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What is JumpStory?

What is JumpStory?A platform that provides unlimited access to millions of authentic stock images, that can be used to:Boost a content library with access to millions of stock images, vectors, icons and illustrations.Use JumpStory's simple photo-editor to crop and resize…

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Users of the software appreciate its time-saving capabilities and variety of high-quality images and short videos. Many users specifically …
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Product Details

What is JumpStory?

What is JumpStory?
A platform that provides unlimited access to millions of authentic stock images, that can be used to:
  • Boost a content library with access to millions of stock images, vectors, icons and illustrations.
  • Use JumpStory's simple photo-editor to crop and resize images, insert text, adjust contrast or insert your own logo.
  • JumpStory's AI TextMatch helps users save time searching for images, by letting the AI find relevant images to match copy.
  • Convert any image to PDF, TIFF, EPS or PSD. No software to install.
  • JumpStory uses machine learning (AI) to only show best-performing images, enabling content to drive better results.
  • The vendor states authentic and ‘real’ stock images from JumpStory outperform conventional stock photos by up to 80%.
Features include:
  • Access to millions of authentic photos, videos, Illustrations, Icons, Vectors and Audio files, with unlimited downloads.
  • Remove backgrounds.
  • Professional editor tool.
  • AI search that matches text with images.
  • Archive to save, organize and share images.
  • Can be used commercially and non-commercially.

Product Description:
Find the right stock photo: Search and download millions of high performing and authentic photos, illustrations, vectors and icons.

The vendor states the advantages of using JumpStory over competitors is:
  • Improve content results by up to 80%: JumpStory uses machine learning (AI) to only show high-performing images, enabling content to drive better results.
  • Simple photo editor & background removal: Its photo-editor can crop and resize images, insert text, adjust contrast or insert the user's own logo.
  • Hundreds of image categories and curated collections: Includes hundreds of categories and collections to make search easier.
  • Personal JumpStory-Assistant: Includes a Personal Assistant-service where the user can describe what kind of images are needed, and JumpStory will find them. An assistant will get back with the photos within 24 hours.

JumpStory Features

Content Creation Features

  • Supported: Ideation

Content Publishing Features

  • Supported: Content hub

Additional Features

  • Supported: Personal Assistant
  • Supported: Curated photo collections
  • Supported: 1-click Background Remover
  • Supported: Professional Editor Tool
  • Supported: HighJumper

JumpStory Screenshots

Screenshot of Get unlimited access to millions of authentic-looking stock imagesScreenshot of Find the right stock photo every timeScreenshot of Improve your content results by up to 80%Screenshot of Simple photo editor & background removalScreenshot of Why users in +150 countries love JumpStory?Screenshot of Converting your images has never been easier

JumpStory Videos

JumpStory - The Transformation is Real
JumpStory - When words are not enough

JumpStory Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesEnglish
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users of the software appreciate its time-saving capabilities and variety of high-quality images and short videos. Many users specifically use the software to find short free video files for their work, especially for publishing on stories after an edit. They find that the stock photography on the platform looks realistic and conveys emotions, rather than appearing robotic. The software offers a wide range of high-quality images and short videos in its exclusive category, although the overall collection is limited. Users value the unique features of the software, such as knockout backgrounds and the selection of emotive images. Additionally, users find it easy to source images for various purposes such as blog posts, social media content, website content, and presentations. The software also helps save money by providing affordable photos, graphics, and videos. Users appreciate the software's ability to provide authentic stock photos that align with their brand and content, and they find it useful for creating professional presentations and social media content. However, some users have noted that they primarily use the software as a secondary option when they can't find what they need on other platforms. Overall, users have had positive experiences with the software's good quality image and visual content, but have also had mixed experiences with finding specific photos.

Wide range of high-quality images: Users appreciate the wide range and high quality of images available on Jumpstory. Many reviewers have stated that the platform offers a vast selection of photos, illustrations, and videos to choose from. They find the images to be unique and authentic-looking, which sets Jumpstory apart from other photo download sites.

Easy-to-use platform with convenient features: The platform is easy to use and offers several convenient features. Users find it convenient to have ready-picked collections of photos and the ability to search for photos by category, which helps save time. The AI search engine on Jumpstory is powerful and makes it easy for users to find pictures not found elsewhere. Additionally, the personal assistant feature allows users to describe what they're seeking or provide an example and ask the Jumpstory staff to find the image for them.

Outstanding customer support: Reviewers are impressed with the customer support provided by Jumpstory. They mention quick responses to tech-related questions, showing that they receive prompt assistance when needed. This level of support contributes positively to their overall experience with the platform.

  1. Limited Image Selection: Some users have mentioned that the selection of images on JumpStory is limited and mostly focused on certain areas of interest. They feel that there should be an increase in the amount of stock images, especially for specific subjects like food industry and business marketing.
  2. Search Engine Issues: Several users have experienced difficulties with the search engine on JumpStory. They have mentioned that it could be improved as sometimes it is difficult to find what they are looking for and there are instances of duplicated or very similar images in the search results. Users have also criticized the indexing, stating that irrelevant graphics are displayed at times.
  3. Support and Refund Problems: A number of users had negative experiences with customer service on JumpStory. They faced issues with cancellation and were not provided with a refund when requested. This has led to dissatisfaction among these users and made them hesitant about recommending the product to others.

Users commonly recommend JumpStory for its high-quality free images and good value. They also suggest being cautious when providing credit card information on the platform. Another recommendation is to consider other alternatives if there is limited time to search for images.

Overall, users appreciate JumpStory's robust features, licensed images, and the ability to edit and crop photos. They find it to be a one-stop shop for their stock image needs.

Users also like the ability to search for photos using a block of content and the assistant tool. Additionally, they find JumpStory's local language queries and asset search with paragraph research helpful.

Users recommend trying JumpStory as an alternative to other photo search engines and highlight its reasonable prices for good quality stock images.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We were offered a free trial by their team to try their service for stock photography. We didn't really use it a lot to be quite honest. We didn't find the quality of the photographs any better than free services like Unsplash or Pexels.

However, the problem occurred when we were CHARGED without warning that our free trial has expired, which is a really uncool business model to have.
  • Find stock photos
  • Download different sizes
  • Save images
  • Not very easy to find the image you need
  • Quality of photos is not better than free services
  • NO warning that your free trial expires so they can charge you!
The main reason for the low rating is that I was charged without my permission / want, when my supposed free trial ended.

At no point was I warned about my free trial expiring soon, nor was I asked whether I want to continue with a paid subscription.

In my opinion, that is a very unprofessional and unethical business model, which basically equals fraud.
Content Creation (1)
Content Publishing (1)
Content hub
Content Reporting & Analytics
  • No ROI for our organization
We decide to try JumpStory because of the free trial we were offered.

Pexels outperforms JumpStory in:
- Quality of photographs & videos available
- Usability of search tool and website in general
- NOT charging for free trial

Shutterstock outperforms JumpStory in:
- the selection of images available
- pricing & the option to pay per image downloaded
The customer support did not try to resolve my issue with the accidental charging and the refund I requested.

Although they were quick to answer my email.
The usability of the platform is average at best.
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