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December 09, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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I use IFTTT to help set up starter information for several of my client's blogs. One of the services offered by my business is researching industry news or other relevant news for blog posts. For example, I set up apps at IFTTT that will post set information from online, feeds or internal website use directly as a blog draft. I can use the drafts to decided what information I want to expained upon to create blog post(s).
  • They are easier to use than other products.
  • Website is straight forward giving you the information you need and not information you don't.
  • You can quickly set it up so data goes directly to cloud spreadsheets.
  • Email to social media share.
  • Ability to have several users on one account.
  • Create your own app. I wish I could add more custom codes or shortcuts to draw other information automatically.
One scenario I use is the Spotify app. I have an app set up so that whenever a song is added to one of my playlists, the information from Spotify is set to my blog. Then I add add from there to create the blog post draft to work from. It's a huge time saver.
I have had a few issues with apps over the years. Compared to other services, ITFFF is the best choice but no service is perfect unless you build it yourself for yourself. ITFFF needs more tutorials on how to create a custom platform, but overall I will recommend it as an easy to use, time-saving service.
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January 16, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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It allows for automation of fairly simple and straightforward tasks, while remaining a maintainable and fluent user experience for orchestrating workflows across SaaS products. The fact that the supported products keeps growing ensures we leverage it more as our needs change.
  • Orchestrates among SaaS products.
  • Provides a maintainable and fluent UX.
  • Ensures integration between top-of-class products.
  • Support for more actions/parameters per integrated service.
  • An event pipeline for orchestration.
  • Programmatic capabilities.
With IFTTT we orchestrate simple workflows between typical SaaS products. It complements typical enterprise applications with alerting/automated documentation capabilities. It automates time-consuming/trivial chores related to internal policies.
I have had no need to contact support directly, everything I have needed is either documented or on the web.
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August 19, 2019
Kyle Kochtan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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IFFT is being used as part of our automation back end. We are currently using it as a bridge between multiple services such as Google and different sensors that do not normally talk to each other. We are using IFFT to publish data to Google Docs and read in data from other services.
  • Very simple interface.
  • Connects to a multitude of services and sensors.
  • Allows integration between services that would normally require expensive custom solutions.
  • The interface is sometimes too simple.
  • There are some clunky issues when you want to do more than one event at a time.
  • Not open for full customization.
IFTTT really shines in two major places. First, integration between two platforms that are not normally integrated, like Google and Twitter, for example. You could have any tweet with specific keywords dumped to a Google spreadsheet and then have that sheet loaded into a DB for data mining. The second is the ability to call a Web Hook.
I find that the owners of IFTTT are very responsive to questions and enhancement requests. They are very active on the forums. Speaking of the forums, there is a very active and robust user forum that can assist in almost any issue that you may come across. I have very rarely come across something that I or someone else could not solve.
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August 22, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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We used IFTTT for some of our prototyping before we built out a more complicated orchestration tool behind the scenes. It was a great way for us to connect a couple of services we've built in the past so that we can easily move things up to production.
  • Quick and light weight.
  • Fairly reliable.
  • Easy to set up and adopt new connections.
  • Wish it had a better way to chain commands. It only has a single step and is not very easy for complex operations.
  • It's a little too basic and has issues working with a more complex use case. When you have requirements to do transformations, it is not the right solution.
  • Some less used integrations break since they aren't used regularly. Support isn't always up to date on all integrations.
For simple operations, IFTTT is a great tool for you to quickly set up a connection between services and control this via a rules based engine. When your needs gets more complicated you will have to directly integrate, but it's great for the initial testing and set up.
The support is where the product really shines. IFTTT is really great at responding to issues and will help if it's something that they can change or support you on. Usually, they will respond that you check the integration points but will help you review any errors that they may see. We had issues in the past where it wasn't firing properly and worked with support to see if there was any insights to the error that were our fault.
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December 03, 2018
Benjamin Hale | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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IFTTT is used in our organization to automate and connect different software platforms quickly and reliably. With this tool, we are able to get notifications or link different, but similar, tools together. For example, I can link my Todoist To Do lists to my Google calendar, so calendar events go into my to-do list, where I track my day. Basically, it allows us to use the tools we feel comfortable with, while still connecting to tools that we may not use as often.
