TrustRadius lead finding software with automationWe use LeadFuze to generate leads for the organization for marketing purposes (events, trade missions, trade shows). LeadFuze helps us find new targets and be able to contact them quickly and efficiently. Our Marketing department only uses the application but that's all is necessary for our purposes.,Automated searches. Unlimited Leads. Double verified emails.,Needs international leads. A little slow when searching. Lists could be longer than 1000 contacts.,10,We found more customers. The quality of our search data has improved.,Closely, SugarCRMAwesome Lead Generation!We use LeadFuze to proactively generate leads. It is used primarily by our marketing and sales team. We have not yet begun to explore all the ways we can apply the tool.,Pinpoints leads we are proactively seeking Provides a great lead generation to investment value Automate lead generation using AI,Access to more leads for the investment Increased boolean values for search,10,Great value for lead to investment ratio,Lead ForensicsLead Generation Automated!I don't have to hire VA's anymore for the cumbersome task of creating lists through scraping various channels. The problem with VA's can be that it's difficult to gauge the quality of their leads. Whereas with LeadFuze lead generation is now like a breeze. I especially love the ultra targeting ability where I can play around with various filters to reach a specific market segment or a company account.,Lead generation. Cold email lists. LinkedIn network expansion. List for retargeting.,They need to have something in place so that the Leadfuze system is not abused by Spammers The onboarding needs to improve a lot in my opinion, you expect stellar onboarding from such an awesome tool. Please have 24/7 chat support rather than only having it during US timezones.,10,I don't need to have VA's for scraping data for lists. Better targeted lists for retargeting., and,Pipedrive, Mailchimp, SEMRush, Hotjar, Canva, MailshakeYou're Wasting Money If You Don't Use LeadFuze!We are using it to help us not only reach out to other real estate investors on LinkedIn to help us move assets and attract funding for deals, we are also using it with our podcast to help book guest spots and speaking opportunities on other podcasts to help get the word out as well.,Pulling detailed leads via our searches Including social media connections (when available) Helping us identify true leads quickly and effectively versus having to hunt them down,Increasing lead numbers Helping with the search function Organizing your searches,10,We've booked 50 speaking spots on other podcasts in the past week. It's also allowed us to identify and connect with asset managers inside banks. It's also allowed for us save money by eliminating a job and putting that person into a more effective marketing role.,,Leadpages, ClickFunnels, WordPressGreat way to automate your list building techniquesWe use it to generate and automate our cold email/LinkedIn connection lead generation process. It keeps our list building within our company, so we don't have to outsource or spend time/money on someone else to do it for us. We're a small business, so it is used by our Marketing team to qualify leads to be sent to sales.,Automation of list building. I use it in conjunction with Zapier and Google Sheets as well as my Email automation provider and it runs very smoothly. Finding verified email addresses. Daily updates to your lists with Fuzebot.,Sometimes the Fuzebot misses out on the entire list and stops updating it.,10,I've only been using LeadFuze for a short while, so far it has just helped me develop my email and LinkedIn campaigns.,Zapier, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, MailchimpGrowing our Marketing Reach Easily and AccuratelyWe need the verified email address of as many industry-related professionals as possible to promote our team leader's book, TV show, and online course. LeadFuze has been incredible for us to achieve that goal.After an exhaustive search for different methods to obtain validated email addresses for our FB Ad targeting campaign, we found the oasis that is LeadFuze. We don't need to be working with overseas contractors scraping sites for potentially inaccurate data anymore, and we're already seeing tremendous engagement from the leads we've pulled from LeadFuze.,Provide validated email addresses Excellent user interface Fast server bot speed,Larger list size options Monthly pricing options Custom request accommodation,10,We didn't have to lose a bunch of time going back and forth with contractors We didn't have to lose a bunch of time editing and verifying our own list,,Mailchimp, HubSpot CRM, Microsoft Office 365Business Growth with LeadFuze leadsGetting our business in front of the right people has always been challenging and expensive. PPC worked well for many years, but it is now more expensive and not as effective. Email marketing and LeadFuze has allowed us to target our email campaigns to the proper audience. It is cost effective and we are seeing good results. LeadFuze is easy to use and to show others how to use it. LeadFuze is an important piece of our growth plan over the next three years.,LeadFuze is easy to use. Like any software it takes a little getting used to.....but the product works and it is providing leads to help grow our business. Support is quick and helpful. I even had the owner on chat with me a few times. You are going to get stuck once in a while. The LeadFuze support team with get you out of trouble and back making money. There are a lot of good leads available. And more are added on a regular basis. Can't ask for more than that. Cost is reasonable, especially when compared to PPC.,Lists are only 1000 emails long. That is too short. But you can have almost unlimited number of lists. The user interface is a bit clunky, but once you get used to it, you can go pretty quickly The cost is not cheap, but for what it does, it isn't so bad.,8,We have been able to reduce PPC spend and spend a fraction of that with LeadFuze. We are producing leads and a reasonable percentage is converting into orders and long term clients. Can't beat that. We now spend less time chasing and generating leads. LeadFuze does all the heavy lifting and we have more time to build the business. We have obtained several larger, long term clients from being able to get in front of them due to LeadFuze. LeadFuze