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ISI: Illuminate Student Information

ISI: Illuminate Student Information


What is ISI: Illuminate Student Information?

ISI: Illuminate Student Information is an SIS from Illuminate Education headquartered in Irvine, which features attendance and grade management, discipline, health, and reporting, report card sharing, and more. Illuminate Education announced they will sunset their student information system in 2021.

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Illuminate Education is a versatile software that has proven to be highly convenient for tracking social-emotional data of students and …
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What is ISI: Illuminate Student Information?

ISI: Illuminate Student Information Technical Details

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Community Insights

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Illuminate Education is a versatile software that has proven to be highly convenient for tracking social-emotional data of students and identifying those who need support, according to user experiences. The software streamlines the process of analyzing student data, eliminating the need for manual deep dives into data and saving valuable time. With Illuminate Education, users are able to easily manage student test results and administer online tests, making the entire process more efficient. Grading answer sheets, particularly multiple-choice questions, is made simple with the use of the webcam feature.

The software generates comprehensive reports that provide valuable insights by identifying patterns in class results. This feature allows users to gain a deeper understanding of their students' performance and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, Illuminate Education addresses the challenge of preventing students from cheating during online tests, ensuring a fair assessment of their knowledge.

One of the major benefits of Illuminate Education is its ability to provide immediate feedback on student work and offer a summary of class performance. This allows teachers to quickly assess individual progress and make necessary adjustments to their teaching methods. Moreover, Illuminate Education serves as a central data warehouse, consolidating student information into a single source and enabling better decision-making.

The software also simplifies various administrative tasks such as attendance tracking, student record management, behavior incident reporting, and grading. By organizing data effectively, Illuminate Education facilitates trend analysis at grade and school levels. It serves as a unified system for attendance and grades, ensuring compliance with due dates and legal requirements while helping teachers stay on track.

With Illuminate Education's robust data analysis capabilities, educators are able to better support students by identifying gaps in learning at both individual and class levels. The software allows thorough analysis and tracking of student performance while enhancing assessment capabilities. Users find value in accessing demographic information, testing results, academic progress, usernames, student ID numbers, and educational history with ease.

Illuminate Education also promotes effective communication between parents and teachers. By facilitating information sharing with parents, the software enables them to monitor their child's progress and maintain constant communication with teachers. In addition, parents can conveniently access and download student test scores and report cards, simplifying reporting tasks.

Overall, Illuminate Education has become a widely used software in educational organizations due to its capabilities. It serves as a comprehensive student information system that provides access to demographic information, testing results, and academic progress. Teachers find it to be a convenient gradebook solution, serving as a one-stop shop for student information. Its user-friendly interface and data visualization features make it an invaluable tool for educators seeking a comprehensive view of their teaching methods and their students' knowledge. Illuminate Education has not only helped users assess the strengths of their teaching but also gain insights into students' knowledge gaps.

Data visualization is made easy with Illuminate Education, allowing teachers to analyze and present data in a visually appealing format. This feature enables educators to easily identify trends and patterns, making it easier to understand student performance and make informed decisions about instructional strategies.

The software is widely recommended by users for its capabilities and is highly regarded within educational organizations. It serves as a versatile tool that goes beyond traditional gradebook solutions, providing educators with a centralized platform for managing student information, assessments, and communication with parents.

Illuminate Education plays a crucial role in supporting schools and districts in meeting various needs. Its comprehensive student information system not only helps manage attendance and grades but also ensures compliance with due dates and legal requirements. Teachers can access a wealth of information at their fingertips, allowing them to support students effectively and monitor their progress over time.

In summary, Illuminate Education provides an array of valuable use cases for educators. From tracking social-emotional data to managing student assessments, the software streamlines processes, saves time, generates insightful reports, prevents cheating during online tests, facilitates immediate feedback, organizes data effectively, supports decision-making based on comprehensive student information, and promotes effective communication between parents and teachers. Its user-friendly interface and data visualization capabilities make it an indispensable tool for educators seeking to enhance their teaching practices and improve student outcomes.

