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What is InEight?

InEight offers construction project management software solutions. InEight solutions focus on project cost management, field execution, project administration, and document management and control. It is intended to integrate with other construction software for real-time information and insights.
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Eight out of 10

8 out of 10
June 04, 2022
We use InEight to help our company keep our projects on track. It cuts down costs by making sure that we are utilizing our employees and …
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InEight review

8 out of 10
September 20, 2021
InEight provides access to a lot of databases [that] we can use to compare with the historical data and work on new projects. It has very …
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How InEight Differs From Its Competitors

Desired Business Outcomes

The program exceeded my expectations when I first came over to Orion Construction. The company was using excel spreadsheets for their estimating needs and although it was working for them, I knew moving forward the In-Eight software could prove more useful. We have been able to bid larger and more …
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Business Outcomes 2

We wanted to find a solution to get our projects flowing smoother and in turn, save the company money. InEight helps us keep all project info on one platform which is a huge plus.
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Business Outcomes 2

We hoped to better estimate the time, money, and effort of projects using our current projects. InEight has helped us track our current project progress and give realistic estimates for various tasks based [on] our own data. This has helped us right-size our schedules, staffing plans, and cost …
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Business Outcomes 2

The tool guarantees the productivity of different, big construction that meets the greatest and the most required quality and standard, especially for the Urban structures. 3D modeling functionalities are responsive and accessible and even the accuracy of the 2D documentation is good. Document …
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Business Outcomes 2

Business outcomes our department wished to achieve [are] to cut time and resources and to improve job tracking, assessment, and reporting. InEight has highly exceeded our expectations.
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Business Outcomes 2

InEight helped all departments with quicker project completion. It also helped us with efficient Resource Allocation. One of the best features is Customizable Reporting.
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Business Outcomes 2

The cost [of] the project came down drastically as we were able to predict a model cost with this application. The application license is very expensive, but when you compare it with the costs you save using the application it is worth buying and working with. The application can connect to a …
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Business Outcomes 2

We were able to deliver every development project in record time and hence that made the stakeholder happy. It improved the customer satisfaction scores as well.
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Business Outcomes 2

After using InEight, almost all our projects are completed well in advance and the weekly and monthly project report is being sent to upper management on a regular basis.
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Business Outcomes 2

There are many positive outcomes from the InEight usage within our organization like we can now manage many active Construction and Engineering projects from any place and at any time with easy project cost estimation and budgeting. InEight financial management ability is also an important point …
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Desired Business Outcomes

Completion documentation fully captured on the Document module and accepted in this format by our client. We are currently on track but will need the API to our client's system to work correctly to be 100% sure.
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Desired Business Outcomes

The business outcome we hoped to achieve with InEight's TeamBinder software was a streamlined document review workflow with the ability to issue accurate and correct documents to clients and contractors. The issuing of documents has met the objective as we are now able to issue documents in an …
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Desired Business Outcomes

Would like company to use check in and check out functionality in InEight Document and workflows for at least company documents. We haven't been able to achieve this yet.
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Desired Business Outcomes

The original business outcomes are being met. As we have expanded we have significantly increased the business outcomes and we are working in partnership with InEight to meet this step change.
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Desired Business Outcomes

We appear to be the only business using a particular version of InEight Document. As such we have identified many areas for improvements and some flaws. It would be beneficial for both InEight and BGC Contracting to use our experience with this software to collaborate and work on future …
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Desired Business Outcomes

We hope to improve efficiency of document management, procurement management, contract management, cost management, change management, and reporting management. We are currently implementing this functionality.
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  • Plan markups & sharing (14)
  • Document sharing (16)
  • Plan distribution & viewing (14)
  • Collaboration & approvals (14)

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What is InEight?

InEight offers construction project management software solutions. InEight solutions focus on project cost management, field execution, project administration, and document management and control. It is intended to integrate with other construction software for real-time information and insights.

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What is Procore?

Procore is a project management software designed specifically for the construction industry. Procore is cloud-based and allows unlimited users per instance, so that construction team members and stakeholders can all access project information and documents.

What is WorkflowMax?

WorkflowMax is a web-based project management solution.The platform offers end-to-end functionality standard to project management software, including time tracking, lead management, collaboration with external stakeholders, invoicing, integrations, and customizable reporting.

