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iContact Pro Select

iContact Pro Select


What is iContact Pro Select?

iContact Pro Select (formerly Outmarket) includes email marketing, landing pages, social media management, press outreach, and analytics. The software was originally Vocus Marketing Suite, and then was known as Outmarket. It was acquired by Cision

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Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Vocus is being used across the organization by a number of people who need to communicate with our members via email. We also have events that we market and will utilize email and the PR feature. Our goal is to have 10 PR releases per month. Another goal we have is to consolidate all of our email efforts in to one place versus different users using other email programs. Our Communications Director uses the social media scheduling feature to ensure that there are always posts in our social media accounts, even if she is out of the office or busy.
  • Ease and speed of getting out a PR release
  • Getting started with creating a new activity is just a few clicks
  • The ability to build a campaign and connect different emails, social media posts and PR releases in to one project with overall metrics.
  • The email function is not user intuitive. It takes a while to get used to knowing where each of the buttons are hiding in the icons at the top of the screen. It also seems that only in the template function can merge fields be added.
  • Some features of other email programs seem to be missing or not working as well like the "view the email in a browser" function and being able to create an email sign up form for placement on our website.
  • Adding people to the email from options is a long and multi-step process that seems overkill.
If you use PRWeb already and are looking for a tool that integrates well with that program and offers additional functionality with email and social media then Vocus is great. If you don't use PRWeb or prefer an email tool with more functionality and ease of use, Vocus is not the best choice.
  • By condensing all of our email needs in one program we have seen a better snap shot of our activities and overall metrics.
  • Our emails that may have been sent in Outlook in the past or another CRM are now being sent in Vocus and look more branded and we can see who is opening important communications that need to be read. This helps us determine if we need to resend.
  • Learning a new software is never easy but I feel like Vocus could have had more readily accessible tools or done a better job with the on boarding process.
  • Constant Contact,ExactTarget Interactive Marketing Hub,HootSuite Free,HubSpot,MailChimp
I was not the end decision maker so I went along with the marketing direction where we needed to consolidate all of our email into one tool to better understand all of our marketing efforts. I don't know that if I was the end decision maker if I would have chosen Vocus.
Event Managers, Program Managers and Director level.
Familiarity with email programs in general and then use of the Vocus suite on a regular basis. Otherwise one might forget the various caveats for using the software. If you are not software intuitive this program may not be for you.
  • Having all email in one place
  • Ability to have metrics for each campaign and then overall communication metrics
  • Lower cost of PR announcements and ease of release
Now that we have had the opportunity to try an enterprise wide marketing solution, I think we should look at other tools and programs that have greater flexibility and ease of use. If the tool does not happen to have PR Web then so be it. We may not see the cost savings with PR announcements but if the other tools have increased email functionality then we can part with more money on the PR side like we have in the past.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a former Social Media Analyst for a consumer products company, our marketing department exclusively used Vocus Marketing Suite for social media listening, campaign management, and email management purposes. We were trying to identify the new generation of buyer personas for our industry, while also trying to increase engagement among our current customer base and finding opportunities to attract new leads.
  • Social Media Listening e.g.: Recommendations, Identify influencers for a selected topic, based on actual influence, or number of reposts and/or references, rather than the number of followers.
  • Campaign Management - Landing Page and Web Form Templates
  • Email Marketing -Delivery Tracking and Spam Analysis
  • For the campaign management feature, provide a campaign diagram to better track campaigns.
  • For the reporting and analysis feature, provide a scheduled report delivery option.
  • Provide podcasts as another form of technical support.
Vocus is well-suited for press release posting via Vocus’ PRWeb subsidiary. Vocus is also great for social media such as Facebook promotions e.g: sign-up pages, sweepstakes, and fan offers. However, I did not like that "buying signals” draws on Twitter only. Vocus was well-suited where user rights are organized around “profiles”, which might relate to a company, brand, or product line. This approach made sense for our small business. However, since users are either assigned to a profile or not, there does not appear to be finer divisions of rights for specific features.
  • Much more targeted email marketing. Spam analysis helped improve our overall email performance.
  • Increased customer engagement through social media listening.
  • Scheduled emails increased email open and click-through rates by 120%!
Vocus works very well for a variety of business sizes. It is also well-suited for both mobile (iOS and Android) and PC platforms. These reports are comprehensive:
  • Campaign Performance Reports
  • Email Performance Reports
  • Landing Page Performance Reports
  • Web Analytics
In addition, they also offer great technical support and a lot of resources such as white papers, blog, and tips and hints.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As this is a very small business Vocus is being used across the whole organization for marketing purposes. It addresses concerns of getting the business' word out to the public, and building the customer base by giving an outlet to easily and efficiently communicate our message.
  • I particularly like the buying signals because they help with targeting potential prospects.
  • Vocus makes it easy to create, edit, and send our press releases to a customizable database.
  • The overall analytics provided prove helpful when determining the drivers of "likes" and "click-throughs". With this kind of information at your fingertips you can see which of your posts were more successful helping determine what will be successful in the future.
  • Vocus can do a better job communicating with us. The representative made promises to us that I have not seen be fulfilled such as getting us national media hits through connections that he had.
Vocus is not an easy fix. They are going to sell you on it by promising you all these extravagant things but know that you have to put in work. Vocus is a great set of tools to be successful by giving you a network that can be customized by information you provide.
  • Vocus has allowed us to increase and strengthen our customer interaction via social media.
  • Vocus has allowed us to generate and track more leads.
I've used MailChimp before to generate emails and found Vocus to be a better option because it is an overall suite providing the tools to create customizable emails as well as many other features including press releases, social media etc. Vocus is an all-in-one platform for marketing which makes things more efficient for the user by being able to handle all marketing through one outlet.
Although Vocus keeps things organized in one platform making it easy to keep track of marketing, for this small of a company I'm not entirely convinced that it is worth the investment. Certainly it will be something we think about as the contract comes to an end. For a larger organization with the funds I would definitely recommend it!
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