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What is Indeed Resume?

Indeed Resume is a sortable resume search tool for employers, which according to the vendor allows the user to search and view over 150 million resumes and access a growing talent pool with over 6 million new resumes added every…

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  • Existing Skills Mapping/Lanscaping (11)
  • Automated Candidate Evaluation/Scoring (10)
  • Candidate Modelling (10)
  • Talent Rediscovery (11)

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  • $100 per month
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Product Details

What is Indeed Resume?

Indeed Resume helps recruiting teams find ideal talent even if they missed the job post. Recruiters can search over 225M candidates open to new opportunities and contact those that meet their hiring needs within a single workspace built to manage complex hiring projects. Team leaders can manage subscriptions or contacts by recruiter, keep track of account activity and monitor recruiter performance.

Indeed Resume Features

  • Supported: Talent Discovery: Ability to find ready to work candidates that meet talent requirements
  • Supported: Pipeline Management: Ability to build and organize talent pipelines
  • Supported: Candidate Communication Automation: Ability to contact and interview candidates
  • Supported: Candidate Pool: Size and breadth of potential candidate pool

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Indeed Resume Competitors

  • Linkedin Recruiter
  • ZipRecruiter Resume Database
  • CareerBuilder Talent Discovery
  • Seek Talent Search

Indeed Resume Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesUS, CA, MX, BR AU, IN, NZ, SG, PH, MY, HK, ID, UK, IE, DE, CH, FR, ES, PL, PT, IT, BE, NL, SE, AE, ZA

Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed Resume is a sortable resume search tool for employers, which according to the vendor allows the user to search and view over 150 million resumes and access a growing talent pool with over 6 million new resumes added every month.

Indeed Resume starts at $100.

Linkedin Recruiter are common alternatives for Indeed Resume.

Reviewers rate Existing Skills Mapping/Lanscaping highest, with a score of 7.8.

The most common users of Indeed Resume are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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January 16, 2024

Indeed Resume Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Allows searching resumes for specific openings
  • Easy searching for open positions
  • Searching keywords for prospect's resumes
  • Allowing a spot for candidates to list their desired compensation
I use Indeed Resume to search for specific job titles in possible candidates
April 11, 2023

Hiring Expert

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Filtering based on precise location
  • Communication with candidates (via Indeed Messages)
  • User-friendly platform
+ Helped us get great talent in pipeline, often it provided us with more quality candidates to choose from than some other platforms did.

- None so far
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I utilize Indeed Resume heavily as one of the recruiting tools at my disposal in order to help source talent. I've found that Indeed Resume typically works pretty well for positions that are a little more high volume (customer service reps, technicians, labor, administrative.)
  • Extremely easy to use interface
  • Very responsive customer service support
  • Ability to control your own budget
  • When selecting through candidates it feels like it takes a few extra steps than needed.
  • Not a way to delete a batch of messages at once.
I think Indeed Resume is well suited if you're a budget conscious individual looking to fill 3-4 jobs at a time. The analytics that Indeed provides good data on cost per click metrics and things like that. I don't think Indeed Resume is as effective if you're trying to fill say, 10+ jobs and you have a budget of $500/month. It's tough to get traction in that regard and your budget will most likely get chewed up without having too much to show in the way of results.
Nate Fischer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use Indeed Resume to identify talent for our organization. We are currently using it with a team of three in our sourcing department. It helps identify alternative sources of candidates.
  • Identifies talent that appear no where else.
  • Identifies talent that is available right now.
  • Not to be so expensive.
  • Go back like during the pandemic to utilize free sources of candidates.
It is much better for positions in the mid-future not immediately.
Ben Caplan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using this product to recruit across the board as a company. This helps us recruit qualified persons without the need to filter through hundreds of applicants. This tool allows us to specify what type of candidate meets our criteria, so we can find them before they find another employer.
  • Applicant testing
  • Resume search
  • Recruiting automations
  • Automation limitations
If you'd like to find a specific type of applicant for a recurring position, you can set up a search criterion that delivers new persons' resumes to your inbox at whatever interval you'd like. If you'd like to search for persons with relevant experience in their resumes, you can. If you'd like to search for persons who have worked at a specific company or in a specific role, you can.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Indeed Resume to find qualified candidates for hard to fill roles and build a pipeline for future opportunities within our organization. Indeed Resume addresses when we have a problem finding qualified candidates because the network is very large and allows us to cast a wider net to find someone qualified.
  • Ease of contacting candidates.
  • Ability to see when prospective candidates were last active.
  • Communication between candidate and employer.
  • Ability to see contact information before the candidate responds.
  • Ability to see if a candidate has seen your message before responding.
  • Limiting boolean searches to find exactly what you need.
Indeed Resume is the perfect sourcing tool for entry-level to manager-level candidates, I find it is way better than other sourcing tools for these levels of candidates in terms of finding qualified resumes and response rates. It is less appropriate for looking at a candidate's Senior Manager level on up due to the lack of qualified candidates in these categories.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have used it primarily to look for automotive techs. It works well for locating and communicating with potential applicants. We have used it for other positions and had better results. Auto techs are hard to find. But it is a good resource.
  • Finds the profession you are looking for
  • Finds applicants in your immediate area
  • Shows you their resume
  • I would like to be able to delete some jobs we have listed
  • When advertising in other towns, people think the job is there, it's confusing to them
  • Not have to get a code to login everyday
It helps find a lot of people for positions, the problem is people that don't show up for interviews and ghost you after. I think many people use it for reporting to unemployment, so they don't lose their benefits. We have definitely hired the majority of our people from Indeed Resume. I did use Iowa Workforce with NO results. Indeed Resume is much better!
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Indeed Resume to help "Mine Resumes" for roles that require a higher level of skill set. Examples of these types of roles are Manager of certain departments, accountant, or Digital Media specialist. It can be hard to wait to candidates who are in these roles and who aren't looking so the Indeed Database makes it so that you can reach out to them and share the opportunity.
  • Helps determine job titles- if you search and what you have in your head is not coming up, you know you have the wrong job title
  • It helps recruit passive candidates
  • It allows you to organize your searches
  • I find it does not always recommend the best resumes to invite to the job we are recruiting for, based off the experience needed or job titles in the candidates resume
  • I don't like how invites don't roll over into a new month if you don't use all of them in a said period of time.
It is good at finding passive candidates but I find it does not do a great job at increasing candidate engagement. I will reach out to candidates and they don't respond either way.
September 02, 2022

