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IBM Cool Blue

IBM Cool Blue


What is IBM Cool Blue?

IBM Cool Blue is data center cooling technology.

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Product Details

What is IBM Cool Blue?

IBM Cool Blue Technical Details

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Angela Lawson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This technology has helped us to save resources that aws being disbursed to help in cooling the servers. It is easy to connect with the existing server systems. IBM Cool Blue has eased the burden of relying on manual coolers that can easily affect workflows and minimize production. Once deployed there is no need of deploying other air conditioning units in the organization.
  • Easy deployment to any server.
  • Cooling the servers and limiting the use of air conditioners.
  • Enhancing efficient performance from the datacenters.
  • The coolers have been functioning effectively.
  • The overall performance have impressed all the members.
The cooling system has tackled most challenges that were experience in the server heat exchanger. Each department can now focus on more productive tasks without fear of cooling effects that can affect workflows. It has reduced the high rate of server heat emmissions from datacenters by 45 percent currently. The cost od integration with IBM server is lower since it is designed to fit all the cloud servers.
  • Heat regulation in servers.
  • Orchestration of datacenters.
  • Flexible integration with servers.
  • There is positive ROI from 25% to 55% .
  • Cooling services have been enhanced effectively.
I have not come across any other version that can beat IBM Cool Blue in heat regulation services across our servers. The cooling system sis highly advanced and can be integrated with most servers. It is easy to customize Heat eXchanger and deploy it to suitable servers that requires cooling. The pricing of the platform is affordable to many business enterprises that experiences server heating challenges. I highly rate the performance of IBM Cool Blue and recommend it to other business enterprises.
Ellie Walker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Excellent IBM platform for the easy and efficient management of multiple data centers and the easy system on effective system cooling. The IBM platform dashboard is simple to all users and the setting of all the features is an easy operation on the first involvement with IBM Cool Blue functionality. The setting platform in IBM Cool Blue.
  • System performance management.
  • Easy coordination of multiple.
  • Cooling solutions for different services.
  • First starting may be challenging.
  • Setting of interface not easy to leaners.
  • Cooling effect on multiple data processing center.
IBM Cool Blue has all easy and reliable functionalities which can also provide unique cooling effects to cool and manage the operation on different network servers and also cooling of multiple systems within the business. The quality of IBM Cool Blue cooling services is excellent and very reliable services which improve the processing of multiple project data.
  • It's easy to keep the operation smoothly running.
  • Excellent application performance management.
  • Data processing and business operation are easily monitored using IBM Cool Blue tools.
  • Easy to manage servers.
  • Productivity improvement.
  • Profit enhancement.
Veronica Derrick | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This cooling system is the best and most reliable cooling platform that allows effective access to all its functionalities and also an easy IBM solution to easily start its features manipulation. IBM Cool Blue interface is very clean and the cooling experience on the platform is excellent, which enables the smooth running of multiple data processing activities.
  • Offers the cooling effect required.
  • The quality of the services is excellent.
  • Speed of its performance is productive.
  • Setting to new user is not that simple.
  • Understanding the whole features manipulation concept.
  • Providing cooling effect for multiple centers is not simple.
Great IBM solution for the various servers and data centers to effectively generate enough cooling effects for their operations which enhances the production and also helps on effective time management and also cost management. The IBM Cool Blue interface is very professional and clear to operate and its processing capability and speed are excellent.
  • Cooling effects adjustment tools.
  • Processing functionalities.
  • Reports preparations capabilities.
  • The cooling experience generated is excellent.
  • Accessibility of its control functionalities is nice on time management.
  • Creating reports for the operations is quick and simple.
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