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Imprivata OneSign

Imprivata OneSign


What is Imprivata OneSign?

OneSign from Imprivata, the global healthcare-oriented IT security company, is a single sign-on (SSO) and authentication management, dedicated to fast but secure audit-proof clinical data access. While generally a healthcare vertical specialist, Imprivata's offers OneSign as an access management solution for…

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The product offers good security and ease of access for end-users, delighting them by simplifying processes and saving time when moving …
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What is Imprivata OneSign?

OneSign from Imprivata, the global healthcare-oriented IT security company, is a single sign-on (SSO) and authentication management, dedicated to fast but secure audit-proof clinical data access. While generally a healthcare vertical specialist, Imprivata's offers OneSign as an access management…

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Product Demos

imprivata OneSign Neuheiten DMEA 2020 Demo Deutsch


imprivata OneSign Mobile Single Sign On auf Apple iOS ehm. GroundControl Demo Deutsch


imprivata OneSign Mobile Single Sign On Android MDA Demo Deutsch


SSO Cerner mit imprivata OneSign Live Demo


imprivata OneSign IAM IDG HIMSS 2020 Demo english, live Demo auch in Deutsch verfügbar.


imprivata OneSign Single Sign On mit SAP Präsentation und Demo Deutsch

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Product Details

What is Imprivata OneSign?

Imprivata OneSign Video

Introduction to Imprivata OneSign

Imprivata OneSign Technical Details

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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

The product offers good security and ease of access for end-users, delighting them by simplifying processes and saving time when moving between patient rooms. Users appreciate how it resolves the common complaint of multiple logins and password remembering, making it hassle-free. It enhances security and data protection, ensuring that unauthorized access to company data is impossible. This not only improves user confidence but also lowers help desk costs by eliminating the need for frequent password resets. The intuitive administration console is highly regarded for its ease of use in managing administrative activities. Additionally, the product generates out-of-the-box reports that help users understand login patterns. It strengthens password security, enabling organizations to meet compliance requirements effectively.

In terms of productivity, the product excels by allowing quick login and use of multiple applications. This feature significantly increases efficiency and reduces frustration caused by repetitive password input. Furthermore, the proximity-enabled name badges enable users to achieve quick access to virtual desktops effortlessly. With single sign-on functionality, there is no need for users to repeatedly enter their credentials for various applications. The versatility of this product becomes apparent as it manages network access and credentials for over one hundred different applications across the organization. It is widely utilized for single sign-on and two-factor authentication purposes, further enhancing both convenience and security for end-users.

Auto-login feature: Many users have found the software's auto-login functionality incredibly helpful and time-saving. They appreciate the convenience of easily logging into their work computer remotely and accessing the drive with just one tap notification.

Enhanced security for healthcare operations: Some reviewers mentioned that the product offers improved security to the healthcare operational process. Although they initially found integrating the product with existing processes daunting, they felt that the end results justified the effort.

Effortless remote sign-in capability: Several users highlighted Imprivata app's ability to enable remote sign-in to secure networks by simply clicking a button on their cell phone. This feature provides quicker connection without waiting for a verification text message.

Conflicts with Existing Software: Some users have mentioned that Imprivata conflicts with software that already has an auto login feature, causing inconvenience and potential usability issues.

Lack of Automatic Logout Feature: Several reviewers have expressed a desire for Imprivata to have the capability to automatically log out when walking away from the computer for security purposes. This missing feature is seen as a drawback by these users.

Complex Initial Deployment Phase: A number of users found the initial deployment phase of Imprivata intimidating. The complexity involved in setting up the application by organization IT was mentioned as a downside, highlighting the need for assistance during this stage.


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Sujeet Swain | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Imprivata OneSign as part our MFA ( Multi Factor Authentication) policy for every user of our Organization. This makes secure connection to our network from only our employees with in or outside our network. All the company specific data becomes safe as unauthorized users can not get access to our company data.
  • It is very intuitive and simple to use.
  • User can use a Hard Token or Soft Token ( most favorable) to generate the authentication code on real-time
  • Combination of PWD & real-time OneSign code makes company data safe and secure.
  • OneSign Admin Console very easy to use & User addition/removal is very easy to carry out
  • Customization of Imprivata OneSign is a problem as they prefer to provide out of the box functionality only
  • Reporting functionality in Admin Console is limited
  • Should built industry specific solution to get better penetration
It's a very good tool for anyone in the industry who wants to deploy Multi Factor authentication to make their company safe and secure. It is best suited for companies where a majority of the workforce works in the field; and access to company data using internet can be a little risky. Imprivata One-sign will make the connection more secure and safe.
  • It makes company data safe and secure; the most critical benefit.
  • Intuitive feature makes user adoption more easy
  • We are much safer interms of compliance point of view
It's easy to deploy and the total cost of ownership is lesser compared to other products. Have dedicated support team who helps you out when there is any technical issue.The Admin console very easy and intuitive to use; this makes any new user to manage the tool very easily with less hand holding.
Paul Pettit | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
As a healthcare-specific VDI solution provider, Imprivata is used by the majority of our customers. It primarily helps our customers accomplish two things:

