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What is JMP Pro?

JMP Pro offers all the capabilities of JMP, plus advanced features for more sophisticated analysis including predictive modeling and cross-validation techniques.

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What is JMP Pro?

JMP Pro offers all the capabilities of JMP, plus advanced features for more sophisticated analysis including predictive modeling and cross-validation techniques.

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What is JMP Statistical Discovery Software from SAS?

JMP is a division of SAS and the JMP family of products provide statistical discovery tools linked to dynamic data visualizations.

What is Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense® is a self-service BI platform for data discovery and visualization. It supports a full range of analytics use cases—data governance, pixel-perfect reporting, and collaboration. Its Associative Engine indexes and connects relationships between data points for creating actionable insights.

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Product Details

What is JMP Pro?

JMP Pro offers all the capabilities of JMP, plus advanced features for more sophisticated analysis including predictive modeling and cross-validation techniques.

JMP Pro Technical Details

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Thomas Young | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
JMP Pro is used by a select group of individuals across certain departments. JMP Pro solves problems of making creating SAS graphics more professional and making doing certain advanced analytics more straight-forward. Perhaps the more useful business problem JMP Pro offers is "Profiler" option, which makes sharing JMP Pro analyses interactive by using interactive HTML5. I'm not aware of any similar offering from other tools.
  • I think the most awesome thing about JMP Pro is the Profiler component. The Profiler component makes sharing analyses interactive on the web using interactive HTML5. The Profiler makes showing the impact of interaction effects so easy. It's the best statistical software feature I think I've ever come across.
  • JMP Pro does dashboards well. It is relatively straight-forward to create four pane dashboards that automatically update. I think it's nice.
  • I think JMP Pro graphics are a massive improvement when compared to the graphics produced by its parent company - SAS. JMP Pro's features are vast, and easy to use and understand.
  • The JMP Pro user base is nowhere near as big as the big software tools. So, when a question comes up, it sometimes takes a lot of research to find an answer.
  • JMP Pro sometimes does a poor job at automatically figuring out whether a variable is numerical or some other type. I once spent four hours figuring out why JMP Pro would not produce a geographic figure. It had to do with a space in front of the name of the country. Other software tools had no problem with the data set.
  • JMP Pro works incredibly well with SAS and most other tools. With that said, the JMP Pro Excel add-in takes more time than what I think it should take to get things figured out and reproducible.
JMP Pro is perfect for the analyst who want to create interactive web regressions using its Profiler option. I think that component makes it worth purchasing the software all by itself. JMP Pro doesn't seem to do a very good job at producing accurate time-series forecasts and data mining. It's just ok. JMP Pro is also not appropriate for big data, at least not the big data sets that I have used. JMP Pro works well for manufacturers and other engineering disciplines.
  • The overall ROI for JMP Pro was positive because of the Profiler option. This makes communicating the results of regressions as easy and complex as needed. It's such an awesome feature, I wonder why it wasn't offered before.
  • If JMP Pro didn't have the Profiler feature, I think I would still recommend using JMP Pro, but the recommendation is not a slam dunk. The software has its own programming language, which is not well-known and requires effort to debug.
  • JMP Pro's dashboards are well-built, and provide a positive ROI from the perspective of creating real-time, interactive reporting. It's very nice for this feature.
The regression results produced by JMP Pro are second to none. SAS' hand is certainly visible. JMP Pro's Profiler component is better than any attempt from these software tools at communicating results in an interactive manner. JMP Pro, of course, does not produce as nice visually appealing graphics as such tools as MatLab and RStudio. JMP Pro's non-interactive graphics are also not as good as the publication quality output produced by say SPSS.
Bin Cai | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
JMP Pro license is available at no charge for most of the engineering departments, statistical department, and business school for both the Windows and Mac platform. Faculty, staff, and students have been using it to do industrial engineering, and/or business analytics. Students get familiar with this tool in the early years of their undergraduate studies and these experiences help them get prepared for their industrial or academic jobs.
  • JMP Pro does have a lot of features and functionalities that other similar software do not provide. No prior coding experience is needed since JMP pro offers basic and complex analyses by just clicking.
  • The interface is intuitive. You can see how your results change in a plot by simply looking at the parameters in JMP Pro. You do not need to export the updated results to excel to plot again.
  • A tremendous amount of very good tutorials available for beginners.
  • Datasets saved as csv, xlsx, dat can be easily pulled into JMP Pro.
  • JMP Pro is a really powerful tool for doing statistical analysis. Although the click environment does not require coding experience, new learners will still need to take a long time to know the parameters in the function before performing any analysis.
  • The output from JMP Pro analysis (regression analysis) is not always easy to understand, especially when the parameters are programmed differently with the other similar software.
JMP Pro is perfectly suited for statistical analysis but users should have some statistical knowledge before using it since there may be some terms/functions in the software that are not widely used in other fields. No prior coding experience is needed to use JMP Pro. However, most people doing data processing would prefer to code their analysis.
  • It helped me put together meteorological data from different locations to show which area is the optimal location for wind energy.
The intuitive interface JMP Pro offers is more interactive than R studio, but since coding is not required in JMP Pro, programming analysis in R studio is more convenient in some aspects. JMP Pro is able to quickly analyze multiple variables and produce reasonable outputs and models, which is valuable for users doing data analysis.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
JMP Pro is used as a statistical analysis tool for analyzing surveys/transactions/demographics. We used it to run multi-linear regression models, design conjoint models, basic crosstabs, segmentations, correlation analysis, among a few types of analysis. It was used in the marketing research department at the agency I worked at before I left.
  • Several types of segmentation models
  • Conjoint design
  • VERY user-friendly
  • Statistical testing columns in cross tabs. You have to do that one at a time or write a script.
Anything marketing research and statistical analysis. It does the job well and provides a wide statistical toolset.
  • None. It's cheaper than SPSS. You could probably get by with the basic JMP package.
It's much more user-friendly and has a wider statistical toolset.
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