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Nitin Gupta | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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IBM FlashSystem [5000] is being used in our organization because of it's high throughput and big cache storage. Most of the organization's data is stored privately and securely with high capacity storages by IBM, 5000 being the behemoth of them all with 25TB usable storage most of the data can be stored locally and no-one can deny the 3-year warranty which is a cherry on the top.
  • High storage capacity
  • Huge cache size
  • Unbeatable warranty support
  • Warranty can be increased for peace of mind.
  • Cost could be adjusted for SME use.
  • Should be easily accessible.
In our organization most of the data is stored locally on IBM FlashStore 5000 which is cost effective and has a fantastic ROI for our organization which caters all our data storage needs with fast cache and huge local storage. Only issue is the accessibility which can be improved overtime.
For our workload it is perfect for storage as our requirements are catered in accordance to the storage of IBM FlashSystem [5000]. It has saved a lot of man hours because of fast cache which is available throughout and humongous storage options for SME application and data storage needs. Overall satisfied with the results.
Zakarieya Abderoef | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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The IBM FlashSystem 5000 is being used by mission critical applications with low latency storage requirements. This is especially useful for systems such as SAP Business Intelligence (BI). Its also important to note that the IBM FlashSystem 5000 is certified by SAP for their SAP HANA Tailored Data Centre Integration (TDI) deployments. At the time of writing this review the following IBM FlashSystem models (with restrictions) are certified by SAP TDI includes the IBM FlashSystem 5010(H)/5030(H)/5100(H) which serves up to 4/18*/26* HANA nodes and the IBM FlashSystem 5015/5035/5200 which serves up to 4/18*/26* HANA nodes.
  • Offers NVMe-accelerated performance which is way faster than SATA SSDs
  • The FlashSystem 5000 offers all-flash and hybrid options
  • The FlashSystem 5000 provides the highest levels of availability to support mission-critical applications offering an IBM's six 9s availability design.
  • Installation should be simplified a bit as it can become a bit complicated to install
  • Enabling encryption and compression has the potential to affect performance
  • Pricing seems a bit higher than competitor models. This can be mitigated if you work with an IBM Gold Partner or higher that can secure better discounts.
IBM FlashSystem 5000 is well suited for most environments that requires a high performance storage system. Since the price of flash has decreased significantly over the past years, it can also be used to replace legacy disk based storage systems as part of a company's storage upgrade or refresh plan. If you have a tight budget, then the FlashSystem 5000 can be configured as a hybrid solution to decrease costs a bit. You can then make use of the Easy-Tier functionality to ensure that the data is automatically kept or moved the right type of storage to maintain application performance.
The [IBM] FlashSystem 5000 is marketed by IBM and an entry-level/mid-range storage system and is thus suitable for mid-sized workloads. Since this system is also certified by SAP for running in a SAP TDI deployment, it may run even higher workloads as long as any SAP TDI restrictions are considered when sizing and designing the solution.
Shreya Sharma | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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I work in IT marketing and usually get requirements for Enterprise Storage. In 2021, on such a requirement; I consulted with the customer about the specifications and referred the customer to IBM FlashSystem 5000 all-flash and hybrid-flash storage. The customer is using it for entry workloads in the production area.
  • It's a hybrid Flash Storage
  • Effective and Affordable
  • Realtime Analytics Available
  • Easy Deployment
  • Interface could be made better
  • Management is not easy
  • Storage addition should be made smooth and better
IBM FlashSystem 5000 is well suited where the demand of storage and performance is high. It is very reliable solution for realtime analytics. It is of no use where IBM Spectrum Virtualize licensed machine code level is older than 8.2.1. It is not ideal for startups and small storage requirements.
Midsize workload wise, IBM FlashSystem 5000 has performed very well. It has decreased man hours via storage options, fast cache. It is also SAP certified so easy for higher workloads as well. AI driven support helps in decreasing manual errors. It has been found to be very effective solution for midsized application workloads.
Grace Jones | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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IBM FlashSystem 5000 is accurate and its used across our whole organization to deliver and bring closer current technology such as artificial intelligence and blockchain into our organization. Its used across our various departments and helps us build a resolute organization that applies technology more so artificial intelligence in planning and execution of our workflow. Helps us accelerate our data and so in an affordable manner.
  • It's affordable and does not compromise on technology thus steady in enhancing how we work.
  • Has grown our ROI due to its instant boost in improving our business processes and portfolio.
  • Its hybrid cloud enabled and this enables organizations to start with slowly and later evolve to cloud as their data continues to grow.
  • It requires quite an investment for it to be full cloud enabled and realize its workloads something that SMEs do not have the luxury to do so, otherwise it's an accurate platform
IBM FlashSystem 5000 is designed to offer modern technology to businesses and it suits well in a scenario where a company wants to boost their technological usage in workflow development and implementation. The platform allows organizations to speed up how they work and enhance service delivery process.
Saqib Seraj | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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IBM FlashSystem 5000 has been purchased by our finance department organization. We use this system to provide internal storage for finance department programs that allow them to bill our customers. We also have a unit for small business development to test/set up internal applications.
  • Excellent user interface
  • Affordable
  • Good for huge amounts of data and analysis
  • They can extend to include additional functionality integrated group
  • Misleading use case claims
  • Management is difficult
IBM FlashSystem 5000 is a great solution if you need an easy-to-deploy solution that can be expanded very easily as your data grows over time and reaches maximum capacity. It's also cloud ready, so when we start using cloud services, we can keep this solution in place and integrate it, not just throw it away.
IBM FlashSystem 5000 is extremely effective in its target media market. The cost of the matrix and its components, especially compared to the same hardware found in IBM FlashSystem 7000, is extremely low. We were not too worried about the costs, but the low cost allowed us to rethink domains around applications/services.