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Product Demos

InEight Basis: Human Intelligence
InEight Software Solutions
InEight Document: Collaborative Document Management
InEight Basis: Project Planning & Scheduling
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Reporting & Analytics

Users can report on and analyze usage, performance, ROI, and/or other metrics of success.

8.6Avg 8.1

Construction Project & Field Management

Features related to collaboration between construction management and project execution (e.g. the office and the job site, general contractors and subcontractors)

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A set of tools and applications that allow contractors to forecast, track, monitor, and adjust the cost of building a structure. Cost estimates are used by project owners to determine the scope and feasibility of a project, and also for budget allocation. Contractors also use cost estimates when deciding whether or not to bid on a project and for bid creation.

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Product Details

What is InEight?

InEight provides project management software for owners, contractors, engineers and architects. The vendor states over 300,000 users and more than 750 customers worldwide rely on InEight for real-time insights that help manage risk and keep projects on schedule and under budget across the entire life cycle. From pre-planning to design, from estimating to scheduling, and from field execution to turnover, InEight has supported more than $400 billion in projects globally across infrastructure, public sector, energy and power, oil, gas and chemical, mining, and commercial.

InEight software is built on an open, modular technology platform that drives integration with other systems. This is so as to ensure project stakeholders have the real-time information and insights needed to control costs, minimize risks and improve operational efficiency. InEight solutions focus on project cost management, field execution, project administration, and document management and control.

InEight Features

Construction Project & Field Management Features

  • Supported: Plan distribution & viewing
  • Supported: Plan markups & sharing
  • Supported: Document sharing
  • Supported: Issue tracking & punchlists
  • Supported: Photo documentation
  • Supported: Jobsite reports
  • Supported: RFI tools
  • Supported: Collaboration & approvals
  • Supported: As-built drawings
  • Supported: Mobile app
  • Supported: Submittal design and management
  • Supported: Checklists
  • Supported: Meeting Minutes
  • Supported: Specifications
  • Supported: Change orders

Estimating Features

  • Supported: Job costing
  • Supported: Cost calculator
  • Supported: Bid creation

Reporting & Analytics Features

  • Supported: Dashboards
  • Supported: Standard reports
  • Supported: Custom reports
  • Supported: Data exportability

InEight Screenshots

Screenshot of Estimate - Cash flow forecast line graphScreenshot of Document - Forms module with RFI formsScreenshot of Basis - Smart planning suggestionsScreenshot of Estimate: CBS Register - Create user specific views of the estimate with unlimited WBS structures and user-defined roll ups. Leverage parametric cost item assemblies for more reliable estimates.Screenshot of Estimate: Quote Management - Publish RFQs to subs and suppliers, and track quotes, conditions and scope sheets as they change. Easily compare quotes to find the best subs and suppliers.Screenshot of Document: Deliver Turnover Packages - Upon project completion, deliver a stand-alone, searchable and configurable package of project documents and data.Screenshot of Schedule: Short Interval Planning - Establish a daily plan for teams in the field and track it in real timeScreenshot of Schedule: Risk-Adjusted Planning - View your schedule through a risk adjusted lens and visualize a schedule with high confidence in executionScreenshot of Document: Collaborative Document Management - InEight Document helps you streamline the capture, review, management and distribution of project documents.Screenshot of Document: Project Correspondence - Eliminate communication failures across the entire project team by collecting project emails in one location.Screenshot of Document: Review and Approval - Leverage configurable workflow forms for reviewing and approving document-based workflows like RFIs, submittals and other construction processes.Screenshot of Document: Transmittals and Packages - Ensure the entire team is accessing the latest documents and minimize rework by easily distributing and tracking project documents.

InEight Videos

In this video, see a brief overview of InEight Basis. The tool helps utilize Human Intelligence to deliver a plan calibrated by historical knowledge, productivity rates and standards, and validated by experts in the field.
InEight provides field-tested project management software for the owners, contractors, engineers and architects who are building the world around us. Over 300,000 users and more than 750 customers worldwide rely on InEight for real-time insights that help manage risk and keep ...
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This video highlights key capabilities of InEight Document, such as giving all project stakeholders a single source of truth for all project documentation.
This video provides an overview of InEight Basis, focusing on getting rid of guesswork on a construction or capital project plan. InEight Basis leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence to quickly deliver realistic project plans. It takes the guesswork out ...
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Watch This video highlights key capabilities of InEight Document, such as giving all project stakeholders a single source of truth for all project documentation.

