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Intapp Time

Intapp Time


What is Intapp Time?

Intapp in Palo Alto offers Intapp Time, a legal billing application focusing on managing alternate fee structures and rich information for analysis and optimization.

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What is Intapp Time?

Intapp in Palo Alto offers Intapp Time, a legal billing application focusing on managing alternate fee structures and rich information for analysis and optimization.

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Product Details

What is Intapp Time?

Intapp Time provides a cloud-based solution that helps law firms optimize their timekeeping practices to improve realization, reduce leakage, honor client commitments, and free lawyers from mundane time-recording tasks. While automatically capturing billable and non-billable work effort, Intapp Time also ensures compliance to billing terms at the point of time entry.

Intapp Time Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
IntApp Time is the primary timekeeping application used by all timekeepers across our entire firm. It captures or allows the entry of all worked time to be billed to clients and then interfaces with the firm's accounting system to inject the data for billing and other timekeeping and administrative purposes. It also allows timekeepers to review, edit and see reports on their individual data.
  • Timers: IntApp Time's timer functions are well thought out and meet the esoteric needs of different timekeeper's styles
  • Integration: IntApp Time integrates well with our accounting systems.
  • IntApp Time has been a reliable application for us.
  • Users perfer the IntApp Time interface to other products.
  • Updating the product can be difficult due to IntApp's update methodology.
  • There is no artificial intelligence capability in the product to assist timekeepers in entering time.
  • Installation and testing of the product are complicated.
IntApp time is well-suited for capturing time and automating that capture in some instances. It does not provide a wealth of information regarding the time it captures. For example, auto-detecting client/matter numbers based on past time entries. As mentioned, the timer functions of the product are well thought out, easy to use and popular among our timekeepers.
  • Obviously, time capture for billing is a vital function. At this time we believe IntApp Time is best of the breed in this regard, though competition is coming.
  • Recording timekeeping is something all timekeepers hate. IntApp time doesn't do as much as it potentially could to ease this pain, using predictive algorithms for example.
  • For timekeepers who are diligent, IntApp time provides all the tools necessary to record and closely manage worked time, its primary functionality.
We also looked at the timekeeping software that is a part of our accounting system which is fully integrated into that product. IntApp time provides a better user interface while providing all the integration necessary for our accounting system to capture all the essential timekeeping data points. For larger law firms, we feel there are not a lot of better-competing products.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are a law firm. We have about 90 timekeepers -- 80 attorneys and 10 paralegals -- who need to track the amount of time that they work on specific projects, so that we can bill our clients accurately. I want to emphasize that the primary objective is accuracy. Most of our timekeepers find that Intapp reminds them of tasks performed that they would have otherwise forgotten. But, it also ensures that we don't overestimate. If, for example, an employee has a document open for a couple of hours, then Intapp Time is able to observe the amount of time that the employee was acutally and actively editing the document from the time that the document was in the background and\or when the PC was idle. In this way, it prevents us from overbilling.
  • It captures activity on your PC -- e.g. reading an e-mail, editing a document. It can be customized to track other activities -- e.g. if you use a particular PDF tool, or use a particular web site for legal research.
  • It captures phone activity.
  • It captures calendar appointments.
  • It is really low maintenance, and seems to have a very light footprint on the client.
  • I'd really like it if there were some way it could capture mobile phone calls, especially on the iPhone.
  • Long-term maintenance seems a little burdensome. We do not apply updates ourselves, but rather always engage professional services.
  • I'd really like it if the time entry functionality were simply rolled into the existing product.
  • Is there a cloud option? That would save us a lot of care and feeding on the back end.
Time recording and time entry are such a massive and universal pain point for all timekeepers. All timekeepers perform this task on an almost daily basis. Anything that speeds up or eases that task is worth its weight in gold. Even if a timekeeper is working on a project that is billed on a fixed fee we still need accurate time entries to ensure that we are meeting our own profitability objectives.
  • About 20% of our timekeepers tell us that are finding significant amounts of time that would otherwise forget. Emphasis added that this is a quantitative benefit.
  • The vast majority of our timekeepers tell us that it speeds and eases the task of recording and entering time, regardless of whether or not they are finding time that would otherwise go unbilled. This is a qualitative benefit.
  • The product is expensive such that the ROI is certainly favorable, but it could be better.
There are three competitors to Intapp Time that I know of, and have looked at, but it's been years. Those competitors are Element55, Aderant Found Time and Smart Time. Every time I compared any of those products to the current version of Intapp Time then Intapp Time came out on top. Element 55 seemed have a bit of a clunky interface when I last looked. Aderant Found Time seemed like a limited success at copying Intapp Time; the software itself seemed a little burdensome, both on the client and the back end.
Olivia Crellin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Every paralegal and attorney in my office tracks their billable time using Intapp daily. It solves the problem of tracking time in an efficient and uniform way across the organization. Its timer function also solves the problem of having to track your time by hand all day and instead allows you to easily turn on and off the timer as you shift between projects.
  • Easy to use
  • Quick response time (no lag)
  • Great timer feature
  • Interface could be updated (appears outdated)
  • Having multiple timers open in one screen to start and stop projects fluidly
  • Better mobile app time keeping
Intapp certainly excels over other time keeping softwares I've used in the past as it's particularly well suited for seamless and uniform billing practices across a large law firm. Its format is intuitive and it serves all the basic functions an attorney requires out of a time keeping device -- tracking multiple projects each day.
  • Saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent translating handwritten timekeeping notes into a database
  • Allows my secretary to easily view my time and make corrections if necessary
  • Saves our clients money by cutting down on unnecessary time spent tracking billables
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