If you want basic block storage with good performance at a low cost, it would be ridiculous to look elsewhere.
Sayanta Banerjee | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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IBM FlashSystem 5000 is one of the best when it comes to a hardware storage solution. It virtualizes features and offers multiple flash and disk drive storage media and expansion options. The FlashSystem adds more CPU power and additional features, such as Data. Reduction Pools and data-at-rest Encryption. It has AI-driven management and proactive support.
  • A single platform
  • Hybrid Cloud is enabled in Flash System 5000
  • Data protection
  • Free trial and installment for beginners
  • Individual purchase can be taken into account
  • More tutorials can be added
IBM FlashSystem 5000 is one of the best hardware solutions for entry-level enterprise solutions. It has a data protection system that helps a lot of organizations. It increases the return of investment with ai-driven management. It also has a strong processor which helps in storing of high influx of data from several cloud vendors. It has hybrid cloud support too which helps in fetching data from several sources.
IBM FlashSystem 5000 really is a spectacular hardware system particularly designed for entry-level enterprises. It really meets the data storage requirements for organizations with midsized workloads because it has artificial intelligence-driven and proactive support. The FlashSystem has a good processor and it helps in data protection. IBM FlashSystem also helps with enterprise-class functionality which includes sophisticated data reduction technologies.
Score 9 out of 10
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IBM FlashSystem 5000 is being used in my organization by different project teams for medium and large applications which require high-performance memory for their applications and data. It has helped in improving the overall speed and performance of the critical applications and help us meet the client expectations for better business delivery.
  • It provides continuous high performance for all the critical applications.
  • We are able to ensure 24/7 uptime for the system
  • Excellent resource distribution
  • High performing storwise system
  • Options to align deployments and resources in a hybrid model based on the requirements
  • Team needs good amount of training and knowledge as the initial setup is somewhat complex
IBM FlashSystem 5000 is well suited for applications and deployments which require fast memory to process and complete a large number of transactions in less amount time and at the same time ensuring the high availability of the services for the end-users. IBM FlashSystem 5000 is offering reliability, high performance, and scalability under a single roof.
IBM FlashSystem 5000 has been a very effective solution for the mission-critical applications in our organization. It has proven to be fast, efficient, and high-performing throughout.
Amit Dubey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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IBM FlashSystem 5000 provides a great hardware that meets our client goal and requirements. We are using FlashSystem 5000 to implement mission critical applications that require good stability. We are using it support SAP projects in our organization which generates large data sets and provides a great performance using fast disk arrays. Also provide high availability for your applications. Data compression algorithms work great and help reduce the original size of data.
  • SAP HANA TDI deployment.
  • Provide a great performance using fast disk arrays.
  • Provide High availability to applications to avoid failure.
  • Installation is a little complex and needs proper documentation.
  • Administrator dashboard interface can be improved.
IBM FlashSystem 5000 is best suited for mission critical applications like SAP and ERP. It provides us the capability to process large amount of data with a great performance and also meet our requirements and improve business for the client. All flash system gives a great performance boost to it.
IBM FlashSystem 5000 are great choice for mid sized workloads, it provides a great experience with all flash storage array. It can also be scaled in case the workload get huge. These system are best choice for SAP and ERP applications which requires huge data processing and provide a great performance.
Panav Beri | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We are using IBM FlashSystem 5000 to increase the performance of ERP tools. We are able to process large data sets with high performance. It is helping us to provide high-performance throughput for data-intensive operations, which, in return, is helping us to save time. Also, it is more reliable hardware as compared to the traditional stack and has low maintenance costs.
  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • Low-latency flash storage
  • High performance
  • Stable
  • Good user interface
  • AI capabilities and functions need to be improved
  • Admin dashboard user interface can be improved
It is best suited for medium-sized enterprises and projects. It provides good scalability options based on the load requirement. End users get the flexibility to align highly intensive tasks with more resources for better management and optimized performance. The support provided by the IBM team for initial implementation is also excellent.
IBM FlashSystem 5000 has efficiently helped us to get a high performing backend for our critical applications. It has met the business requirements for our applications and ensures we have low latency. Overall, we are satisfied with the product.
Akshay Sharma | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Our SAP Applications team is using IBM FlashSystem 5000 for the deployment of critical SAP tools. It helped us meet SLA for critical applications and improve business process agility for the client.
  • High performance
  • Multiple Flash and hybrid options
  • Best suited for Gold and Platinum critical applications
  • High Availability
  • Fast Disk Array and Storwize System
  • Deployment and installation needs to be simplified
  • Support documentation lacks micro details for multiple options
  • Licensing process is some what complex, it can be made simpler
IBM FlashSystem 5000 is well suited for scenarios where the system requires high-performance storage. It is reliable and one of the stable solutions for performance storage.
It is efficient and fast storage which helped us to migrate applications from the traditional storage system to fast and high-performance storage. Overall, it is the best option for medium to large-sized organizations.
João Xavier | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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IBM FlashSystem 5000 is top-notch hardware in all respects to meet our goals with the storage requirement. It has been used by our organization for mission-critical applications that require low latency and stability. The solution has been growing according to our demand. It scales easily and doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge. I love its performance with an all-flash system bringing a lot of speed. It's easy and simple to deploy, manage, and monitor through the performance dashboard that lets you check important metrics and set up alarms and notifications whenever it requires some IT attention. The reports are personalized and very complete and help with IT analysis.
  • High read and write speed with an all-flash system.
  • Allows you to grow as needed easily. High Scalability.
  • Reliable and robust solution for high workloads.
  • Data Comprehension Reduction.
  • 99% high availability.
  • Easy management.
  • NVMe storage is much more expensive than other disk options.
  • I don't see technical problems.
We strongly recommend IBM FlashSystems 5000 for any environment that is in need of a secure, high-performance, low-latency storage system. It's easy to scale new disks as the company grows and expands. Management is easier than some of the competition I've experienced and shows all the most important performance stats. IBM is a great brand that always brings new fixes and improvements and you are sure to always sleep well because it is very rare for a problem to appear.
IBM FlashSystem 5000 in my opinion can be used for medium and high-end workloads. It will depend on the system or applications used, but if you require low latency, high performance and speed, and especially simplicity of deployment and management, this is the right and ideal solution. The price is OK compared to others.
Nishant Arora | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We have been using IBM FlashSystem 5015 to overcome our data storage concerns. The data in an engineering company is very critical and there is a need to retain each and every specification document that was used in the project so that it can be used as an asset and as a reference in other projects. Our IT department came up with a solution that will solve the problem caused by tape backups and modernize the way data is being stored. They also made sure the solution is a complaint and follow the best practices for security.
  • Virtualized storage is one of the best thing
  • Ease to use and Manage
  • AI driven solution helps reduce human efforts
  • none actually
IBM FlashSystem 5000 series is a perfect solution for meeting the dynamic and ever-expanding demand for data storage. The hardware-based solution comes with software and has a lot of features that are AI-driven, which makes it easy to use, manage and even provide insights on how the data is stored and what are the predictions. All this keeps you future-proof.
IBM FlashSystem 5000 is an effective way to connect your storage needs with the modern platform. It caters to the requirements of enterprise-level. The solution is easy to deploy and cost-effective.
The software is capable of providing real-time analytics and predictions that make it is even easier to add more storage capacity within time. It provides high-performance, encryption, and compression which makes this product a good fit for mid-sized organizations who are looking for products that provide more in less!
sheraz butt | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We have configured a specific model that meets our requirements. Using IBM FlashSystem 5000, we are able to build on a software foundation that is delivering more ROI. We started with small and now we have easily extended to the cloud as per our business requirements and we never found any problem or issue.
  • Can enhance the storage efficiency
  • Can protect the most valued data
  • Can increase the ROI
  • Significant IT Budget
  • Little tricky to setup
  • Configuration documentation should be more user-friendly
IBM FlashSystem 5000 offers different models so you can easily compare the products. Then you can select according to your requirements. It works great in almost all scenarios. This is a single and unique platform with easy-to-use management tools. You can easily upgrade at any time. [It is the] most reliable and efficient.
Data storage requirement is the most important thing in any company or department and this platform has simplified the data delivery with enterprise-class data services for us. We have achieved the best balance of affordability and performance for entry workloads. This is so effective and incredibly professional for any organization.
Varun Kainthla | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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This storage device is being used across our entire department for backup for our old data. It has helped us in virtualising our storage and thereby helping us to restore data easily in the times of data loss. It has reduced hassle of recovering data significantly. Some of the devices are also used for storing billing and invoicing data. Its data compression algorithms have reduced our file size by a lot too.
  • It is reasonably priced and gives a variety of features even at the low price.
  • Its user interface is quite intuitive and one can learn it quite fast.
  • Many features for visualising the stored data exist for IBM FlashSystem 5000. It helps in quick retrieval of data thanks to these features.
  • Its customer service is reliable and usually responds quite fast.
  • Setup takes time.
I would highly recommend this for backups. Earlier, backing up used to be hard and it was quite confusing to know where we put the required data. With this, it becomes quite easy to recover and locate data so that one can easily retrieve data. I personally think this would be most suitable for medium sized corporations since they usually have a tighter budget.
I think IBM FlashSystem 5000 is suitable for midsized workloads and constrained IT budgets thanks to its low cost and great set of features. It has versions of its product that are more than capable of handling large workload and they come at a cheap price. Therefore, I think it will help mid size and small companies.
Vivek Rai | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We are working on it and also our client is using this IBM FlashSystem 5000 it is very easy and user-friendly to access and also very easy to troubleshoot.
We are managing DC and DR side both sides with help of this and we did not face any type of issue.

