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Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange


What is Lucky Orange?

Lucky Orange is a conversion optimization tool with features including heatmaps, session recording, conversion funnels, form analytics, and chat.

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Product Details

What is Lucky Orange?

Lucky Orange is a solution that helps users learn why visitors aren't converting and how a business can grow sales and capture leads. Installation takes a few seconds and doesn't require coding experience. Its 10 conversion rate optimization tools include Dynamic Heatmaps, Session Recordings, Live View, Interactive Chat, Visitor Profiles, Surveys, Announcements, Form Analytics, Conversion Funnels and a Realtime Dashboard. Lucky Orange offers a 7-day free trial, no credit card required.

Lucky Orange helps to go beyond web analytics vanity metrics to find the WHY behind what visitors did on the website .

New for 2023: Lucky Orange supports drill down into a single person’s visitor journey with Optimizable Segments, that can be used to watch session replays of frustrated or confused visitors.

Lucky Orange Features

  • Supported: Session recordings
  • Supported: Live View
  • Supported: Visitor Profiles
  • Supported: Dynamic Heatmaps
  • Supported: Announcements
  • Supported: Surveys
  • Supported: Form Analytics
  • Supported: Conversion Funnels
  • Supported: Live Chat
  • Supported: Insights

Lucky Orange Screenshots

Screenshot of Organizes key metrics and high-level trends that matter mostScreenshot of Delivers real time customer support and use collaboration toolsScreenshot of Surveys can be used to learn more about the products visitors want to see or get feedback on their experience

Lucky Orange Video

How Lucky Orange helped Bump Health grow to $40M+

Lucky Orange Competitors

Lucky Orange Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Lucky Orange is a conversion optimization tool with features including heatmaps, session recording, conversion funnels, form analytics, and chat.

Crazy Egg, Inspectlet, and Contentsquare are common alternatives for Lucky Orange.

The most common users of Lucky Orange are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users commonly recommend the software for growing businesses, as they believe it is a great tool. They suggest trying the free trial to determine if it suits individual needs. Users also recommend utilizing UTMs to track entry points when using the software. Another common recommendation is to use the software for weekly or monthly reporting. Users advise being patient and taking the time to become familiar with the interactive heatmaps. They also suggest enabling only the necessary options when setting up the system. Additionally, users find the software to be smart and easy-to-use for collecting session replays and recordings. For those who are unsure, users recommend getting the software for a month, as they believe it benefits any business. Lastly, users find the software relatively inexpensive and beneficial for any business.

Attribute Ratings


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CalDon Preece | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Lucky orange to run a survey for post subscription sign-up. We also use it to review user behavior on our website to improve our purchase funnel conversion rate. It helps us identify specific parts of our website that aren’t performing as expected or that confuse users. When used in conjunction with Google Analytics event tracking we can pinpoint User behaviors that make users more likely to convert.
  • User screen recording
  • Heat mapping
  • Event tracking
  • Simple surveys
  • Doesn’t work well with single page apps
  • Loads the page dynamically so if had made changes to the page reporting is messy
  • Overall cost structure needs work for larger businesses.
Due to its price structure lick your ages best for smaller businesses it’s actually rather affordable. It also works best on WordPress Squarespace or Shopify websites. I would recommend that someone be in charge of managing the interface and be responsible for watching user behavior videos or you will lose out on Valuable insights. This product doesn’t want itself all that well two single page apps or websites with lots of website visitors one thing I wish that they would’ve let us do is only capture videos if a user did a specific action. Another issue is that the videos only were saved for 30 days.
  • Video recordings
  • Heat maps
  • Helped guide cro efforts in purchase funnel.
  • Helped us understand user behavior on our website.
  • While not directly attributable to Lucky Orange, insights gained from the heat map, customer videos and survey’s helped us double our business in 2021
If you just need general website data then you really can’t beat Google Analytics on cost but you can’t get the depth of data from GA I’ve used tag manager in the past to generate similar data which isn’t worth the work. Hotjar is pretty much the same and honestly it really just comes down to price.
We use Lucky Orange's polls to get more information about our users behaviors. This is used by our marketing department to better understand the impact of our marketing efforts.

