LivePerson Conversation Cloud (LiveEngage)

LivePerson Conversation Cloud (LiveEngage)

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LivePerson Conversation Cloud (LiveEngage)


What is LivePerson Conversation Cloud (LiveEngage)?

LivePerson headquartered in New York offers solutions for AI-guided live chat and conversational messaging, with the Conversation Cloud (formerly LiveEngage), supporting sales and service teams with answering questions across all popular messaging channels.
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What is LivePerson Conversation Cloud (LiveEngage)?

LivePerson headquartered in New York offers solutions for AI-guided live chat and conversational messaging, with the Conversation Cloud (formerly LiveEngage), supporting sales and service teams with answering questions across all popular messaging channels.

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What is LivePerson Conversation Cloud (LiveEngage)?

LivePerson headquartered in New York offers solutions for AI-guided live chat and conversational messaging, with the Conversation Cloud (formerly LiveEngage), supporting sales and service teams with answering questions across all popular messaging channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LivePerson headquartered in New York offers solutions for AI-guided live chat and conversational messaging, with the Conversation Cloud (formerly LiveEngage), supporting sales and service teams with answering questions across all popular messaging channels.

Olark, Userlike, and eAssistance Pro (discontinued) are common alternatives for LivePerson Conversation Cloud (LiveEngage).

The most common users of LivePerson Conversation Cloud (LiveEngage) are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LivePerson LiveEngage is used for chat / messaging conversations by all of our front end agents handling customer interactions. It allows us to target the visitors we want, and get the data that we need for our reporting teams to use internally and externally. We can utilize bots on the segments of customers that might not need to go directly to an agent.
  • The Design Studio is easy to use for configuring the visual details of chat invitations.
  • They have integrated Bots, which can be used with or without human agents.
  • Their Analytics Builder lets you fully customize your reporting, and not be stuck with predefined reports.
  • Building the chat engagements and campaigns can be confusing with the multiple levels of configurations (target audience, entry point, behavior), which can cause the need for an overhaul on overall planning. e.g. Instead of 1 campaign with 10 engagements, it might need to be 5 campaigns with 2 engagements each.
  • The audit trail feature is quite limited. This could affect compliance, and more often affect the ability to find out "who did what" in situations where something got misconfigured.
  • Presenting chat invitations can only be based on schedules, not based on whether agents are actually available. This is more problematic with smaller user groups.
Liveperson LiveEngage is good for larger deployments with lots of agents, and where the rollout plan is broad with respect to the visitors who you will be targeting. It allows you to manipulate more of the data for reporting than many other platforms. The premium cost and some drawbacks with configuring smaller groups might make it lose some appeal for smaller companies or deployments.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization uses LiveEngage to provide a chat channel for both pre-sales questions on our customer facing website and for chat-based tech support for current customers. Our activity on the chat logs and time to resolution are measurable by our managers and if a chat comes via the wrong channel (i.e. a current customer asking the pre-sales chat about a technical question) it's seamless to transfer a chat over to the correct agent. We are also able to see where each client has been browsing prior to initiating a chat.
  • The login and interface are near flawless (for what I need). Each of our chat reps has learned how to use it within minutes. Procedure on how to answer certain questions etc., are the only trouble we have, but LiveEngage actually helps with that by storing easily accessible pre-made responses to help guide you or just to paste in directly.
  • Visibility into the context of a customer's question is very helpful. Before I open a chat window, I know exactly what a customer has been browsing prior to asking, and I can usually gather a context from the pre-chat question window. Functionally, it does everything I need it to. Though I don't spend much time in the platform.
  • There haven't been glitches that I remember or have heard of from other reps. The chats usually continue uninterrupted for the duration. Also, you can copy and paste the log pretty easily if necessary.
  • Sometimes it's simple to a fault. We often can't find our way back to information we're looking for, or a previous chat, once you've navigated to certain parts of the platform.
I can't say where it isn't well-suited, which is the reason for saying only 9 out of 10. But for a pre-sales chat window or (to my knowledge) a tech support chat window, LiveEngage appears completely functionally up to the challenge while being easy to learn.
January 08, 2018

Using LiveEngage

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LiveEngage was used to provide support in a variety of ways through messaging in multiple interfaces to clients of the company. By providing support using Facebook, SMS Messaging, Web Messaging or through a variety of Apps for mobile devices. Used to address the means for our customers to contact us for sale related inquiries or as a means to provide technical support or even customer support. LiveEngage brings the next chapter in customer contact, the tool has a variety of usages that is only limited by the needs that you have for your company.
  • Want to track sales, visits, etc.? LiveEngage has the tools you need and or pretty quickly develop the ones that better suit your needs. Did I mention you can even track conversions or any kind?
  • Want to provide support using Facebook, the company has the interface to provide messaging support through the worlds leading social network. Talk about reach the masses.
  • BOTs - by partnering with IBM WATSON LiveEngage offers the best option for messaging BOT operations.
  • Is my understanding that they have their majority of support between US and Israel, which is great however the timeframe to get a response depending on the issue may take longer than expected.
  • Their dev support can take some getting used to, some issues that are not supported by their regular tech support is within Dev and you will be redirected to their website.
Doesn't really matter your website or the platform you want to use for both your visitors or your agents. LiveEngage has the best option for you. Do you want to provide an app so that you can have people working from home? LiveEngage has the option.
Even the ability to develop your own solution is provided with their SDK.
September 21, 2017