Watch In this video, see a brief overview of InEight Basis. The tool helps utilize Human Intelligence to deliver a plan calibrated by historical knowledge, productivity rates and standards, and validated by experts in the field.

Watch In this video, learn about valuable capabilities of InEight Estimate which enables you to reduce risk by creating top-down or bottom-up estimates for projects of any size.

InEight Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Mac, Cloud-based, accessible via browser
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesAll
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French, Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

InEight offers construction project management software solutions. InEight solutions focus on project cost management, field execution, project administration, and document management and control. It is intended to integrate with other construction software for real-time information and insights.

Procore, B2W Estimate, and HCSS are common alternatives for InEight.

Reviewers rate Specifications highest, with a score of 9.3.

The most common users of InEight are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Chad Opper | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use the software as our primary estimating tool to procure work for our company. There is still one user with our firm who uses excel spreadsheets to estimate projects. The In-Eight program has helped our firm to bid more work which has given the company more opportunities. When I started with the company four years ago they were biding just over 100 million dollars in our market sector. That number has steadily increased over the past four years. This year we have bid almost 300 million in contracts, I don't think we would have achieved this without In-Eight.
  • Ease of tracking cost throughout the estimate - The software enables the user to quickly pull up reports and verify, crew hours, equipment hours and the total cost of these items. We can look at our labor and equipment budget on a project in a matter of seconds.
  • Pay item and Proposal Screen columns - This enables the user to quickly look at the overall estimate from a cost and margin standpoint. There are a lot of features to choose from in the columns which give the user choices to share in a group setting when reviewing the final bid proposal. some key elements that we like to use are: Total Cost, Margin, Forecast Qty, Subtotal Amount, Subtotal Description, Lock Price, and Rounding Precision.
  • PBS Screen - This screen is a great resource for quick snapshots at direct and indirect costs on a project. We also use subcontractor and vendor status frequently.
  • Job Properties - This is ultimately one of the best features in the software, it lays the groundwork for each project and gives any user the background for the project.
  • It is hard for someone who does not use the software to understand. I have found over the years that if you do not use In-Eight on a daily basis it is very confusing to show a non-user what is going on.
  • It takes a long time for someone to be proficient in the software, I have a college graduate from USC who has a high learning capability and he struggles with it.
  • Understanding the information on the screens, a lot of people have a hard time digesting the information on most of the pages.
The In Eight software is best suited for large business models that require a lot of information at your fingertips. The program enables larger firms to adequately bid complex projects that require multiple estimators working in the estimate at the same time. The software would be less suited for smaller firms that can put an estimate together in a relatively short period of time by just using an excel spreadsheet. My advice would be that if your company is going to grow above $20 million per year in gross revenue, you should be looking at using some type of estimating program.
I was proficient in using the software before I moved over to Orion four years ago, once the program was set up there has not been a huge need for support. getting the software set up and continuing to install updates have been easy with your customer support. There is not a lot more for me to offer.
I would give it an 8 out of 10 because the software can be a bit cumbersome to new users. It also takes a long time to set up the library and input all of your companies needs so that the software will provide the level of service required to estimate projects. However, once the software is set up it is a powerful tool. We only use a portion of what the software is capable of delivering.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
JWF is in the heavy civil construction market specializing in large diameter underground utilities, transportation, industrial treatment, trenchless, and port facilities. InEight is used daily for the cost estimating and feasibility analysis of hard bid and alternative delivery projects ranging from $1 million to $400 million. With InEight, JWF can easily coordinate multiple users in different locations throughout the world to review, estimate and complete a complex bid, all while maintaining a database that is uniform with a real-time review of the changes. It also provides the flexibility to conform to less robust platforms (Sage/Timberline, HeavyBid).
  • Tagging segments of work.
  • User defined views and descriptions for all screens.
  • Customizable ribbons to provide an efficient use of the software.
  • Multiple layers/dependents to allow for an extreme drill down of the work and the ability to roll up to a more useful level for upper management review.
  • You can bid the work as you would build it, in detail.
  • Tie into QTO software such as blue beam or Planswift.
  • Better training of users and continuing education.
  • Links to plan sheets for CBS lines for reference.
  • Ability to have pdf link in assemblies for basis of assembly.
  • less cumbersome copy and paste issues in the CBS
  • Better tax structure to allow certain line items or resources to be taxed in an estimate. Washington state uses a very complex tax structure that can be daunting to cover taxes on mixed projects for first-time users.
InEight is an excellent platform for large and small projects. The difficulty comes when bidding work based on the department of transportation specifications to the CSI divisions 0-46. There is no one size fits all, so you find a butting of heads in working with a transportation estimator and industrial estimator. Both see the other as useless divisions, often resulting in a tangled mess of a bid if a senior individual is not running lead. As for the size of projects, the system is excellent for thousand-dollar change orders to billion-dollar projects. The outputs can be as detailed or rolled up as necessary so as not to overwhelm clients or management.
Because I've used several other platforms, and they suck when it comes to drilling down.
Been using this with remote workers for years. It's excellent, and the changes are traceable.
June 04, 2022