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Best GUI manual
  • Performance is very good
  • Include NFS feature on it
  • Enable business copy feature
It is a very good option in the field of storage. It's easy to manage and user-friendly.
Very good performance mainly read write speed.
We are using it for critical ERP ENV / Billing it's a very good product in its industry. people can use it for both its effectiveness.
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
IBM FlashSystem 5000 is the new trend in storage media and it is simple and very efficient in hybrid multi-cloud environments. Currently, it is used in the information sector and it addresses efficient handling of data in cloud environments. It addresses data storage and fast performance accessing the same in a multi-clustered environment.
  • IBM FlashSystem 5000 is very easy to install and very convenient in scalability. it can be adjusted according to the organization's requirements and can easily enlargeable in organization growing standards.
  • IBM FlashSystem 5000 is known to be 99% of availability in data accessibility. these systems are very simple for upgrades, access, and integration.
  • it is well compatible with a cloud system and cost-effective to purchase and manage for even for smaller organizations.
  • It known to be famous for clustering and de duplication and data encryption .
  • it has been observed that slight performance degrade while accessing flash system on RAID level configurations. there is room to improve performance while in RAID configurations.
  • Some of the integrated software issues while integrating the flash systems to the other devices out of IBM products. it should be simplified in integrating with other out-of-the-box IBM products.
  • Replication functionality should be improved especially dealing with disaster and recovery in a production environment.
Being the customer of IBM FlashSystem 5000, it is great with the cloud computing system. easy to install, upgrade and maintain. its better encryption and compression features are very impressive and moreover very cost-effective. especially with cluster environments, this works great. it has better scalability and is easy to integrate with most environments.
it has a competitive market price and is very impressive for an even smaller organization that can handle purchase ability and fulfill their needs.
there are other products also available in the market which have their own merit and demerits. while considering a purchase decision, any organization simply looks at what exactly organization requirements and whether the product meets their standards and it is within permissible limits in the purchase price and maintenance. By considering these values, IBM FlashSystem 5000 is top-notch to other products available in the market.
While dealing with RAID level configuration on clustered servers, has been observed some slight performance hit on this system. it should be focused. Also, there is a data latency observed on servers installed in different data centers.

