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What is Kinsta?

Kinsta offers Application Hosting, Database Hosting, and Managed WordPress Hosting. They support multiple languages and frameworks, such as NodeJS, PHP, Ruby, and Python, to make it easy to connect with GitHub and automate deployments. Their Database Hosting supports MariaDB, Redis,...
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So happy I switched to Kinsta

10 out of 10
February 12, 2022
I moved to Kinsta on the recommendation of a WordPress engineer when we were trying to resolve issues with loading speeds on our website. …
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Database Hosting 1

$18, usage-based

per month 0.25 CPU, 256MB RAM, 1GB Storage

Application Hosting - Standard 1

$20, usage-based

per month 0.5 CPU, 1GB RAM

Database Hosting 2

$34, usage-based

per month 0.5 CPU, 2GB RAM, 5GB Storage

Entry-level set up fee?

  • Setup fee optional
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  • Free Trial
  • Free/Freemium Version
  • Premium Consulting / Integration Services

Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $35 per month 1 WordPress install
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Product Details

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta offers Application Hosting, Database Hosting, and Managed WordPress Hosting. They support multiple languages and frameworks, such as NodeJS, PHP, Ruby, and Python, to make it easy to connect with GitHub and automate deployments. Their Database Hosting supports MariaDB, Redis, MySQL, and PostgreSQL and allows users to create while offering performance. When including Kinsta's Managed WordPress Hosting, users gain Google Cloud-backed premium tier network and Cloudflare-integrated security.

Our hosting is for all types of projects, from small blogs to Fortune 500 customers, and we serve 55,000+ users from 128 countries around the globe through our 35 data centers. The only continent we haven't reached yet is Antarctica.

Kinsta Screenshots

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Kinsta Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, German, French, Italian

Frequently Asked Questions

Kinsta starts at $35.

WP Engine, SiteGround, and GoDaddy are common alternatives for Kinsta.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 10.

The most common users of Kinsta are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).