Eight out of 10

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use InEight to help our company keep our projects on track. It cuts down costs by making sure that we are utilizing our employees and time effectively.
  • Helps keep track of scheduling
  • Project history, what we've completed
  • Helps keep track of deadlines and what we need to do to complete.
  • Some of the best features are hard to find
  • It's hard to train people to use.
  • The whole layout needs to be more modern. It feels old and outdated .
Planning and implementing simple projects is easy and helps us save money. Project documentation helps us keep track of what has been completed so we are not starting over or wasting time trying to figure out what the previous tech is every time a technician visits a site.
Overall, InEight has been a good fit for our company. It has helped us streamline our workflow and in turn, we are able to pass the savings on to our customers which increases customer satisfaction. Increased satisfaction results in more business and more referrals.
Support doesn't respond quickly.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My company uses InEight for a host of reasons, but I mostly use it for scheduling and ensuring that my project is on-time and budgeted/staffed correctly. I like that anyone with access can see my individual progress, and they can roll up my work and those of my teammates into one cohesive calendar/summary. It makes coordination less cumbersome/time-consuming. The software takes a lot of the guesswork out of the overall project progress/percent complete.
  • summarizing project completion and tasks that still need to be done
  • projecting staffing needs
  • organizing schedule/prioritizing tasks
  • forecasting upcoming task "cliffs"
  • The import/export buttons are exactly the opposite of what you would expect. not intuitive and the logos for these should be swapped.
  • The software is hard to train users upon. New users require 3-6 months of use before getting proficient. I think this is because many of the best features are buried in menus, three clicks deep.
  • The claiming exports immediately default partial claim items to the user who claimed previously. You need to update your name every time you update a partial claim line item.
  • There are many add-ins that should just be included with InEight Standard, instead of having to install extras to make the software usable.
My company uses InEight on our largest projects to help us forecast upcoming schedule issues, staffing shortages or overages, and budget problems. On large, years-long projects, I would recommend InEight, because it helps with the organization on both the individual level and project-wide level. It is very good at rolling up the data of many users to get an overall picture of the job and percent complete.
I think it is very good at helping us share as-builts and other important project information internally. It has helped us gauge the completeness of individual tasks and overall project progress. Many of our clients also use this software, so it has aided [our] communication with them, as well. It has helped us right-size future tasks/efforts on other projects by giving us hard dollars and realistic hours estimates based [on] current projects.
Every time I have contacted support, they have gotten back to [me] quickly and with a few solutions. I like that they seem to be US-based, so there is no language barrier when I try to communicate my problem. For the few times, they did not have a solution ready, they told me they would respond later after further research, and they actually followed up! Better than most support I have used in the past with other software.
James Gilmour | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
InEight is an easy and quick 2D drawing [program] by Engineers to generate different working drawings and [provides] easy, basic, clear presentation 2D documents. InEight collaboration is also helpful to the Engineers who are working on the same project from different places. The introduction of project financial management through InEight capabilities is productive.
  • Easy to budget and manage various project cost.
  • Planning strategy.
  • Workflow management.
  • Project documentation.
  • The designing options.
  • The 3D rendering functions requires advancement.
  • Project management for multiple projects.
The tool cloud-based solution that Engineers and other construction project professionals get from InEight is impressive. The document easy management and editing via InEight capabilities are awesome. I really recommend InEight collaboration power to the various construction and the Engineering project[s] because it makes it more efficient working together as a team.
A profitable solution which helps provide quality and excellent innovation projects around the world and the cost management functions are helpful. InEight collaboration is nice uniting a group of various professionals working on the same engineering and construction projects across the whole world. The activity tracking and scheduling using the software is perfect.
Support is active, responsive and always there for their customers. Although the first setting of the product is not that complicated, technical team is available to help if any issue detected and if any implementation guidance required. The support interaction with customers is excellent allowing the user to feel free asking anything regarding the InEight functionalities.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our department has been using InEight to measure stats, track completion timelines, and create reports. Financial information is critical and the modules within InEight provide detailed reports. The dashboard is very user-friendly and intuitive and there is extensive training and resources available. This has been a major upgrade from just using Excel so our department is pleased.
  • The new format is easy to use and is very comprehensive.
  • The library is extensive and intuitive.
  • Integration with other products such as SAP is a plus.
  • The notification of current status is helpful.
  • Customization options could be expanded.
InEight would work well for a team [that] needs to track progress and provide reports. The product is great for planning and assessing which allows for efficiency. If an estimating program is needed for any organization, InEight is the solution because it integrates multiple products and provides key resources. The ability for multiple people to work on a project at the same time is crucial.
By allowing for sharing across the department, our team has been able to work simultaneously and stay up to date on tracking and reporting. There are many automated features that our team struggled with keeping up on manually so this has saved time and labor. Overall, our business growth has improved tremendously.
InEight has superb customer service and support. There are various ways to contact support. No complaints here!
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
InEight is one of the leading Project Management and planning applications, and we use it almost daily in our projects. Multiple departments use InEight since it has modules that can be utilized in any project stage. With good planning, InEight helps us do more with the same resources, and it also helped in improving our forecasting by 22%.
  • Forecasting
  • Reporting
  • Planning
  • Installation and configuration time
  • User Interface - GUI
When you have a large Software Development Project and multiple teams involved especially during the SPRINT Stage, InEight helps collate all the updates and bring them to one platform. A holistic view can be displayed on the central Dashboard within InEight. Using InEight, we can reduce the time taken for planning and recording by a very large margin.
InEight overall reduced our project cost by 8% and also helped us deliver the final software product well in advance. It reduced the document search time by 12% as well, making it easy for the Project Team members to locate respective project-related documents.
During the implementation stage, a resource from InEight helped us all the way.
September 20, 2021