LivePerson Review

Troy Kurek | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LivePerson was used as a customer facing chat platform for the whole organization before it was replaced with a native developed software. It addressed multiple business issues such as higher than normal call volume and being able to take multiple chats at a time.
  • Allowed you to develop custom pre-written statements to send in chat.
  • Multi-tasking in Liveperson is simple and efficient.
  • It had different alerts and ways of informing you of new, abandoned, and closed chats.
  • When a chat is closed there wasn't much notice or any reminders to finish notating an account through the client. A sound or alert was given and that was it; no flashing tabs etc.
  • The client appearance itself appeared out of date compared to other similar software.
It is suitable in lieu of phone service if call volume is normally higher than what staffing can account for.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LiveEngage is used as another channel of customer service. Customers now prefer to communicate via online services.
  • Addresses customer's concerns right then and there.
  • Another channel for customer outreach/contact.
  • Easy to manage and measure key KPIs.
  • Better email reporting.
  • Better support for ad hoc outages.
Definitely well suited as another means of customer contact/service.
May 27, 2016

Quite Alive

Shawn Bennett | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The application is being used by our sales and technical support departments to keep call overhead low and maintain flexibility in communication.
  • Flexibility in communication
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • A little slow at some times
LiveEngage is well suited for any organization from a mom and pop to a company with hundreds of users.
June 14, 2014

LivePerson Review

Kayla Volland | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LivePerson is used as a helpful tool for customers to reach our representatives during the day instead of waiting on the phone and as well as during our busy season after hours until Midnight. It is used by our Customer Service department as the rest of the company does not have direct contact with customers to need to use it. LivePerson helps address customer confusion on the website and to follow up on already placed orders.
  • LivePerson allows the customer service representatives to view what the customer is seeing on their screen. That allows the CSR's to have a better idea of where the confusion is coming from and how to best address and fix the problem.
  • LivePerson allows the customer service representatives to multitask. We are able to have multiple chats at one time so that means we can be more productive and help more customers. In addition, this gives customers shorter wait times and keeps our phone calls from being overloaded.
  • I would like to see LivePerson improve in the area of displaying current page views. While sometimes this is accurate, it is not. It would definitely be a plus to have this functionality a consistent feature.
  • LivePerson does have problems with browsers. While this is only typically for Chrome or Safari, it does present problems (typically when a browser update comes out). We have also encountered problems with LivePerson not displaying correctly when on a mobile device as well.
LivePerson is a fantastic tool when you have a customer service center. This allows for customers to have ease of access so they do not have to worry about going through a phone queue. It also allows customers to have a chat going on the computer so they don't have to inconveniently stop their work in the middle of the day or interrupt anyone else that might be home. LivePerson is not really needed in a situation where you do not have an incoming call center - general email or phone calls would suffice in that case.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LivePerson was being used as a Customer Service live chat service. Overall great experience using it as it allowed the Customer Service Representatives to chat with up to 4 people concurrently. We are now using Salesforce which has a built in chat feature.
  • Liveperson allowed us to chat with up to 4 customers concurrently
  • Liveperson provided customer's inputted information -- name, order #, country where the customer is contacting us from
  • Liveperson saved transcripts including time/date stamps
  • Liveperson was user friendly and easy to train people on
  • The system "appeared" outdated
  • Reporting was a little difficult to figure out
  • Allowing users to chat with up to 6 people would be great
LivePerson would be great for a startup company or an E-Commerce business that is just launching its online chat customer service platform.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Liveperson Insights to analyze our chats to better our service, and find areas in which we can improve.
  • Trend lines
  • Full chat transcripts
  • Easy to find improvements for your company
  • Hard to filter results sometimes
  • Learning curve
  • Program is slow when there is a lot of data
This is more suited towards companies with a lot of chat and data.
Tracy Dziekonski | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used LivePerson in our call center at a Global IT hosting company. We had transitioned from a previous tool that was not as dynamic as LivePerson. We also implemented it for our inbound sales team to more accurately track customer needs and interest. It really assisted both groups in gaining insight to what the customer needed prior to even speaking to the customer. It was very effective from a training perspective to assist in coaching sessions on missed opportunities.
  • It really was very easy to target which group received calls and enabled us to easily manage or service levels. Other tools were not as easy to use.
  • The reporting features easily identified areas of improvement that were utilized in coaching sessions and training sessions.
  • The Live chat monitor feature allowed issues to be proactively addressed and avoided potential lost sales.
  • The co-browsing functionality is a true time saver when assisting customers navigate the site.
  • With every new software with robust features, there is a learning curve to get the end users up to speed.
I think any corporation who receives inbound calls from customers and has a website would benefit greatly from this tool.
Ramy Ezzedine | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It was implemented in the largest telecom company in Canada. LivePerson is a great tool to increase sales. Customers are busy and prefer to chat with an agent, and that's what LivePerson offers to all small or large companies. Its a perfect tool to track and increase customer experience and most importantly revenue.
  • Popup at the right time to catch customer attention
  • Ability for the customer to provide feedback using a quick survey is impression of the service
  • See in real time when an agent is typing, this will keep the customer confident that the agent is still here to assist him.
  • Ability to add more user to one windows, for example spouse when we need to take a decision on features for example
  • In the case of the technical issue, ability to the agent to share some documentation directly through the chat, instead of sending emails.
  • Ability to export a discussion in a preferred format
If a company is looking to increase sales and customer service satisfaction, LivePerson is a great tool that covers all aspects and more. Getting instant feedback from customers are key to improving customer service. I definitely recommend LivePerson for all companies, it's great and setup is really easy. I had a chance to be in touch with the support team of LivePerson and they offer a great live support to make this tool work perfectly.
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LivePerson is used to manage all chat based support traffic for our customer support team. It has provided us with the ability to scale our chat support channel. It provides us with the ability to manage a high volume support and multiple product teams with a large number of customer support agents.
  • Managing support agents
  • Chat visibility
  • Product Customer Service
  • Reporting was difficult to use and many times non-existent
  • Ease of use - the user experience for agents and admins is very difficult
  • Not easy to customize or update
  • Product Communication - many times they would do a "major" release that would not be communicated which would ultimately break product extensions and system integrations
LivePerson is a great entry support tool or chat only channel tool. If you are not looking to greatly extend LivePerson's use or integrate it with other systems then its a viable solution. LivePerson customer support is great but their corporate and account management communication was lacking. I would look at Live Chat for a chat only client or / Zendesk for an all in one support management tool.
June 04, 2014