  • The large library of applets and services allows for many options and uses
  • The user interface is straight forward and simple to use
  • Apps for mobile devices allows for additional features and event triggers
  • Ability to make your own applets or connect your own software with the IFTTT Platform and tools
  • Free
  • Sometimes the Android application can be a bit buggy
  • Android application drains the battery
  • Sometimes the applications can already do what IFTTT applets are designed to do
Because of the multitude of options with IFTTT, it is hard to describe the best use scenarios, but I will share how I use the platform at this time.
I use IFTTT to check Craigslist for certain IT equipment postings and email me if that occurs, turning items on and off with geo-fencing and WiFi network presence, and linking my calendar to my to-do list.
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November 30, 2018
Marcelo de Vasconcellos | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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I am a game designer and health researcher working at health games in a Brazilian public health institution. Our team is small and we have to take many roles simultaneously. At the same time, it is normal that contacts and events cross between our professional, academic and personal lives. We started to use IFTTT to streamline some routine processes of our daily work schedule, allowing us to coordinate the many apps we use.
  • Save our iOS contacts to a team shared Google spreadsheet
  • Create an iOS reminder on my iPhone when a card (task) is assigned to me on Trello
  • Log our Uber trips to a Google spreadsheet
  • The website section "Activity" tends to get very crowded over time. It would benefit from some search and filter functionalities.
  • Some services lack ingredients. "Ingredients" are attributes passed from one service to another to enhance IFTTT's power. However, some services (like Evernote's notes, for example) currently have too few ingredients available.
  • It is not possible to link more than two services. It would be great, for example, to have an option to take a mail message and post in multiple social networks and blogs with the same applet.
IFTTT is a great tool for people wishing to integrate different productivity tools, but who lack the resources and/or knowledge about programming these connections themselves. Anyone who uses at least email, calendar and social networks on a regular basis can benefit from IFTTT.
However, it probably won't be appropriate and/or relevant to casual users, or users inexperienced with the many possible links between smartphones and online apps.
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November 26, 2018
Jeff Huisjen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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As the Director of studentLife, the youth ministry at a medium sized church, we use social media to communicate regularly with our students, parents, and volunteers. Because of the number of different social media platforms, plus the differing formats for images and posts, IFTTT has been a huge help for us to post across all the platforms. Our primary use for IFTTT is to take a post from one platform and have it post the same information, in a native format, to the others.
  • IFTTT manages a number of social media accounts quite well. Being able to login to one platform with access to all your accounts is great.
  • IFTTT is easy to set up. IFTTT has a number of crowd sourced and created formulas that you can use, or if you're looking for something specific you can create your own. This allows for an endless number of combinations and ways to engage with the program.
  • IFTTT doesn't require constant upkeep. Once you have things setup you can forget about it and it just works.
  • IFTTT can occasionally cause some confusion because of the massive amounts of possible ways you can set it up. The customization and flexibility are great, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.
  • Every once in a while IFTTT slows down and I have to manually have the formulas check before they run.
  • I have not, as of yet, figured out a way to incorporate more than one account of each type on the IFTTT platform.
IFTTT is well suited as a social media management tool, which is really all we use it for. I have a number of administrators logged in across all the platforms and it posts our content natively to each social media platform. I do know that it can be used to manage calendars, automate e-mail responses, and other things. We just haven't utilized those features because we don't have the need.
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November 08, 2018
Jared DeLong | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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The nonprofit I used to work for was very lean, so automation was key. We used IFTTT to trigger posts between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other socials. In addition, we would use it to kickoff certain actions internally such as email notifications, automatically creating calendar events, etc. IFTTT was a great way to integrate different apps that didn't have a direct integration.
  • Their UX and UI for creating recipes is brilliant. So easy to use and very well thought out.
  • I love that you can search for recipes other users have created and implement those if you choose to do so. It saved me so much time vs. having to figure certain recipes on my own.
  • Their notification and syncing options are spot on. I love how much I can customize what I want to see. Their variety of apps is also phenomenal and I love that they're adding new integrations/apps every week.
  • There are some apps/recipes that are very basic where I wish the integrations would go a bit deeper. I wish there was a bit more control over which fields you could sync into and more actions available to take.
  • Sometimes when I've created a recipe I would get an error message that it automatically turned off, but no info on why the recipe stopped running.
  • Their recipes are easy to implement, but sometimes it can be hard to understand what exactly a recipe will do. Perhaps having a video of a recipe in action could help better explain a recipe's actions.