InEight review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
InEight provides access to a lot of databases [that] we can use to compare with the historical data and work on new projects. It has very good interface features with which we can integrate with a variety of tools such as SAP, Excel, etc. We can already have an estimate rather than waiting and creating a new one.
  • Integrates with [a] variety of tools.
  • Cost can be estimated with ease.
  • Easy to understand and not time consuming.
  • Support function could help us sort issues early.
  • Interface is not easy to understand.
InEight can be used in a variety of departments which includes construction, biotechnology, etc. The application is well developed and can be integrated with other applications to extract any database. Since it already gives us an estimate it saves us a lot of time.
There are few areas wherein the developer team can work and resolve the interface issues. The application [needs] to be integrated with a variety of databases and other tools which could prove handy. The customer service team needs to be active enough to answer questions in a timely manner.
If the support is referred [to] as customer support then I would just give it 6, if the support is referred [to] as the way I see the application performing and working then I would definitely give it a 9 because the application is very user friendly and easy to use.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
InEight is used by primarily the Software Development Project Management Team. InEight has many features that the regular Microsoft Project does not have. InEights helps the Project Team to be on top of a development project by sending out notifications and also giving us an easy overview of the project status.
  • Status notification
  • Holistic overview
  • Customizable reporting
  • The interface could be a little modern.
  • Installation of the application could be faster.
  • Single sign on would be great.
InEight is great for tracking a whole project till closure. Subtasks assigned to the project team members can also be tracked and regular notifications can be sent from within the application as a reminder. All this can be scheduled and automated. This saves a lot of time and also ensures that the tasks are completed well within the stipulated time.
We were able to close projects 15% faster than before. InEight has many features that helped us achieve that goal.
During the initial setup phase, a support personnel did manage the process end to end.
September 17, 2021