Indeed Resume Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have multiple professional Indeed Resume accounts within our organization. I currently have my own and am the administrator for the other accounts and for all of the Indeed products generally. It has allowed us access to candidates who are currently in the market for a new role and has given us an opportunity to reach people outside of our immediate geographic area.
  • It uses boolean search functionality, which allows me to target specific candidates
  • I like that it shows me how long it's been since someone has been active on Indeed
  • The messaging functionality to reach out to candidates and have them respond back to you is very user-friendly
  • I wish it would recommend resumes that are similar to those that I've reached out to.
  • Indeed recently changed the way the contact credits work and I wish they'd go back to how it was. It seems like they are continuing to remove features AND increase prices, which doesn't endear me to them at all.
Indeed Resume has allowed us to search for candidates outside of our geographic area who may otherwise be unaware of our organization. It gives us search functionality to find candidates and message them and then get them in front of our hiring managers quickly.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use resume search to seek quality nurses that are actively looking for new position that are within specific areas around various facilities throughout Riverside Health System.
  • Large candidate data base
  • Largest feeder of applicants regardless of qualification
  • There is no way on Resume Projects to put a note on an interested candidate, this feature makes it hard for me to track everything in one place. Whereas Ziprecruiter has this feature and makes it easy for me to remember if I contacted a candidate or spoke with them after they express interest.
Aishwarya Varshney | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Indeed Resume is one easiest tools to edit and formulate your CV before applying to new jobs. An added advantage is that you can directly use the CV and apply for Indeed jobs. Moreover, it's free so you can either use it for personal use or within the organization. You will get all the needed expert guidance on building a perfect resume.
  • You get top expert guidance and tips for building up your existing resume.
  • Indeed Resume is linked to the Indeed job portal so you can directly upload your final resume to your profile and apply for jobs.
  • If you want to start your resume from scratch, you can pick up featured resume templates and start making changes to them.
  • Their promotional emails are so annoying. They catch up with the complete space of my inbox.
  • There are less advanced features in comparison to Naukri Resume Builder
Indeed Resume works well for the candidates who are more active in the job search at Indeed Jobs Portal. Also, if you are setting up a new career in the industry then an Indeed Resume is a good option to start with. The overall experience is good, effective, and simple in comparison to other profile-building websites.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are able to use Indeed Resume within our organization to reach out to more qualified candidates when we have available positions. It helps us identify candidates that are most likely looking for something long term. When we see a candidate that we feel is qualified, we simply invite them to apply and move forward from there with a normal recruitment process.
  • Make qualified candidates available
  • Recommend those with appropriate/familiar experience
  • Provides a great amount of candidates to you to choose from
  • Providing candidates that would meet our qualifications (valid DL, willing to undergo pre-employment screenings, etc)
  • Once a candidate is taken out/rejected from the group - don't show the same resumes again
  • Possibly providing a better outline for them - some resumes seem very jumbled together at times when the candidate has built their resume through indeed itself
Indeed Resume has been well suited in areas where there is not a lot of traction or candidates to apply.