Our CRO and development teams use the screen recording function to understand user behavior and make improvements particularly for our onboarding process.

Installation is really easy and can be done with very little knowledge of code. Though some of the more in depth features require a little more understanding of how your website works.

Anyone familiar with google tag manager will have a pretty easy time setting up and maintaining lucky orange.
  • Heatmaps
  • User recordings
  • event monitoring
  • onboarding poll
  • Onboarding polls
  • Onboarding flow optimization
  • Get website feedback
  • Provide more immediate and personal support
The pricing options for large business are very lacking. The value of Lucky Orange doesn't really increase after your first 50,000 page visits but the service is on a sliding scale so the more traffic you have the more they charge.

In addition, we got lots of useful information out of lucky orange in the beginning but after a while we knew what things needed to be fixed and are waiting on our developers to create the AB tests.
Scot Chandler | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have used it to get a solid overview of site visitor's behaviors on our client's website. Mainly used within the optimization group. Lucky Orange lets us see the level of engagement site visitors have and through the recordings, we can visualize any issues they encounter prior to dropping off or abruptly exiting the site.
  • Great visual interface. Helps us to zero in on what we need to do our job.
  • Easy set up for adding pages to heatmaps and recordings. Comprehensive interface for viewing results.
  • Reasonable pricing. Our clients enjoy the low entry price to be able to see just how valuable the product is.
  • Deletes older data that we sometimes like to go back and reference. It would be nice to access an archive.
  • Sometimes we get too many recordings that are very similar to one another. Would be nice to have a filter to reduce similar recordings.
Very appropriate for most companies wanting to get some insight into what their visitors are doing and how engaged they are with the site, beyond the standard stats derived from most web analytics applications. Especially good for providing illustrations to teams in the company that doesn't have a lot of insight into how the site is being used by daily visitors. I haven't encountered too many places where it's not appropriate or relevant. It has been very useful for us so far.
  • Helped quite a bit invalidating page designs by illustrating where people navigate and how far down the page they're willing to go.
  • Uncovers issues on various devices (via Recordings) that Google Analytics could only point to. Useful firsthand evidence.
  • Has been invaluable in showing clients things about their sites they weren't aware of.
Lucky Orange and Hotjar are pretty similar in a lot of ways. One element that Lucky Orange definitely leads in is pricing. Much better and easily justified price points. Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not a new client has already had experience with one or the other and whether they're willing to switch to Lucky Orange if they're not already using it, based upon price.
Good, timely responses from knowledgeable support team members.
Brandon Kenig | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have deployed Lucky Orange for a particular client in the financial publishing space (with a large, national audience and subscription base, both online and in print). This client sought to analyze user engagement with their top-level navigation and secondary navigation in an effort to determine if the navigation should be consolidated and condensed. Additionally, in anticipation of redesigns of their homepage, news article pages, and category landing pages, Lucky Orange was deployed on several pages in each of those categories to analyze how users interact with the content of those pages in an effort to better redesign the content, improve user experience, and increase time on site, pages viewed per visit, and the number of subscriptions.
  • Recorded user journeys to see a user's linear behavior on-page, from beginning to end.
  • Real-time user tracking and heat mapping - updated in the moment with the ability to refresh for up-to-the-minute data.
  • Overlaying user source, device, network, and browser metrics for additional insights on heatmaps.
  • Aggregated data for a particular page type or directory is clunky and requires multiple steps.
  • Heatmap access requires direct input of targeted pages - having quick links would be easier.
  • Lucky Orange's code snippet can result in a site's security settings blocking the real-time heatmaps, requiring you to disable your security settings, remove site code, or manually debug your site code to view your heatmap overlays.
Lucky Orange is one of the few players in the marketplace to provide real-time, live heatmaps along with navigation interactions, including at the secondary and tertiary levels. The Lucky Orange dashboard provides basic user behavioral metrics, and the user recordings allow you to get deeper insights into user behavior beyond the heatmap overlays. Also, the addition of real-time polling and chat capabilities enable you to engage with your users while they are on-page and push/promote special offers and promos, as well as survey website visitors about their experience.
  • Consolidated user navigation to pages most-used by site visitors.
  • Improved CTAs to subscription and revenue-generating services.
  • Incorporated enhanced user and behavioral targeting into paid search and display ad campaigns based on heatmap data.
Lucky Orange is the only provider that measures interactions with drop-down navigation, going beyond just static page elements. Additionally, Lucky Orange provides updated, real-time user data and heatmaps, and includes polling and chat functionality not found in its competitors. Lastly, Lucky Orange is the only tool that incorporates recorded user journeys with no limit, that you can replay at your convenience and group into clusters based on behavior.
Ramon Khan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We started using Lucky Orange for its heat mapping and user recording capabilities. We liked the fact that when a certain user would contact us with an issue, we could see a direct link to his experience with us and provide our developers with a video of the issue. Not only that, we are able to gather large data sets of information to better understand what people are looking for on our website.

