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What is LanSchool?

Lenovo offers LanSchool, a classroom management platform supporting collaboration, monitoring student activity, chat, teacher broadcasting / screen-sharing, and other features.

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What is LanSchool?

LanSchool Technical Details

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Dennis Woodward | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LanSchool is a must in any computer lab situation. The teacher is able to view and/or remote control student workstations to support or redirect as needed.
  • Ability to view a thumbnail in real time of each workstation's screen,
  • Ability to connect and take control of workstation.
  • Ability to transfer files to workstations without need to "download" from outside sites.
  • The thumbnails are small so working on a larger screen is a must.
  • It would be helpful to be able to integrate telephony to be able to speak directly to the user.
  • It would be useful to be able to deploy software from teacher machines to workstations.
Remotely controlling ALL the computers in the lab to open a specific website.
Student Data
Student and Faculty Administration
  • Speed in accessing workstations.
  • Security of knowing all students are where they are supposed to be.
  • Price is great.
VNC Connect required you to manually add the "client" workstations to the "dashboard".
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LanSchool has been a integral product for my teaching and assessments when teaching in a computer lab environment. As the instructor I can control what is being conducted on student computers and can share my screen with the students where they can follow along with my demonstrations on one of their monitors. I no longer see squinting at the projected screen at the front of the room. I can also lock their screens so they cannot do other tasks during lectures. Finally we use it during assessments to keep students honest on exams. I can see their screens and lock down the computers via whitelisting or blacklisting sites or applications. It has been a great tool all the way around.
  • Screen broadcasting.
  • Whitelisting/blacklisting applications.
  • Use it to connect to multiple computers, log in, and install software instead of going around one by one.
  • Screen locking.
  • Updating of application connecting directly (if licensed) instead of forcing me to go to website, sign in to download. This is not teacher oriented.
I have recommended it across campus and would not hesitate to do so again. It has been great in our lab environments and would like to continue using it for years to come. In the future as we move away from physical labs I will be investigating to purchase for BYOD devices, however I know that I will face pushback from students on this. However we must weigh privacy & security vs. using BYOD devices and integrity on exams.
  • It is cheaper than online proctoring when we are doing the face to face exams with less pushback from the students.
February 23, 2019

LanSchool in All Schools

Christopher Power | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Lenovo LanSchool is the premier software that we use in all of our technology rooms, computer rooms, and in the library. It is being used by our organization predominantly for classroom management and improvement of class culture. The current software of LanSchool is installed on all PC's and Macs. The software is used schoolwide and it is a default installation on the teacher station for every classroom that has computers. All teachers are trained and receive professional development on the software. The key problem it addresses is monitoring a computer classroom with over 30 students or a library with over 100 computers and students. In terms of education, there is a large issue with keeping students engaged and active in all lessons. The best way to keep students on task is to be able to monitor all students from a main teacher station. When actually teaching lessons, the best use case for the software is to take over the entire class' computer screens and share your teacher screen to demo assignments or tasks.
  • Lenovo LanSchool has a very easy to use and easy to learn interface. With software, the hardest thing to do is to teach new teachers or veteran teachers how to use technology in their classrooms. Being able to easily teach teachers to use this software is one of the best aspects of the [Lenovo LanSchool].
  • Something that LanSchool does well is to monitor student actions. On the screens, you can see all the linked computers of all students. This feature lets you see every student on one screen. The alternative is walking around the classroom or scrolling through pages of student screens, with LanSchool you can guarantee that you are seeing all screens at once.
  • Overall classroom management is a key feature on the platform. You can share files, freeze student screens, blank out student screens and share another screen to the entire class. There are far more options in terms of engaging the students than a conventional method of asking students to pay attention. Installing LanSchool is a huge asset for teachers to engage and update their lessons.
  • A cool element I seldom use is the speaking software, being able to speak through their computer screens is great to give direction or get attention quickly.
  • Room for improvement would be that the software sometimes has glitches. There are times that when you unfreeze a student machine it does not unfreeze, the student is required to restart their machine.
  • If the wifi is poor, it is difficult to track the students because there is a lag in what it shows on your screen. I wonder if using Bluetooth could speed up that process from computer to teacher computer stations.
  • Things that I would love to see that I have not seen are the ability to send emails to students. We can send messages directly to the computers, but being able to email directly from the software would avoid the need to leave the platform and go to other websites such as a Gmail. This would streamline communication.
A scenario where this is best suited is in a large classroom. The problem with education is monitoring students, from elementary to middle to high school students. Students will be distracted easily on technology unless they can be tracked and specific students addressed. As a result, Lenovo LanSchool would be the best option to use in this case in order to actually re-train students to pay attention and to keep them on track in their classroom.