Time-saving feature: Users highly value the time-saving feature of scanning answer keys instead of manually inputting student answers. Many reviewers have mentioned that this convenience saves them a significant amount of time and effort.

Easy access to student information: Users appreciate that student information is easily accessible through Illuminate's website. They find it convenient to have pre-built reports, such as GAFE usernames and passwords, readily available for printing and organizing important information for students.

Wide array of reports: The availability of a large array of reports is seen as a positive feature of Illuminate. Reviewers appreciate the ability to generate different reports to meet their specific needs, whether it be for tracking individual or class progress, identifying areas where students need extra practice, or analyzing data for making necessary adjustments in classrooms.

Complicated and Not User-Friendly: Many users have found Illuminate to be complicated and not user-friendly, often requiring them to click through many things to find what they need. Some reviewers mentioned that it can be difficult to navigate the site and took some time to learn.

Difficulty with Scanning: Several users experienced difficulties with scanning using the computer's camera, stating that it took time to figure out the best position for the scantrons and often required a lot of tweaking to get it to scan. This has caused frustration for those who rely on scanning for assessments.

Issues with Grade Books: Users had issues with the grade books, stating that grades often refused to link, publish, and push over to student report cards. They frequently had to reach out to Illuminate phone support for assistance. This lack of seamless integration has been problematic for teachers who rely on accurate grade reporting.

Users commonly recommend the following based on their experiences with Illuminate:

  1. Obtain Proper Training: Users suggest getting the right training to fully utilize the platform. Although convenient and easy to use, learning how to create and administer tests may require perseverance. By investing time in training, users can maximize the potential of Illuminate.

  2. Explore Assessment Tools: Users recommend utilizing Illuminate for multiple choice tests rather than written responses. The platform offers assessment tools that can be advantageous when gathering student information. Exploring all the available tools can enhance the effectiveness of using Illuminate.

  3. Utilize Support and Explore Additional Features: Users mention that Illuminate has a Business Intelligence (BI) tool and a Student Information System (SIS) that should be explored. They emphasize the importance of properly setting up and configuring Illuminate to fully harness its power as a data system. Additionally, they advise seeking support from tech representatives when needed.

While users generally find Illuminate to be a convenient platform for gathering student information, some have mentioned that it may be outdated compared to other educational technology tools. It is recommended to research alternative options and consider individual needs before making a decision.


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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Illuminate is being used by my company to help better manage student information; it allows us to quickly find student contact information such as addresses and student contact phone numbers. Illuminate is used widely throughout my entire school campus and we are constantly holding training to better ourselves with the software. One of the many issues that Illuminate helps us to address is the need to quickly update contact information on the fly. I also love the fact that Illuminate allows you to create and manage assessments, conduct live proctoring, and create custom reports. Illuminate is an amazing tool that I think every educational organization should be using.
  • Student contact information management.
  • Assessment creation and management.
  • Live test proctoring.
  • Creation of custom reports.
  • I think just by making regular updates would be awesome.
  • Making it easier to find students with last names that are longer.
One scenario where Illuminate is well suited is when we are creating mailouts for students and parents to send report cards and or progress updates, Illuminate allows us to quickly find a student's address. This feature allows us to cut down on the time it would normally take to lookup a student's address on another platform.
  • Faster processing of student reports.
  • Easier assessment creation.
  • Easier to create progress reports.
I haven't used any other software like Illuminate.
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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Illuminate as our student information system. It allows us to see all of a student's demographic information, testing information, and current academic progress. This includes things such as state testing scores and all major assessments. Teachers also use Illuminate as our gradebook. Illuminate is a one-stop shop for student information.
  • Stores student information in one place
  • Allows parents and students to access student grades from home
  • Serves as a gradebook
  • Ease of behavior management
  • Creating a phone app for easier home access to student grades
  • Easier searching for student infromation
ISI: Illuminate Student Information is well suited to help administrators and teachers easily see all student information in one place. It allows administrators to easily access all student information so that they can create intervention groups. It is not well-suited to places where students use phone apps to access technology.
  • One stop data warehouse
  • Easy access to all state test scores
  • Easy grading for teachers.
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