IFTTT is perfect for lean teams who need to be able to set up automations to maximize their time. If you're using a variety of apps that are siloed, IFTTT is a great way to bring these all together. You have to be ok with certain automations though. If you want to have control over what syncs and what doesn't, then IFTTT could be frustrating to use if you don't fully understand the recipes you set up.
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December 05, 2018
Josephine Stafford | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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I use IFTTT for quick and easy social sharing to ensure that content I create is being marketed. It’s helpful because instead of having to remember to post on all of my social media channels, IFTTT will pull any updates to the RSS feed and post automatically. I use this for my blog and for my podcast.
  • Easy to find applets
  • Easy to implement applets
  • Easy to review which applets are on
  • Easy to monitor applets in use
  • None
Great for RSS feeds and social sharing. I like how it will repost unique pins from my Instagram and YouTube.
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November 17, 2018
Atilla Vekony | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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IFTTT is used by our marketing department to automate certain marketing and business processes. For example, every time a live webinar concludes and the recording is available to be posted, a reminder is sent to the person whose job it is to post the recording in our membership area. Other uses include posting new blog posts automatically to several social media channels when appropriate.
  • Once you set it up you can pretty much forget about it. If there is an issue with one of the rules, they will send you an email to let you know.
  • IFTTT connects pretty much all the apps that you need connected.
  • Whenever I come across a step that should need no human action, I try to set it up with IFTTT first.
  • At first it is hard to learn the "language" of IFTTT but once you get the concept, it is easy to set up rules that will automate your business.
  • There are many superfluous sample rules that are show cased that will make you wonder, Why would anybody want that? But the idea is to give you a picture of endless possibilities.
Any situation that is well defined, IFTTT is well suited for. The more time you put into the setup and design of the rule, the better off you will be in the end. You can easily cause chaos by setting up a rule that somewhat duplicates another already existing rule.
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November 16, 2018
Jerry Janes | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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I use IFTTT and manage its use by my clients, mostly as a secondary level of Social Media publication automation. It is used by clients' marketing/media/content departments, but as a whole by myself. The business problems it addresses are how to connect Social Media and other off-site platforms to mainly trigger as a result of content published otherwise by Buffer app. Not all of Buffer, especially its free version, provides the reach a brand can achieve by simply using a single platform (I usually use Twitter) to trigger other relevant platforms with automated, scheduled publishing.
  • It connects/triggers non-Buffer platforms such as Diigo, Blogger, Medium, Digg and Tumblr.
  • From a Social Media standpoint, this is a strength as it mitigates the time and energy otherwise spent manually publishing to each.
  • The biggest hurdle is how the "recipes" occasionally fail. Sometimes they don't trigger for days or weeks, so you have to monitor all recipes, checking them to make sure they're active still. Otherwise, you have to check the platforms themselves, which is a good idea, regardless, but for the purpose of automation, when a recipe stops or even pauses, your content is not published, nor are you notified.
  • I believe a lot of this issue stems from the fact that users create so many recipes. I would recommend IFTTT vet all recipes, like Google Play vets apps, to assure any solutions users might employ will always work as advertised.
I know how IFTTT is MUCH more than Social Media, specifically how it addresses IoT devices, etc. I have yet to begin using it for such, and will, but I wonder if considering my experience with recipes failing, do they also for IoT and if so, I can imagine how non-techies would potentially be frustrated when they do fail.
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November 12, 2018
Ryan Olsen 📱 | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Verified User
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I used IFTTT to set up complicated steps that needed notifications to input data into other systems. At the time, API integrations were few an far between so it was difficult to get what I needed without a million tabs open to cross reference things. With IFTTT, I was able to automate checking with an extremely limited budget.
  • Alerting to new information
  • Making different programs create work flows
  • It can get complicated with a number of different steps
  • Daunting for a first time user
If you are running with a limited budget and a bunch of free tools, it's perfect for automating things that wouldn't naturally do so. There is also a case to be made for the way it can connect systems. Without a tool like IFTTT, getting systems to communicate or corroborate information is manually taxing.
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August 16, 2018
Darrell McTague | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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I personally use IFTTT to automate tasks and improve efficiency. There's always "little things" that need to be done through the course of a work day in fitness, and little events that trigger other things that need to happen. IFTTT allows me to think less, work smarter, and make sure I'm not missing out on any of the things that need doing without necessarily having to pour over a checklist every time.