Where it would be less appropriate could be in small rooms where teachers can walk the classroom more often. Large classes require a long time to get from one side or one student and around to all of them, in large classes, this works well to help monitor and engage. In small classes, it is easy to engage students on a personal level when there are under 15 students per class. In small classes, this software could still support education with some of its key features, but in large classes and schools, this is the best use case for it.
  • A positive impact on the school is how it is changing school culture. This trains students to be more active and engaged. As a school, it forces all students to be more focused and more aware that teachers can see their actions and use them to track their progress.
  • A strong ROI is that it also provides key feedback to use in parent-teacher meetings. You can track what students are doing and identify how often they are on or off task in a specific lesson. Teachers can screenshot students that are off task and share it with parents to help support future student engagement. As a school, it supports the need for teachers to be on top of student activity.
  • There is no financial ROI from the software, as education is a service industry, but the students definitely receive a better education as a result. When students receive a better education, we can increase students' scores, graduation rates, and college scholarships.
In terms of competition, there is no real competition that we have used at the school or find on the market. We use tools such as REMIND, MOODLE, and KAHOOT, but none of them would be a replacement for LanSchool. On the contrary, all of those tools would support what we do with LanSchool because it gets students in the comfort level of using different technology tools to communicate and be successful. Apple has a Remote Desktop tool, similar to LanSchool in most ways. The key difference between Apple's Remote Desktop and LanSchool is that Lenovo's LanSchool has a student app and a stronger teacher platform to use on non-Mac devices. Our school focuses on LanSchool because using it on a PC and on a MAC, it is the same interface with the same fluidity. Teaching students on MACs to use Remote Desktop and on PC's or Chromebooks to use LanSchool would be a misuse of resources and confusing for educators and students. The best system for engagement and student use would be via LanSchool on all operating systems.
Dianna Wolf | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I used LanSchool in my classroom of up to 30 students. I had the paid version of LanSchool, so I was able to restart computers, log off computers, monitor computers, send messages to users, control computers, send users to specific sites, block sites, etc. This was used in my class to monitor, but also to teach. This was helpful to see what students were doing right and wrong, to get ideas, to share my screen or another student's screen for a teachable moment, and so many other ways to use the program.
  • Monitoring computers to see what users need assistance with or seeing what they are doing to determine what you need to do to support the users.
  • Allowing control of the computer in order to show the user how to do a task they were having difficulties with.
  • Sharing the screen of another user to demonstrate what to do or showcasing their work.
  • Allows for restarting multiple computers at once.
  • Allows communication in a messaging format within the program
  • Messaging could be improved for notification when messages are sent.
  • When multiple users use the same computer, sometimes LanSchool needs to be restarted to show changes in usernames.
  • You can save layouts, but I would like more options for how to arrange the layout you see the computers on your screen.
It was great for my classroom of 30 students so that I could help multiple students at a time with sharing my screen, another student's screen, or just blocking all screens to get everyone's attention to clear up misconceptions. This made management of student classwork, including projects like the yearbook, much easier when they had a question.
  • Students were more focused knowing I could see all computers at once.
  • My time was used more efficiently with having access to helping many people without having to go from computer to computer.
  • Students took pride in what they did knowing it could be shared during class to others.
iTalc--Similar, but did not have what I could use at school per our technology department. Classroom Orchestrator for Teachers-This allowed for Chromebook use which was useful, but the layout and familiarity of LanSchool was much easier at the time that I test Ochestrator. I chose to keep LanSchool as it met my needs best at the time.
I am the only one using the full version while many are using the LiteVersion. The LiteVersion allows everyone to monitor, while the full version allows for more teaching and learning.
iTalc--Similar, but did not have what I could use at school per our technology department.

Classroom Orchestrator for Teachers-This allowed for Chromebook use which was useful, but the layout and familiarity of LanSchool was much easier at the time that I test Ochestrator. I chose to keep LanSchool as it met my needs best at the time.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Prior Experience with the Product
Price combined with features were important to me. I had specific needs that LanSchool Elmer at a price that my school was able to meet.
From everything I’ve seen since, I would not change how I’ve chosen my product.
Karee Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Every single one of our STEM education instructors uses LanSchool in our classrooms. We are able to control student computers, prep them for students before they arrive for setup, etc. It is a game changer for integrating technology in our classrooms!
  • Ease of use
  • Multiple functions
  • classroom management
  • Sometimes when "blanking" screens, it interrupts or freezes our student's computers, making them have to start over.
  • I wish that we could "delete" things from the drop-down "run" menu. Instead, they have to just wait until they eventually get bumped off after not using for a while. I also wish we could have this be the same on all of our classroom computers.
  • Would be great if it was easier to retrieve files from student computers. Great function, but it is really tedious and complicated to do so.
Any classroom setting where teachers want to integrate computer use into the classroom.
  • Helps us serve thousands of students each year
  • Has helped us improve classroom management
  • Saves us time with technology set up (e.g. being able to do all from Lanschool, not having to set up each individual computer every day)
I was not part of the process picking a software
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