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Limeade ONE

Limeade ONE


What is Limeade ONE?

Limeade in Bellevue offers Limeade ONE, a technology platform that brings together employee well-being, engagement, inclusion and communications solutions in a mobile-first experience. Available as an integrated platform or individual solutions, Limeade ONE is designed to support a healthy corporate…

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Limeade has been instrumental in improving employee engagement and well-being, particularly in remote work environments. Users have found …
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What is Limeade ONE?

Limeade in Bellevue offers Limeade ONE, a technology platform that brings together employee well-being, engagement, inclusion and communications solutions in a mobile-first experience. Available as an integrated platform or individual solutions, Limeade ONE is designed to support a healthy…

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What is Limeade ONE?

Limeade ONE Technical Details

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Limeade has been instrumental in improving employee engagement and well-being, particularly in remote work environments. Users have found that the platform creates a sense of connection and belonging, helping employees invest in themselves and participate in well-being activities. With a 27% enrollment rate and high satisfaction among employees, Limeade has proven to be appreciated by users for providing purposeful content and support in all aspects of their well-being. The platform facilitates employee engagement through various programs, tools, and centralized access to resources and corporate communications. It also allows companies to connect with their remote workforce and promote well-being initiatives without relying on rewards. Limeade's customizable nature enables tailoring programs to motivate a large population with varying needs, addressing the lack of engagement and employee stress while promoting overall well-being. Additionally, the software helps measure employee engagement, provides valuable insights, and contributes to managing healthcare costs. Overall, Limeade has proven effective in increasing employee engagement, improving well-being, and reducing turnover, making it a valuable tool for organizations seeking to foster a culture of holistic employee well-being.

Unity and Diversity: Users appreciate Limeade's ability to connect employees from different departments and countries, fostering a sense of unity and diversity within the organization. Many reviewers have stated that this feature promotes collaboration and inclusivity.

Engaging Content: The fun and informal approach taken by Limeade to keep the content relevant and engaging is highly regarded by users. They find this approach refreshing and motivating, which encourages active participation in the platform.

Customization Options: Limeade's customization options are well-received by users, allowing them to tailor challenges and activities to fit their company's culture and values. Reviewers appreciate the flexibility to align the platform with their specific needs, making it a valuable tool for promoting employee well-being.

Limited Customization Options: Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the limited customization options for smart notifications and emails in Limeade. They feel that these options do not align well with their program's appearance and would like more content and design choices in the communications tool kit.

Lack of Departmental Utilization: Certain users believe that their specific department is not effectively utilizing Limeade, resulting in a lack of engagement and missed opportunities for remote team collaboration.

Challenges in Implementation: One user mentioned that Limeade does not meet their expectations and fails to fulfill their implementation needs. Additionally, some users anticipate difficulties in getting other departments on board with using Limeade due to its extensive functions and capabilities.

Users commonly recommend the following improvements for Limeade ONE based on their experiences:

  1. Deep data integration and leveraging licensed content: Users recommend considering deep data integration to enhance the platform's strategy capabilities. By integrating data from various sources, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of employee engagement, communication, and well-being. Users suggest leveraging licensed content to provide more valuable resources and content to employees.

  2. Multi-language support and cautious rollout in China: Some users advise considering rolling out the Limeade ONE app in multiple languages and countries to cater to diverse employee populations. However, caution is advised when delivering the app to users in China, possibly due to specific challenges or requirements in that market.

  3. Finding the best fit vendor: Reviewers suggest exploring different vendors and options based on feature sets and costs before making a decision. It is recommended to find the vendor that best fits an organization's needs and requirements regarding employee engagement, well-being, and culture change initiatives.

Overall, users appreciate Limeade ONE's impact on employee engagement, communication, connectivity, and culture change. They also acknowledge the outstanding customer service provided by Limeade.


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Samantha McIntosh, MA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Bosch uses Limeade as our Wellbeing platform for all US associates. It is a great platform to help associates connect over their wellbeing offering a place to discuss topics, share successes, and try new activities. In a virtual world, it helps to connect teams across the country. It also allows an easy place to share important information related to the company's total rewards program. The platform encourages active participation and small habit changes to improve the user's holistic wellbeing. The activities address areas including physical, emotional, financial, and workplace wellbeing, allowing associates to see the importance of taking care of more than just their physical body.
  • Communication - allows for clear and easy communication across the associate population.
  • Variety - offers a variety of activities to fit different needs and interests while recommending new activities based on assessment scores.
  • Technology - the technology is intuitive, easy to use, and continuously evolving.
  • Once the top incentive level is hit, there's little incentive to continue to use the platform until the next program year.
  • Continue to improve and expand the library of activities so that you can explore new things in subsequent years.
Limeade ONE is great for office-based work staff where the staff has easy access to a computer. It has struggled a bit in our manufacturing locations where associates don't have time during the workday to utilize the application and may not have a smartphone or computer to access the platform outside of work.
  • Data visibility - the amount of data and ease to utilize it is great compared to other resources
  • Having a dedicated on-site specialist who is dedicated to our account is tremendously helpful
  • A large increase in the utilization of the platform compared to previous wellbeing programs.
  • Increased engagement.
Our experience with Virgin Pulse was somewhat hindered as we still had much of our legacy system from Preventure when VP purchased them. The technology and activities that Limeade offers are in a whole different league compared to VP.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Limeade ONE is a a way to increase company communication and interaction. It is an excellent mobile interface to be able to share information, access to benefits websites and numbers, and view pay stubs. The ability to communicate about committees and run polls is nice. It serves both a social and communicative purpose.
  • Access to information
  • Communicate
  • HR needs
  • More access to PTO balances
  • Actual check-stubs, you can see your check the day before but not the actual check stub.
  • Ability to see more site specific information as opposed to only corporate news.
It is well suited for basic information and communication but doesn’t provide details about my specific hospital location. I also wish there was more access to benefits information, pay stubs, etc. As a leader of 2 committees I also wish I could disseminate information about happenings in my committees to staff at my location.
  • Communication
  • Employment verification
  • Rolepoint referrals to employment
  • Increased engagement
  • Ability to access information independently
  • Relevant articles and news help employees be engaged
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