Best open Office suiteIt's used by all the organization to write all documents and to make spreadsheets. We use it because we want to have all documents in an open format that we know it will be maintained for multiple years. Also their price is lower so it helps the organization to save costs by avoiding the need of multiple licenses for an Office software.,It's lightweight, it opens fast and doesn't consume a lot of resources. Helpful for older computers. Real multi-platform, I can use the same software on Windows, Linux and MacOS. I can compose a document on my MacOS laptop and the open it at my linux machine without any problems. Also workers can use any OS without losing compatibility with OpenOffice. Great compatibility with other offices suites, it can open any document format so we don't have to worry about formats. One click export to PDF, we can quickly creates PDF by exporting with a single click.,UI is outdated, it feels like an Office suite from a decade ago. Some tools are not intuitive, I have to search documentation or online guides to do some tasks. Their Microsoft compatiblity is not enough,10,A lot of ROI because their license price, 100% of return. Sometimes we lose time finding how to do things, lowering a little bit of productivity. We need to spend on training for employees because most people only know how to use Microsoft Office,Microsoft Office 2016,Oracle Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Ubuntu Linux,Yes,Price Product Features,By checking all the features that LibreOffice has and seeing their compatibility with other document formats.,Creating index table on LibreOffice Writer is simple to use. LibreOffice Impress is easy to create any kind of slides, there's no initial learning barrier, you can start using it right away. LibreOffice Writer lets you edit images quickly and even edit them with an external tool.,Changing slide's background at Impress is hard to do and not intuititve. Edit styles at LibreOffice writer is hard, editing them and saving them requires a lot of steps and if you change document you can't migrate config.,No,6Free and functional office suiteI have used LibreOffice as a free alternative office suite, used it to create my documents and presentations without any worry about licenses or payment.,Compatible with most office documents and formats. Easy and lightweight installation. It's a free and fully functional package. It has a lot of resources, and it's a solid and powerful tool.,Sometimes its not as stable as other office suites. Some menus in the options can be confusing. The user interface can be improved to be more attractive.,9,Have a great pack of functional tools to work with zero cost. Allows me to produce text documents, databases, spreadsheets, flow diagrams and drawings. The company and the user saves a lot of money because you do not have to buy a license.,Microsoft Office 2016 and Apache OpenOffice,Adobe Photoshop, TeamViewer, Adobe Acrobat DC,Redact documents. Spreadsheets and docs. Export to .pdf easily,Some interface improvements, its intuitive but can be better visually.,10LibreOffice is THE Office Suite for almost everybody unless you require Excel macros or pivotsIt is being used by whole organization and it is still being used as the main office suite. Recently we purchased Office 365 and are gradually moving to MS Office being part of the O365 subscription. But anyway in the last 4 years the whole organization was using almost exclusively the LibreOffice suite, most of the company's documents are saved in OpenDocument format (.ods, .odt etc.) and these files tend be difficult to be converted to MS Office formats. LibreOffice is being used as a text editor (Writer) and table processor (Calc) mostly, with only exceptional use of Impress for presentations and Base for connecting to a MySQL database and doing some edits there via forms.,Writer is very good at defining styles for paragraphs, characters, tables, pages etc., and this concept is more clear than in MS Office. Writing a document with well-defined styles makes it easier for future changes. Good typographical features of Writer when using supported OpenType fonts such as kerning and ligatures make it easier to produce almost-DTP-quality documents. Embedded PDF export with a lot of features complements this really well. Both Writer and Calc support doing elegant operations using regular expressions for example for a sophisticated find and replace, or in Calc in formulas. The Office suite is perfectly cross-platform and has binaries available for all three major desktop operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. Native support for Linux allows working in a mixed environment with zero compatibility issues. Lack of support of MS Office on Linux makes it complicated to collaborate between Win/Mac users and Linux users if one party repeatedly saves and opens the document in MS Office and the second one in LibreOffice, creating compatibility issues all the time.,Calc lacks Macro recording feature, or has it in an unusable state, compared to a very useful Macro recorder in MS Excel. Incompatibility and a more difficult syntax of Basic especially useful in Calc. Writing the same macro in Excel is much easier than in Calc and converting macros from Excel to Calc or vise versa is complicated if not impossible. Most tutorials on how to achieve various tasks are written for Excel only and cannot be reused for Calc. Calc should add the feature of dynamic previews of Pivot tables, instead of the need to generate one, delete it and try another time if the settings were not perfect. Excel shows the example how this could be done. More users can start using Pivot tables if the barrier to