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February 24, 2020
Carl Winter | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 4 out of 10
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Infinite Campus is used for a lot of things. It's our school data management system which tracks students' personal information. It's also used for our school attendance and provides flexibility for our record keeper as she's able to check who has and who has not taken attendance on a given day. We also use it as our grade book and messaging system.
  • Stores data.
  • Allows communication.
  • Make the grade book easier to use.
  • Allow for bulk assignment creation.
Infinite Campus is useful for managing large scale amounts of data. Our school has over a thousand kids and that's a lot of information to keep track of. It also manages our gradebooks and our report cards. As far as I know it doesn't have an ability to let teachers set their own grading scales and that would be nice to have.
I haven't reached out to Infinite Campus for technical support. We have in-school people who are trained to help us out in the event of a problem. We have had a couple of times where the system has gone down unexpectedly, but our school IT professionals were able to sort it out.
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February 13, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Our entire school district uses Infinite Campus to manage student contact information, grades, and attendance.
  • Has flexibility for user needs
  • Is very reliable
  • Would love to be able to personalize my home screen for each time I log in
  • Would love for it to be more intuitive when in assignment mode based on what class Section I’m in.
Infinite Campus is a great one-stop place for all of the student information I need as a teacher on a daily basis. I always have it open on my computer to look up information, take attendance, and enter assignment information and grades. I love that my district can manipulate the way we use Infinite Campus based on our needs and that within our own building, it looks different for different teachers depending on our grading systems. And despite this, it still comes together nicely for parents to view information on their end.
When we face any issues, they are resolved quickly.
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January 28, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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Infinite Campus is used across our entire district, from administration, faculty, and staff to students and parents. This application serves multiple purposes, some being an attendance and health record tracking system, a grade tracking system for faculty which also correlates to the communication system between faculty and students regarding grades as well as to parents. Lastly, we use this as a more enterprise method of email communication to parents for high level messaging.
  • Infinite Campus sends out notifications timely without the delay that other systems sometimes encounter. This is important for students and when the end of semester deadlines loom.
  • Infinite Campus is user-friendly from both the administrative side to the end-user side. It's intuitive and well documented.
  • Infinite Campus does not integrate seamlessly with our learning management system. This is a big deal in that using Infinite Campus means our faculty and staff are asked to do more (fatigue) and there is more room for error to occur.
  • Infinite Campus' platform is not visually appealing nor does the site design use enough colors and distinction to clearly convey progress to a user.
Infinite Campus is appropriate for smaller institutions where seamless integration with its learning management system is not critical. Since there is an element of manual work required in order to reflect accurate grading information for courses that use their learning management system to grade with, it is imperative to have personnel specifically charged with the task of ensuring data integrity. If there are not resources at an institution to make possible dedicated personnel for managing Infinite Campus, and instead an institution must rely on faculty and staff to manage their own use of the application, Infinite Campus is not an ideal program.
The predefined help topics are relevant and useful. It is clear that Infinite Campus has listened to the feedback of their users and the pre-answered help is reflective of issues common to users. The guides are informative, easy to follow and for the most part, solve issues at hand. The support for issues undefined is quick and useful. Infinite Campus' support is by far one of the best I have worked with to resolve technical issues for academic software.
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November 11, 2019
Melanie Strom | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We use Infinite Campus district-wide as our student information system and have since 2003. We purchased some additional resources--online registration and fee payments--and use point of sale. We have been using online registration since its inception and are pleased with the ability to now make changes on our own to the online registration application. We incorporated online fee payments into our registration process in 2017 with much success, as we previously used a third-party platform.

Having online registration greatly speeds up our enrollment process and allows us to be nearly paper-free. The online payments are directed to the appropriate accounts quickly and with few issues. The updated student and parent portal apps are moving in the right direction for those users.
  • The support ticket system works well. It is important to have a good process in place for issues with a product.
  • Online registration has been incorporated as an interface that is controlled by the user and no longer requires assistance (at cost) from the vendor.
  • The fee payment integration allows families to pay fees right through the portal for a convenience fee the district decides.
  • Between the monthly updates, there are MANY more RX packs that can be used for updating. These mainly consist of fixes to state reporting issues. Sometimes a district could update weekly or more often to keep up.
  • The user interface is gradually being converted to the same look on all pages. Instead of this type of change, an all-at-once approach would have been preferred.
  • Many times, a feature will be available for free and then later removed and charged as an add on. Users who get used to this functionality are then forced to no longer use it or request that the district pay even MORE money to have that feature available.
Compared with the other student information system options available, Infinite Campus provides a more robust package, allowing opportunities to make the software work best for your district. It allows for the great organization of households and people in those households, customization of student data and online registration application, to name a few. It may not work as well for districts with a separate financial system that is well established, as a migration to the financial system in Infinite Campus would be a challenge.
We are fortunate enough to have a support center that assists before possibly needing to escalate the issue to Infinite Campus itself. The majority of our issues are completed through this front end. There are times, however, where we need to have an issue escalated to Infinite Campus. These issues are usually more complex and require more time to complete. On occasion, I need to reach out for an update, as I have not received an update from the support representative.