helps us make that initial contact....the rest is up to us. That is the way it should be and the way I like it.,,Mailchimp, Drip from Leadpages, Adobe Illustrator CCProspecting Automation? Does what it says on the tin.We check in to LeadFuze weekly to automate our prospecting setup. It really helps us with integrations and automation. It really is a set it and forget it piece of kit. The most valuable problem it solves is time. The advantage being this runs in the cloud and allows you to set the parameters and leave it to do its thing, as opposed to other tools which might require staff, or tabs open! Which is really not practical.,Clear easy to use interface. It is very simple to navigate, silo lead lists, and manage them. Cloud-based and automated. Log in, set it up, hit go, make coffee. Lead quality is very good, as a lot of data comes from LinkedIn. Integration with Zapier saves lives. Let it run, build lists, or attach to CRM, and you are limited by your imagination on how to implement.,Though we can have an unlimited amount of silos, the silos themselves have limits. Which if you think about it, could be improved for usability. The integrations are not so many, but it has the main one, Zapier, so I am clutching at straws here. Support is very good, but via messaging only. Not that any of my questions have warranted a quick response, but faster is better.,8,The negative impact to us was in an (admittedly) reasonable upfront cost that we could have allocated to additional advertising that month. The positive impact... how many clients do you need to get a positive ROI? We made it back and more in month 1. We were very lucky to get in on the lifetime deal, so now we broke even on the cost of the software-- it's free forever!,LinkedIn Sales Navigator,Mailshake, Proposify, AsanaLeadFuze Provides Great Leads & Ease of Use for a Fair PriceWe are a small insurance agency and we use LeadFuze to find highly targeted for our prospects for our sales efforts. I am the primary user at this point and use it to build highly targeted lists that are automatically added to our CRM and mailing system. It is a huge time saver as the leads can be paced over time.,Simple interface with powerful search filters. Automatic transfer of leads into our CRM. Build as many highly targeted lists as we need.,The inability to add specific tags to the records as they are added to our CRM. Zapier integration is very limited. A limited number of mailing system connected to the platform.,10,Time saved building targeted lead lists. Additional sales attributed to leads pulled from LeadFuze. Overall the service has delivered on its promise of high-quality leads.,,ActiveCampaign, VMware Fusion, CalendlyPretty good lead quality (ie, they mostly match the search parameters you used to pull them)We use LeadFuze to find leads that match our criteria, which in turn allows for higher converting campaigns.,The lead quality is pretty good (ie, they mostly match the search parameters you used to pull them). The search facility is powerful. You can filter by technology, adwords spend, job listings and more. Their support is very responsive during business hours, and they respond after hours and weekends as well.,Would like to see higher or no limits on search results per search, leads per list, and leads per day added by their automations Would be great if support could be 24 x 7 and respond in under an hour. Would also be great to have as close to 100% data accuracy,9,Because of high quality of the LeadFuze leads (ie, they match our search criteria), our campaigns experienced a high conversion rate, which in turn resulted in more sales opportunities. The high quality of LeadFuze leads also save us time. With lower quality leads, we would have to spend more time cleaning them up further. Their support has been helpful in coming up with search criteria to reach our target, again saving us time.,,Zapier, Dropbox, SkypeEasy and Efficient Lead Gen tool, it's here!We are just new in using the LeadFuze tool, and I would say it helped us save tons of our time rather than doing manual lead research all around the internet. Also, the leads it provides are "pure person" leads or should I say people with LinkedIn profiles. LeadFuze has a very user-friendly interface and you can't say "oh I don't know how to use this" because the tabs and the filters were incredibly made for users to feel ease when using. The tool is actually used by our email marketing team in maximizing our email campaigns and connecting to possible people in the hopes of doing B2B for our business. We have not yet seen the effect yet since we just recently used the tool but as for now, the leads that we have were already doubled in numbers compared to our first set of leads which we manually searched in the internet.,Saves tons of time Specified Leads for each industry or niche Has a friendly user interface Specific filters for each tabs were pretty accurate,The list only limits to a thousand of leads. Some of the leads were not updated (e.g some of the leads were no longer connected to a specific company or niche) 24hr. Support shall be administered,8,Saves cost in terms of manpower (for manual lead generation) Saves time (days, weeks , months costs of man power in doing manual lead generation) You get tons of decision makers leads and do email marketing in a most efficient manner,LinkedIn Sales NavigatorLeadFuze Is The Real DealWe're using LeadFuze to automate our sales outreach. We also use it to find qualified leads. The assistance it has provided in those two areas is really game-changing for our firm. It automatically sends a pre-determined number of emails to the leads that we have targeted. That saves us a tremendous amount of time and ensures that our prospecting goals are met every day.,It's incredibly easy to set up and use. It does exactly what they said it would do and then some. The interface is easy to navigate and very intuitive. It looks good and works like it to. The support team is really on top of things. They respond to issues very quickly and have gone above and beyond more than once. I'd put their customer service up against anyone in this space. The training is outstanding. They not only teach you to use the platform, they teach you to write a great email sequence that your prospects will want to read and engage with. They cover all of the bases. The sales automation process is really powerful. In fact, I