It has been less appropriate in heavier areas where there are many more candidates available to apply on their own without the invite or having to search for their resume.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Indeed Resume is used by the overall company as our core function of the company is recruitment and Indeed Resume helps in recruitment. It helps us access the candidate resume pool which allows us to identify candidates for our open roles. It helps us achieve our business goals and recruitment targets. We are able to get a lot of qualified candidates which are not readily available with the competitor's job boards.
  • Indeed helps us [by] providing qualified candidates for various domains.
  • The pool of resumes available is very large and different as compared to other resume boards like Monster or CareerBuilder.
  • Reaching out to potential candidates via Indeed increases trust in the candidates and their response rate is higher.
  • Once we reach out to a candidate, Indeed follows up with the candidate till the time they don't respond.
  • Indeed is a great tool however seems very expensive.
  • Should have an option to reach free candidates, as the email contacts are very expensive.
Indeed is a great tool to source resumes on any kind of roles across the USA, however, it shines when we recruit on roles where candidates are not so easily available and helps us close very niche roles. As an example, we might be able to see 10-15 matching resumes for a particular role on Monster Search and Careerbuilder. However, if we look for the same types of candidates in the same location on Indeed, we easily get 40-50 qualified candidates.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Indeed Resume for a sourcing database to find job seekers for our open positions. This is used in our centralized recruiting department and other site-level human resources managers right now to source candidates they want to connect with about their open positions. This is helping increase our applicant flow and convert more applicants to hire.
  • Clear easy page
  • Easy purchases
  • Simple search engine
  • Very costly
  • More available subscriptions
  • Contacts go very quickly when reaching out to job seekers
We love using Indeed Resume searches. It is easy, quick, and produces results in areas we are sourcing candidates for. It is challenging to find entry-level workers, but I do think that Indeed has a wide variety of job seekers looking for different jobs and different skill sets.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have used it [Indeed Resume] in our recruiting process, reviewing resumes. We review the suggested resumes for applicants in our area and suggest qualified applicants to apply.
  • Affordable
  • Variety
  • Premium features
  • Support
Great for a large applicant pool. With increased demand, we are constantly looking for qualified drivers in our area to fill delivery associate positions.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Indeed Resume when we are trying to find skilled candidates to fill our openings throughout our entire organization.
  • Matches candidates.
  • Offers support solutions.
  • Suggests ways to improve postings.
  • Screening candidates
  • Ensuring accurate information
When we are looking for a candidate with a specific set of skills, degree of education, or experience it is always easier to use Indeed to screen through what applicants are best suited for the position.
Julie A. Kelly | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently, we use Indeed Resume to find qualified candidates. As I am the exclusive recruiter, I am currently the only one that uses the Indeed Resume to search for candidates. We typically use Indeed Resume as a backup when we are running out of other avenues of candidates, or if we are looking for a candidate with skills outside our normal search.
  • Qualified candidates.
  • Broad range of skills identified.
  • Easy to search with filters.
  • Page layout sometimes seems overwhelming, too much information.
  • Add school of graduation to search list.
Indeed is a great resource, however, you can only get candidate information if you purchase a subscription. I would suggest a one-time use fee or some other sort of parameter as opposed to a monthly/annual subscription. Since we use Indeed on an as-needed basis, it isn't cost-effective for us to purchase a subscription.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We recruit Software Engineers to support our primary client, NIH's National Cancer Institute, as a subcontractor. Finding qualified applicants is much easier with Indeed than through our current HRIS, so even though we spent a lot on the new HRIS, we continue to find more reach using Indeed [Resume].
  • Attracting candidates.
  • Vetting qualifications.
  • Communication with candidates.
  • Tracking.
  • Sometimes functions on a desktop don't work as well on mobile.
Using Indeed makes our work faster and more likely to land good candidates.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used intermittently throughout the organization. It is used during recruitment and fulfillment and is sometimes recommended by hiring managers. I have supported others who use this service, have used it myself, and have witnessed others use and recommend it. It facilitates hiring when postings are on the indeed platform.
  • Link to job postings
  • Searchable
  • Search for like terms
  • Only in the indeed universe.
  • Formatting options limited.
  • Export options limited.
  • Fonts, formatting not as extensive as Microsoft or Apple documents.
It is well suited for jobs on Indeed. Obviously, this covers a lot of jobs and job seekers, but is by no means complete. For jobs posted OUTSIDE of Indeed, this is not a useful tool [I feel]. For jobs posted inside Indeed, it is useful, but only to an extent. I do not find it any better than creating your own resume (which includes a larger selection of fonts and formatting) and uploading it to Indeed, making it searchable, etc. If you are completely inside the Indeed Jobs portal, this may be a fine tool, for any job seekers or employers, if you advertise outside of Indeed, it has its limitations.
October 28, 2021