IBM FlashSystem 5000 is cost-effective, easy to install, manage, implement, and scalable which are the more prominent features that IBM offer which are the more prerequisites for many small to mid-level organizations. Moreover, it supports cloud-based systems and it is very good for cluster environments.
IBM FlashSystem 5000 has compression and encryption features which function efficiently while data I/O operations going on live production servers. most of the small to mid-level organizations expect same.
Score 8 out of 10
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IBM FlashSystem 5000 provides credible solutions using advanced technology like Al and blockchain. My company has assessed this tool as highly beneficial as it provides assistance in infrastructure flexibility. And above all, its package is very attractive and it offers a lot of functions that we needed. It works well with SSD SAS and its integration is amazing.
  • It is good in providing advanced hybrid solutions.
  • It is a profoundly stable tool and is high-performance software.
  • Another important thing about this tool is that it is easy to manage.
  • It performs well with SSD SAS.
  • Its interface needs to be unambiguous.
  • It is very hard to set this tool up and its installation takes a lot of time.
  • Data reduction pools need to be improved.
IBM FlashSystem 5000 is good for performing a variety of functions and it is a high-performance stable tool that is beneficial for us in managing virtual workloads. But it is not suitable for someone who is looking for data reduction and low latency. [In that case], they should go for other options than IBM flash System 5000. But overall, at such a cost it is offering many functions.
Its storage capacity is amazing and is efficient enough in managing the workload of even large applications. It facilitates its users with infrastructure flexibility. And it is so good in providing hybrid solutions. It is a stable tool, so it keeps all the benefits in view. Its offers are effective in the data storage of midsized workloads too.
August 05, 2021

