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Ankur Arora | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Our organization fell in love with this truly amazing Integromat product where things can be automated so easily by simply dragging and dropping. This is being used across the whole organization to automate most of our things. This needs very few resources in our organization and also saves much of our time. With few clicks only, we can automate the workflows and connect to hundreds of different apps. It's a trusted product used by many big companies such as Uber, cisco, Spotify, Adidas, etc.
  • Any Google apps can be easily connected.
  • Fixing of errors is quite easy.
  • Drag and drop to simply connect to multiple apps.
  • Saves a lot of time and effort.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Sometimes it's complex to integrate with big platforms.
  • Connections to more and more apps can be added more frequently.
  • Documentation could be improved.
Integromat is a powerful integration platform that allows connecting with multiple apps so easily. Its visual editor is very user-friendly and allows to design the process by simple drag and drop and automation handles the rest. It saves a lot of time and effort by automating most of the repetitive tasks. Although, sometimes, it's a little tricky or complex to connect with larger platforms. Also, it's not well suited for an organization with fewer data capabilities.
Joanna García | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Integromat allows communication between the marketing team to the sales team. The marketing team gathers leads from different online sources (mostly from social media), allowing us to speed up the process of communication with the lead within 5 minutes, making it easier to assign, categorize and inform the sales team.
  • The time frame of automatization can be personalized
  • The whole design is easy for any type of user
  • Errors can be easily fixed
  • Compatibility with a large of apps and programs is available
  • Integrations with larger platforms like hubspot are super tricky
  • The main account need to be able to add different admins
  • More step-by-step guide for begginners inside the platform
Integrations with Google suite are amazing and easy to make in less than 20 mins if you know exactly what you're going to design. The visual integration allows you to move around and add or remove objects easily. The basic plan has enough steps to work with during the month if you're a really small business.

It requires investing time in watching their videos to get to know exactly where you want to go and which would be the easier way to achieve your needs.
I'm really impressed with how this platform can solve daily minor tasks quickly that makes me save up to 60 mins per day. The easy way to set-up and work with different CRM's and other platforms at the same time in one scenario makes everything run smoothly and stress-free.
Score 9 out of 10
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Integromat is an amazing product that is being used by our sales and marketing team to automate multiple things. Workflows can be easily automated with only a few clicks by the simple drag and drop feature of the product. It has helped us to connect to multiple apps with its user friendly interface. Many big firms such as Adidas, Uber, Cisco, etc. use this product which makes it a trustworthy product. We can also connect this with any API [which also] makes it a powerful product.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Needs less resources. That eventually saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Google apps can be connected as well.
  • No coding needed as such.
  • Poor documentation of the product.
  • Support and services could be added more frequently.
  • Integrating Integromat with larger platforms is a challenge.
Integromat is a well suited platform when you want to connect to multiple apps. The errors can be fixed very easily. Because of the user friendly interface, it becomes quite easy to visualize and automate the work which usually takes minutes only. The user simply needs to drag and drop and it handles the rest. Integrating with Google apps is a powerful feature of Integromat. Also, one can easily connect to hundreds of featured app or even an API.
Thomas (TC) Riley | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Integromat is used within our organization exclusively by the Data and Analytics department. Our department uses this tool to support a variety of internal and client integration/connection projects. Everything from automating invoices from CRM orders to running recurring data pulls from our database to client platform API connections to our database for reporting.
Integromat helps us connect platforms that otherwise wouldn't connect while giving us the opportunity to code and customize these integrations for our specific use cases.
  • Integrations to a multitude of platforms that many other tools don't offer
  • Reliability of scenarios running as planned without consistent errors or failures
  • Scheduling capabilities to prevent exceeding API limits
  • Customization opportunities to align fields and data exactly how they're needed for use case
  • There are always new platforms and connections that we'd like to see
  • More flexibility in paying for operations (tasks) on a sliding scale, instead of by tier
  • More thorough support documentation on connecting various platforms and troubleshooting errors
Integromat, by its nature, is an incredibly flexible tool that excels at solving integration challenges that are otherwise insurmountable. It is specifically useful (compared to the more well-known Zapier) when you need to really customize a scenario and apply SQL/code/routing within the operation. The scheduling/delay features are also incredibly useful, so that you control the pace of running your tasks, instead of the more traditional webhook format that just looks for new events to trigger.
It would be less appropriate for a user/company that has very limited data capabilities and needs a more plug-and-play solution.
Integromat support is usually pretty prompt to reply and does their best to assist. Given the connector/integrator nature of the platform, there is a lot of reliance on the performance of external systems/API to ensure Integromat does everything you hope and we've run into challenges getting support there. However, that is more of a pipedream (Integromat being able to solve all these challenges) than it is reality. Their support does a great job of assisting with what they can control in their platform.
Score 10 out of 10
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Integromat has been used in our organization to start an automation process starting on the sales and marketing departments and closely followed by operations and human resources. Sales and marketing are automating all the initial contact with the clients, from the first contact until the client is up and running by themselves. Operations are automating the tickets and follow-up to pending reports that clients are submitting. Human resources benefits from Integromat because they are integrating the information stream of some of their departments using Integromat.
  • Connection to Facebook leads is awesome
  • Connection to any of the Google apps
  • Adding more services that can be operated
  • Adding support for sending messages to WhatsApp
Integromat is a pretty interesting service if you would like to:
-Automate boring tasks like sending a welcome message to people
-Automate repetitive tasks that do not generate value to the person doing them.
-Automate your Facebook leads follow up and DB creation of leads
-Creating complex interactions between applications in order to automate a completely internal process from the company
The pricing schema is very attractive, almost 50% lower than the competition. You could start from free and then grow. It has a pretty big library of connections to other apps and services, which really helps you when everything is a mess. Integromat has a really easy-to-use interface. You could do almost everything with fewer than 5 clicks. Scenarios (automation steps to complete a routine) have graphics so you can configure them more easily.

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Cloud Data Integration (6)
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Support for real-time and batch integration (5)
Data quality services (5)
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What is Integromat?

Integromat automates integration between applications. It features data transformation capabilities within a no-code graphic interface.

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What is Integromat's best feature?

Reviewers rate Data quality services highest, with a score of 9.5.

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The most common users of Integromat are from Small Businesses and the Marketing & Advertising industry.