Kinsta Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)20%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)30%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)10%
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Simon Harper | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Kinsta offers fantastic customer and technical support which is very important to both me and my clients. Kinsta powers my own website and two client websites (one eCommerce and one B2B SaaS). Kinsta offers a super hosting platform for WordPress with a fantastic interface that is blazing fast and feature-rich.
  • DNS Management
  • Website Tools (New Relic Monitoring, Kinsta APM, PHP Management and more)
  • The hosting infrastructure itself is superb (C2 compute-optimized VMs)
  • Cloudflare CDN integration
  • The ability to restore database only or files only (selection) from a backup
  • Only single staging environments are offered and it would be good to have multiple
  • More control over Cloudflare features within the Kinsta control panel
I currently haven't found any scenarios whereby Kinsta is not well suited. Kinsta is suited to a variety of WordPress websites from business brochures to eCommerce. Kinsta's support is second to none, so if you lack technical knowledge, this is a great host to be with, especially if you need Managed WordPress hosting.
David R Munson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I’m an independent creative doing photography and writing, and I build and maintain the websites for my projects. I originally switched one of my sites to Kinsta after endless poor performance and abysmal customer service from other service providers. I was fed up with what I’d been using and my research led me to give Kinsta a try. What attracted me most initially were the good reviews of customer service, high performance, and the availability of a staging environment.
  • Fantastic customer service.
  • Extremely reliable and speedy site performance.
  • Very intuitive user interface.
  • Logical, easy to use staging environments.
  • Integrated email hosting would be more convenient than needing a different provider.
Everyone can benefit from good customer service and reliable, fast hosting. Compared to basic shared hosting, though, Kinsta is more expensive. This is going to be more of a consideration for individuals, less so for companies. It’s nothing crazy, in fact, I think it’s reasonable for what you get, but it may not be a justifiable cost for individuals who don’t necessarily need that level of service for a given project. It’s worth it to me for the sites that I have on Kinsta because they’re my most important projects, and I want the best performance for them. But as much as I would like to use Kinsta for everything, as just some guy for whom these are largely personal projects and who still needs to buy groceries, I try to keep hosting costs balanced.
Mike Cliffe Jones | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We host all seven of our websites with Kinsta. Some are very high traffic, with extremely large databases and some are quite small. Kinsta offers specialized WordPress hosting that is fast and reliable and the migration process to them was fast, well communicated, and perfectly executed. We’re a year two of our relationship and very happy.
  • Communication.
  • Pro actively highlighting potential issues BEFORE they become a problem.
  • The Dashboard is superb.
  • The “help” section is very detailed and useful, but it does assume some tech knowledge.
Kinsta is perfect if you host with WordPress, which means the team there totally understands every aspect of the CMS and they even suggested changes to the way we host subdomains I hadn’t thought of before. As far as I know, they don’t offer hosting for non-Wordpress websites.
Chevas Balloun | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Kinsta provides WordPress hosting at scale. It solves security, speed, content delivery network integration (CDN), local development, staging environments, SFTP, and more. It is the fastest, most reliable, most robust WordPress host I have ever used.
  • WordPress hosting security
  • WordPress hosting speed
  • WordPress hosting management of multiple sites
  • Caching
  • SFTP
  • 24/hr AMAZING custom service with people that know what they are doing
  • Communication about security details. I had a client that was upset Kinsta didn't allow end-users certain access to open and close ports. The client's conclusion was that Kinsta had a "pervasive lack of security" which is laughable because Kinsta is perhaps the most secure WordPress host on the market. There is room for communication improvement to bridge this gap.
  • This is nit picky. Kinsta is amazing.
Kinsta is well suited for people who value the best, I mean the very best. They are awesome for agencies reselling services. They are not suited for people on a budget, and that's a good thing.
Robb Fahrion | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Kinsta is the Managed WordPress Hosting provider for our corporate website. We use Kinsta to ensure that our website stays up to date with the latest WordPress version, is backed up continuously, and utilizes features that ensure the best performance possible when users are browsing our website. Kinsta is able to provide everything necessary for our company to ensure that our website will always be live, we have available backups in case of an emergency, and much more. I would not use another Managed WordPress Hosting provider other than Kinsta.
  • Customer Service Responsiveness
  • Website Uptime
  • Extended Features
  • 24/7 Support and Chat
  • Honest and Transparent
  • They could improve their pricing for scale.
Kinsta is by far and away the best hosting provider I have ever worked with. When you factor in the features they provide in their plans, their customer support and responsiveness, their affiliate program, and everything else that comes with a Kinsta subscription, the choice is so clear and obvious. I recommend all of my clients to Kinsta and I recommend that you use Kinsta too because there is no better hosting company on the planet.
Owen George | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
After fifteen years of having in house system administrators and using services like AWS or our own VPS setups and constantly having to manage, update and configure the back end we had less time to focus on content creation and higher budgets and two extended periods of downtime over multiple days and non-existent support. Since moving to Kinsta earlier this year the support has been amazing, firstly moving us with free migration on multiple large WordPress sites. The staging environments have allowed us to roll out new features and test designs in record time and our sites are faster and much easier to manage. Support has been amazing with no downtime to speak of and helping us debug any issues we have within 2 minutes we can chat with a representative and actually get people who understand the natures of Nginx, WordPress, and the ability to fix the issue. We love KINSTA
  • Seemless Migration
  • Knowledgeable Support
  • Great Load Times
  • Security
  • Staging Environments
  • Ability to support other CMS other then Wordpress
Kinsta allows us to run our five sites seamlessly with multiple staging environments and instant backups. In a publishing landscape, it's important for your site to be accessible and fast and we believe Kinsta is the best in the business.
Moriah Huff | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The customer service at Kinsta is excellent. They are thorough and knowledgeable, making it accessible for beginners. The access and reference to countless Help articles and blogs make for great reference and step-by-step guidance. They helped set up our new website and provided support every step of the way. I especially appreciate their willingness to dive down into more specific problems and help us figure them out. I can't recommend them enough!
  • Customer Support.
  • Step-by-step guidance.
  • Helpful articles on the Kinsta Blog.
  • A phone-in customer support line.
Kinsta is fabulous at website hosting and they have an excellent dashboard with user-friendly information and analytics. We also love that they include Cloud Flare for added protection.