IBM Flash

niman goli | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
[IBM FlashSystem 5000] is used for saving customer production data
  • easiest way of management
  • high performance disks
  • replication feature was easy to use
  • migration made simpler
  • More number of IOPS are required
  • Integration to use it as File storage
  • Integration with VMWARE
[IBM FlashSystems 5000] is best suited for the midrange customer and its great if it gives more IOPS to enterprise customers
Because of the number of IOPS and capacity, it managed
July 30, 2021

Flash 5000

VinodKumar Jhadav | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
For our supply chain enterprise platform we have multi party collaboration. We choose IBM FlashSystem 5000, and the performance has been commendable. The storage or hardware space IBM FlashSystem 5000 has, has been the most reliable partner for all the top leading tech giants. The technical support has been amazing to address the challenges.
  • Increased ROI
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Enhance storage efficiency
  • Availability of Six 9
  • Affordability
  • Technical support
  • Product awareness
It is well-suited for most environments that require High-performance storage. It can replace the legacy disk-based storage system as part of storage upgrade .
Business for all sizes, offers easy to own, easy to grow flexibility. Provides affordable enterprise-grade functionality & performance. Enables data mobility to support hybrid cloud deployments.
June 19, 2021

IBM tech

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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I've been working with the IBM FlashSystem 5000 family and four different IBM partners in Egypt for the last 10 years. I am very interested in continue using IBM Storage systems and I install them onto many customers' computers. It's one of the best.
  • High availability
  • Flash copy services
  • Simple management
  • High performance
  • Fixability
  • Stability
  • Extend pool with a single disk
Very effective storage and it replaces many old storage systems on the customer sites. I have already replaced two customers' systems in Egypt and it is working very well and helps us to meet workload requirements.
fixability ability and Performance
very easy
Score 8 out of 10
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We use IBM FlashSystem [5000] to tier out block storage and ensure that our most accessed applications have access to best in class flash storage while our test applications mainly reside on HDD (easy tier) and can burst to flash for preproduction testing. We also serve out content via SMB shares for document storage/retention purposes.
  • Ability to thin provision storage helps us maximize the capacity of the array
  • Mission critical applications have access to low latency storage
  • NVMe accelerated storage is ahead of the competition
  • Installation can be tricky — you might be in for a do over if you get the settings wrong on your deployment
  • Slow adoption of bleeding edge storage technologies
  • Not a good fit for every use case
IBM FlashSystem 5000 is well suited for providing storage to mission critical applications which require large storage pools over low latency fiber channel connections. It is also a good solution for maximizing document file retention where it is required by applicable standards. Price can be misleading if you don’t understand the different storage tiers such as HDD, Flash and NVMe.
IBM FlashSystem [5000] is a great solution for medium sized businesses as it offers customers multiple types of storage including HDD, Flash and NVME. Storage can be mixed and matched and all uses the same gear web interface so there’s no need to learn new tools. API integration makes ongoing maintenance a breeze.
Score 9 out of 10
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The IBM FlashSystem 5000 is being used for the whole organization as one of the main forms of input data. Before choosing this solution we had to do the process almost manually, and, since we started using this product, we have this more centralized and we also cold define a process to be followed in terms of inputting data.
  • Efficiency
  • Data mobility
  • Data resilience
  • It is not that well designed.
If you have this flash way to input data and you need a tool to centralize it and having a really good capacity of processing, IBM FlashSystem 500 sounds like a really good choice. You can implement flows of inputting and it is a really reliable tool that you definitely should have at your company.
I think IBM FlashSystem 5000 meets what they are supposed to meet. They are really effective in terms of storage. It is reliable and easy to install and start using. I think it is also cost-effective and suits almost all the companies where this kind of tool is useful.
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
The IT department used this because of its very high performance and it provides solutions for artificial intelligence and blockchain. The interphase is very easy and it is quite user-friendly in terms of its use. It also has different storage options which makes it more reliable and trustworthy.
  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Return on Investment ratio
  • Price is bit higher
  • hard to setup by oneself
  • Requires latest IT infrastructure
[IBM FlashSystems 5000] is well suited for modern IT industries because it provides more storage options and it is very reliable and dependable and it is quite fast. Well it is not suitable [for companies] with a low IT budget because of its higher price but having said that the performance of it can be profitable in the long run.
It has provided more options for data storage including the cloud. Well, at first it looks a bit expensive; however, it is really worth the money in the long run. But it can be quite difficult for low IT budget companies but for mid-sized it is the most recommended product.
August 05, 2021