  • IFTTT integrates with many of the apps and programs I use on a regular basis, increasing it's value and usefulness to me and my business.
  • IFTTT has a pretty easy to use and intuitive structure - it really is "if this... then that"! No complicated formulas, structures, or commands.
  • The user interface is visually attractive and easy to navigate on any platform.
  • It would be great if I could create more specific or specialized triggers in IFTTT, for example, triggering a specific task at a specific time to be added to my ToDoist on a specific list, label, or project.
  • It would be great to see more professional products, including my Club Management Software (ClubOS) and my virtual coaching platform (Trainerize), integrated into IFTTT.
IFTTT is very well suited to a business that uses apps and web-based programs to operate on a daily basis. Businesses that have many different tasks, functions, and things-to-do happening throughout the day, as a result of something else (lots of triggers and cause & effect) could make great use of IFTTT. This would also, I'm sure, be very effective for business making use of smartphones and tablets, so they can all effectively be linked together.

IFTTT would likely NOT be well-suited to your business if you don't use many of the apps or web-based services that IFTTT integrates with.
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November 07, 2018
Chelsea Baldwin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use it to send text notifications about sales of automated products so I know how my funnels are performing and the passive income my company is making.
  • Automation
  • Syncing
  • Warning you when you need to update account info to keep the sync going.
  • Sometimes texts / automations lag by a day or more. This has only been happening very recently though.
Great for easy automations, repurposing content shares across platforms to save time.

It could be okay for more complex automations, but I haven't used it for that yet & just stick to the simple things, so I don't know.
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November 07, 2018
Jared Whitley | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Most of the integrations that we are using help ensure that connections with constituents are not lost by sending off notifications when certain actions are fulfilled within our Salesforce Org.
  • Many systems available
  • Fun to play around with
  • Easy to use and link systems
  • Repository of other recipes created by other users
  • Limitations on some business platforms
  • Many links must be made at the user level to connect systems
IFTTT is extremely well-suited for personal use and end users.
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April 24, 2018
Ksenia Newton | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
As a marketer, I use IFTTT religiously! There are many things you can use IFTTT for, and you can get very creative! Some of my use cases: social media marketing automation; social listening (I know what my target is talking about on Twitter); competitive intelligence (I know what my competitors are talking about); updates; - reminders etc.
  • Easy to use
  • Has lots of recipes
  • FREE!
  • Has helpful tips along the way
  • I'd to see a newsletter featuring user cases involving specific recipes.
Social media automation! Example: Set up the tool to track down specific keywords or queries to be added to a spreadsheet on Google Drive. Then export and bulk upload - voila!
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April 23, 2018
Kim Rinde | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use IFTTT to help manage my social marketing campaigns across several different social networking platforms. By using IFTTT, I am able to post content on one social media network, usually Instagram, and have set up IFTTT so that it copies the post from Instagram to the other social networks I use, saving me time and effort.
  • IFTTT is very easy to use! Anyone who is familiar with a computer can use IFTTT to set up a number of simple software programs, which IFTTT calls applets, to do a large number of tasks.
  • IFTTT is designed to work with many different software platforms, as well as many different types of devices from appliances to your phone!
  • IFTTT has been used by businesses large and small!
  • I wish the IFTTT phone app were a little more user-friendly. The GUI is somewhat confusing at times.
I've used IFTTT to manage my social marketing campaigns for my pet sitting business. It is something that any can learn to use quickly and easily. I like how you can receive notices on your mobile device lets you know that your applets have run and that the programs you've written using IFTTT are working correctly.
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October 31, 2017
Elaine Foster | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
IFTTT is being used personally by a few members of our organization, but not company-wide. IFTTT makes it easy to track work hours in a Google Spreadsheet or to automatically upload photos to Google Drive. It's also great for syncing various social media platforms to do uniform marketing campaigns. Mainly though, IFTTT is used on a personal basis, rather than for work. It is geared toward smart homes, social media, and personal notifications more than work-related platforms.
  • IFTTT has a great user experience as far as building automations goes. It's very user-friendly and visually appealing.
  • IFTTT has a mobile app available, which is great for those of us who are always on the go. This definitely is something that IFTTT has over similar products like Zapier.
  • IFTTT provides groups of similar or related "applets" based on applets you've already chosen/created or programs that you regularly use. It makes it easy to not have to build anything yourself - just hook up your accounts and go.