1. Quick access to virtual desktops with Citrix, VMware Horizon, or Microsoft RDS using just their proximity enabled name badge.
2. Provide Single Sign-On to applications. Enter a password once, and Imprivata will input it on subsequent application launches.
  • Allows admins to enable single sign-on to additional applications without Imprivata services. After a quick training session with Imprivata, most admins are easily able to enable additional apps.
  • Works well with many device types including Windows, IGEL, Teradici and many Linux based thin clients.
  • High availability and failover. Imprivata's implementation of this was one of the most well thought out and easy to implement of any solutions in our stack. It works very similar to Active Directory, but requires no real config or settings to make it happen. Add an additional appliance and the enterprise is automatically synchronized. If an appliance goes down, client software is aware and automatically switched to another appliance.
  • Licensing is per named user. This is off putting for many VDI customers who are accustomed to concurrent licensing models. They have a valid reason behind it, that each user that uses the system has a record with stored credentials and thus consumes a license, but still a different model than other VDI solutions.
  • Finding detailed information on configuration and support is more difficult than many other vendors they integrate with. Everything is behind a support wall vs VMware or Citrix who's solutions can be easily googled.
  • They've primarily branded as a healthcare solution, but their tools and software work well for non healthcare / commercial organizations.
Imprivata is a clear market leader for authentication management for healthcare. They don't have a whole lot of competition, and the few competitors that are out there don't really match up.
  • Reduces time spent by clinicians entering their username/password.
  • Allows end users to focus on their workflow rather than credentials and system/application access.
  • Adds an additional layer of audit data that can be helpful for HIPAA, troubleshooting and general user activity reporting.
Ivanti Workspace Control (powered by RES)
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This SSO solution is utilized across the organization. We use the Single Sign On experience, as well as the two factor authentication functionality for our IT and Police Departments.
  • The ability to allow users to easily sign in one time to the network, and then allow users to open additional programs without typing in their credentials again.
  • Profile management for the user is also easy and they can change their passwords if needed.
  • The two factor authentication is simple and allows the PD to use a token to unlock their computer with a quick touch as opposed to logging back in each time the laptop locks the machine.
  • Building the application profiles is not always simple.
  • Better application integration with Java would be beneficial.
The application works well in an office environment and with mobile laptops that use a VPN. We have not tried it with tablets, but will be in the future.
  • Simplified the user log in experience.
  • Reclaimed staff time and efficiency in the daily operations.
  • Helped us maintain industry required compliance mandates.
March 21, 2016

OneSign Makes It Easy

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use OneSign across our entire organization. We use it in conjunction with VMWare to allow easy access for users, both clinical and non-clinical, as well as password management. We use it to manage both the users' network access and active directory credentials, as well as credentials for over one hundred different applications.
  • Password management
  • Quick access while moving from workstation to workstation
  • Auto-login to applications and websites
  • Capturing screens while creating profiles could be a little more complete, especially when dealing with websites or apps running flash or Java.
It works very well within a hospital. It increases our security and makes it easier for staff to maintain patient data confidentiality.
  • Increase in security prevents lost revenue due to fines over security breaches.
  • Easier password management allows for smaller tech team.
Mark Moran | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The tool was very valuable in time savings and ease of access. I worked with the developers for many years to help bring useful toolsets with in the system to production. This made adoption of this sign in method very appealing. I, unfortunately, left the healthcare industry 1 week before the major release we worked on was available. I often speak of this system and the possible benefits in other industries.

The time saving and ease of access to managed systems and even unmanaged systems helped lower help desk calls and support issues. Integration with a core identity system makes the implementation easier for the user community. We were able to introduce HID and fingerprint readers into critical areas to help speed up access to 90% of the core medical systems. I was not there to finish the last 10%.
  • Application learning toolset was the easiest of all the tools I reviewed for this project. It was able to pull unique data from the GUI to help facilitate login/logout processes.
  • Ease of registration. The end users were able to access the systems with either UID/password, badge or finger. The wizards were able to detect card replacement with ease.
  • Epic - The toughest application to profile, they introduced a connector that they wrote with Epic's developers to help this API based login process. This was critical for the longevity of this project. It took several iterations but the final product that was released while I worked on it was very solid.
  • The agent process was sometime slow.
  • System health was an issue and the tool really needs a maintenance process to allow for a system restart when not in use, we accomplished it with secondary scripts.
  • Disconnect with Citrix was sometimes an issue but we were running an older version of the application server. The logging and troubleshooting was cumbersome to comb through.
Imprivata OneSign is well suited for common office spaces, or any company that has many systems performing similar workloads. This makes the roll out very easy and support a breeze. Where the support becomes a daily activity is with older COTS applications and hundreds of applications that are not integrated into a core identity system. I stopped at 315 applications due to the volume of support calls that it was generating for staff to be added/removed or helped through password changes.
  • The lower log in times for doctors and staff showed a great ROI.
  • Lower help desk calls means the longer staff can focus on their duties and patient turnover.
  • Extra log in for staff that didn't want to take the responsibility of enrolling their badge and being responsible for tracking it's location at all times of active work hours.
None of the other toolsets offered Epic integration. I spent 9 months testing other SSO tools and found them to be slow and tied to specific tools and or workflows only. Imprivata OneSign was the only truly universal tool that I could find that was adaptable.
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