IBM Cloud Object Storage with the natively integrated IBM Aspera is quite good and extremely helpful. As previously mentioned, it is very cost-effective, flexible, and scalable cloud storage for unstructured data. It has improved overall productivity and helped …
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IBM Cloud Portfolio

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service IBM Cloud Virtual Servers IBM Cloud Container Registry
As mentioned in other sections, the real Return on Investment in my eyes of using these products is when using them together. They integrate very well together. A lot of the products are actually built on the same …
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  • Security controls (127)
  • Dynamic scaling (122)
  • Service-level Agreement (SLA) uptime (120)
  • Monitoring tools (122)

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

IaaS provides the basic building blocks for an IT infrastructure like servers, storage, and networking, in an on-demand model over the Internet

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Product Details

What is IBM Cloud Object Storage?

IBM Cloud Object Storage makes it possible to store practically limitless amounts of data. It is commonly used as storage for web sites and mobile applications, data archiving and backup, enterprise file services, and analytics. Flexible storage class tiers with a policy-based archive lets users manage costs while meeting data access needs. The integrated Aspera high-speed data transfer option makes it easier to transfer data to and from Cloud Object Storage, and query-in-place functionality supports running analytics directly on users' data.


Storage classes. Manage costs while meeting data access needs. Storage class tiers are available for active (Standard), cool (Vault), cold (Cold Vault) and dynamic (Flex) data

Archive. Apply an age-based archive policy to move objects from any storage class to long term, lower-cost storage

Resiliency options. Meet availability and resiliency needs. Options include Cross Region, Regional or Single Data Center

Integrated Aspera high-speed data transfer. Quickly transfer data to and from IBM Cloud Object Storage with no cost for data ingress

Query-in-place. Run analytics directly on data at rest using IBM SQL Query

Data durability. Designed for 99.999999999-percent data durability

Encryption. Leverage server-side encryption. Optionally manage encryption keys or use IBM Key Protect

Identity and Access Management. Manage access control using role-based policies

IBM Cloud Object Storage Features

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Features

  • Supported: Service-level Agreement (SLA) uptime
  • Supported: Dynamic scaling
  • Supported: Elastic load balancing
  • Supported: Monitoring tools
  • Supported: Security controls

IBM Cloud Object Storage Screenshots

Screenshot of Setting upScreenshot of Creating Storage BucketsScreenshot of Access ManagementScreenshot of Create, Add and Manage Storage BucketsScreenshot of Upload DataScreenshot of Usage Details

IBM Cloud Object Storage Video

Object storage can be used to store large amounts of data in a highly scalable manner. Whether it's for a server, web application, or a back-up requirement, data with object storage can be stored using REST APIs.

IBM Cloud Object Storage Integrations

IBM Cloud Object Storage Competitors

IBM Cloud Object Storage Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesWorldwide
Supported LanguagesEnglish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

Frequently Asked Questions

IBM Cloud Object Storage is an IBM Cloud product in the endpoint backup and IaaS categories. It is commonly used for data archiving and backup, for web and mobile applications, and as scalable, persistent storage for analytics.

Google Cloud Storage and Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) are common alternatives for IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Reviewers rate Security controls highest, with a score of 8.7.

The most common users of IBM Cloud Object Storage are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I am an Independent Creative Developer. We offer Design, Development, and products. Our-end users are related with Food, music, art, design, travel, and more else.
Ok. Right now, I'm trying to automate tasks with IBM Cloud Object Storage.
Now, I am in charge of the IT migration platform for a robust and reliable company, who want to offer a flexible and scalable Cloud infrastructure. We have been getting problems with the deployment and the documentation IBM offers is interesting and easy to read, [easy to] understand syntax.

We want to migrate some projects related with K Percussion (hybrid percussion) related with E-Learning about percussion music and programming technologies to engage with end users around the world. What is our commitment? To provide an robust an responsive platform for customers, clients and stakeholders.
  • Reliability. One of the most important interests in the industry. A well performance, low latency and high flexibility for tasks, as CI/CD through pipelines. Positive
  • Security. Customers needs is the reason to exist right? Privacy about their content, and how they handle it, is the entire reason the IBM offers to their customers. Positive
  • Documentation. About it, it is interesting because it helps to know more about their products, knowledge. Positive
  • Learning. IBM brings me continuous education and improvement. Well, I try to apply this knowledge to design user experiences or get more insights. Know applying this to the IBM Object Cloud Storage. Positive.
  • No complaints about anything.
Right now, as I said, I don't have complaints, or issues. It [would] be interest[ed] to find a blog or a blog community for developers and people involved with IT technologies and Cloud Database Migration directly with IBM.
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) (5)
Service-level Agreement (SLA) uptime
Dynamic scaling
Elastic load balancing
Monitoring tools
Security controls
  • The products to Develop Apps or websites based on my customer needs.
Could be use as a database for webs and then, all the information could be automatized.
Low latency and performance flexibility.
Resilience is a key for an outstanding performance.
Yes. Depending on project budgets, it will fit on the correct storage class tiers to enhance the end user experience.
Customers and stakeholders need a robust platform, even it they are starting.
  • Flexibility.
  • Remote Work.
  • Resilience.
  • Online training
I just researching and applying the tools on their platforms to ensure a good learning path, based on my needs. Reading the documentation related with resources, tools. Is too big, but I am trying to know more about it every day. It is a good way to know more about their resources. A new way to attract new customers. At the end of the day, we are all involved in improvement and automation of our tasks and resources for customers and end-users.
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