understand the concept is lowered. There should be much more visually reasonable formatting templates for Calc tables. The current list is absolutely impractical and visually very suboptimal. Several colours, odd/even stripes should be added, as Google Sheets or MS Excel has.,8,During the development of a very small company of 4 employees 5 years ago until last year when it had over 20 employees using Libreoffice instead of a commercial office suite. That saved perhaps a few thousand EUR on license fees, without any significant disadvantages so far with some exceptions. (A rew licenses of MS Office and standalone MS Excel were used by a few people in parallel but most documents were created in LibreOffice anyway.) The desire of the management to switch to MS Office only (due to the desire to use collaborative editing feature of Office365, SharePoint and OneDrive) recently generates an issue with what to do with the hundreds of OpenDocument files in the current document server (.ODT, .ODS). These cannot be seamlessly migrated to MS Office and thus all employees now need to have both MS Office and LibreOffice installed, and be aware of NOT editing an older .ODS/.ODT documents in Excel/Word even though these apps seem to open them somehow, as doing so would damage the file and lead to an irreversible loss of some formatting or functionality.,Microsoft Office 365 and Google Drive,Adobe Illustrator CC, ownCloud, Slack, Trello, Oracle VM VirtualBox,25,2,Writing regular documents, letters, memos (Writer) Maintaining table /primitive databases of product photos, barcodes, pricelists etc., using formulas to generate filenames etc. (Calc) Manipulating tables in CSV and dBase format to import/export data from accounting software that accepts only these file formats with an exotic codepage not supported by MS Excel or any other office suite (with the exception of other Libreoffice forks and/or original software based on OpenOffice),Using formulas in Calc to generate unified filenames for all product photos used on the e-shop and offered to resellers,Using LibreOffice Base as a front-end to access data in a relational database such as MySQL, replacing some more complex Calc tables by accessing the data via forms and similar UI,9,No,Price Product Features Prior Experience with the Product,I still believe it was a good decision at that time and I would not change it.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,people using MS Office had more issues with getting used to LIbreoffice than beginners or those already accustomed to Openoffice or Libreoffice some people were used to recognize text documents as those having DOC or DOCX extentions and were not confident in seeing ODT for text, ODS for table etc.,9,No,8,Yes,Compared to most commercial software from big brands where getting a bugreport resolved in a reasonable time I was succesful with LibreOffice to get my bugreport in bugzilla really resolved in the next release of the software.,defining styles for paragraphs, characters, tables, bullet lists etc. in Writer exporting PDF files from any app with refined settings sharing a document with users running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, without compatibility issues, because all users can have LibreOffice installed on their OS and don't have to rely on opening the file in another app with some compatibility issues,developing macros in Calc using pivot tables in Calc understanding that there is some incompatibility with MS Office and it is better to use native .ODS / .ODT format when exchanging documents with other LibreOffice users, and using .DOCX / .XLSX format only when need to send documents for external users without forcing them installing Libreoffice as well,No,7,7,10,6,ownCloud Zotero,OneDrive/Sharepoint, ability to simultaneously edit a document shared via these Microsoft platforms.,5,Find already working examples on the internet and ask a professional for help with achieving such task if unsure.,Yes,Better MS Office compatibility New features of Calc Fixing bugs present in older releases,Even better MS Office compatibility UI improvements for a more intuitive use Improving pivot table functionality in Calc,No,No
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Score 8.4 out of 101
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52 Ratings
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Score 8.4 out of 101

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David García Caballero profile photo
September 18, 2018

Free and functional office suite

Score 9 out of 10
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Good alternative to the pay software, it is powerful and can help a lot a
specially working in-house and using some of the tools, specially Sheets
which you can configure by your own and makes easy its working, intuitive interface and offers a lot of functional tools for the price.
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Martin Malec profile photo
February 06, 2018

LibreOffice is THE Office Suite for almost everybody unless you require Excel macros or pivots

Score 8 out of 10
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Most people can quickly start using Writer or Calc or Impress for basic tasks even if they see Libreoffice for the first time, because the interface is similar to older (97-2003) MS Office or other software. Some features are less intuitive than in recent MS Office and some power users of MS Office need to re-learn some things before being proficient in Libreoffice.
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LibreOffice is an open-source Office Suite from The Document Foundation.
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