Infinite Campus also has a large knowledge base, as well as forums to consult with other users around the country. This is very beneficial; however, there are times where a search does not yield the exact results you are expecting.
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October 29, 2019
Brad Owens | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
Here at Round Lake High School, and all throughout the Round Lake Area Schools district, we use Infinite Campus mainly for our attendance and grade book needs. Infinite Campus allows us to take accurate attendance at all hours of the day, and the grade book feature lets us input student performance on a daily basis.
  • Infinite Campus is great for tracking attendance. The students are listed alphabetically and the user can mark them Present, Absent, or Tardy. Infinite Campus also tracks how many days students have been in school down to the period.
  • Infinite Campus is also great for inputting grades. We use a standards-based grading system, so all the assignments are broken down by standards. It really helps the students know what they have mastered and what they still need to improve upon.
  • Infinite Campus also does wonders for behavior tracking. When students get a referral, there are many options for the teachers to put from, so the referral goes to the right person and the consequence matches the act. Teachers can also see specifically what happened and how long a student will be out (if they are suspended).
  • Infinite Campus could improve on the reports available. The information teachers want on certain reports aren't always available, or they are hard to find.
  • Infinite Campus is also missing the ability to add multiple teachers to classes. Some classes have two teachers in the room, but only one teacher shows up on their schedule.
  • Infinite Campus should also have an email function to easily contact parents. It would be a lot easier if we could just click on the parents' email address and send an email right from the screen.
Infinite Campus is well suited for taking attendance and seeing students' information. The mobile version for attendance taking is really user-friendly and really simple for taking attendance. When putting in a behavior referral, it is best to use the computer because of all the options available. It is much easier to see everything on a computer rather than a mobile device.
The support we get from Infinite Campus is really great. We have our own personal customer service agent and IT specialist who is dedicated to making sure our systems run smoothly and is able to fix things fast. We are also thinking of adding things all the time, and they can implement the ideas really quickly.
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October 30, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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It is a Student Information System that keeps all demographics, state required, and district relevant information about students, staff, and students' households.
  • Student data tracking (demographics, grades, schedule, attendance, and much more).
  • Ad Hoc filter creation for any combination of data in the system.
  • It simplifies state and federal reporting.
  • Ad-hoc items are mapped to HTML ID tags and it is sometimes hard to find the proper item.
Very robust district data tracking.
Support is very quick to respond once you open a ticket and dedicated to getting the issue resolved as quickly as possible.
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November 13, 2018
Michele Roy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Infinite Campus is being used across our whole organization for all our teachers and administration. It allows us to have all our grades (transferred from GradPoint) and progress in one program. We then take that data (as administrators) and transfer it into our pacing guides (spreadsheets created by our site director) for all our students. It also allows us to track their progress in getting to and finishing their USA Test Prep for their Milestone/EOC courses and their EOC percentages. As a special education teacher, it is also my portal to GO-IEP for my special education students.

As administrators, we also utilize the reports/student summary/show assignment detail to generate reports for each of our students which correlates with our Course Completion Forms utilized by our counselors.