Fast. Reliable. IBM.

Score 8 out of 10
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IBM FlashSystem 5000 is the main replication storage system for our enterprise. It provides primary backup storage for our on-premises VMWare servers. Therefore, it is at the backbone of our entire organization, at the heart of our redundancy system. At such critical points, you want to have the best product you can trust. IBM offers us this.
  • High availability
  • Simple management GUI
  • Stability
  • High performance
  • Simple integration
  • The user could be shown on which files the deduplication or compressions were stored
  • Cost
As you know, storage is almost at the center of the process in the world of information technologies. IBM FlashSystem 5000, on the other hand, has the ideal speed and capacity, especially for entry-level storage systems. The point where you will position IBM FlashSystem 5000 can also be on the instant replication side of your production environment. If we are talking about a very serious transaction flowing structure, perhaps it may be necessary to evaluate the 7000 series according to the IOPS measurement result.
IBM has never had the most affordable products, but has always been one of the most reliable manufacturers. From the point where we positioned IBM FlashSystem 5000, we planned the return on investment as 60 months.

Under which workload we will position the product should be the most important unit of measure. This product performs very seriously on entry scale workloads. For medium scale it will be sufficient for limited budget, as data is increasing day by day.
Score 9 out of 10
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We have lots of data for all of our employees. During the COVID-19 pandemic most of the staff works remotely from their homes. In order to still have access to all of this data, via a VPN, and with different user roles we made the switch to IBM FlashSystem 5000.
  • Perfect role permissions
  • Easy to manage and maintain
  • The filesystem could be quite complex
  • We had to use an external IT'er to maintain our systems
For the basic usage this IBM FlashSystem 5000 is just perfect. As soon as you have it all set-up you are ready to go. In that way it is fast to deploy, maintain and extend. Unfortunately the biggest downside was the knowledge you need for this system. We had to hire a system architect in order to maintain everything. As soon as this engineer has configured everything those costs could be reduced.
It is very effective for midsized workloads. As soon as you know how the systems works, how it needs to be set-up it is easy to deploy to all employees. The costs are fair compared to the effectiveness increase in work capabilities from remote. In other words; for the long-term it will definitely improve the data storage capabilities of our company.

IBM FlashSystem 5000 Scorecard Summary

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Enterprise Flash Array Storage (6)
Flash Array Performance (42)
Flash Array Integration (42)
Data Compression (41)
Non-Intrusive Upgrades (41)
Simplicity (42)
Power Savings (39)

What is IBM FlashSystem 5000?

IBM's FlashSystem 5000 series, formerly IBM Storwize V5000, is a storage array available in all flash or hybrid-flash deployments. It is designed to support global enterprises with "six 9's" availability and AI-driven storage management.

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  • Pure Systems
  • Hewlett Packard

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IBM FlashSystem 5000's best feature?

Reviewers rate Flash Array Integration highest, with a score of 9.

Who uses IBM FlashSystem 5000?

The most common users of IBM FlashSystem 5000 are from Enterprises and the Information Technology & Services industry.