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InterSystems Ensemble

InterSystems Ensemble


What is InterSystems Ensemble?

Ensemble from global company InterSystems (headquartered in Massachusetts) is a middleware and application infrastructure offering.

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What is InterSystems Ensemble?

Ensemble from global company InterSystems (headquartered in Massachusetts) is a middleware and application infrastructure offering.

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Product Details

What is InterSystems Ensemble?

InterSystems Ensemble is a data platform to build integrated solutions, manage orchestration and utilizing messaging queues.

Built-in Data and Message Repository

According to the vendor, Ensemble offers high-performance data processing, guaranteed message delivery, resumption of interrupted business processes, analytics of both real-time and historical data, and reliability due to its database mirroring technology.

Adapter Library and Framework

Ensemble adapters provide out-of-the-box connectivity and data transformations for packaged applications, databases, industry standards, protocols, and technologies – including SQL, HL7, SOAP, HTTP, FTP, SAP, TCP, LDAP, Pipe, Telnet, and Email. Object inheritance and SOAP services minimize the effort required to build any needed custom adapters. Using Ensemble’s unit testing service, custom adapters can be be tested without first having to complete the entire project.

InterSystems Ensemble Screenshots

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InterSystems Ensemble Video

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InterSystems Ensemble Technical Details

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Francisco Lopez de las Heras | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ensemble is the best integration service you can find, currently, in healthcare software in the world. The simplicity of its management and the great variety of libraries allows you to perform integration of different software in record time. You do not need to have a great knowledge of software development to perform a high-quality integration. Simplicity is the key.

  • Easy to use: The simplicity of its programming language allows fast learning. Visual environment to generate complex code.
  • Robust: A fall of the system will not be a problem. Never again will information of the transactions in progress be lost. Never more messages lost.
  • Connect to the world: The most popular connection is possible to implement quickly. FTP, File folder, TCP, SMPT, REST.... all method are ready to use. Only define "where" and "how"
  • Expensive: It's expensive for small companies.
  • It needs more memory and space on the hard disk than usual for other developments in other languages. The information is stored completely, so that too much information persists. It needs a great management of treatment of messages to avoid collapsing the system.
If you want to connect different environments, laboratories, companies, etc. Each one uses its own system and services to transmit information. Instead of having to make costly developments for each of the companies to connect, with a single common process many companies could be integrated in very short times. It offers a wide range of common architectures and methods that reduce development time by almost 75%. You do not need to add databases, complex automation connection systems, etc., ... everything is in the same application.
  • We have integrated 5 laboratories in a treatment monitoring system in less than a month of development. Being able to integrate the following in a period no longer than a week.
  • Mirth
Mirth is another integration platform that we have used but its development, in Java, made us always create new methods every time a new product was integrated. Every connection process had to be developed from the beginning and it was not easy to reuse code. Nor did it allow us to have an extensive catalog of HL7 messaging, having to perform the validation of each and every one of its fields manually.
Nigel Timothy Bloom-Salm | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User

Ensemble was chosen as the best of breed technologies for application and technology integration. It sits at the heart of our technological innovation for automated robotic pharmacy dispensing systems within large hospital pharmacies as well as robotic prescription dispensing using pharmacy robotics with ATM style pharmacy dispensing units that link patients via cloud technology to pharmacy call centre users who advise patients on the medications they are collecting and other questions or issues that the patients require assistance with.

Ensemble is based on Cache, Europe, Russia and other regions supporting security ISO standards.

The most important aspect for Right ePharmacy is that Cache/Ensemble just works 24/7. Its reliability is unsurpassed.

  • Fast Development.
  • Incredible performance especially in the realm of massive transactional based data systems.
  • Extensive and customizable adapter technologies for integration with just about any system/technology current IT development has need for in this day and age of developing single user interfaces to multiple data sources and/or applications.
  • One of the most secure database technologies available.
  • Given that Ensemble and Cache are one of if not the only true fully object orientated database/development technologies for massive transactional data systems its customizability is extensive and it just comes down to the creativity of the developer to get the products to pretty much do whatever they want to do with it. However, this is not necessarily obvious to newcomers to the technology.
  • The developer community could do with greater participation from the software developers/application specialists and engineers within InterSystems.
  • More extensive documentation and greater access to proven working solutions particularly in the realm of some of the lesser known or new and upcoming technologies.
  • Best suited for fast development with a fundamental emphasis on object orientation
  • Prohibitive costs for very small integration projects
  • I was able to develop a fully functional integration engine linking pharmacy systems with pharmacy robotics in less than three months in comparison with the year that the previous software development company had taken to develop a solution that was incomplete and did not work using Microsoft technology.
  • The engine I developed was so stable and adaptable that it quickly replaced the equivalent engine supplied by the robot manufacturers own software development team.
  • It has proven to be so effective that it is now the product of choice for future developments within the organization replacing Microsoft technologies which were the previous company standard.
There is just no comparison. Try it and see for yourself. Furthermore based on information from software houses I have interacted with over the years it far out paces products like WebSphere.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Vendor Reputation
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  • Analyst Reports
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I wouldn't
InterSystems include 24/7 support for software houses and end users of products developed using InterSystems products as part of the annual maintenance fees.
I have yet to raise an issue with InterSystems WRC that they have been unable to resolve to my satisfaction in the 20+ years that I have worked with their products.
Just in the last month I have raised three high priority issues with InterSystems WRC and not only did they quickly understand what the issues were that I raised but they even went so far as to write example code to assist me, point me to specific documentation that made the solutions even clearer and most exceptional they even took on board the software I had sent them to illustrate the issues and sent back informative and constructive suggestions on how to either solve the issues I was experiencing as well as suggestions as to how I could do some tasks more efficiently or alternative approaches to my solution designs.
  • Class Definitions, Integration Services, Processes and Operations, multiple programming language support
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Deployment of applications across different hardware and O/S environments is remarkably easy. I can deploy and configure applications in about a quarter of the time it takes a Microsoft Developer to deploy ( and note, the restrictiveness of the platforms and hardware supported by Microsoft).
  • None that I have come across unless it is a technology I have never worked with, a recent example being integration with a Java Gateway but even then within two weeks of working with my Java developer counterpart we had the solution nailed.
  • Documentation can take some getting used to.
  • Nothing else that come to mind. But then I have worked with these technologies for years so I have a certain bias.
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