Fantastic PM Application

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In our organization, all Software Development Teams use InEight to plan, track, and complete their development projects. With the Artificial Intelligent Planning assistant, most of the basics are covered which frees up a lot of time for the project manager. This enables the whole team to allocate time efficiently to complete tasks.
  • Auto planning module.
  • Fantastic reports.
  • Mobile access.
  • Time taken to during the installation of the actual application.
  • Planning module interface could be a little more user friendly.
  • Single sign on (SSO) option could make it better.
We do not have to do things the old way by trying to build a project plan from scratch. The InEight Basis feature helps us with Artificial Intelligence Planning Assistant to provide smart suggestions to the project manager. The details of the current project and the previous ones can be stored within the knowledge library and anyone with the appropriate access can access it even from a mobile device.
All information is easy to access. Predefined modules help to keep all the data or information organized.
I had only 1 interaction and it was great, to be honest.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This software is used in-house for our Interior design students. As it is a cloud-based construction management tool, it is helpful for remote working. We use it for planning, scheduling, and designing construction sites.
  • Data to make better decisions
  • Virtual designing of layouts
  • Estimation on project construction
  • Speed should be more fast and agile. When working on multiple files the system freezes.
  • More templates should [be] added periodically.
  • Customer support should respond within 24 hours.
It is applicable for projects where there is a scope of large projects and hands-on activity is involved. The designing, customization and templates are good. As it is a cloud-based product, in scenarios where the speed is not fast this software can be avoided.
The software has an intuitive design and someone who is working for the first time will not feel overwhelmed. Secondly the designing, estimating , and reporting gives us measurable results.
The support team doesn't respond quickly.
Martin Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
2D drafting ability is helpful to the company for the easy drawing & creation of our project and for our clients. InEight can manage contracts easily and very smoothly and the accounting integration functionality offered by InEight is perfect. The collaboration environment provided to the Construction team is very effective.
  • 2D drawing and detailing.
  • Engineering 3D modeling.
  • Project management.
  • 3D designs visualization.
  • Accurate estimating capability.
  • Large project management ability.
InEight is an excellent tool for the project managers to be able to monitor different operations for multiple construction projects from any place at any time. InEight offers the most effective cost database and it provides a great activity dashboard. For the new users, InEight community offers nice and useful training via documentation.
InEight offers the best and also a wide deployment, meaning that the tool can be available through different deployments and on different devices. The cloud services provided by the platform to the Construction team members are amazing and incredible. Easy document management and editing of various construction drawings.
The product community is very helpful to their client's queries or other different inconveniences which may be detected during the solution implementation stage. If there are any other problems with the feature's functionalities, the InEight Technical team is very reliable. For beginners, no worries because the InEight team is always available to help.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
InEight is being used to control the drawings for our Level Crossing Removal Project, as well as quality and completion records, and communication. It is used by the alliance for all phases from design through to delivery and completion. It addresses the issues of a workforce spread over multiple sites, as well as traceability of records and documents.
  • Listen to what people want.
  • Constantly improving functionality.
  • Flexibility and customization of the modules to suit the project.
  • The graphical user interface could be improved.
  • Looking forward to better linkability between modules.
Excellent and affordable for large construction projects, but still a work in progress in key areas such as GUI and linkability between modules.
I can always speak to a person when I have an issue, although their understanding of the Lots and Forms module is still a bit lacking.
October 14, 2019

InEight Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
InEight is being used for document management.
  • Drawing storage.
  • Version control.
  • Can't think of any at this moment!
InEight is well suited for document management and tendering. There is some room for improvement within the tender function of TB.
As far as I am aware it has been good, and we haven't had any issues.
October 08, 2019

