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What is Kevel?

Kevel's (formerly Adzerk) APIs is designed to make it easy for engineers and PMs to build their own server-side, fully-customized ad server. E-retailers and user communities can use Kevel to build ad servers to promote anything from native ads to…

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Kevel and Adzerk are powerful platforms that have transformed advertising capabilities for businesses. Kevel has been highly valued by …
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What is Kevel?

Kevel's (formerly Adzerk) APIs is designed to make it easy for engineers and PMs to build their own server-side, fully-customized ad server. E-retailers and user communities can use Kevel to build ad servers to promote anything from native ads to internal content to sponsored listings (where…

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Product Details

What is Kevel?

Kevel's (formerly Adzerk) APIs is designed to make it easy for engineers and PMs to build their own server-side, fully-customized ad server. E-retailers and user communities can use Kevel to build ad servers to promote anything from native ads to internal content to sponsored listings (where vendors and sellers pay for their organic listing to be promoted in search and browsing results).

According to the vendor, engineers reliably see a significant reduction in dev time using Kevel’s APIs versus doing it entirely from scratch. Kevel states its customer list includes Fortune 500 brands, public companies, and unicorn startups, including LiveNation/TicketMaster, TradingView, imgur, and Strava.

Kevel Features

Ad Campaigns Features

  • Supported: Ad campaign creation
  • Supported: Ad deployment
  • Supported: Display advertising
  • Supported: Ad display and retargeting segmentation
  • Supported: Sequence targeting

Ad Network Integration Features

  • Supported: Data Transfer
  • Supported: DSP integration

Ad Reporting & Analytics Features

  • Supported: Ad dashboards
  • Supported: Ad performance reports
  • Supported: Ad conversion tracking
  • Supported: Ad attribution reporting
  • Supported: Cross-channel ad management
  • Supported: Ad forecasting and optimization

Additional Features

  • Supported: UserDB Data Management Platform
  • Supported: Server-Side APIs
  • Supported: API Decision Engine
  • Supported: Sponsored Listings Ads
  • Supported: Native Ads

Kevel Screenshots

Screenshot of Adzerk homepageScreenshot of Decision API JSON exampleScreenshot of Management API example

Kevel Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Kevel Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)25%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)25%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)50%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Kevel and Adzerk are powerful platforms that have transformed advertising capabilities for businesses. Kevel has been highly valued by businesses looking to enhance their advertising capabilities and streamline their ad serving processes. Users have found the platform to be a turnkey solution that allows them to quickly establish their own ad network with minimal engineering effort. By leveraging Kevel's infrastructure, businesses have been able to overcome significant challenges in the ad industry and scale their services, resulting in increased revenue. The ability to target ads based on location and category has proven particularly effective in providing more relevant and impactful advertising opportunities. Kevel's platform not only facilitates running campaigns and auctions tailored to specific parameters but also streamlines sales and delivery processes, enabling faster go-to-market strategies. Users appreciate Kevel's impressive functionality, robust targeting options, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Additionally, the platform enables businesses to efficiently manage multiple advertisers in one central location, simplifying campaign monitoring and performance management. Overall, Kevel empowers businesses to host custom ads on websites with precise targeting, run multiple campaigns simultaneously, and enjoy prompt creative updates for live emails – all while benefiting from the dedicated support of Kevel's responsive customer service team.

Similarly, Adzerk has become an indispensable tool for businesses seeking a reliable and flexible ad server that allows them to concentrate on building their companies. Users have reported time and effort savings by effortlessly integrating Adzerk's ad server with its unique configuration, confidently relying on its capabilities. Adzerk stands out for its exceptional customer service, with patient and knowledgeable support that promptly addresses inquiries. Its user-friendly platform and clear reporting have been appreciated by companies using it for ad serving within their platforms. The powerful targeting features of Adzerk have enabled businesses to transition from full-service platforms and serve their own ads effectively. By taking advantage of Adzerk's APIs for location targeting and keyword targeting, businesses have gained the autonomy to power their ad serving and create self-service features for their users. Customers value Adzerk not only for its user-friendly platform but also for its outstanding team. Implementing Adzerk has promptly generated new revenue streams that have covered the costs of the product itself. Adzerk's capabilities have proven instrumental in solving various challenges for businesses, helping them achieve their goals and become an integral part of their operational ecosystem. Businesses appreciate the exceptional service, thorough follow-up, and professionalism demonstrated by the Adzerk team. The streamlined workflow and efficient reporting offered by Adzerk have empowered businesses to make confident advertising decisions. Moreover, Adzerk has facilitated the transition from print to online platforms, enabling businesses to serve digital ads and generate revenue.