Very happy with Indeed

Randi Peters | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We sort through resumes on Indeed looking for qualified candidates for our center. We have also scrolled through looking for resumes and inviting candidates to apply for a position with our company. Many and most of our teachers have applied through Indeed. Our entire organization uses Indeed to address our hiring needs.
  • Sorts through candidates looking for a match.
  • Consolidates the resumes.
  • Sometimes the resumes are not complete.
  • Weeding out applicants that do not qualify.
Indeed [Resume] has sorted out many applicants—some in our favor but others should not have applied when they do not fit the requirements. Sometimes the applicants do not live locally, so I wish that more questions were asked to the applicant to be able to weed out underqualified applicants.
October 26, 2021

Indeed Resume

Jenna Fletcher | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The recruiting team is using Indeed Resume. We have 5 accounts. We are trying to reach candidates that are not applying to us.
  • Reach candidates who don't know our company
  • Reach candidates that just updated their resume
  • No real issues other than candidates that say they are looking but don't reply or don't call you back when you do try to call them.
  • Also, there could be more contacts allocated for the price. Then purchasing additional is expensive - 100 for $200.
  • There isn't a way to buy in bigger bulk.
  • No non-profit pricing.
We have a lot of frontline positions and we can reach out to these candidates easily in Indeed Resume.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Indeed Resume to source for both active and passive candidates. Due to a combination of a tough candidate market and some hard to fill positions, Indeed Resume has been a HUGE help in finding the right people. It is used across the entire organization, and I think every business unit finds it extremely essential for hiring.
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Pipelining
  • It would [be] nice to be able to message multiple candidates at once.
Indeed Resume is great for various types/levels of positions. For high volume roles, it's a must. In this market, we cannot wait for candidates... we must seek them out. With Indeed Resume, we are able to find those candidates and drive them to our career site. Even for more professional level roles, Indeed Resume is great... I could see a mixture of Indeed Resume and LinkedIn for executive level roles.
September 15, 2021

Indeed Resume has great ROI

Nick Gamis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it for internal hiring purposes as well as for recruiting for our clients. Our administrative team uses it to find internal hiring candidates. Our recruiting team uses it to source and recruit candidates for our clients. It helps us to find active candidates in the market that are wanting to look for new jobs.
  • Helps to identify active candidates in the market.
  • Makes searching for candidates fairly easy.
  • Indeed [Resume] should require candidates to share their work authorization status.
  • The search capabilities could be expanded.
  • With all of the remote work now, they should allow you to search by time zone.
Indeed [Resume] is great when looking for candidates that are not highly recruited on a daily basis. For example, software developers are already contacted 6-7 times per week through LinkedIn and other avenues, so Indeed is typically not a great source when looking for those types of candidates. But for other IT positions like management level, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Network Engineers, Indeed is a great source when recruiting those positions.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We post positions for candidates to apply to the positions. We immediately respond with a very basic, specific, and factual questionnaire to identify minimum required skills then review to map to our requirements. We additionally search and reach out to candidates to share our positions with them to request they apply. This has given us access to many applicants that otherwise may not have applied!
  • Post job openings.
  • Send messages to candidates for specific jobs posted!
  • Build company brand!
  • Complements our sourcing tools!
  • More flexibility of intelligent searching using job descriptions.
  • More flexibility in pricing options.
  • Ability to search clearances!
  • Improved search capabilities.
Started to utilize it to complement our suite of resources; yet has become the "go-to tool" for sourcing candidates. You can post jobs, source candidates utilizing the job descriptions, and is a key source for our IT, Technical, Engineering, DoD/IC Functional, Project Management, and our Corporate Back Office roles!
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have used Indeed resume several times when we were not getting enough candidates through our ad. It is the best tool to reach out to different candidates directly using different filters. We were able to screen candidates by using keywords and that saved us a lot of time and effort. It solved the problem of waiting for candidates and gave us the option to fast track recruiting process.
  • Filters
  • Candidate messaging
  • Candidate matching.
  • Cost is a little high.
It's [Indeed Resume] well suited if you are looking to save time and do not want to wait for the candidates to apply for your job requisition. It gives you direct contact with potential candidates and there is a huge number of resumes to choose from. You can filter your search depending on the job, location, and set of skills.
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