Tammy Slauenwhite | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Kinsta is the BEST web hosting company I have ever signed up with and I am pretty sure I will be with them for many years to come. From day one, Kinsta has provided exceptional customer service. I can be working on my website late at night and still get help through live chat. I also have been able to remove plugins that I had paid subscriptions to use prior to switching to Kinsta. So it's not really more expensive when you start looking at the entire package - fewer plugin subscriptions and less money paid for specialized help. I also need to mention their user interface is clean, organized, and easy to use. Oh, and my website speed - WAY FASTER! Overall, the Kinsta team helps me solve problems, fast, and they are always so kind and polite. I am one extremely satisfied customer and I can't recommend them enough.
  • Exceptional customer service, 24/7
  • Finds and solves problems quickly
  • If they can't solve the problem, they provide other possible solutions
  • Fast and always up-to-date
  • I can't state an area where they can improve because they are just so damn good.
Quick customer service and problem-solving skills. There are times I'm working on a project and something unexpected happens. I contact Kinsta through live chat and every single time they have been able to help me fix the issue immediately. One time I was working late at night and they were still there to support me. It's just mind-blowing awesome that they can do this. To me, this means everything and is worth every penny I spend.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I feel so privileged to have found Kinsta! I've been using WordPress for my business website for over 15 years. I moved my hosting to Kinsta within the last year. I continue to be amazed by this company's dedication to providing the best technology, but also the most amazing support I have ever experienced. Not just once, but time and time again. It's so rare to see a support team so genuinely happy to help. The speed and security benefits of Kinsta and the value for what you get have so positively impacted my business, I could go on and on. Thanks Kinsta and your amazing team! You have a customer for life and a full-time evangelist!
  • Amazing live chat support.
  • Blazing fast web hosting.
  • Powerful hosting panel
  • Amazing value.
I am a small business, and the value Kinsta brings to my business is huge. Don't be afraid to make the switch if you are a small business. It was seamless, and they guided me every step of the way. Switch to Kinsta hosting as soon as you can. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner!
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I moved to Kinsta on the recommendation of a WordPress engineer when we were trying to resolve issues with loading speeds on our website. We moved from another hosting company to Kinsta and instantly our site was 5x faster. On top of that, their customer service has been exceptional. No ask is too small and they are always exceedingly friendly and responsive. When I was with my old hosting supplier my site went down often without any notification from them and never an explanation as to why it went down, that it had gone done, that it had been fixed (I always had to report it in a long drawn out way) and never any concern for solving the ongoing issue on their servers. As an entrepreneur, I have a lot of plates spinning, and making sure my website is always available shouldn't be something I have to worry about. Kinsta allows this to be one thing I don't have to worry about at all. It's such a relief and I'm so glad I switched. Thanks, Kinsta Team!
  • Responsive and friendly customer service
  • Downtime on my site has been nearly eliminated
  • Speed of my site is 5x faster since moving
  • No email hosting which was slightly a pain but okay as we are on Google.
We moved to Kinsta as a result of trying to resolve our speed issues. Kinsta has instantly resolved that issue by just moving to them as our host.
Jodi Solbrig | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We're using Kinsta's NGINX web stack and it's been lovely to pass off the administrative aspects of the back end of the site to their team. Their support is very responsive, and things get handled quickly and efficiently. We moved from Azure to Kinsta, because the cost was similar, but Kinsta provided a pre-built, scalable architecture that works. So far 100% uptime. Added in features like the ease to manage staging sites, backups, and server utilization data made my decision to go with Kinsta a no-brainer. I couldn't be happier.
  • Incoming Site Transfer was very easy.
  • Excellent service and support.
  • Scalable hosting that's invisible to the end-user and works seamlessly.
  • Excellent and easy-to-use interface.
  • I really don't have anything for them to improve on. I'm very happy I found them.
If you're a small site admin team and are sick of patching your virtual servers late at night you should switch. If you're looking for a relatively hands-off solution, with easy staging site integration you should switch. If you need 100% reliability and the ability to scale up your service you should switch. I highly recommend their service for any WooCommerce or WordPress site.
Clayton Emmer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Used for hosting several WordPress-based websites.
  • Timely technical support
  • Deep knowledge of the WordPress platform
  • Great communication
  • Efficient and effective solutions
  • More video-based support resources
Kinsta's expertise at spinning up optimized WordPress environments, and are great at taking care of all of the technical maintenance tasks. It's also reassuring to have expert technical support available when situations demand it.
Shane Bill | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Kinsta is presently being used in several of our clients systems for their entire organization. Kinsta provides a solid and fast web hosting solution that lets you ensure that you can simply focus on getting your website right while the hosting is solid. I honestly have never had any issues, and in the times that I have the support staff have been really responsive.
  • All websites are managed from one dashboard
  • Provide secure hosting
  • Easy-to-use dev site deployment
  • Contributes to the open-source community through honest articles
  • No email solution provide resulting in having to find some other solution
  • Some clients find the price point difficult
  • Some clients find the lack of phone support difficult (although we find their online support great)
If your WP site requires fast and secure performance then I think that Kinsta would be a good bet. They provide a lot of performance tweaks to suit most needs. I also really appreciate the ease of throwing up a staging site in a matter of minutes to test out certain features. They also provide their sites on a cloud-based infrastructure so this ensures that you will get great Google Page speed ratings.
  • no training
The few times we needed to contact support they were extremely responsive and helpful (almost above and beyond the call of support)
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My organization is currently using Kinsta to run one vital news website in our organization. Due to the nature of the site, (related to human rights in certain areas of the world), we needed a Wordpress host that boasted the best in security as we expect it to be targeted by hackers. Some of our previous Wordpress sites had experienced downtime due to DDOS attacks. We knew the current site we're hosting on Kinsta was a prime target, and their product description detailed their hardened security, firewalls and steps they take against DDOS attacks, so we decided to make the jump to Kinsta.
  • Easy to use admin interface
  • Easy and quick to deploy a Wordpress website
  • Easy to enable and disable features, such as caching, htaccess redirect rules, etc
  • Clearing pricing tiers
  • It would be nice to be able to browse the file system in the web interface, similar to how Plesk does it
  • More in-depth analytics (breakdown by country, demo graph, etc)
If you want to get a Wordpress website up and running quickly, easily, but don't have time to manage the security, harden the server, configure MySQL/MariaDB, or implement a caching system like Varnish. Also, be aware that Kinsta is more expensive than comparable solutions.