In summary, Kevel and Adzerk offer comprehensive solutions that empower businesses to achieve their advertising goals efficiently and effectively. These platforms have revolutionized how companies approach their advertising strategies, from streamlining ad serving processes to enabling precise targeting options. Users appreciate the ease of use, solid reporting capabilities, and exceptional customer service provided by both Kevel and Adzerk. By leveraging these platforms, businesses have been able to scale their services, increase revenue, and establish themselves as key players in the competitive ad industry. Whether it's hosting custom ads on specific websites or managing multiple campaigns in one central location, Kevel and Adzerk have proven to be valuable tools for businesses looking to enhance their advertising capabilities.

Easy-to-use Platform: Adzerk's platform is intuitive and user-friendly, with a clean and easy-to-learn user interface. Users find it effortless to navigate and perform tasks, making their experience smooth and hassle-free.

Responsive Customer Support: Adzerk's support team provides highly responsive, white glove service. They take the time to understand each user's unique needs and offer personalized solutions. The efficient resolution of issues by the customer support team significantly enhances users' day-to-day workflow.

Flexible API: Adzerk's reporting API is praised for its ease of use and comprehensive documentation. It allows users to effortlessly pull the latest data, customize ad experiences, and integrate with other systems or applications. This flexibility has proven invaluable for tech teams in the audio podcast advertising industry, ensuring stability and seamless integration.

Confusing User Interface: Adzerk's user interface has been described as confusing by several users who express dissatisfaction with its usability. They suggest that a UX overhaul is needed to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Limited Integrations with SSPs and DSPs: Users mention that Adzerk has limitations when it comes to server-to-server integrations with Supply-Side Platforms, SSPs, and Demand-Side Platforms, DSPs. These integrations are currently limited to Adzerks only which restricts the options for seamless integration with other platforms.

Challenges Running Responsive Tags: Some users face challenges when trying to run responsive tags like Adsense within AdZerk. This limitation hampers their ability to effectively manage inventory and make accurate sales forecasts as they are unable to fully utilize these popular advertising tools within the platform.

Users commonly recommend the following for Kevel:

  1. Integration for certain features - Users suggest that a deeper integration is required for certain features, making it less ideal for companies without at least one committed developer resource. This recommendation highlights the need for a more seamless implementation process to access all the functionality that Kevel offers.

  2. API setup for bulk-adding campaigns and flights - Users recommend working with Kevel to set up an API, which would allow for ease of bulk-adding campaigns and flights. This feature would enhance efficiency and streamline the process of managing and delivering ads on the platform.

  3. Consider DFP instead of Adzerk - Although Adzerk is described as a robust product with advanced features beyond plug-and-play functionality, some users recommend using DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers) instead of Adzerk. This suggests that DFP may be a preferred option for ad serving, potentially offering additional benefits or advantages over Adzerk.


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We used it as an ad server to implement client side header bidding with prebid. We also use it for serving direct deals. It's used pretty widely across the whole organization and has been a great asset for managing various different campaigns. It addresses the problem of organization and delivery of ad campaigns. It allows non-technical employees to manage campaigns and ad creatives. It also allows for a great amount of customizability for more technical employees. If there is a solution that was not currently available, Kevel was quick to address the problem and work towards a solution.
  • More personable team that can address customizations needed to the product.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Frequent product updates with notifications via email.
  • Well documented API.
  • User interface could be faster to load.
For ad serving, implementing client-side header bidding with prebid was actually easier with Kevel than it is with Google Ad Manager in most cases, particularly for display advertising. I found though that with more complex integrations (like video), there were more solutions and code snippets available with other larger ad servers (Google).
Ad Campaigns (5)
Ad campaign creation
Ad deployment
Display advertising
Ad display and retargeting segmentation
Sequence targeting
Ad Network Integration (2)
Data Transfer
DSP integration
Ad Reporting & Analytics (6)
Ad dashboards
Ad performance reports
Ad conversion tracking
Ad attribution reporting
Cross-channel ad management
Ad forecasting and optimization
  • Kevel enabled us to get up and running with client side header bidding when our team was still small and the technology was still new. This improved our ability to monetize our inventory.
Kevel was an easier initial implementation for header bidding with prebid. The team worked alongside us to make sure everything was operating as intended. We ultimately switched to Ads Manager to access AdX demand and other features that were not possible with Kevel (for instance, EBDA). There are benefits to both but I appreciated the attention we got from Kevel support when we were first working through the implementation. We are still using Kevel for many things, just not as our primary display advertising ad server.
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