  • IFTTT is lacking in business type integrations, especially those that concern email service providers or calendar programs such as Calendly or YouCanBookMe. If IFTTT wants to branch more into the business world, it needs to add more than personal-life integrations.
  • IFTTT only allows for one account associated with each integration. If I have multiple Gmail accounts or multiple Facebook accounts, I can only use one of them with IFTTT. Zapier allows for multiple accounts for each platform and automations specialized to the account, not just the platform.
As mentioned, IFTTT is great for personal automations, such as having your Amazon Alexa find your phone or connecting your WeMo devices or posting to Facebook and Twitter at the same time. It does not allow for multiple accounts per platform, nor does it have many business-related integrations.
Read Elaine Foster's full review
January 31, 2018
Mudassir Malik | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
IFTTT is the most fantastic app that lots of our clients (and I myself) use it for practically hundreds of use cases that require almost next to no level of configuration and it's free! I will however mention couple of ways our client have maximised their productivity with IFTTT
1. To natively post contents on multiple social channels
2. To back up every post ever made on any social channel
3. To keep track of worked hours
4. Automated reminders and alerts
5. Add mailing campaigns to Google calendar and so on
6. Keep track of mentions and hashtag about you or your company on twitter!
  • Automatically and natively posting content on multiple social channels
  • Taking backup of content to your preferred cloud services
  • Anything and everything that relies on automated action based on multiple triggers over hundreds of channels
  • More enterprise applications could be added (but this is not IFTTT issue, it's the enterprise applications extending their support)
  • There are no disadvantages really. It had tons of triggers and actions and it's free!
From an individual to a company, there is no one who cannot benefit from IFTTT's great, not to mention free, services.
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September 26, 2017
Justin Strachan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
IFTTT is a seamless and intuitive automation platform that allows you to link the various APIs that different software use to communicate. This creates novel "recipes" that make the use of RSS feeds and group collaboration effortless. Also included are multiple smart home automation tools and apps that are designed by the IOT manufacturers. I really recommend this platform for both the solo blogger/freelancer and the midsize organization that wants to maximize the bang for their social media buck.
  • Application Automation.
  • Ideas to allow for new automation between old integrations.
  • Many new apps added regularly.
  • Pricing is free.
  • Multiple IFTTT accounts can contain the same integrated app profile.
  • No limits.
  • They could start making integrated apps that fill voids they see in their usage analytics.
  • They could promote themselves a bit better.
  • A IFTTT run version of the now defunct Yahoo pipes would always be nice.
  • AI that recommends API recipes based on the content you are pushing.
- Business
- Recruiting
- Content Aggregation

Less Appropriate:
- Customer targeting
- Demographics
- Feedback
- Analytics
There is no need for support. The platform is fool-proof.
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March 27, 2017
Andrew Rincon MBA, LUTCF | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use IFTTT personally. IFTTT has been a tool for me to use in increasing the efficiency of my business. I use this app for email filing, marketing, and other automated processes. Automating the repetitive tasks in my business has to be the most common use of IFTTT for my organization.
  • IFTTT makes it extremely easy to set up "Recipes".
  • IFTTT does a great job of suggestion common recipes that other users find useful.
  • IFTTT is capable of integrating many applications and they do a good job of continuing to add new applications.
  • I believe that the IFTTT mobile app lacks some functionality that is available on the web version.
  • IFTTT struggles when being used on multiple IOS devices that use the same icloud account.
  • IFTTT could have more online youtube tutorials.
IFTTT is very well suited in helping with very repetitive tasks that take more time than they should. What I love using IFTTT for is to set reminders based on location, and also notify me when I have important emails. IFTTT does a really good job of automating social media posts across platforms as well.
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November 07, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
IFTTT is a tool that works behind the scenes to help us automate some of the work in the office. We use it to connect Twitter to our Google accounts, which automate tweets we schedule on our calendar. We use IFTTT to help share information between systems, including emails, notifications, and data being sent to Slack. It is so easy to use and set up, it has saved us money and a huge amount of time.
  • Automate tweets using Google Calendar. You can use a spreadsheet to import a tweet schedule to your calendar, then IFTTT will watch for your keywords and tweet for you. This has replaced the need for a social media automation tool.
  • Information gets pushed to Slack. When we get an email, or something happens in another system we use, notifications can be customized and sent to a particular Slack channel, keeping our teams up-to-date on important information.