InEight Review

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
InEight is used by a few departments, mainly legal and project development.
  • Document management.
  • Ability to customize the view portal.
  • Email alerts in document modules.
  • The overall layout of the software appears old and outdated.
  • Difficult to find features and make changes.
The software is good for document management. The transmittal portal needs some work, it appears outdated when going through the inbox.
From my and my colleagues' experience, the support has just been average.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
InEight is our document control platform for issuing documents to clients. It is being used across all departments where documents are required to leave the office. Since there is a built-in review feature within InEight's software we are able to ensure that a document has been through the appropriate channels and been reviewed by the staff before it is issued to clients. This ensures that correct documents are being sent out of the office.
  • Customer support for all queries.
  • Navigation of the platform.
  • Help tutorials with instructional videos.
  • Focused training on particular issues rather than a generalized overview.
  • List of customizations available to the platform with estimated costs for implementation.
  • Revision setup with the review process could be automated further.
When using InEight as a document issuing tool it is well suited for that application as it has tracking features embedded. However, the review of documents can be quite cumbersome when documents are to be reviewed over and over again requiring the assistance of a review coordinator to step in and fix any possible errors.
InEight TeamBinder support staff are quick to respond to email inquiries and phone calls often directing the inquiry to appropriate staff for further follow-up. They also are willing to work with us until the issue has been resolved. They have also offered further training for staff that would require it.
InEight's TeamBinder is a cloud based service and is therefore accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. All staff members are able to perform any duties required from the office or at home, in the review workflow to get documents to clients and ensuring that the document meets our internal standards for document presentation.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it to register (apply Company Document Numbering System) and save all our project and company controlled documents in native and PDF format. [Also use to] Control receipt and issue of this documentation with internal and external stakeholders.
  • XL Upload tool is fantastic
  • Bulk upload and editing metadata
  • Fully customisable
  • We would like to be able to workflow documents without them being restrained or maybe have a view that shows restrained and unrestrained as latest/current. We treat our Project Contractor's "As Received" documents as the latest/current whether we've completed our review or not.
  • We'd like users not to be able to reply to the transmittal system generated email address as emails go into unregistered mail
  • Documents - Comments Register - Request to have Default values available for specific fields
  • When we issue reviewed Contractor documents to Teambinder - External Contacts they are required to download the document, download comments (if applicable) and if we've made redline mark ups click on Red Magnifying glass and print document to PDF (and this won't include any comments made with mark up note). They could end up with 3 separate files per document. Also, on the sent transmittal after you select "Download all Transmittal files" button, the "Download All" button only downloads the documents and the "Download Comments" button doesn't include comments made by redline markup. I don't believe this supports the "single source of truth" and could easily lead to confusion. How can I be confident our minor service providers, third parties, government departments etc. will download and use the correct "as returned" version of the document, for example, if it's a drawing we've assigned review code 2 or 3 too they need the drawing and comments to use. TeamBinder document review options consist of:
  • Download: (mark up a hardcopy scan and upload it as an attachment), Redlines: mark up (red-line) the document and make text comments and Text comments: Click the Add/Edit link in the Comments column to add electronic comments to the documents. Teambinder transmittal "Download Comments" should include ALL comments no matter which combination of review options was used. We don't use redlines as we cannot ask our external recipients to produce their own PDF's.
Well Suited:
  • Fast uploading, registering and transmitting project documentation
Helpdesk has always been helpful
June 07, 2019

InEight Documents

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used across the whole organisation. It addresses the information exchange between my organisation and contractors and support organisations. It is a rich source of information used to measure performance of contractors etc.
  • Responsive to client requests
  • Has a local office
  • Flexible to work with
  • No consistent process to create an instance, each time an instance is created some functionality is missing. We have discussed this with InEight and they are working with us to improve the process.
  • Lack of knowledge in the large infrastructure project space.
I've found InEight to be very flexible to our needs and works in partnership with us in managing document control and design review. We have many instances of InEight and our next step is to invest in a master instance to enhance consistency.
InEight have the ServiceNow ticketing system, which should improve the transparency of outstanding issues. However there is an inconsistency in advice within the help desk support staff (Kevin is excellent) and depending on who is handling the issue often our staff need to follow up with the help desk.
May 30, 2019

InEight Document

Christina Gaglia | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
InEight document powered by TeamBinder has been implemented across our construction business. We hope to deploy across our mining business within the next few months. It has addressed issues around having one source of truth for all of our project documents and enables us to generate transmittals and track distribution.
  • Initial engagement and pre-sales
  • Technical Support
  • Customisation/Enhancement of product
  • Further development of the Portfolio Instance of TeamBinder - it needs to be fit for purpose
On a large project which has already established discipline and consistency with Doc Control and correspondence management
Response time is extremely slow. Cases are followed up continuously until resolution is provided - and sometimes not.
Cases are closed before resolution provided.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We will be using InEight for document management, workflow tracking, cost management, contract management, change management, and reporting management.
  • InEight documents allows our organisation to track the progress of workflows, providing timely notification of any delays or bottlenecks.
  • InEight allows us to management scope and cost change with the change management functionality.
  • InEight Document provides excellent integration with Outlook which significantly improves user satisfaction.
  • The design review functionality is acceptable, but could benefit from the ability to generate review logs by design package. This would allow managers to track the comments and dispositions.
InEight is an excellent solution for EPC projects in any industry. InEight has modular integration which enables the management of parametric or bottom up estimates; procurement management, contract management, cost management, and construction management.
Functionality is very good, integration appears to be very good, and the implementation staff have been excellent to work with.
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