think it will change the trajectory of this business in a positive way. It's just a fantastic tool and one I wish I'd had twenty years ago.,The only pushback that anyone might have is on the price. It's not the cheapest solution available, but it is far and away the best in my view. At the end of the day, it's about price-value, and the price value of the product is on-point. Nothing else stands out.,10,It's delivering 10 - 20 qualified leads every week. That spells real money - a lot more revenue. The email sequence is very easy to create, edit and A/B test.,,LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Acuity Scheduling, SpyFu, AdWords, GoAnimateLeadFuze does it all. Hands down.We use LeadFuze for lead generation, sales prospecting, top-of-funnel generation, and email sequencing.,Lead generation Email sequencing Reporting A/B Testing,Website UI/UX Help articles General navigability of the app,10,Positive ROI Broadened our network Helped establish us as thought leaders Helped us drive users to offers on our website,LinkedIn Sales Navigator,HubSpot Sales, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, MailChimpLeadFuze Rocks!We use LeadFuze for cold email outreach. It is used for marketing purposes The business problems it addresses are finding and contacting new leads. It offers a good alternative to "boiler room" cold calling. The team at LeadFuze will help you every step of the way, offering the latest best practices for doing this type of cold outreach.,business database with verified emails coaching and support in creating an email marketing campaign personalized training if needed,I would like to be able to search businesses by business code. I would like to see more email campaign templates to choose from,10,I haven't used the software long enough to answer this,Info USA,Insightly, SEO PowerSuite, Majestic SEOLeadFuze is an incredible lead generation toolI'm using LeadFuze to identify leads that meet my qualification criteria, finding the right people to reach out to and reach out to them via email before adding them to my marketing and sales database. All of this happens automatically and I get to collect the leads and get notifications when people are interested in learning more about my product and services.,Finding qualified leads Automatically reaching out to those leads to turn them into prospects Automatically sending those prospects into my CRM to follow up with,I wouldn't mind the ability to connect multiple email addresses It only connects to email through Gmail and Outlook 365 so if you're not using one of those as your email server it can be a challenging (though simple to solve),10,So far this has saved me about two hours a day in prospecting time to find the right people to reach out to.,,ZapierNeed leads? LeadFuze is Best in Class!We use LeadFuze to handle all of our lead generation and prospecting needs. It is second to none in that category and I cannot find any other software alternatives that do it as well or as efficient. We use it for our entire sales department to handle all prospecting needs.,Lead Generation Prospecting Email Sequences & Templates,I think adding more integrations would be helpful, they cover the top CRMs out there but there are some good ones that are not on the list. Providing more default search queries,10,So far we have seen positive ROI by being able to generate leads on auto-pilot so the sales people can focus on calls and emails.,,Close.ioLeadFuze, Simplicity on Autopilot!LeadFuze is simple to set up and the interface is outstanding. I have tried several other platforms and so far this has gone beyond my expectations. Their support staff is second to none and answered all my questions even before becoming a trial member. I love that everything is under one roof without the need to have several providers. We are effectively reaching people using LeadFuze and it simplifies getting leads and setting up sequences of emails to be sent out. You can tell the creators thought this one out on all aspects.,Intuitive! Very easy to follow along and get going. No need to read a complex guide or anything. Awesome support! Support is more than willing to fully engage with questions and answers. I find that very helpful. Cost. Cost effective! With the ability to get qualified leads and ability to send out email sequences, it's a no brainer.,If anything maybe having some video tutorials to walk someone through basic features and advanced features and maybe even some tips and tricks. Perhaps a phone number that users could schedule a one-on-one welcome call to enable an even easier onboarding process. Maybe a basic plan that enables you to use the email service only or vice versa.,10,I'm able to contact more prospects each month than I would normally without LeadFuze. I'm also able to stay more organized when gathering my prospects and emails together. It saves me time by having their two main services under one roof at an affordable price as well.,,Calendly, GetResponseStart prospecting on LinkedIn using the amazing LeadFuzeWe're using LeadFuze to help us identify and connect with prospective clients. LeadFuze generates leads automatically and allows us to concentrate on the follow up and sales.,Automate your lead generation Use LeadFuze to sell to your LinkedIn contacts Use LeadFuze prospecting to identify new prospects,LeadFuze could do with more sophisticated list management,10,In less than a month we have already generated two significant leads that could be valued in the many £000's to our small business.,HubSpot CRM and Infusionsoft,Xero, Social ReportSimplest complete solutionWe use it to collect contacts for our research. All you need to do is to click START PROSPECTING, set who you are looking for and select results you like. Not all emails could be found, but this is not a LeadFuze problem, just don't fiddle with search results too much.,Gets emails of LinkedIn profiles I specify. Generates prefect Google search requests to filter LinkedIn profiles per my criteria. Sends automatic followups.,I'd like to see more info on chances of finding a person's email address before adding to list. Product is simpler to use than it seems on website, a short screencast would help.,10,This is cheapest way to get contacts that we could find,,LinkedIn Lead Accelerator
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50 Ratings
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Score 9.4 out of 101