So as you can see, it is utilized by many departments throughout our organization. A very useful tool, if albeit a bit hard to navigate/find what you're looking for in the gradebook, simply because there is SO much data held there.
  • It provides all your tracking/progress date in one place. Very comprehensive.
  • Ability to generate complete and detailed progress reports for each of our students.
  • Allows our team to utilize the data and transfer it to our own pacing spreadsheets for each group of students we are tracking.
  • And as a special education teacher, I use it as a portal to my GO-IEP program, which is invaluable.
  • The Gradebook is just so busy, even though it does contain all the grades/information you need, I find it very hard to find data/information just because of the sheer numbers and drop downs that I have to go through to get to what I want.
  • Not very user-friendly for first time users - takes many tries and searching around to get to where you want. Gets easier as you use it, but they could attempt to make it more user-friendly for the novice/first time users.
  • I'd like to see the drop-down menu for the classes broken up into separate folders/files for each group (ie. ELA, Social Studies, Science, Math). Then it wouldn't be just rows and rows of classes that make my eyes run them all together and hard to find the ONE I am looking for.
Good for generating progress reports and tracking when we have to report date at meetings and to 'higher ups' and also to send the progress reports to the parents and as part of student's IEPs; hard to find where to put your data, and then hard to find it with so many classes listed in only one drop-down menu. I really feel this could be done better/easier for us to utilize and find what we want faster and more efficient. That is why I only gave it a rating of 8.
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November 18, 2018
Barbara Davis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use Infinite Campus (IC) in our district to track our students' grades, discipline, communication with parents, attendance, assessment scores on standardized tests, special needs, medical needs, and behavioural needs. Students can check IC daily for their grades, missing assignments, who marked them absent or tardy, if a grade has been entered or a new assignment posted. Teachers enter their grades on IC, send mass communications to parents and students via messenger, check a student's attendance, monitor their needs based on their scores on tests such as ACCESS for ELLs. IC also allows specific students to be flagged according to programs they participate in such as AVID or Pathways, if they have an IEP on file, allergies. It's a one-stop location for students' information. Parents can also access their students grades via the IC portal and can request to receive alerts or updates on their students attendance or missing work.
  • Great for attendance. Mark a student absent and that night their guardian gets a robocall.
  • Easy to use for grading. Easy template for students to understand, what has been entered, what is due, what is missing. Nice feature for teachers is that it will generate a missing assignment report for individual students that you can hand out for them to see.
  • Generates updates for students that sign up to be sent a text message to their phones. Very effective for alerting them that something is missing, or that they have been marked absent. Sometimes after I take attendance, a student decides to come to class, after receiving a text alert I have marked them absent.
  • Fairly easy to set up the grade book. You can enter weighted categories and control how you weight each quarter or set it up as a semester long grade book. (trickier but still possible) Nice feature lets you turn missing boxes red vs completed ones green so its easy to see trends on individual students.
  • Sometimes the messenger function gets sticky. It tells me the password is wrong when it isn't and sends me a message to change it, but when I try to change it, I get another message that I need to consult a systems administrator which should not be necessary for a password change.
  • There used to be a field where I could enter a lengthier description of an assignment. This disappeared this year, and it' too bad because it was a useful feature for parents and for support staff who wanted to help a student complete some work but they really don't know what the project required.
  • The 5 character field on the brief description is very limiting to me when in my gradebook. I give multiple assignments in a quarter with similar descriptions and 5 characters aren't enough to differentiate them.
This program works well for high school students, especially as a means to share information amidst a large population of educational professionals, parents and students. It has easy internet access from anywhere, kids can even use an app on their phones.
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November 18, 2018
Craig Barnum | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Infinite Campus is a best-in-breed student information system. This system is used by all of our schools and administrative personnel. Campus provides us with the structured data we need to guide system-wide decisions -- and more importantly, gives our teachers instructionally actionable data.
  • Infinite Campus is structured and designed with best practice teaching and learning in mind.
  • The Infinite Campus database structure, while complex, provides flexibility.
  • The technical support with Infinite Campas has been excellent -- any issues are addressed quickly and the product is very stable.
  • While they have improved over the years, Infinite Campus is still a bit difficult to deeply integrate with other products.
  • It is a complex product with a steep learning curve.
In my opinion, Infinite Campus is the best SIS product in the K12 space: robust, full-featured, and stable.
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November 18, 2018
Casey Erway | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is utilized to input and check grades by teachers as well as a student grade resource. It solves parents ever questioning what has or has not been turned in or graded.
  • Instant updates. When grades are input, students and parents alike receive instant updates!
  • Easy access. Infinite Campus is readily available and extremely easy to use on a variety of platforms.
  • Easy to use. I don't believe there has ever been an easier grade book!
  • There is nothing that I have found that needs to be improved upon.
  • Seriously, Infinite Campus is my favorite gradebook to utilize.
  • Infinite Campus has changed the way I utilize grading and communication with parents.
It is the perfect tool for teachers, students, and parents to keep tabs on academic progress and achievement. There is literally no excuse for students to ask what they are missing because it updates in real time. Parents also have instant access to their mobile devices or emails to their child's academic performance.
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November 07, 2018
Delbert Adair | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
My school district uses Infinite Campus for attendance and grading. It is also commonly used to print reports, seating charts, and rosters. I use it to record students' results on physical fitness testing.
  • Just when I think I'm getting to know Infinite Campus well, something else comes up that it is used for. I use it for emailing my parents. It is a great communicator. I am able to send a message to 150 students with a click of the mouse.
  • I print out a blank roster and will have students record the their scores out in the field, like the mile run, for example.
  • I print out a grade report and take it to parent conferences.
  • I always seem to have a hard time setting up Infinite Campus at the beginning of the school year. Hopefully I will get better so it's not a hassle.
Parents want to know what students' grades are. I can give parents points possible and points earned from every daily and weekly activity throughout the year.
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June 08, 2018
Sheila-Shira Reiss | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
My school district uses Infinite Campus to track attendance grades, class schedules, test scores for national and state assessments as well as the Colorado English Proficiency Test scores. Communications with parents is also entered into Infinite Campus. There is also a red flag which identifies if a child is a second language learner or in special education. It is also used as a Parent Portal where parents can see academic information about their child, including contact information, attendance, grades and class schedules.
  • Infinite Campus provides an easy way for teachers and staff to enter pertinent academic information including contact information, attendance, grades, class schedules and test scores
  • Provides easy access for any staff member in the district to share information between schools especially for transfer students in the same district
  • Very user friendly; easy to enter information
  • Parents sometimes do not find it user friendly and need to be trained on how to access information
  • Sometimes the system becomes overloaded when too many people are using it simultaneously, but that may be a district problem
It is well suited for gathering educational information needed for each student in one place. Having attendance, grades and testing scores in one place makes it easy to access information. It is not appropriate to try and enter more detailed special education information although students are flagged if they are second language learners or in special education. When a child is only receiving speech therapy, there is a flag that the child is in special education which can confuse their teachers.
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What is Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus headquartered in Blaine offers their student information system (SIS) to educational institutions, boasting onboarding support, parent and student portal, grade book and academic planner, and access to the platform's inbuilt LMS Campus Learning.

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