  • We've used IFTTT to connect to "smart" lights. When there is a sale on the sales floor, the light changes colors for a visual display of congratulations.
  • It would be nice if there were more business software platforms on IFTTT, but I think that will come with time.
  • I wish the site had an area to search pre-built integrations based on category or need.
  • There really aren't too many cons to using IFTTT, the service gets better all the time and continues to grow almost daily.
IFTTT is perfect for automating the sharing of data between systems. It works very well with Google products and social media. It would be nice if there were more business app (SaaS products) that had built into the IFTTT platform as it is so much easier to use than Zapier. I think that we will see more of those apps join the platform over time.
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August 16, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use IFTTT to facilitate communication between automation and IoT devices and services that would otherwise not be compatible with each other. It provides a flexible foundation for this integration. The ability to customize the connectivity for our needs makes it a good option when the hardware is not an option.
  • The biggest feature is the ability to connect multiple devices that would not otherwise be able to be controlled.
  • The ability to script actions between applets and devices based upon input from each other is vital to providing a fluid automated IoT system of separate things.
  • Integration with more services
  • Even if on a limited basis, allow custom applets to regular users.
The only scenario I can see IFTTT not being appropriate for a task is when the devices are all able to interact together natively. However, some of the functionality available in IFTTT applets could always be used to improve a connected experience.

IFTTT is well suited anywhere there is a need to bridge services or devices. Such as Alexa maintaining my ToDo list, or an activity monitor that provides notifications under certain circumstances on social media.
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November 12, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
IFTTT is being used as an automation bridge in my organization between a building automation platform and a lighting system, Office 365 (for notifications of events), a visitor management system (Envoy) and a security platform. We've found considerable use out of levering many of the already existing recipes to quickly enable functionality without requiring programming knowledge, as well as their significant library of integrated systems. Some of the platforms that we've begun utilizing were selected because they were already integrated with IFTTT.
  • They have a strong library of integrated applications, making for a wide range of options when it comes to trying to share data or structure tasks between systems. Chances are if you're trying to get System A to talk to System B, they've already done the work to connect the two and there's a recipe in place that takes 1-2 clicks to get going in your own organization. It's about as simple as it can get.
  • The recipe list is very large and since anyone can contribute workflows through IFTTT, it's not limited to whatever IFTTT-only can dream up, you can get actual useful real-world uses for various systems. Many of the recipes that I've utilized have been picked because I was wondering what was possible and stumbled upon a useful workflow.
  • The only issue I think I've ever had is a short delay in getting things to happen when using IFTTT as the middleware. In some cases it doesn't matter, like taking a picture when a door opens, but in others it can be a bit irritating, like turning on a light when an individual trips a motion sensor (a 5-10 second delay there is the difference between an intruder being caught in the act and someone passing through an area unnoticed until it's too late). Some kind of notice about potential delays in processing time would be useful when dealing with complex recipes.
IFTTT shines when you have limited programming capabilities and you need to connect disparate systems together. Chances are whatever need you have has already been done and there are quick and easy recipes to enable cross-platform functionality, though IFTTT is primarily for cloud-based connections - you're not going to be able to use it for connecting some on-premise services to a cloud vendor.
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December 20, 2018
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We use IFTTT to help us to monitor changes to websites. This enables us to notify clients and react when appropriate to these changes.
It works best with RSS feeds as it can detect when a change occurs, often within minutes.
  • Step-by-step setup
  • Email alerts that do not require any further installations
  • Tons of options to choose from
  • There is a final step when creating a recipe that seems superfluous. There have been occasions in the past when I thought I was finished and closed the page only to realize that I hadn't completed the process.
  • The email alerts are great but become generic if you don't edit each one
  • It is very hard to search your recipes, making it difficult to isolate ones you can delete.
When you need to be alerted when something changes.
When you want something else (an app or process) to react to something else changing.
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IFTTT is a connectivity platform. The vendor says they help over 700 global enterprises accelerate the digital transformation of their products into integrated services, reducing their development costs while extending compatibility and lifetime value. IFTTT is the connectivity standard and low-code alternative to building your own integrations in-house.

Their products have 17 million consumers across 140 countries and have served over 90 million activated connections. Enterprises like BMW, Domino’s, Amazon, Bosch, ING, and Samsung trust IFTTT for their connectivity solutions.

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