LivePerson Works!

Rich Fahey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is primarily used by our customer solutions department for both chat and email. The main problems are reporting some data from LivePerson, and reliance on the program for business needs. For example, if LivePerson goes down, we miss out on contacts for that period of time.
  • Intuitive for users and new employees
  • Some features, such as canned responses, hyperlinks, etc., making reps' jobs easier and a better customer experience.
  • Saves most previous chats from same IP address, so it's possible to view older chats to recover information.
  • Post chat surveys provide easy/clear feedback for managers on exceptional or poor chats.
  • Easier integration with other programs to report on all metrics.
  • Instability during certain updates with faster resolution times. There have been key days where LP has gone down and it's out of our control. These are a huge hit to our business, so I think scheduling updates as lower volume times, or more stability would be key in keeping customers happy.
  • Make it more like a CRM tool. This might already exist, but if it could save even more customer information, geography, previous order numbers, etc. it would be easier to have a personal connection with the customer.
If your chats are normally basic, the QA element of LivePerson is great. If you want to create a personalized, 1:1 experience with the customer, it could be better. I know LivePerson and a larger CRM tool are different, but being able to incorporate more information about the customer into the basic LivePerson chat program would be awesome in taking that experience to the next level. Things like where the customer is located, current weather there, previous purchases through your company, etc.
Marc Nowicki | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LivePerson is being utilized by a select few individuals in our Marketing department. We use LivePerson as a lead generation tool. Upon visiting our website, a person is offered to chat with a representative. Once they confirm, they are entered into a chat with one of our Lead Qualification Specialists.

LivePerson gave us an additional forum to engage with our customers and prospective customers. We've found that some individuals are much more likely to engage with us over chat than to pick up a phone and call us.
  • LivePerson is very customizable. We were able to make it our chat platform. Whether it was what webpages to prompt users on or what canned messages we wanted to use, we were able to make the solution our own.
  • The UI was very intuitive. Everything seemed to make sense and once a user was up on the system they were immediately able to contribute.
  • Training was a breeze. A user can quickly become familiar with LivePerson and be up and running in 1 day. The only thing that took some getting used to was determining internally what the process was around certain requests or questions.
  • One thing that we commonly dreamed of was having more keystroke shortcuts. Our chatters were incentivized by taking chats. We always wished there was a hot key to accept a chat rather than have a few clicks.
  • There are a few desired enhancements around canned messages and pushing pages, such as the ability to edit those messages slightly before sending.
  • It would also be nice if you could go a step further and customize each chatters experience. You can do this by moving/changing columns and where something appears on the screen, but it would be nice to take that a step further and customize something like your canned messages.
LivePerson worked extremely well for lead generation. We have generated a few large deals to date. We are not at the point where we've rolled it out to technical support, but that seems like a natural fit as well. Once the solution is integrated with your website, it should be smooth sailing from there.
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