However, if you want granular control over your server or your low on funds, [Kinsta] may not be the best option.
July 09, 2019

Choose Kinsta!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Saintly Solutions has chosen Kinsta as its WordPress hosting platform. Kinsta is extremely developer friendly and has a very intuitive user interface. The service and support is amazing!
  • Developer friendly; WP-CLI; SSH access
  • Amazing support - I never have to wait more than a minute or two to get a response!
  • Kinsta is also willing to troubleshoot issues that are not their own. They don't just say "It's not our problem" without helping to debug the issue.
  • None
Kinsta is a WordPress hosting platform. They excel in WordPress hosting so if you are looking for hosting outside of WordPress you'll have to look elsewhere.
Matthew Lundh | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Kinsta to host our clients websites as well as our own corporate website. It has been a game changer for us to be able to provide hosting without having to manage an entire load-balanced server infrastructure and all of the headaches that go along with that. Their customer support is amazing and allows us to not have to fret about having smart assistance when we need it and they are proactive about finding and fixing problems.
  • Excellent customer support! They are knowledgable, fast to respond, and often go above and beyond.
  • Simple pricing with generous benefits at each price point.
  • Very reliable service. They are quick to fix downtime issues.
  • Inability to host non-WordPress sites.
  • No emergency telephone support.
Kinsta is perfect for organizations that host more than one WordPress website. The more sites that one organization hosts, the better the deal. They are very developer-friendly and offer a great SLA. It's probably not the best deal if you're only hosting one WordPress site or just really need a cheap no-frills hosting plan.
They are quick to respond, very knowledgeable and I don't have to be escalated to get my problems resolved quickly. They have an efficient chat system that allows for support requests to be handled quickly and easily picked up by another specialist if the need arises. They are always there when I need them.
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