After using it for analytics we decided to start using it for its other features such as live chat and being able to see our customers screens in live time when helping them select products or solve any issues. This is a highly helpful feature!
  • Heat maps tracking
  • Visitor click tracking
  • Visitor recording
  • Funnel setup
  • Chat is the only area where I would say it's not as good as standalone applications. But, that said, it is very good and many of the leading competitors do not have the ability to see their visitors' screen live which kind of makes up for chat not being as robust. But having a way to track users logged time, having better search features and easier ways to change the chat look and feel such as the buttons, functionality etc. would be a great feature.
Lucky Orange is a great solution for anyone wanting to learn more about their users, which should be everyone! It's great for user tracking which helps to solve issues and optimize your website and for anyone that wants a live chat where they can see their users' screen live time as well!
  • It is hard to quantify into numbers how much their app helps us, but we know that each customer that we are able to help with the live view feature is much more likely to convert had we not been able to help them.
  • Having a live chat on its own is useful and we see an average increase of 30% in conversions when our live chat is active.
Pricing is another great feature from Lucky Orange. Even though they have increased it over time, they remain highly competitive and are still one of the only companies, if not the only one, that offers the combination of features that they have available on their site. So their overall value is going to be nearly impossible to beat.

Besides their amazing value, the actual features that they include are very useful and not all companies included all of the features that they offered. For the pricing and the features, nobody else came close.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Lucky Orange is being used for session recording and heatmaps to understand how people are using our website. Analysts and product managers use the tool to get a deeper understanding of the more quantitative results from web analytics. By understanding how people are navigating the site, it gives more insight into what content is useful and what content is not. Polls enable us to send questions direct to customers and quickly get answers to questions we're interested in.
  • Session recordings provide detailed playbacks of how people are using your website
  • Heatmaps work well and display what people are clicking on over a range of screen sizes.
  • Pricing makes this a great entry point to understand a range of tools that you can use to understand your customers better.
  • Integrates well with other tools, from GA to Adobe Analytics to Optimizely.
  • Lacks the built-in smart analysis that some enterprise solutions have, e.g. birdnesting, multi-click
  • Doesn't let you auto-delete recordings that don't match a specific behaviour. e.g. if users didn't click on a button, remove the session.
Lucky Orange is a smorgasbord of tools, and gives people a solid, affordable an entry into the world of optimisation tools. Try what you like and see what's useful. If you have only basic needs or minimal time for analysis, it can give you a bird eye view of what's going on. Doesn't have some of the smart tech from the enterprise level tools, but those can easily cost 100x more per month.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Find bugs faster.
  • Get closer to the customer with regular polls.
Cheaper than all of the alternatives. Hotjar does have a basic free tier, but the cost of entry for Lucky Orange isn't prohibitive.
Decibel Insight and ClickTale are arguably better, but cost many times more. They also focus more on the session recordings and not chat etc.
Good tool to prove the use case before committing to something more expensive.
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