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About LeadFuze

According to the vendor, LeadFuze allows you to find anyone’s contact information in your target market with unlimited access.

LeadFuze aggregates the world’s professional data to continue to deliver the freshest leads to you.

It's sales prospecting, automated!

LeadFuze Features

Has featureMarket based search that allows you to find leads based on industry, role, size, location, what technologies are used, Adwords budget, company news and signals, if companies are hiring, and more!
Has featureAccount based search allows you to add a list of domains or companies and find the lead that fits the role you are targeting. Or, you can use it to perform one-off lookups for specific individuals!
Has featureFuzebot crawls the web, and all of our data sources every day looking for leads that match your criteria. Then adds them to your list for you. He stays on top of over 350 million records, crawling the web, and syncing with data providers. This ensures you get the most accurate data (including email, phone, social and more) to give you a complete 360 degree view.

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HubSpot CRM, Close, Pipedrive, Bidsketch, Mailshake, Zapier, Salesforce, Salesflare

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Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
Entry-level set up fee?No

The LeadFuze team offers to write your cold email copy for you on our Professional and Rainmaker subscriptions for no additional cost. We have sent over 2 million cold emails and know what works and you can take advantage of this expertise with this offer.

LeadFuze Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

LeadFuze Support Options

 Free VersionPaid Version
Live Chat
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar

LeadFuze Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No
Supported Countries:United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand
Supported Languages: English